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April 6-15 Anime News

4-15-00—- New Vampire Hunter D Movie Completed

Excerpted from a recent post to the Urban Vision website:

The new Vampire Hunter D movie is completely finished, and now, as of 4/12/00, we are still working to get the dubbed version (which was completed before the Japanese version) out in theaters. Since we really want to give the new film the kind of backing it deserves, we are currently negotiating sale of the script to another studio, or a partnership, or coming up with a budget to release it in theaters ourselves. All this is strictly hush-hush, so our apologies, but you’ll have to wait until we confirm everything before we can post any info on the website!

4-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

– Banpresto’s upcoming Dreamcast SD Gundam title, Super Hero Avengers has had it’s release delayed until July.

In Japan, Sony’s PlayStation2 console and 8-megabyte memory card it comes with have reportedly been designated as ”general-purpose products related to conventional weapons” under the foreign exchange control law, due to the fact that they contain components that can be used for military applications+devices.

4-14-00—- Kia Asamiya Working On Batman Manga

Manga artist / creator, Kia Asamiya, is also working on a black-and-white Batman manga in Japan titled Child of Dreams. The manga is running monthly in Kodansha’s Magazine Z and is the first original Batman comics series to be published in Japan. “In it, a Japanese news crew travels to Gotham to report on the mysterious legend of the Batman. And of course they end up running right into him,” Cebulski said. “So far, in the series, Batman has encountered Two Face, the Penguin, the Riddler and the Joker, but none are the real deal. There is a new drug circulating through Gotham that makes average citizen think they are these villains from Batman’s rogues gallery. Bruce Wayne has also taken an interest in the Japanese female reporter Yuko Yagi.”

“But as for its Japanese format, it will continue running monthly in Magazine Z in Japan for 10 more months, 14 parts in all. It will clock out at around 400 pages total,” he said. “It is scheduled to be collected into two 200-page editions in Japan as well. It is taking place in Gotham now but his investigation into the drug takes Batman to Japan halfway through the story in Part 8.

“The first Japanese collected edition, the Gotham Collection — might not be the actual title but that is what we are calling it — will collect parts 1-7 where Batman is still in Gotham. It should be released later this year. The second edition, the Toyko Collection, will collect the second half of the story, chronicling Batman’s adventures in Tokyo. Due in late 2001 probably.”

Source: Comics Continuum

4-14-00—- Burger King And Pokemon 2

American Hanburger chain, Burger King has signed a deal to offer promotional toys from Warner Brothers’ North American release of Pokemon 2 Movie.

4-14-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Images From Animeigo

Animeigo has uploaded 2 images of it’s forthgoming Urusei Yatsura DVD release. You can view a package and disc image by clicking on the links.

4-14-00—- ADV Sakura Diaries DVD Release

ADV has announced a street date for the first Sakura Diaries DVD:

Sakura Diaries Chapter 1 DVD
Street Date: 7/25
Contains episodes 1 – 3
English and Japanese Audio
English Subtitles
SRP: $24.98

4-14-00—- A-Kon Guest Additions

Recent Gust of Honor additions to this year’s Project: A-Kon convention, to be held June 2-4 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport:

AKEMI TAKADA – We are very proud to announce our Special Guest this year will be Akemi Takada. Ms. Takada is the character designer/illustrator for Kimagure Orange Road, Maison Ikkoku, Urusei Yatsura, Creamy Mami, Fancy Lala, and Mobile Police Patlabor, among others. MUCH thanks to Digital Manga for sponsoring her visit to A-Kon! We must show her how great the fans at A-Kon are and make sure she feels welcome! Her official homepage is

SHAWN THE TOUCHED – White Radish returns with new animation that will premier at A-Kon 2000!

KUGAYAMA RIKAKO – A very well-known artist in the dojinshi world, she draws bishojo artwork and has published many pieces commercially. She’s also a character designer and is current designing characters for an anime to be broadcast next year.

BIJOKI JUNCTION – Very well known dojinshi artist, he draws many bishojo dojinshi, specializing in erotica. Has published several comics commercially

For more information:

4-13-00—- Bandai (Emotion) Release News In Japan

In Japan, Bandai Visual (Emotion) will release Gundam Wing DVD Collection 1 on June 25th. Total Running time on the collection is 325 minutes, retail is 18,000 Yen.

June 25th, Dunbine Exact Memo Box 1 Baistonueru is out, running time 750 minutes, retail is 36,800 Yen.

Also on June 25, the 1st Slayers OVA series will be released as a collection-BOX DVD, all 3 OVA’s (90 min.) are included, retail is 6,00 Yen.

Finally on June 25, Blue Sub No. 6 “Blue Sixth Digital Plus”, a behind the scenes production on the Blue Sub OVA series and upcoming PSX title is out with a running time of 45 minutes and a retial of 3,800 Yen.

4-13-00—- YTV To Air Original Japanese Gundam Wing OP

An addendum to the earlier news of the Gundam Wing TV series’ upcoming broadcast on Canada’s YTV. Reportedly, the original Japanese opening sequnce featuring (OP) TWO-MIX’s “Just Communication” will air as in the original Japanese version, just prior to the start of the episode.

4-13-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai has a new Great Detective Conan adventure game for WonderSwan in development, Japanese release is set for July.

4-13-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Update

Excerpted from today’s post to the Animeigo Website:

RED ALERT – UY DVD Preorder will close at 8:00AM ET, Monday April 17th!

The UY DVD 1-5 set is being sent to replication this week. If you want to order the set and have not done so yet, please sign up now! If your order is late, we will try to fill it but there can be no guarantees. If