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July Anime News

7-24-99—- The Pilot of Star 2 Comet

A CD drama based Yuichi Sasamoto’s Sci-Fi Novel: The Pilot of Star 2 Comet , The Pilot of Star 2 Comet which received the Japanese science fiction award, “Seiun Sho”, will be produced by GAINAX and the CD will be on sale on July 25th. Illustrations are done by Masahisa Suzuki. The voices for the main characters are by Yuko Miyakura and Fumi Hirano, the voice of Ram in “Urusei Yatsura.” For a limited period of time, the CD includes “Space Planning Pass,” the card that has the password for entering for the members’ page at GAINAX homepage. The price of the CD is 4800 yen (about $40) in Japan.

7-24-99—- New Acquisitions

* JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Super Techno Arts, A Japan based company is going to sub JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Super Techno Arts,Inc.
Tel:(415) 920-9337
Fax:(415) 920-9335

*JaJa Quartet CPM has JaJa Quartet: Crown Knights

Manga And Clamp Manga stated that they hope to release the Magic Knights RayEarth OAV series by the end of 1999.

The theatrical release of X may occur in November of 1999. Regardless of the date, the VHS and DVD releases of the titles will occur very shortly thereafter. Manga is also planning another theatrical release for the Spring of 2000, though they are not giving details on the title to be released.

7-24-99—- Pocket Monsters Epilepsy Aftermath

*Color Changes In TV Cartoons Cause Seizures

A rash of epileptic seizures triggered by a television cartoon has pinpointed a new type of epilepsy, according to a report in this month’s Annals of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Neurological Association and the Child Neurology Society.

One evening in Japan in 1997, at precisely 6:50 in the evening, 685 people, most of them children, simultaneously suffered epileptic seizures. The culprit was not difficult to identify: all were watching the popular animated TV show, “Pocket Monsters.”

Japanese researchers have now found evidence that the seizures were provoked by rapid changes of blue and red in the background of the cartoons.

Flickering lights such as strobe lights or even the images on a television or video screen are well known as triggers for epileptic seizures. Patients who experience such seizures are said to suffer from photosensitive epilepsy.

Rapid light/dark changes or alternating high-contrast patterns cause nerve cells in the brain to fire electrical impulses more rapidly than usual. In people with photosensitive epilepsy, the resulting “electrical storm” in the brain can lead to muscular convulsions or loss of consciousness.

Although photosensitive epilepsy is not a new phenomenon, the events in Japan appear to be unprecedented.

“This may be the world’s largest simultaneous occurrence of photosensitive symptoms in children provoked by viewing a TV program. Therefore, the seizures were considered to be triggered by a single uniform visual stimulus,” said Shozo Tobimatsu, M.D., a neurologist at Kyushu University in Japan and one of the authors of the article.

Tobimatsu and his colleagues studied 4 boys who had suffered seizures during the cartoon. Like many others, they were not known to suffer from epilepsy, although some had a family history of epilepsy.

The researchers measured brain wave responses as the boys watched the cartoon in color or in black and white. They found that only 2 of the boys were sensitive to light/dark changes, but that all 4 boys had abnormal, epilepsy-like brain changes when exposed to the color version of the cartoon.

Because the cartoon had a flickering blue and red background, the researchers also showed the boys rapidly alternating blue and red images.

“Rapid color changes between blue and red in the cartoon were clearly the most important factor compared with color changes of other kinds and flickering light,” said Tobimatsu.

These results, combined with a report last year of color-induced seizures in Great Britain, led the Japanese team to propose a new subcategory of photosensitive epilepsy called chromatic sensitive epilepsy.

Other authors of the report were You Min Zhang, M.D., and Motohiro Kato, M.D., also of Kyushu University; and Yasuko Tomoda, M.D., and Akihisa Mitsudome, M.D., of Fukuoka University.

7-23-99—- Live Cowboy Bebop Concert

A live performance of the music from the popular Anime Cowboy Bebop will be held in Shibuya in August. The jazz-based music of the Sunrise Anime was composed by Yoko Kanno, who has also composed for “Macross Plus,” and “Escaflone.” It received the “Japan Golden Disc Award” as a contribution to Japanese music culture. Kanno recently was guest of honor at 2 Anime conventions in America where she performed playing piano. The concert will be held at Tokyo Shubuya On Air East on August 16th, and the ticket is 4500 yen (about $37.50). The tickets will be sold out for sure since the hall only holds about 300 people.

7-23-99—-Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) [As of July 19th]

1. Neon Genesis GPX Ciber Formula SIN vol.3
2. Trigun vol.12
3. Ultra Seven: Glory and Legend
4. The Affiars of Two Lovers vol.4 (Limited Version)
5. Nanako’s Scrapped Medical Records vol.1
6. Cowboy Bebop 7th Session
7. D4 Princess vol.1
8. To Heart vol.2
9. Gasaraki vol.6
10. Samurai Spirits 2 vol.1 New Asura Magic

7-23-99—- Schell Bullet Manga

Schell Bullet, created by Five Star Stories creator, Mamoru Nagano and Utena director, Kunihiko Ikuhara, and introduced in Newtype, will get it’s own two volume manga series this August. Highly stylized artisticly, Its story is about humans far into the future, where they are armed and divided into three kinds.

7-22-99—- Ayatsuri Sakon Anime

Ayatsuri Sakon, a recent popular manga by OBATA Takeshi is getting it’s own anime series which begins in October.

7-20-99—- More AX Tidbits

*Manga Entertainment mentioned that Blackjack the Movie will have a small theatrical release, and will actually be released BEFORE Perfect Blue or X.

*ADV announced that they plan a LARGE scale theatrical release of Spriggan. They also announced that they are looking into aquiring the entire Sunrise older catalog. ADV also working on a deal with Suncoast of information on is pretty scarce.

7-19- 99—- New Movie News

Over the weekend Pocket Monsters 2: Revelation-Lugia and the new Studio Ghibli film: My Neighbors The Yamadas opened in Japan in high anticipation by fans.