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Anime News Service – August 14-19 Anime News

8-19-99—- Weekend Late Nights Are Primetime For Anime On TV

Increasingly, while the majortiy of Americans are snoring away in the wee hours of the morning on Friday and Saturday Nights, a growing number are finding reasons to stay up and watch Anime! Anime, Late Nights and Weekends are a winning combination for Cable and Satelite channels and aparently viewers as well.

*Encore’s Pay- Per-View Action channel shows Anime Weekly on Saturday Nights At Midnight ET/PT. They have a large selection of Movies from ADV and Urban Vision and plan on building on they’re current library. If you want to see new high quality Japanese Animation in it’s original form you should definetly check it out if you’re able to.

*Showtime has been showing uncut Anime like Wrath Of The Ninja and Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie (Actually (even though unrated) this has been quite substantially edited from the Japanese version, original music was replaced with KMFDM and Silverchair tunes for example and A Chun Li Shower scene was cut out, but as far as being shown as it was released on video here it would pass.) and you don’t even have to wait till the wee hours of the morning or weekends for anime here (I saw saw Wrath Of The Ninja on a few weeks ago in the afternoon.) so just check the schedule.

* Sci-Fi Channel shows a great (although edited) selection of Anime Movies (Arimitage III, Galaxy Express 999 ) and OAV’s (Iria, Lodoss War) weekly, Late Saturday Sights/ Early Sunday Mornings at 3:00 AM ET. Ocasionally they even do a special on Anime, look for these too.

*Cartoon Network: You can catch the Toonami Midnight Run on Saturday nights at Midnight. It has DragonBall Z (twice), Sailor Moon (twice), Robotech, Voltron, and Thundercats (half anime). Cartoon Network runs a repeat of it’s weekday Toonami Afternoon Lineup at nights, you can look for Dragon Ball around 1 AM ET. Also you can usually find Speedracer On around 4 AM ET.

*TNT/TBS/HBO: Although it’s been awhile TNT and TBS from time to time run anime movies like Robot Carnival and Vampire Hunter D in the wee hours of the morning, its rare but look for it. Then for half credit you can always check out Spawn on HBO, new episodes air Friday Nights at Midnight ET. I say half because Spawn is produced by Japanese Studio Madhouse (Vampire Hunter D, Vampire Hunter D 2) and directed/ written by creator Todd Mcfarlane.

8-19-99—- Anime Sweepstakes & Contests

Want to win Free Anime stuff? Check out these links (If you know of additional contests, E-mail me the link at and I’ll post them.):
*Anime Nation: Is giving away some free anime stuff in they’re new contest.
*RightStuf International: Win a $300 Japnese Sword + Ninja Resurection videos.
* Pioneer: Win Nintendo 64 Console, DVD player, Home Theater System, Pokemon Stuff.
*Sega: (18+) Win a trip to New York City, invitation to the Official Sega Dreamcast Launch party, invitation to the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, $500 Cash, A Limo to take you to these events, A Dreamcast and Dreamcast games.

8- 19-99—- Quick Links / Bytes

*Sidewalk Entertainment News Has a story on Nikelodeon a cartoon, “Sponge Bob Sponge Pants” Surpassing Pokemon in Ratings for viewers aged 2-11 on Saturday Mornings.
*C-NET’s Game Center Has gathered a pile of Pokemon links+info click the link & check it out.
*IGN has some new info on the upcoming Resident Evil Movie.

8-19-99—- Anime DVD News

Greg Nyman writes in with word that Urban Vision saying that DNA Sights 999.9 will not be coming out on DVD since they paid a lot for the license, and it has not sold well at all. The Cockpit will be on DVD, but it may be released a bit after the tape version. Gatchaman (the new version they have) will not be out on DVD as the rights are very complicated. Final Fantasy has a very good chance of coming out on DVD. Also Tekkaman will not be out on DVD as Saban has some rights to it.

*Story from

8-19-99—- G-Savior Update

Almost a year ago, we told you about G-Savior, Sunrise’s live action/computer-graphics movie in development. Not much was known about it except a couple scenes out of a New York space habitat and invading Zaku forces. The rest of the effects sequences and composition were unknown.

Well, we’ve seen more of it now, and it looks fine. The animators are using Lightwave to create the space scenes and mobile suit battles, and those look pretty good. Imagine Voyager-level space sequences with Gundams and Zakus blowing each other to pieces, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it’s going to look like. Watch for a TV premiere sometime in late 99 or early 2000.

*Original Story, Images and A Streaming Video Clip (Real Media) Can Be Seen here:

8-18-99—- Interview: Encore’s Plans To Show Anime Features

Go inside Encore Media, they’re outlook on Anime as a popular entertainment product and they’re plans to feature Anime on they’re Pay-Per-View Encore Action channel with Isaac Alexander. A very insightful interview, go check it out: Here

8-18-99—- Satoshi Kon Interview

Anime Online has conducted a wonderfully enlightning 4 page Interview with Perfect Blue Director Satoshi Kon. You can read it at: ectblue.shtml.

8-18-99—- Mononoke Hime’s Showing At The San Diego Comic Con

This weekend a lengthy and really interesting review of the Mononoke Hime was written up by Adam Tierney. It details some changes made in the English Dub dialogue, but maintains the film is visiually intact. The writeup also chronicles goings on with the Voice Actors and the writer Neil Gaiman and other happenings at the Con. You can read it here at: Aint-It-Cool-News.

8- 18-99—- Yoshitaka Amano / Sandman Update

Yoshitaka Amano was on hand over the weekend at the Los Angeles Comic-con to speak about his work on the upcoming graphic novel The

July 25-August 13 Anime News

8-13-99—- Galaxy Express 999 At Shinagawa Station

Since August 1 a replica steam engine based on the Galaxy Express 999 (Ginga Tetsudou 999) is being exhibited at Shinagawa station in Tokyo Prefecture. The Galaxy Express 999 appeared in the popular anime of the same name created by Reiji Matsumoto, and had the outside appearence of very old-fashioned steam engine locomotive, on the inside it was packed with advanced technology allowing it to ply the cosmos. The 1/1 scale real life replica, a Japanese made steam engine a C-62 model will be displayed as the 999 from August until September. Anime is being shown in the 11 coaches such as Sailor Moon and of course Galaxy Express 999.

8-13-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Detective Konan (24) Shogo Aoyama
2. Inu Yasha (11) Rumiko Takahashi
3. Cardcaptor Sakura (9) CLAMP
4. GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (37) Takashi Shina
5. Vagabond (3) Takehiko Inoue
6. Me-gumi no Daigo (19) Masato Soda
7. Tenjo Tenga (3) Oh! great
8. Tokyo Crazy Paradise (10) Yoshiki Nakamura
9. Shanimu ni Go (2) Marimo Ragawa
10.Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai (5) Mari Hidaka

8-12-99—- Breath Of Fire 4

Capcom has updated it’s site with tons of info (In Japanese) on the new RPG Breath of Fire 4. Go see:

8-12-99—- Live Anime Jazz Songs Concert

A pianist, Makoto Kuria is famous for his performance of jazz-type music that is based on anime songs. On July 28th, he held his concert at Tokyo Minamiaoyama Mandala. The concert celebrated his second album, “ANTITHESES #2” with his jazz-type anime music collected. On the stage were Makoto Kuriya, Koichi No, Masahiko Osaka, Andy Wolf, Gen Ittetsu and more, who worked on the production of this album. All the titles from “ANTITHESES #2,” including the following, and the titles from the previous album, ANTITHESES” were played at this concert.
* “Devil Man Again Somewhere Today” – The opening song from “Devil Man”
* “Lupin The III Sono 2” – The ending song from “Lupin The III”
* “Theme of the Galaxy Express 999” – The theme song from the
motion picture, “The Galaxy Express 999”
* “Tank!” – The opening song from “Cowboy Bebop”

8-12-99—- Magazine Boom

This year in Japan has been the year for the new magazines in manga, anime and game industry to start publishing. “Dengeki Animation Magazine,” the new anime magazine that was started in April, “Magazine Z,” the new multimedia manga magazine that started in June, “Character Grand Prix,” the new character goods magazine that has been around from July. One of the newest magazine among them is “Tokyo Robot News” started publishing by Keibunsha on July 27th. This magazine specializes the history of robot anime creations, illustrations, its changes and more. The other new magazine, “Megami Magazine,” a “bishojo” cute girl character magazine was started publishing by Gakken on July 28th. The first issue includes articles about “Ah! My Goddess,” which will be in theaters this coming April as a motion picture, and other cute girl characters in other anime and games. It also introduces the strategies for the bishojo girl games and their character goods.
What’s more, an anime magazine, “Hi-Ge” will be started by Eichi Shuppan on October 10th. It will be a sensational culture magazine that deals with anime in a totally new way: it is supposed to be an interactive magazine to which a CD-ROM will be attached.

8-12-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Mobile Suit Gundam No.08 Team -Last Resort
2. Cowboy Bebop 8th Session
3. You’re Under Arrest Special vol.1
4. To Heart vol.3
5. Gasaraki vol.7
6. Saber Marionette J to X vol.8
7. Herlock Saga the Ring of Niberung -Gold of the Line- vol.4
8. The Crest of the World of Stars vol.2
9. Devilman Lady vol.7
10.Master Keaton vol.2

8-12-99—- New Sakura Wars OAV Series / Live Action Play / Dreamcast Game

Bandai Visual has announced that they will release a new 6 volume OAV series of “Sakura Wars,” based on a very popular adventure game from SEGA, begining at the end of 1999. At the site this was announced, Oji Hiroi, Satoru Akahori, who has been directing the series, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, a scriptor, and the music composer, Kohei Tanaka were present. They revealed that each volume of the OVA will have different theme song and ending song, and that this OVA will have interesting plots and ideas in its episodes.

Also a play based on “Sakura Wars,” “Sakura Wars Kayou (Songs) Show” will be held in August. The voice actors who will appear in this play, Chisa Yokoyama and Ruaua Takano were also at this announcement gathering. The third episode of the OVA seems to be about this “Kayou Show.” The main character of the first volume will be Maria, whose voice is by Urara Takano.

Sakura Wars will be continued onto the Sega Dreamcast. Their have been two RPG game titles for the Sega Saturn. The new game will be Hanagumi (Flower Branch) Columns, based on puzzle column games.

8-11-99—- Manga Dream Factory Mourns Shotaro Ishinomori’s Death

“Manga is the world’s common language” was the motto of the original creator of “Cyborg 009,” Shotaro Ishinomori, who died last year. The event for this comic artist was held July 10th to August 31st. The site is Nagoya Herald Cineplaza. The entrance fee is 600 yen ($5).
The event includes
* July 10th-23rd Shotaro Ishimori and Science Fiction Comics
* July 24th-August 3rd The World of Disney, Animation and Art
* August 4th-August 10th The Magnificent World of AIC Bishojo
Girl Animation Cel Works
* August 11th-August 31st Monky Punch and Hero Comics Exhibition (Shotaro Ishimori and the Contemporary Comic Artists Exhibition
is also held at the same site from July 10th to August 31st.)
At this event, the brock prints are displayed for sale.
Visitors will receive an Shotaro Ishimori original sticker.
The participating comic artists are: from science fiction comics, Shotaro Ishinomori and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, from hero comics, Takao Yaguchi, Takao Saito, Monky Punch and more.

8-10-99—- US Pokemon Movie