5 Ways to Market Anime Conventions

It is essential for a successful event professional to understand the use of strategic marketing plans because the events market is increasingly saturated. According to C. A. Preston, in the US alone there are more than 2500 music fests in a year while the UK hosts more than 70 beer festivals per year. With such high levels of overcrowding, a smart planner should not rely on the same attendees’ data base year in year out. If you are thinking of hosting Anime Conventions, how do you stand out?

Here are 5 ways to market Anime Conventions:


1.     Begin early

Attracting attendees to your anime conventions should start early in the planning process and not at the final stages. Set your goals early enough and create all the necessary awareness in good time. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Venue
  • Guests for example producers, distributors, artists, performers, and other industry figures
  • Panel questions and topics
  • Contests you may like to show for example costumes, art works, music, videos etc
  • Art shows displays

Pick the right dates and avoid clashes with major holidays or other events that are more preferred to yours. Consider an attractive site that attendees can also enjoy in the off-hours of the convention.

2.     Internet marketing

Websites, emails, search engine optimization as well as social media are all forms of internet marketing. Internet marketing can still be used alongside traditional types like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. You can conduct internet marketing for your anime conventions by hiring a Toronto SEO Agency that can also do website design as you will end up getting a best solution.

3.     Market at other events

Find out where you can get listings of events related to anime conventions and also dig to see who will be attending them. You can send emails or other communication to both the attendees and organizers to say you will be there with your anime creations. You can even set up interviews with various people you consider vital in the success of your convention. Be sure to interact at these events because you may create a new fan base each time you go.

4.     Content marketing

A lot of organizations and brands have adopted content marketing as a way to keep potential attendees interested and so should you. Content marketing is providing steady and relevant information to your target market round the clock. It could be in the form of blog posts, newsletters, podcasts etc. When you focus on providing such information through all possible channels, you can be assured of the success of your anime convention.

5.     Remarketing

Remarketing is an automated concept that was introduced by Google and is also being offered by Facebook and Twitter as well. It is one way of letting brands reach out to people who they have previously interacted with online. You can use it as marketing tool on your website by designing web banners that appear once a not-new visitor clicks on anything that touches on your convention. In this way, you spread awareness easily to an already existing audience.