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Anime News Service – February 11-14 Anime News

2-14- 00—- More DVD News Out Of Katsucon

DVD Animania is running a report it received from Katsucon regarding future Viz Communication DVD’s. The Ranma 1/2 OVA DVD Box Set, presently scheduled for a May release, will consist of 3 disks = 4 episodes per-disk. Extras include all DoCo music videos, an interview with Rumiko Takahashi, and line art drawings. The Please Save My Earth DVD version release is set for sometime in June or July, and Key The Metal Idol is slated for a release on three DVD’s sometime this summer.

Anime On DVD is reporting that According to the ADV panel at Katsucon, ADV’s Rurouni Kenshin OVA/Movie acquisitions will be released on three DVDs’. The Three three discs will include the movie on one disc, the first two episodes of the OAV on another DVD, and the third and fourth episodes on the third disc.

ADV’s new DVD catalogue reportedly lists the following DVD releases minus release dates: Battle Angel, Blue Seed 1 & 2 (4 eps each), BGC Tokyo 2040 1 Genesis & 2 Crusade (4 eps each), Burn Up W (all 4 eps), Cutey Honey (4 eps), Destroy All Monsters, DP Flash: 1 Angels in Trouble & 2 Angels retribution (3 eps each), Gamera, Gasaraki 1-3 (4-3-3), Gunsmith Cats (all 3), Eva 1-3 (4 eps each), Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture, Lost Universe (4 eps), Martian Successor Nadesico (4 eps), Ninja Resurrection, Plastic Little, Princess Nine 1st Inning (3 eps), Queen Emeraldas, Ruin Explorers (4 eps), Sakura Diaries 1-4 (3 eps each), Sakura Wars (4 eps), Rurouni Kenshin (no ep count given), Slayers: The Motion Picture, Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie, Sorceror Hunters (4 eps), Tekken: The Motion Picture.

The list also includes All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku – The Movie and Golden Boy, but according to an ADV representitive: for various reason these titles should not be on the list.

2-14-00—- Some Japanese Toys Hormone Disruptive?

A Japanese consumer watchdog organization has recently claimed that chemicals included in the production of some toys may be hormone disruptive to children. In tests it has detected phtalic acid ester and bisphenol A in some toys made of vinyl chloride. In six sample products, bisphenol A was discovered in Ultraman Tiga, Hello Kitty Ball and Nakyoshi Friends. Pthalic acid turned up in Hello Kitty Ball, Dobutsu Mizuteppo, Nakayoshi Friends and Licca dolls, the group’s members have said.

The association of toy manufacturers claims it has been marking toys that pass safety guidelines, however, there are currently no regulations or guidelines on the use of endocrine disrupting chemicals. The 580 toymakers that make up the association have will reportedly present a new set of guidelines by April of this year that would require manufacturers to disclose the chemicals and materials used in toys for ages 3 and under.

Source: Asahi Shimbun

2-14-00—- Pokemon Fashion Show

On Sunday, at 11:00 AM, Hasbro presented an internet “fashion show” at (archived there now for viewing), where viewers were treated to “Pokemon 2000: A Sneak Pikachu”, where they could catch a glimpse of what products lie in wait out there in the Pokeverse for the year that is currently upon us.

Pokemon Think Chip Figures were showcased that allow the upload and download of training and past battle experience along with the Pokemon Think Chip Battle Stadium, a real life Dexter, The Talking Pokedex, which includes statistics, training exercises and attack sounds for Pokemon.

Nintendo’s N64 Pokemon Stadium game was previewed, it allows players to battle with their Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow trained Pokemon characters from Gameboy. Pokemon Gold and Silver, for Gameboy Color were also previewed with a current U.S. release slated for Fall.

2-13-00—- Neon Genesis Evangelion U.S. Broadcast Premiere

Studio Gainax’s 1995 Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series is set to make it’s first-ever U.S. Television Brodcasting starting, Sunday, March 5th at 9PM on KTEH-54, in the San Jose, California area.

2- 13-00—- Top Anime DVD Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi DVD-2
2. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 2
3. Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory Vol. 1
4. Gaogaiger Final OVA Vol. 1
5. Kareshi Kanojo No Jijo OP. 3
6. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 14
7. Card Captor Sakura Vol. 5
8. (Macross DVD Collection) Macross Plus 1

2-13-00—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Vagabond 5
2. Mahojin Guru Guru 12
3. H2 33
4. GTO 14
5. Clover 7
6. Bronze-Zetsuai Since 1989 – 11
7. Kaikan Phrase 12
8. Salary Man Kintarou 22
9. Oishinbo 69
10. Flames Of Recca 22
11. Massugu Ni Ikoh 18
12. Le Cirque De Karakuri 11
13. Angel Sanctuary 16
14. Tensai Yanagisawakyoujuno Seikatsu 15
15. Dragon Knights 16
16. Oishii Kankei 16
17. Tenshino Tsuranokawa
18. To Heart 3
19. Goddess Candidates
20. Major 27

2-13-00—- Top Video Game Sales (Japan) (As Of 2-14)

1. Biohazard Gun Survivor – PSX
2. Koneko Mo Issyo – PSX
3. Popolocrois 2 – PSX
4. Pokemon Silver – GB
5. Pokemon Gold – GB
6. Donkey Kong GB – GB
7. Crazy Taxi – DC
8. Card Captor Sakura Limited Edition – PSX
9. Roomania #203 – DC
10. Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 – N64
11. Card Captor Sakura – PSX
12. Valkyrie Profile РPSX
13. Let’s Go By Train Nagoya Tetsudo Hen – PSX
14. Chase The Express – PSX
15. Gran Turismo 2 – PSX
16. Donkey Kong 64 – N64
17. Muscle Ranking Vol. 1 – PSX
18. Doko Demo Issyo – PSX
19. SNK Gal’s Fighter –¬†NGPC
20. Fish Eyes 2 – PSX

2-13-00—- Top J-Pop Album Sales (Japan) (As Of 2- 14)

1. “Genius 2000” – Namie Amuro
2. “Suite Season The End Of Genesis” – T.M. REVOLUTION TURBO TYPE D
3. “FB Best Eternal Trax” – Favourite Blue
4. “Love Is The Message” – Misia
5. “VOXXX” – Denki Groove
6. “Zard Cruising&Live (Limited Edition)” – Zard
7. “Recycle: Greatest Hits Of Spitz” – Spitz
8. “Freedom” – Yuki Koyanagi
9. “Yesterday&Today” – Tokio
10. “Fresh Brash Old Man”