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May 26-30 Anime News

5-30-00—- Dark Angel French Manga Release

Generation Comics has recently published a French language version Kia Asamiya’s Dark Angel which has been released in Europe. The original black and white manga which ran in NewType magazine during the late 1980’s – ’90s hits Europe with this first volume containing the entire first Japanese volume of the manga (193 pages).


5-30-00—- Takada Akemi Art Auction

Love Beyond Borders-Online Charity Auction

This early April Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp. invited Akemi Takada, a well-known Japanese character designer, to Taipei for her first Taiwan original painting exhibition. In this 3-day exhibition, Takada demonstrated the painting techniques and interchanged her ideas with local audiences.
Apart from amazing everyone with her brilliant talents and techniques, she decided to auction her two demonstrated artworks- (Yu) (Magic Angel) & (Ayukawa Madoka) (from Kimagure Orange Road) for charity by donating the money to TZU CHI Foundation’s Project Hope, a reconstruction plan for September, 21st Earthquake survivors. All audiences, including Akada’s Japanese colleagues, were truly impressed by her action. “It is really unusual for Akemi Takada to have her artworks sold because she treasures her works so much and seldom give them away easily,” said one of her Japanese colleagues.
The last time Akemi Takada gave demonstration was ten years ago in Paris, that’s why these two works are extremely special and truly showed Takada’s love beyond borders. The activity reached its climax when Mr. Hsiu, an animation-store owner from Tai Chung, made the final bid of NT$280,000 on the first artwork, (Yu). The second one- (Ayukawa Madoka) is generally acknowledged as exceeding the previous one in terms of delicacy in character design and is now available for those who feel upset to miss the first chance.
The online charity auction will begin at 6/03, 3:00pm to 6/04, 3:00pm, on Coolbid ( ) with the bid starting from NT$150.000. Also, the times has joined this meaningful event and they will report all the details about this event on their website. We truly welcome more people to participate in this charity auction to dedicate themselves to the post-earthquake reconstruction work.

Event Information and Links:
Auction Time: 2000/06/03 15:00 ~ 2000/06/04 15:00
Online auction:
For those who can’t make it online, we offer a live auction at the following address. .
Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp.
12F, No57, Fu-Hsing N. Rd. 105, Taipei, Taiwan
For more info, pls contact Jerry at
Tel:02-27510999EXT51 Email:
Related website: Chinese Masterpiece Animation Corp.
Project Hope

5-30-00—- ADV September Titles

Excerpted from the official press release:



HOUSTON – ADV FILMS ( , North America’s top distributor of Japanese animation, is pleased to announce their latest set of hot new anime titles, all shipping in September, 2000. This includes the first spectacular volume of the eagerly awaited Science Fiction/Combat epic Gasaraki, the second volume of Lost Universe, part three of the very popular Sakura Diaries series, and the fourth installment of Spell Wars

Set in the near future, Gasaraki is a riveting science fiction epic that explores the future of warfare and corporate espionage as giant robots and their pilots face off in the arms race of the 21st century. The first stunning volume, Gasaraki: The Summoning, which contains four complete episodes, will street on September 26 in both English dubbed and subtitled editions. This date was moved from an originally released date of August 22.

Also hitting stores on September 26 is the third volume in the popular Sakura Diaries series and the fourth installment of Spell Wars. Largely billed as an animated version of Melrose Place, Sakura Diaries follows the exploits of three college students and their love triangle. Spell Wars, a fantasy title, plays like a scarier Scooby Doo, and has blossomed into a real franchise for ADV. Both the sexy comedy Sakura Diaries and the sci-fi fantasy Spell Wars pre-book on August 29. Spell Wars will be released in both subtitled and dubbed formats.

Following on the heels of the recently released first volume, Lost Universe volume 2 continues to amaze and delight sci-fi/fantasy fans with its no-holds-barred action and intricate plot. Fans of Slayers have really accepted this series as the next “must-have” title. Street date for both the dubbed and subtitled versions of Lost Universe 2 is September 12, and pre-book date is August 15.

All September titles carry a suggested retail price of $19.98 for the dubbed version and $29.95 for subtitles. Lost Universe 2 and Gasaraki each run approximately 100 minutes, and Sakura Diaries 3 and Spell Wars 4 each run 90 minutes.

Lost Universe 2 Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Flushed Into Space Category Code: VHSLU/002D Category Code: VHSLU/002S

UPC Code: 702727055331 UPC Code: 702727059438

PRE-BOOK : 8-15-00 STREET : 9-12-00

Gasaraki Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Volume 1 Category Code: VHSGK/001D Category Code: VHSGK/001S

UPC Code: 702727054334 UPC Code: 702727058332

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

Sakura Diaries 3 Dubbed Format only ($19.98 SRP)

Category Code: VHSSM/003D

UPC Code: 702727054839

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

Spell Wars 4 Dubbed Format ($19.98 SRP) Subtitled Format ($29.95 SRP)

Category Code: VHSSH/010D Category Code: VHSSH/010D

UPC Code: 702727029639 UPC Code: 702727034831

PRE-BOOK : 8-29-00 STREET : 9-26-00

5-30-00—- Right Stuf Release Info – August

Excerpted from the official press release:

Right Stuf International Release Information: August 2000

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Collection 2 “The Importance of Being 16” – “The Samurai’s Narrow Escape” Pre-book date: 8/9/00 – Street date: 8/29/00 Approximately 60 minutes, Digitally mastered VHS Hi-Fi Stereo

English Dubbed version: Catalog#: RS9212 UPC#: 7-42617-92123-0 ISBN: 1-57032-043-8 Suggested Rating: 13+ Genre: Science Fiction / Comedy SRP: $19.95

English Subtitled version: Catalog#: RS9222 UPC#: 7-42617-92223-7 ISBN: 1-57032-042-X Suggested Rating: 13+ Genre: Science Fiction / Comedy SRP: $19.95

Kimba, the White Lion [1966] Volume 9 “The Civilized Jungle” Pre-book date: 8/9/00 – Street date: 8/29/00 Approximately 100 minutes, Digitally mastered VHS Hi-Fi Mono

English Dubbed Catalog#: RS7009 UPC#: 1-42617-70093-4 ISBN: 1-57032-858-7 Suggested Rating: ALL AGES Genre: Adventure SRP: $14.95

Kimba, the White Lion [1966] Volume 10 “Disaster!” Pre-book date: 8/9/00

May 20-25 Anime News

5-25-00—- Viz News

Excerpted from the official press release:


July Issue of “Dragon Ball Z” will ship with 20″ x 30″ color poster

Viz Comics proudly announces that the July issue of “Dragon Ball Z” (Part 3, #6) will ship with a 20″ x 30″ folder color poster. This poster, featuring Vegeta, Goku, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan and other popular characters, is only available in this issue of the comic and is not for sale separately.

One of America’s bestselling manga, with circulation increasing every month, “Dragon Ball Z” is the original story by Akira Toriyama which as made into the anime now playing on the Cartoon Network. Join the adventures of Goku, Earth’s strongest hero, and his friends as they fight the good fight against aliens, time travelers, and other villains who want to control the world and the 7 wish-granting Dragon Balls. It’s a battle where martial arts power is stronger than guns or bombs… and where even the Gods are getting involved! “Dragon Ball Z” is the ultimate super-action/science fiction story, spwaning over 400 TV episodes, and #1 in Japan for over 10 years! Viz Comics is also printing “Dragon Ball,” a separate monthly comic showing the adventures of Son Goku as a child, from earlier in the “Dragon Ball Z” continuity.

“This is a great story, well-drawn, with incredibly paced action sequences that leap off the page to spellbind the reader. Fluid, violent and unexpectedly realistic, both the “Dragon Ball” books, “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z”, are top-notch buys,” says

5-25-00—- Pokemon Theme Singer Suing Nintendo

American Pokemon TV animation theme (“Gotta Catch ‘Em All”) singer, Jason Paige, is suing Nintendo of America and a number of other companies for not compensating him fairly for using his voice in numerous Pokemon advertisements. Paige’s lawyer, David Jaroslawicz is demanding $120 million U.S. in compensation for services rendered and damages.

5-25-00—- New Book On Japanese Pop Culture

A new book called Japan Pop: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture is due out in the U.S. by the end of May. Here is the information I received directly from the publisher:

Title: Japan Pop: Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture
Author: Craig, Timothy J around 350 pages with illustrations

Paperback: $22.50
ISBN: 0765605619
Tentative release: May 31, 2000

Hardcover: $64.95
ISBN: 0765605600
Tentative release: May 26, 2000

M.E. Sharpe

5-24-00—- Evangelion On Amazon Bestseller’s List

Submitted by Ditchdigger:

I thought you (and the fans) might be interested to note that on’s hourly-updated Top 100 DVD Sales chart, the first Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD is currently (5/23/2000 10:00PM EST) ranked #53! Meanwhile, the Sailor Moon S Movie is #61 (though the dubbed VHS is #5 [five] on the Top 100 VHS Sales chart!).

5-24-00—- X On Sputnik7

Starting this Friday, May 26th, will be webcasting Manga Entertainment’s X film over the Internet, until Sunday, May 28th.

5-24-00—- Current Anime Expo 2000 Guest Of Honor List

Excerpted from a posting By Mike Tatsugawa:

Ms. Rika Fukami has had a long career as a voice actor in Japan. Her first role was a relatively minor part (“Girl A”) in Tokimeki Tonight, but she has since then added some very impressive roles to her list of credits. American fans will know her best as Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon and as Myung from Macross Plus. Other roles include Angela in Kurogane Communication, Helen Jackson in V Gundam, and Akiko in Prefectural Earth Defense Force. Currently, Ms. Fukami is portraying one of the “Mystery Characters” in the new Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVAs. Ms. Fukami is appearing as a Guest of APPP.

Anime Expo is very proud to announce Mr. Keiji Gotoh as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Gotoh’s work is well-known to American anime fans, as he has served as the character designer on Those Who Hunt Elves (I and II), Bakuretsu Hunter (aka Sorcerer Hunters), Hyper Police, and of course the Martian Successor Nadesico television series and movie. He was also the character designer for the Double Cast PlayStation game. Mr. Gotoh has worked in the anime industry since the mid-1980’s and has become one of the most sought-after designers and illustrators in the industry. His most recent work is as character designer for the television series Gatekeepers. This is Mr. Gotoh’s first appearance at an American convention.

Anime Expo is proud to announce the return of Mr. Junichi Hayama. Best-known as the character designer for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Fist of the North Star, Mr. Hayama has also worked on Be-Bop High School and King of the Desert Gandalla. His most recent work is as character designer for the New Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure OVA series. Mr. Hayama is appearing as a guest of APPP/Super Techno Arts and is looking forward to returning to Anime Expo.

Anime Expo is pleased to announce Mr. Kunihiko Ikuhara as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Ikuhara has long been active in the anime industry. After years of working his way up the ladder, he was given the job as director of Sailor Moon. In 1996, he founded the creative collective BePapas. As a part of BePapas, Mr. Ikuhara created and directed the TV show Revolutionary Girl Utena and the 1999 Utena Movie, Revelation of Adolescence. His latest work includes the book co-authored with Mamoru Nagano, Schell Bullet.

Anime Expo is also pleased to announce the attendance of Mr. Hirotsuge Kawasaki as a Guest of Honor. Mr. Kawasaki began his career as an animator and has worked very closely with Katsuhiro Otomo. He worked as an animator on Akira, served character designers on Memories, and also directed the story “Stink Bomb.” His most recent work is as the director of Spriggan.

Anime Expo is pleased to announce Mr. Mahiro Maeda. A member of Gonzo Studios, Mr. Maeda is a director, designer, and illustrator. His most recent work was as director for the revolutionary series Blue Submarine No. 6. Working with an all-star creative team, he also helped to bring the state-of-the-art 3D mechanical designs to life for this series. Mr. Maeda has had a

Anime News Service – May 8-19 Anime News

5-19-00—- Blue Sub No. 6 To Air On Cartoon Network

Excerpted from the official press release:


Home video distributor Bandai Entertainment Inc., proudly announces the future broadcast debut of Blue Submarine No. 6 on Cartoon Network. Broadcast details, including airdate will be forthcoming.

================================ The oceans of Earth have risen, leaving most of the land underwater. Even worse, humanity is plagued with attacks by a race of sea mutants, dedicated to the eradication of mankind. Our last hope is the state of the art Blue Submarine No. 6 and her crew. Made up of the best personnel in the naval fleet, ace pilots Mayumi and Tetsu are in for the fight of their lives as the fate of all mankind hangs in the balance. ================================

BLUE SUBMARINE No. 6 combines traditional cel and cutting-edge 3D animation to provide a unique look never seen in an animated series before. Blue Submarine No. 6 is considered one Japan’s most technically advanced animated features today.

5-19-00—- Boy’s Be TV Seiyuu Data

Boys Be Kanzaki Kyouichi – Suzumura Kenichi
Kurumizawa Makoto – Ishida Akira
Kenjou Yoshihiko – Ishikawa Hideo
Nitta Chiharu – Murai Kazusa
Mizutani Aki – Shiratori Yuri
Kazama Yumi – Nagasawa Miki

5-18-00—- Final Slayers Novel

The Final Slayers novel titled The Demon Slayers was released in Japan May 15th. The first novel was first released in January 1990.

5-18-00—- Fanboy’s Sidekicks #1 Expands to 40 Pages

Excerpted from the official press release:

SIDEKICKS #1 Expands to 40 Pages, Variant Covers Announced

Fanboy Entertainment is pleased to announce that due to the enormous demand for the eight page Sidekicks Preview Edition and the unexpected positive hype the book has generated, they will be increasing the page count of the Sidekicks #1 from 32 pages to 40 pages! The cover price will not change and remain at $2.75 as solicited.

“J. and Takeshi have a story to tell, and what a fabulous story it is.”, comments Fanboy Entertainment’s publisher, C.B. Cebulski. “The first issue was supposed to be 32 pages, but Takeshi ran a little wild and the book clocked in at 35 pages. What we originally planned, as was announced in an earlier press release, was that the eight pages originally seen in the Preview Edition were going to be removed and J. and Takeshi were going to rework the story with new art to make it shorter. But after the three of us got together in Chicago at Anime Central last weekend, plans changed. The previews were snatched up and the fan reaction was overwhelming. After reviewing all the original art for Sidekicks #1 and trying to formulate a plan, we all agreed that book should be left as is, unchanged.”

Fans will now be able to enjoy the full Sidekicks experience as it was originally meant to be read. “I’d been pondering the expansion idea for a while, ever since J. first informed me of the page crunch. I saw CrossGen came out and did the same thing recently. I’ve heard their actions received a really positive response from the fans and retailers, so we felt that there was no harm in our trying something similar.”, Cebulski explained. “Eight more pages of story for the same price. Who’s going to complain about that?”

In addition, it appears that not all of the buzz Sidekicks has been generating has been restricted to the fan community. Several prominent comic creators have also taken an interest in the series and in the manga stylings of newcomer Takeshi Miyazawa. Cebulski explains, “After I sent out the Sidekicks Preview Editions to the press, industry and a few friends, the calls started coming in. J.’s story grabbed people and Takeshi’s art started making waves. Now, thanks to the kind offers of several artists, Sidekicks will sport a few very high class variant covers. Manga master Kia Asamiya will be providing the alternate cover to the first issue. Ed McGuiness, Superman’s superstar penciler, will be covering Sidekicks #2. Then, on the third issue of Sidekicks, Tellos’ talent Mike Wieringo and Kaboom’s kickin’ Keron Grant provide the alternate covers. Never did we expect that kind of line up on a start-up series by a start-up publisher!” The variant covers for Sidekicks #1 and 2 will!

ship in 50/50 ratios, with the main cover drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa. Issue #3 will see the covers shipped equally between the three artists.

Cebulski also notes that the Sidekicks lettering has been changed. “Takeshi handlettered the eight page Sidekicks Preview Edition himself. Personally, I loved it. It was fun and original. However, reaction to it for the most part has been negative. It’s about the only complaint we received about the book. Most people said they thought it was hard to read. But I guess that’s a bonus benefit of having done the preview book. We’ve now gone back in and relettered the whole book to make it clearer and more legible. I guess it’s better we found out sooner than later. People are going to be blown away!”

Sidekicks #1 goes on sale in June for $2.75.

5-17-00—- J-Pop / Seiyuu / Anime Music News

The Sakura Taisen Gouka Kenran OVA single, Furui Piano is now set for release June 14th, listing at 1,260 Yen. Featured on the track are seiyuu, Takano Urara, Nishihara Kumiko, and Ikura Kazue, and image tracks, Furui Piano Kagayaki.

Komori Manami’s new single, Poppuna Yuuki, featuring the main theme to the upcoming Ojamajo Doremi # (sharp) anime motion picture.

Yonekura Chihiro’s new single, Return to Myself, will include the new opening theme song to the Monkore Knight anime TV series. The B-Side track, Tohkue will become the ending theme to the Monkore Knight movie set for releasde later in the summer in japan. Release for the single is set for July 26th, with a retail price of 1,020 Yen.

5-17-00—- Bandai Entertainment Announcements

Releases from Bandai Entertainment on the horizon – Excerpted from an E-mail by Jerry Chu:

Tenamonya Voyagers – Bilingual DVD (FIRST [Exclusive] DVD [Release] – THERE WILL BE NO VHS – DUB or SUB)

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