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10 Reasons Why Anime Nerds are Highly Satisfied in Life

Have you ever wondered why someone would sit a whole day and watch anime shows online or on TV? Anime nerds are not only in Japan where most of the anime shows originate from, but they are now all over the world. It has been confirmed that anime nerds are highly satisfied with life; their satisfaction in life is linked to the following reasons:


1. Learning New Things Daily

Most successful people in the world live by one rule which is to take at least 30 minutes in a day to learn something new. Animes are typical Japanese shows but they are watched worldwide, and thus many nerds learn Japanese. The shows are usually in Japanese with English subtitles, and therefore nerds relate the English world and learn it in Japanese which is educational.


2. They Improve their Creativity

Anime shows exhibit a lot of creativity which makes most of the nerds discover new ideas, be it the storyline or its editing. For starters, you need to have an imaginative mind to look for anime shows as they are full of imaginations with crazy concepts that cannot be real. For example, Naruto Shippuden, which talks about a boy who has a giant fox demon living inside him and thus he uses it to become stronger. There is no way this can be true, but anime nerds always imagine if this was true what would happen. Therefore, they are always exercising their imaginations which make their life easier as they are used to thinking outside the box. They are generally creative in life issues more than a person who does not watch anime shows.



3. Friendship is an Important Subject to them

In most anime shows, there is usually that part where one character is stuck, and the friend comes to help. Most anime shows feature storylines that friends work best when cooperating. This makes anime nerds to value friendship in real life which makes their life satisfying.


4. Cosplaying

Cosplaying is dressing up as an anime character in a book, TV or on an online show. This is fun as most nerds wear the costumes to conventions which are usually fun. Cosplaying also makes them express their love for anime shows which makes them happy.


5. They do not Care What People Think

If you have ever been around a person who is into anime shows, then you can tell that they are okay with being weird. They are used to being called weird which helps them ignore criticism in all the other aspects of life.


6. Anything is Possible

No one believes anything is possible than anime nerds. They get crazy ideas from anime shows and thus to them anything is possible. Anime lovers are always trying anything new with their creative minds. Therefore, they achieve a lot in life after trying so many times.


7. They know how to relieve stress

Having a bad day is normal but how to get over it can be challenging. And anime nerds know this best and therefore to them making a bad day a good one is simple. For example, anime shows have various kinds of genres and storylines, and therefore, they are the best cure for a bad day. Also, anime nerds can make a glass of their favorite fruit juice from the best juicer and grab popcorns while they relax watching anime.


8. They Discover New Concepts Daily

Despite anime shows containing many unrealistic ideas, they usually include essential lessons that relate to the real world. For example, Full Method Alchemist Brotherhood educates the themes of corruption and death. Many anime shows have themes that relate to the daily lives, and therefore, the anime nerds are always exploring these important concepts daily.


9. Improve their Love for Colors

In life, you meet colors daily in every building or clothes. Anime shows contain bright colors which are used with a specific meaning and thus anime nerds always pay attention to colors in life and what they reflect. This makes them busy while they walk around trying to interpret colors and not concentrate on the challenges of life. Not all anime shows are made of bright colors, as some have dark colors to represent depression. Regardless of the color, anime shows will make anyone sink to the concept of the color, understand its reflection and interpret it in relation to life.


10. They Socialize Easily

Anime nerds find it easier to make new friends as they are used to watching characters make friends to achieve their missions. Moreover, there are so many anime nerds in the world who meet in conventions and become friends, a step which is satisfying.