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January 21-23 Anime News

1-23-00—- Bandai Entertainment News Out Of L.A. Science Fiction And Comic Con

Bandai Entertainment announced at it’s press conference for Mobile Suit Gundam Wing this afternoon that the Gundam Wing TV series will begin airing daily (on weekdays) on the American cable TV Cartoon Network, begining March 6th at 5:30 P.M. ET. The version airing in this timeslot will be edited, however in a very interesting move (and exciting one for fans), two uncut episodes will air as part of Cartoon Network’s Saturday Toonami Midnight Runs. Bandai pointed out that the three volume Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA series will be aired and see VHS video release.

A side note to the Gundam announcements: Bandai’s representative indicated that the Vision Of Escaflowne TV Series could see a Region 1 DVD release as early as a June or July release with an English dub soundtrack.

1-23-00—- Manga Exposition In The Netherlands

An Manga exposition will be held at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Netherlands, titled “Manga from 1945 until now” starting March 26th.

Opening times of the Kunsthal are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00, the Kunsthal is located at the Westzeedijk 341 (near Dijkzicht Hospital and the Euromast).

The exposition is a part of the celebration of 400 years relations between the Netherlands and Japan this year. 400 years ago in 1600 A.D., a ship called the “De Liefde” beached itself near Nagasaki. Japan allowed the Dutch to open a tradingpost on a artifical island called Decima in Nagasaki wich was the start of 400 years of relations between the two countries.

More information can be found at and

1-23-00—- Nazca Clips Show In Malcom In The Middle

Clips from Pioneer’s Nazca TV series were shown tonight on the American Fox Television Network’s sitcom, Malcom in the Middle. One clip showed the character Shiogami, and another of a blond haired skateboarder-character from the third episode of the series.

1-23-00—- Ranma 1/2 / Tenchi TV Series Region 1 Release Details

Anime Fan is reporting that Pioneer plans to release the Region 1 DVD Ranma 1/2 OVA box set on April 25th for around the same cost of the Region 1 Tenchi OVA box set ($120). It’s a possibility that the Tenchi Universe TV series will see a summer release as a box set. Pioneer has made an allusion to another possible summer release, however no other official details have been given.

1-23-00—- Horrifying Pokemon Related Assault In Las Vegas

Two teenagers allegedly used Pokemon trading cards to lure at least eight young boys to a mobile home for sex, Las Vegas police said Friday. One 18, and 16 year-old male were arrested on charges including sexual assault. Police said the assaults on boys age 8 to 11 apparently had been going on for several months before they were tipped off by a parent.

Source: The Washington Post

1-23-00—- Ayanext Industry and Piracy Panel Trasncript

Animeijin has posted a transcript of the Ayanext Industry and Piracy Panel held on Nov. 6th, 1999 at the Ayanext anime convention in Birmingham, U.K., the panel was intended for the discussion of piracy and other issues regarding anime in the United Kingdom.

1-23-00—- Pokemon Center Tokyo

Located in the Nihonbashi business district in Tokyo, the Pokemon Center Tokyo store, which first opened April 1998, specializes in Pokemon merchandise of all kinds. The store is quite popular, attracting around 1,500 visitors per-day during the weekdays and between 3,000 – 4,000 visitors on the weekends, on many occasions it has had to limit the number of people entering the store at one time. Over the Japanese school summer vacation this year, customers reportedly had to wait for up to two hours just to get in, during the Christmas ’99 season in the wait was reportedly one hour. The store sells around 1,500 Pokemon-related products including game cards, stationery, confectioneries and many others. Among it’s most popular offerings are exclusive items depicting the store’s mascot’s: Pikachu, Charmander, and Poliwhirl.

An estimated 30% of the Pokemon Center’s clientele are foreigners. This is understandable, taking into account Pokemon’s phenomenal success in other parts of the world and the fact that almost all of the store’s products are only available domestically within Japan. Buses carrying groups of tourists often make stops at the Center, the largest number of foreign visitors come from the United States, it’s not unusual for these visitors to purchase several dozen items at once. On a recent visit to Tokyo, Actor Bruce Willis reportedly bought a suitcase’s worth of Pokemon merchandise for his daughter.

Most Popular Purchases At Pokemon Center Tokyo:
1. Pokemon Card Game
2. Pokemon Center Original Confectioneries
3. Pokemon Badges

1-23-00—- Nazca / Malcom In The Middle Update

As was reported earlier, clips of Pioneer’s Nazca TV series, will be appearing on the prime time American Fox-TV-network comedy, Malcolm In The Middle. The clips from Nazca will be incorporated into the new opening sequence for the series having the title character, Malcolm, channel surfing through some of his favorite TV shows which will include Nazca. Information on when the new opening will premiere on Fox is currently unknown, however, there is a possibility it could show tonight (Sunday, January 23rd 8:30 P.M. ET):

Jonathan Klein, Vice President of New Generation Pictures, has confirmed from Pioneer that the master tapes with the clips requested have been sent to Fox. New Generation Pictures has produced the sub, dub and Region 1 DVD versions of Nazca for Pioneer. The following questions were posed to him with some very enlightening answers.

Anime News Service: How was the decision of the incorporation of Nazca clips into Malcolm In The Middle reached? Were any of the actors, script writers, or production staff involved in the series a fan of Nazca, or Anime in-general?

Jonathan Klein: Somebody involved with Nazca sent an early screener to one of the people working on Malcolm in The Middle. He liked it so much that he wanted to incorporate it in the opening sequence as one

January 9-15 Anime News

1-15-00—- New Transformers Toy Line

A new Transformers toy line titled “Transformers: Car Robots” were displayed at a recent Japanese convention / trade show. A successor to the current “Beast Wars Metals”, the toy line may be adapted to it’s own TV series featuring a nature vs technology theme. This time around it will be more robotic Cybertrons (Autobots) V.S. more beast-like Destrons (Predacons). So far, the line features Cybertrons led by FireConvoy (Optimus Pyre a firetruck Optimus), Mach Alert, Wild Ride, and Speed Breaker. Gigatron, leader of the Destrons, and others.

For Toy Images: Here And the Below Link

Source: Axalon Underground

1-15-00—- New Anime TV Series In Japan In February

Oja-Majo Doremi (Begins: Feb. 6th | At: 8:30 | On: TV Asahi)
Miami Guns (Begins: Feb. 5th | At: 25:45 | On: TBS)
Nyani Ga Nyander Nyander Kamen (Begins: Feb. 6th | At: 7:00 | On: TV Asahi)

1-15-00—- McFarlane Anime Toy Line Update

McFarlane Toys’s upcoming Anime toy line of action figures will include Tetsuo (Akira), Keneda (Akira), Keneda’s motorcycle (Akira), Vash the Stampede (Trigun), and Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo). Other characters / mecha are expected to be added to the line in the future.

Source: Toy Mania

1-15-00—- Ikue Otani’s “Viento”

Ikue Otani, Japanese seiyuu of Pikachu in the Pokemon TV Series + Movie released her first original 9-track album, “Viento”, on Nov. 26th. Otani’s other voice work can be seen in the Hime-Chan No Ribbon series.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter J-Dream Web

1-15-00—- Nihon Animation Opens Shop In Tokyo

Production company, Nihon Animation recently opened a new store dealing in character goods at it’s marketing headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo. The shop sells merchandise such as stuffed dolls, stationaries, VCRs, calendars etc. relating to their titles such as “Araiguma Rascal (Rascal the Racoon)” and Haha wo Tazunete 3000-ri (3000 miles in the search of Mother)”. Nihon Animation’s classic titles and are currently regaining popularity in Japan.

Source: J-Dream Direct Newsletter J-Dream Web

1-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Konami’s upcoming arcade music game, Pop N’ Anime, will feature songs from Anime Movies, TV Series, and OAV’s, including: Dragon Ball Z, Vampire Hunter D, Sailor Moon, Cutie Honey, Galaxy Express 999, Getta Robo and others. Video clips of the anime will display with the coresponding song. Pop ‘N Anime will appear in Japanese arcades in the spring.

Bandai’s WonderSwan fighting title, Pocket Fighter will be one of the first to fully support the WonderGate modem, and feature a network battle mode, allowing modem battles, and letting players post their high scores on the nationwide Japanese scoreboard. Pocket Fighter is out in Japan on April 6th, listing for 3800 Yen.

1-15-00—- J-Idol Hikaru Utada’s “First Love” Chosen As Opener For Tournament

J-Pop Idol, Hikaru Utada’s song, “First Love” has been chosen to be used in the opening ceremonies of The 72nd National Invitational High School Baseball Tournament which begins March 25th and runs for eleven days at the Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture.

1-15-00—- Hello Kitty Inncident In Singapore: Update

An inncident Thursday spurred by a McDonald’s restaurant promotion in Singapore offering limited edition Hello Kitty related toys reportedly had customers pressed against the glass door of one restaurant which shattered under the preasure of the crowd. The resulting flying glass and stampede injured seven people, half of the total injured were hurt to such a degree that they required immediate hospitalization.

1-14-00—- Region 1 Anime DVD News

AnimEigo’s Robert Woodhead annouced via their company’s DVD mailing list that the Urusei Yatsura DVD boxed set for a possible release late next month.

Dubbed-Subbed VHS and DVD versions of Manga Entertainments’s release of Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro are now set for an April release.

Manga Entertainments’s release of Perfect Blue on DVD is now set for April 25th.

The Right Stuf is reporting that Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:1 DVD has been delayed until February 20th because of mastering problems.

1-14-00—- Tokyo Gallery Hosting Anime Exhibit

Gallery Cest Rare, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is currently home to an exhibit featuring many well-crafted sculptures depicting classic Anime characters including Astroboy, Kimba the White Lion, and Gigantor. Exhibit creators, Satoru Okada and Akira Yamaura who are both members of Kawasaki-based artists’ group Yume Kobo Highlight found inspiration for their sculptures from watching classic Anime films in their childhood.
Mr. Okada dedicated close-to three hours each day on the creation of 12 figures of various sizes while working on his other job as an automobile body painter. Each sculpture was molded with plaster, coated with repairing materials made from polyester and then filed with sandpaper to be colored. He estimates a month’s amount of work would have gone into completing an average 5 feet tall sculpture. Yamaura created 10 figures for the exhibition, mostly depicting characters from creator Osamu Tezuka’s Anime including Astroboy. The exhibition will run through January 16th.

1-14-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Tecmo will port it’s Gameboy Color title, Monster Farm: Battle Cards (Monster Rancher: Battle Cards), to PSX for Japanese release on March 23rd, for 5800 Yen. Those pre-ordering will receive a special disc, which gives players secret monsters not available elsewhere.

The Naomi/Dreamcast “Marvel v.s. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” will utilize a new communication battle mode, allowing those using either two platforms to engage cross-battle matches. Interestingly, there will be special playable characters exclusive to each platform. Both ports will share 18 common characters (Naomi will feature 10 exclusive characters, DC will feature 6 exclusive characters). Also of note, the Naomi version will feature 24 hidden characters, the DC port will feature 16. Hidden characters will be time locked and not be selectable until the game has seen a certain amount of play-time.

Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that total sales of PSX during the holiday reached $1.5 billion U.S. (50% over Sony’s prediction), over 15.1 million game software were sold during December 1999 (twice as much as N64 and 10 times more than DC). Sony has sold close to 3 million PSX units in the past two months. The current North American user-base of PSX is estimated at 25 million.

U.S. retailer + developer reports

January 1-8 Anime News

1-8-00—- Editorial: New Dictionary Entry for 2000: “Japanimation”

The following does not neccesarily reflect the views of Anime News Service or the editor:

“Japanimation”…. Hmmm… -Opens Dictionary-

Japanimation, adj.1. Directed By Peter Chung; 2. Created By Crispin Porter & Bogusky: Miami, Florida; 3. Used In Latest Checkers Television Commercial Campaign.

1-8-00—- Street Fighter Zero Original Soundtrack

The Street Fighter Zero OVA Original Soundtrack is out in Japan, the 26th of this month, listing at 2854 Yen. The CD contains 28 tracks (20 quasi-orhcestral tracks using samplings infinitely close to natural sounds, 8 tracks performed by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra).

1-8-00—- Anime / Game Soundtrack CD Releases (Japan)(January)

(All Prices Listed In Yen)

The World of Queen Emeraldas 2940 Y
Sailor Moon “Winter Special Musical’s 500th show memorial – Henshin, Super Senshi E No Michi The Last, D’Oracle Overture – Original Soundtrack” Memorial Album Vol. 8 3150 Y
Musical “Sailor Moon” – The Best Collection Album – Music Selected by Fans 2940 Y
Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince Of Darkness/Special Episode 3780 Y
Kikansya Tomas Origenal Songs Vol. 2 2100 Y
SEAMAN Onsei File -SEAMAN to 20seiki no 99nin- 1890 Y
Chikyu Bouei Kigyo Die Gard (Die Gard, Earth Defense Enterprises): Original Sndtrck 3045 Y
The Adventures Of Kousuke Kindaichi (Special Edition) 2800 Y
Century Color / Again… 1020 Y
Digimon Adventure: Chracter Songs + Mini Drama 3 2747 Y
The World Of Akira Ifukube 2345 Y
Poke Kano BGM Shu 3150 Y
Densetsu No Orga Battle 1800 Y
Densetsu No Orga Battle: The Entra 1800 Y
Orga Battle: Ogre-Grand Repeat 1800 Y
Tactics Ogre 2500 Y
Neko Meiwaku 1800 Y
Hataraki Mono 1800 Y
Arashi No Destiny 2 1800 Y
Original Soundtrack: Alundra 2 2345 Y
Maken X I’image E.P. 3059 Y
Reveller’s Children 3059 Y
Gatekeepers Game Soundtrack 2940 Y
Blue Gender [Rondo Gate] original sound track Vol. 2 2854 Y
[Gozonji! Gekkokamen Kun] Uta To BGM 2940 Y
Kiseki No Tsubasa 1155 Y
Bouso Deko Tora Densetsu 2 -Otoko Jinsei Yume Ichiro- 2500 Y
Takeo Yamshita No Zenbo Mission 1 (Anime Hen) 2800
Kaze No Kokyo E 1260 Y
Action Game Nitendo Allstar Dairanto Smash Brothers 3500 Y
Betterman Panorama Sound CD Yobanashi 2 Yoku-nozomi- 3045 Y
Megami Kouhosei Hasshin zenya-Get a dream!- 1020 Y
Tales of Destiny Soundtrack 3990 Y
Seraphim Call Original Soundtrack 3150 Y
Initial D Vocal Battle – The 2nd Stage 3059 Y
Street Fighter Zero The Animation 2854 Y
Makiba Monogatari-Harvest Moon Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
Lunatic Dawn Odyssey Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
White Diamond Original Soundtrack 3059 Y
Comics Image Album Love Hina 3059 Y
Boosker Boosker’ Ongakushu (music collection) 1 3059 Y
Kaito Ranma 3059 Y
Star Child Selection Ongakuhen [TV sakuhin shu] 3600 Y
Nihon Animation Shudaika Shu 15750 Y

1-8-00—- Anime Toy News

Toycom is now expecting to have all 3 of it’s Die-Cast Valkyrie (VF-11,YF-19,YF-22) toys in North American stores by June.

Denkegi Hobby Magazine is reportedly selling special “Tetsu” versions of three of Bandai’s “Mobile Suits In Action” figure line. Available exclusively via mail-order these figures feature special detailing and decals.

1-8-00—- J-Pop / Seiyuu News

As of January 2000, Future CD releases from Marine Entertainment will now be released under Pioneer LDC Japan.

Shiina Hekiru’s 7th album, “Right Beside”, is scheduled for release in Japan on March 8th, listing for 3,059 Yen. A vocal collection album, “B-Side You” (featuring 13 tracks from her previous singles) is set for release on the same day also listing at 3,059 Yen. Her latest maxi-single “Beside You” is out on the 26th of this month.

1-8-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s PSX RPG, Breath of Fire IV will feature a plot centered around a war between two countries, the Fou Empire and the East Side Union. The two are separated by The Ocean Of Mud, and have battled for centuries, finally a peace agreement is reached but this serves to plant the seeds for the start of a greater conflict. Legend says a man born with the eyes of a dragon will alter the course of world. There are 4 types of Dragons in Breath Of Fire, The Sand Dragon Junar, the Soil Dragon Nosto, the Grass Dragon Ta-Pu, and the Aura Dragon, a fire breather with the shape of human.

Sega of America has responded to the comments from Japanese investment firm Nikko Solomon Smith Barney, claiming they are actually making about 1 U.S. dollar for each Dreamcast console sold in North America.

1-8-00—- Kiki’s Delivery Service To Air On Toon Disney

Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli’s Anime film, Kiki’s Delivery Service will air on Disney’s American cartoon cable network, Toon Disney on Friday, January 14th at 7:00 p.m. (EST).

1-7-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Capcom’s Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes production team will be scouting for locations in Osaka Jan. 7th-16th.

Dreamcast / Sega Data:
A total of 1.85 million units of Sega’s Dreamcast have shipped in North America as of Dec. 31st. A total of 800,000 units have been shipped to to the European market.

Japanese investment firm Nikko Solomon Smith Barney has reported that Sega is currently losing 2000 Yen on each Dreamcast console sold. Sega expects to break even upon shiping 1 million units of Dreamcast per month in June.

Sega’s Shen Mue Chapter 1: Yokosuka for Dreamcast has reportedly sold 260,000 copies in it’s first week of release.

1-7-00—- Panasonic Unveils DVD RAM Recorder Deck At CES

Panasonic unveiled a consumer-level progressive scan DVD Record Deck, this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Price of the deck is still forthcoming, clickhere to read the official press release.

1-7-00—- Maison Ikkoku DVD Box

A 24 disc Region 2 Maison Ikkoku DVD Box (containing all 96 episodes) is set for release on March 8, listing at $1200.

1-6-00—- Shueisha Top Selling Manga Rankings For 1999

Shueisha has announced their “Publisher’s Top 10 Best-Selling Manga Series” Rankings for 1999:

1. One Piece – Oda Eiichiro – Weekly Jump
2. Hana Yori Dango – Kamio Yohko – Margaret
3. Rurouni Kenshin