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Anime News Service Partners With Digital Manga To Expand Services – Provide Content To Akadot.Com

Anime News Service, approaching it’s 3rd year of operation as the leading English Language internet destination for Anime (Japanese animation) / Manga (Japanese comics) related news and information, officially announces a partnership with Los Angeles-based Digital Manga Inc. to be the primary news content provider for it’s newly created web-magazine / community site

Akadot will feature exclusive features and interviews focusing on the Anime / Manga industry in the U.S., Japan, and worldwide, as well as reviews, previews and event reports. Visitors can look forward to an expansion of site features in the near future that will inlcude interactive message boards, polls, and more.

The partnership will dramatically add to the news resources of Anime News Service, founding editor Jonah Morgan offers: “Akadot’s Tokyo office will give us a permanent presence in Tokyo, the focal point of the Japanese urban culture / anime / manga / j-pop / videogame industries in the world today.” ANS readers can expect exclusive on-sight reports from events in Japan, realtime news as it breaks, as well as interviews with names shaping the state of the art in their respective fields today. Site feature additions are also in the works.

Jonah concludes: “The big winner in this deal is the fan / reader. Anime News Service will continue as it has for the past 3 years, providing the most consistently unique and informative Anime / Manga news on the internet with updates to it’s main page many times daily and whenever news breaks.” “Together with Digital Manga and Akadot we’re hoping to bring a calibur of reporting to the internet that yet to be experienced, get ready.”

Contact: Anime News Service via e-mail:

October 8-14 Anime News

10-14-99—- Perfect Blue Review

Metro Active Movies has posted a nice review of Satoshi Kon’s pyschological thriller Perfect Blue. You can read it here.

10-14-99—- Manga Event To Aid Taiwanese Earthquake Sufferers

50 popular manga artists, including Tetsuya Chiba and Shinji Mizushima participated in a charity event / auction in Ginza district, Tokyo on Oct 2, with proceeds and contributions of 980 thousand yen in total going to aid sufferers of Taiwan’s recent devistating Earthquake. Mr. Chiba had only recently attended a manga summit held in Taiwan last month, with the goal of improving cultural interchange between Taiwanese / Japanese manga artists. The hotel Mr. Chiba stayed in during the summit was subsequently destroyed in the earthquake.

Source: Anime Scene

10-14-99—- Japanese Fall TV Anime Report

Excel Saga
Based on the manga serialized in the “YOUNG King Ours” magazine, “Excel Saga” the TV series is directed Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus). The story is based around Excel, who belongs to the secret association at the basement of an unknown city, the grop fights in battles to take over the world. However, they actually make a living working at a part-time job and renting a cheap apartment.
Began: Oct. 7th | Airing: 1:15 am on TV Tokyo

One Piece
Based on the popular manga serialized in “Shonen Jump”, the story takes place in a world where the oceans are ruled by pirates, a boy seeks the legendary treasure, “One Piece”, and tries to become the pirate king. The program will air in the slot previously held by the Dragon Ball TV series. The theme will be provided by Hironobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z).

Cyborg Kuro-chan
Based on the manga serialized in BonBon Magazine. A black cat, Kuro-chan, who never loses a fight, is transformed into a cyborg.
Began: Oct. 2nd | Airing: 8:00 am on TV Tokyo

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

10-14-99—- Space Battle Ship Yamato Official Homepage – Launch!

An official homepage has been created for Reiji Matsumoto’s masterpiece, “Space Battle Ship Yamato”. Titiled “Space Battle Ship Hasshin!” the site has been created by Bandai, and includes news on Playstation titles, information on special books, upcoming DVDs, a database to lookup character backgrounds, story terms and sub-stories, and a monthly commentary magazine, “Monthly Yamato.” The first issue of “Monthly Yamato’s” lead feature s “Yamato and its time.” Click here to go directly to the official site. here (Japanese Only).

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter, J-Dream Web

10-14-99—- New Gunsmith Cats Manga

Published by Kodansha, Afternoon Addition, a new quarterly Japanese magazine from the staff of Afternoon Magazine (which features popular serials such as Ah! My Goddess), has lead off it’s inagural Autumn ’99 issue with a new and running Gunsmith Cats manga by Kenichi Sonoda. The new manga could serve as source material for a long rumored 2nd GSC OAV series or possibly a new TV series.

10-14-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Warp’s survival / horror / adventure game D2 is now in beta testing. When released, the game will be span 4 GD-ROMs and is expected out in Japan on Dec. 23rd.

Pro Action Replay CD-X, a CD version of Pro Action Replay will be released in Japan in Nov. and sale for 9800 Yen. The CD will function in the same capacity as the plug-mod version, and is specifically designed for the PSX 9000 series models, where the parallel port is absent.

Sony has sold over 4 million PocketStation units in Japan as of Aug.

10-14-99—- Pokemon Continues To Dominate American Video Charts

Released by Viz, Pokemon video sales continue to dominate the American Billboard Top 10 Kids Video Sales charts, holding no less than 3 positions as of Oct. 16th. Holding spot #2, is Pokemon: Pokey Friends; holding spot #3 is Pokemon: I Choose You Pickachu; and holding spot #6 is Pokemon: Seaside Pickachu.

10-13-99—- Cartoon Network, Toonami And An Anime Channel

John Oppliger from AnimeNation has written up an excellent first hand account of the events that transpired in the recent Cartoon Network Pannel at this past weeks AWA convention. His account cuts through alot of the hype currently circulating and relays the most probable current state of events on the whole range of issues with CN. You can read his report here (Scroll down to Oct. 12th).

In regards to Gundam Wing and other titles that may possibly air on the network John’s account also sheds some light on the actual state of affairs. Cartoon Network’s hint that the network was currently looking into airing other titles concurs with Bandai’s position that they are speaking with Cartoon Network in regards to airing their titles on cable, Gundam Wing being one of them. The status of Gundam Wing has yet to be resolved, so an official deal, if there is to be one, is still forthcoming.

10-13-99—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

Two-Mix’s upcoming maxi-single “Side Formula”, is expected out the 27th. The single will feature 10 tracks including “Last Tears”, which will be the ending theme to the upcoming Jibakukun anime TV series.

Okui Masami’s upcoming maxi-single “Sorewa Totsuzen Yatte Kuru” will feature a new acoustic version of the Utena anime movie image theme “Tokini Aiwa”.

Delphine’s PC RPG DarkStone will be released in Japan in November, the Japanese character voices will be provided by well known seiyuu, including Hikami Kyoko, who will portray the role of the priestess.

Sakamoto Maaya’s upcoming singles collection, “Pachipochi”, may include pictures taken by producer Yoko Kanno.

10-13-99—- SyCoNet To License And Distribute Anime And Video Game Soundtracks Inc. announced the launch of a new division, Otaku Music USA, today, the new division will license and distribute Anime and video game soundtracks. Otaku Music USA expects to acquire 500 to 700 soundtrack licenses, and secure its first agreement and begin production in the next 60 days. The Company’s division will sell the soundtracks through several distribution channels including its two websites, other leading music and CD Internet sites, major music distributors across the United States, and several reputable music and video stores that carry imported soundtracks and have strong

October 3-7 Anime News

10-7-99—- Seiyuu News

Yuko Miyamura will release a new Singles Collection album Dec. 1st, listing for 3,045 Yen.

Houko Kuwashima’s new single “Toki Hanate”, is scheduled for release November 10th, selling for 1,020 Yen. The title track is featured as the opening theme song to the new Blue Gender anime series airing on TBS in which Ms. Kuwashima provides voice for the character Joey. The B-Side track “Aiga Oshiete Kureta” is featured as the ending theme to the series. Ms. Kuwashima also has an upcoming release relating to the Kaitou Ranma OVA series, in which she plays Koishikawa Sana, out Jan. 28th.

10-7-99—- Major Anime Spread To Appear In TIME

A “major” feature on Anime is expected to appear within the next two weeks in the American TIME Magazine. The feature is to come out just in time for the nationwide release of Princess Mononoke, and is to center around the films world famous dirrector Hayao Miyazaki. It’s rumored that TIME had a chance to conduct a 1 on 1 interview with Mr. Miyazaki during his recent travels in Norh America. Helen McCarthy, author of the recently released, and incredibly well put together filmography/biography on Mr. Miyazaki: Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation is also expecrted to be interviewed by TIME.

10-7-99—- Media Blasters Acquires Rurouni Kenshin

Word is coming out of the East Coast Video Show, being held in Atlantic City that Media Blasters has acquired the Rurouni Kenshin TV series and possibly the OAV’s and Movie as well. A more formal announcement is to be made at AWA. More details to come.

10-7-99—- Seikai No Monsho

Bandai Visual is currently set to release a new PSX game based on the Star Emblem (Seikai No Monsho) Anime this spring. Star Emblem is a recent 13 episode sci-fi television series that ran on the WOWOW broadcast satellite channel earlier this year from Jan.- March. Directed by Yasuchika Nagaoka (New Cutey Honey OAV series), and featuring the voice talent of Yuka Imai, the anime itself is based on a series of science fiction novels by Shibue Morioka. The story chronicles a distant future where the planet Martin is invaded by the Arv, a group that is on its way to establishing a galactic empire. Martin becomes an Arv colony, governed by an Arv, Lock Lin. Seven years pass and Lock’s son, Jinto Lin, convinces his friend Count Hyde to get him a commission in the military, however, Jinto is not at all interested in a military life, he needs to hitch a ride on a space vessel so he can meet the granddaughter of Arv Emperor Rafil. The series is very well written, with excellent character designs. Seikai No Monsho is currently available on LD and in Japan, hopefully it will be licensed in the U.S. soon.
For more info visit Sunrise’s Seikai No Monsho hompeage here (Japanese).

10-7-99—- American Pokemon English Dub To Air In Japan

The American English dub of the Pokemon TV series will start airing in Japan later this month. To be called “Pocket Monsters Encore”, it will air Tuesdays on TV-Tokyo starting Oct. 19, its SAP (Second Audio Progaram) audio channel will provide the English dub audio track along with a newly added “Memo on Pokemon’s English conversation”. The Japanese Ministry of Education has reportededly voiced some interest in the billingual version.

Source: Anime Scene

10-7-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

The Osaka District Court ruled today that the sale of second hand computer game software illegal.

To fill the 10,000 seats at The Square Millennium Private Show in Yokohama on Nov. 23 Square will draw to give out tickets from those who submitted a ticket application. the Application will be included in upcoming Square titles. Major announcements are expected at the show, including the next Final Fantasy game.

The Final Fantasy VIII Orchestra CD Sountrack is out in Japan on Nov. 21.

Bandai Visual is working on a new PSX adventure / war strategy title based on the Star Emblem anime produced by Sunrise. The game is divided into adventure and strategy modes, in adventure mode, you collect information and choose how the story proceeds, when you encounter enemies, the game switches into war strategy mode. The game is expected out in Japan next spring.

Sega will release Godzilla Generations Maximum Impact for DC in Japan this December, the sequel to their previous Godzila title. In the game you have to defeat the boss or complete certain tasks to finish the missions. There will be twice as many Godzilla types, the graphics and visuals have been imprioved.

Koei is working on a new Gameboy card battle game based on the characters of the Angelique series, called SweetAnge. This game will support the Pocket Printer, enable you to print out the cards, you can also exchange the cards with your friend using the link cable. The game is expected out in Japan in Dec.

10-7-99—- Anime In The Manistream Media

Anime has popped up in a few other American mainstream media Sources lately. The current October 18 issue of Forbes Business Magazine includes a short article on anime and manga entitled “Anime Opens on Main Street”. The article talks about the Pokemon craze, Mononoke, others and has a picture from the new Vampire Hunter D Movie. There’s also a story on Pokemon that’s expected to air on the CBS Evening News Tonight.

10-6-99—- You’re Under Arrest The Movie

You’re Under Arrest The Movie is slated for release on LD and DVD in Japan on Nov. 25th. The Movie set one year after the TV series ending, Natsumi and Miyuki’s have matured slightly and the story more serious than before. The story begins when Natsumi and Miyuki return to Bokuto precinct after one year of training at Police HQ. Traffic lights around the city are apparently malfunctioning and causing traffic inncidents. They discover a mysterious diskette, confiscated in a smuggling case, connecting it to the this to the traffic light mystery. The disk also contains a threat about the Sakura bridge being blown up. Who is the terrorist behind this latest case? Will Natsumi and Miyuki

September 29-October 2 Anime News

10-2-99—- Vampire Hunter D Update

An English-dubbed version of the new Vampire Hunter D movie will most likely be released to theaters in America before Japan. The English-language dialogue has been recorded, in the recent Talk Live Discussion, held on the 24 with Vampire Hunter D creator Hideyuki Kikuchi this was revealed. Mr. Kikuchi has been sent a videotape of the complete English dubbed version of the movie with no sound effects or music. It was also revealed that a new PSX Vampire Hunter D game is on the way. It will be a 3D action game with an expected release in Dec.

10-2-99—- Seraphim Call

With the new Sunrise TV series Seraphim Call set to premeire on TV Tokyo the 6th, King Records has announced special character soundtrack albums (each featuring a individual episode ending theme song performed by the character/ seiyuu) will be released 1 month apiece, at 2,000 Yen each. The first album, out the 22nd, features Kasahara Hiroko/”Kurimoto Yukina”. The album includes the first ending theme “Yume Mitemo Iijanai”, along with the episode background image tracks. Preorders are to include a Seraphim Call Calendar for 2000.

10-2-99—- Review: Saber Marionette R

Based on the popular manga and novels by Satoru Akihito, the 3 part Saber Marionette R OAV was originally released in Japan in 1995, a full year before the Saber Marionette J TV series. The story takes place on Lalatsu, a planet that has been inhabited by a male-only population ever since their spaceship drifted onto the planet 200 years previous. The inhabitants develop female androids via cloning technology. Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are all androids with one exception, they each contain a Maiden Circuit giving them emotions and a heart like real girls. The story begins in the city-state of Romarna.

If you’ve already seen J you should immediatly notice a change in overall tone. R has a gritty feel to it, although it elegantly combines that with a very uplifting cheery, fantasy, blue skies, and lost days of youth sort of feeling, the balance and is incredible. Character designs are provided by Izuna Yoshitsune and Yuichiro Tanuma. A trio of excellent voice actresses make up the the main cast. Lime: Megumi Hayashibara, Cherry: Yuri Shiratori, Bloodberry: Akiko Hiramatsu.

Act 1: Face, the clone of Romana’s ruler Virey, stages a revolt to overtake the throne. Virey’s other son, Junior, attempts to save his home with the help of the Saber Marionettes. He challenges his brother and his saber creations, the Sexadolls.

Act 2: During the battle, Junior, Cherry, and a dysfunctional Lime attempt to flee the city to the lower social sratum. Taking refuge in a farm, they plan to rescue Virey. After some heavy training, they’re on their way butsoon find themselves face to face with Sexadol Brid and some giant fighting robots!

Act 3: Junior, Cherry, and Lime make one last attempt at a rescue, but they are intercepted. Is it too late!?

Saber Marionette R | English Subtitled | Contains Acts 1-3 | 96 min. | $24.98
Order Saber Marionette R directly from Anime Village by clicking here

10-2-99—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai plans to release Digimon World, a card battler/RPG for PSX in Japan this Dec. The game will be in full 3D, during the quest you have to search for the Digimon cards, and during the battles, you can summon the different digital monsters to battle for you. They also plan to release DigiMon RPG for PSX in US, due to the increasing popularity of the Anime. Since the game is still under develop in Japan, don’t expect to see the US version of the game until sometime in late 2000.

Sega Zone has reported a special trick has been discovered to allow Japanese Dreamcasts to play US DC games, provided that you have a copy of the demo disc from the Nov. 99 Issue of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine. This swap trick has been confirmed to work with NFL 2000, it should work with any single disc game. Here is the procedure:
Load up the demo disc
Return to the Dreamcast main menu
Select Play, when the blue Sega screen pops up, as soon as it fades to white, open the Dreamcast CD cover, the disc should stop spinning and the screen will remain in white.
Replace the demo disc with any US game disc, and it will now load properly on a Japanese Dreamcast system.

Sega of Japan has officially delayed the release of Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka for DC from Oct. 28 to sometime in the spring of 2000. The reason for delay are some complex programming adjustments and a debugging process. Sega also mentioned that the next 4 chapters of Shen Mue (2-5) could be released in a single package next year.

Namco has established a new game software development subsidiary called Monolith Software, the vice president and president of the new firm are Tetsuya Takahashi and Hiroshi Sugiura, former Final Fantasy director from Square. Monolith Software will be developing a series of RPGs for PSX 2 in 2001.

Nintendo will be showing a prototype of the 128 bit Dolphin in Aug. 2000. Full details of the system will be announced at the same time.

10-2-99—- Princess Mononoke Website Updated

Miramax has updated it’s Official Princess Mononoke Website with a much higher quality Quicktime version of the trailer, and a space where you can submit your webpage to become part of the official Princess Mononoke web-ring.

10-2-99—- Slayers To Air On Sci-fi Channel / Anime On MTV Soon?

Kidscreen News has revealed a bit of interesting news in a recent interview with C.B. Cebulski of Central Park media:

“Slayers has been picked up by the Sci Fi Channel, indicating a growing awareness that some anime is not as adult as once thought.”

Another line from the article makes reference to anime on MTV:

“Two of Central Park’s teen anime products have been featured on MTV’s Cartoon Sushi, including Iria (about a female bounty hunter) and Genocyber (a high-tech intergalactic fantasy). MTV has expressed