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Anime News Service – September 20 – 26 Anime News

9-26-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Following up on today’s new info on the Blood Project, Sony has announced Blood The Last Vampire for PS2 will be released in Japan on December 21, retailing at 6800 Yen. The main character is a 17 year old boy, who has the blood of the Shadow Ninja in his body. A vampire has awakened and began feeding on him.

Hudson’s PSX title Bomberman Land is out in Japan in December. This game features several mini games in addition to the traditional game and is being designed to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bomberman.

9-26-00—- AnimeVillage Newsletter

Anime Village has sent out it’s latest newsletter for September with various updates from Bandai Entertainment, you ca read it here.

9-26-00—- Fanboy Entertainment News

Who is the character featured on the splash screen of Fanboy Entertainment’s homepage?

The “babe” in question is Katsumi from Silent Mobius. She appears in that balck leather costume in the prequel to Silent Mobius called Mobius Klein. An upcoming press release will announce it officially but Mobius Klein kicks off the new line of Fanboy manga titles starting January 2001! Expanding,

Artists Wanted:

Excerpted from the Fanboy Entertainment forum post:

Artists Wanted – Help Fanboy!
Mon Sep 25 20:37:09 2000

Hello, all.

No, that headline is not a joke. Yes, Fanboy is looking for artists. We need your help with a few upcoming projects. The guidelines are rather specific though so before you pack up a submission and send it off to us, be sure you can meet the criteria we are looking for.

We need one female penciler with a shojo manga influenced style. We also need two inkers who will ink over already penciled comic pages. No previous professional experience neccessary. You need not have been published. We are looking for hardworking new talent committed to giving their all to bring a few exciting comic projects to fruition which Fanboy will be publishing in 2001! Sound good? Ready to work?

As far as submissions are concerned, we want to see what you’ve got. All artwork has to be SNAIL MAILED to us. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT INTERNET SUBMISSIONS VIA E-MAIL! ANY WE GET WILL SIMPLY BE DELETED AND NOT EVEN CONSIDERED!

Pencilers: We need to see 6 to 8 pages of sequential art. They must clearly demonstrate your layout and storytelling ability. We are looking for a subtle yet kinetic style. We do not want just sketches or pin-ups, although you may feel free to include them. We need fully penciled pages that show you understand pacing and panel-to-panel transition. The pages must tell a complete story. Including the script you work from would also be helpful so we can see how you translate the written page into the visual medium. Please send only photocopies. NO ORIGINALS. We will not return any artwork as it will go on file.

Inkers: Please feel free to send us whatever you like that you feel best demonstrates your skill in capturing the line work of the original penciler. We will need copies of the original penciled work in addition to your inks of the same pages. We would like to see actual inked comic pages as well as covers and pin-up art. Please send only photocopies. NO ORIGINALS. We will not return any artwork as it will go on file.

Be sure to include your name, address, phone number, best time to call and e-mail addresss with your submissions. If you have a webpage with addtional art we can check out, be sure to include that address as well. Also, please write your name and e-mail address on each page you send as they tend to get separted sometimes.

Please send all samples by United States Postal Service. However, you need not use Priority Mail or Express Mail. PLEASE do not send us any samples by UPS, FedEx, Airborne or other express carrier. Just because we get your work earlier does not mean we look at it any faster or give it any kind of preferential treatment.

Also, if we think you have the skills we are looking for, we will contact you. Please do not send constant follow-up e-mails asking if we’ve seen your work. We’ll call you.

We are sorry but we are not looking at any writing samples or story submissions at this time.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions at Also, please feel free to spread the word if you know anyone who you think could fit the bill.

Thanks for your cooperation. I really look forward to seeing what you’ve got.

Read manga,
C.B. Cebulski
Fanboy Entertainment

9-26-00—- AOL And NTT DoCoMo Tieup

Japan-based telecommunications giant, NTT DoCoMo, is reportedly teaming with the world’s largest internet service provider AOL (America Online) to integrate services in Japan. Under the agreement, NTT DoCoMo will take a stake of more than 40% in AOL Japan, making it the largest shareholder of AOL’s Japanese unit. Through AOL Japan, DoCoMo will gain a foothold in the fixed line Internet access market, but it is already Japan’s biggest Internet service provider with 12 million users logged on through its popular “i-mode” service, which allows users to browse the Web on business-card sized screens on cell phones. Next year, it will become the first company to introduce wireless high bandwidth service, which will be capable of delivering video and CD-quality sound to mobile phones. Some Analysts are predict the similar services could be launched to the American and European markets. For the entire Reuters article regarding this click here.

9-26-00—- Blood Project Details Revealed

News of Production I.G.’s Anime feature film Blood: The Last Vampire has been in circulation for sometime now, after a recent special U.S. screening in L.A. and at various film festivals around the world, it will be released in Japanese theaters in November. Less known is that the Blood film is actually part of a 3 tiered multimedia wide release known as “BLOOD PROJECT”.

Today in Tokyo new details on the Blood Project were revealed. In production since 1996, the project includes the film release as well as

Anime News Service – September 11-19 Anime News

9-19-00—- Viz Press Release Roundup

Viz has sent out it’s montly release update for January 2001.

9-19-00—- Anime Screenings In The L.A. Area

– The UCLA Film and Television Archive’s Anime A-GO-GO wil take place October 26th-November 4th at the James Bridges Theater on the UCLA Westwood campus. Tickets will be available at the theater one hour before showtime. General admission is $6, tickets for students and $4 for seniors.


Thursday, October 26
7:30 p.m.

In Japanese with English subtitles.

UTENA: THE MOVIE Los Angeles Premiere
In Japanese with English subtitles.

Tuesday, October 31
7:30 p.m.

In English and Japanese with English subtitles.

VAMPIRE HUNTER D U.S. Premiere / Work-in-Progress

Saturday, November 4
7:30 p.m.

ANGEL LINKS North American Premiere
In Japanese with English subtitles.

TENAMONYA VOYAGERS Los Angeles Premiere Episode I
In Japanese with English subtitles.

In Japanese with English subtitles.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE 08TH MS TEAM North American Premiere
Episodes I-III
In Japanese with English subtitles.

For more information: phone (310) 206-8013 or visit the archive’s website here.

– The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood will be holding a special series of anime screenings October 22nd. Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli’s LAPUTA: The Castle In The Sky will show at 1 PM followed by a 4 PM showing of SPRIGGAN directed by Hirotsugu Kawasaki. Both films are screened in Japanese with English subtitles. Advanced tickets can be obtained by calling: (323) 520-2000. For more info you can visit:

9-19-00—- Digimon: Season 1 DVD Release

Fox has announced a 12/5 release date for it’s Digimon: Season 1 DVD. The disc is English dub only, with a retail price of 24.95.

9-19-00—- Speed Racer Film Details

According to Variety, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler-Donner and Warner Bros. have tapped writer-director Hype Williams to assist in bringing a film adaptation of Speed Racer to the big screen.

9-19-00—- Disney Sells Dic

Walt Disney Co. has announced it has signed an agreement to sell DIC Entertainment, one of the companies behind the American release of Sailor Moon.

9-19-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Bandai announces it will release Mobile Suit Gundam to the WonderSwan Color handheld system in Japan this January, at a retail price of 4500 Yen. The game is a battle sim taking place over a the story of the original Gundam series.

9-19-00—- Abe And Asamiya First Announced Acen 2001 Japanese Guests

Anime Central, the Midwest’s largest anime convention, announced its first 2001 Japanese guests today: Kia Asamiya, creator of Silent Mobius, Nadeisco and Dark Angel, and Yoshitoshi Abe, character designer of Serial Experiment LAIN and creator of Niea_7.

Anime Central 2001 will be held May 11 – 13, 2001 at the Sheraton Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, IL, just outside Chicago.

Source: Fanboy Entertainment

9-19-00—- Gundam Encyclopedia Development – New Website Launch

A new Mobile Suit Gundam encyclopedia to be released by Kodansha in Japan is currently under development with an as yet undetermined release date. An official website linked to the project launches on September 18th (the same day Ray Amaro defeats his first two opponents piloting Zaku Mobile Suits in the original series), the Japanese language-only site can be accessed at

9-19-00—- Nelvana Acquired by Corus Entertainment

Monday, Media-oriented Corus Entertainment announced it has bought the American producer of the Card Captor TV series, Nelvana Entertainment for $540 million. The deal is expected to close in November.

9-19-00—- Iczer 1 DVD Release In Japan

The Iczer 1 OVA series is headed for a Japanese DVD release from Pioneer in November. “Fight!! Iczer 1 The Complete Collection” has a release date of Nov. 24th at the retail price of 7800 Yen. The set will be reservation (Oct. 11th deadline) only and include a 539 page book “Story Board Iczer 1 Special Compilation” , “Making of Iczer 1 “Day Dream” “, and 12 page decoding book. The OVA episodes for this DVD release come via a new telecine master. Video contents include the special compilation edition (94 minutes), ACT 1 (25 minutes), ACT 2 (29 minutes), and ACT. 3 (40 minutes).

9-19-00—- Leiji Matsumoto Hooks Up With Stan Lee Media On Project

Stan Lee Media Inc. has announced it will begin development on a web multimedia project by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry titled Starship. Space Battleship Yamato creator Leiji Matsumoto will supervise the artistic direction and environments and spacecraft design. Starship will also be developed as an animated feature film.

9-18-00—- Tylor DVD’s Official

The Right Stuf’s upcoming Irresponsible Captain Tylor DVD’s are now technically a reality, having passed 750 preorders in the last few days. The website mentions:
Tylor DVD sales top the 750 mark! Will this mean more Tylor DVD’s in the future? Stay tuned for details!

9-18-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

As previously reported, Sony Computer Entertainment recently demonstrated a prototype graphics processing station with breathtaking performance named the GScube. The unit features 16 emotion engine processors with a clockspeed of 249 Mhz. running side by side, rendering 1.2 gigapolygons per second, 2 GB of RAM, and a memory bus bandwidth of 50.3 gigabytes per second. The GScube represents 16 times the performance of Playstation 2 game console, which will be released in the U.S. in October. This week, Sony revealed that a more powerful GScube model will be introduced in 2001 with quadruple the performance of the protoype unit.

9-18-00—- New Website To Offer Online Manga In Multiple Languages

A Japan-based website / service named Franken, operated by Indivisio inc. is tieing up with six major publishers in Japan to offer manga downloadable via the internet. In June of this year the site entered a partnership with ZipAsia.Com Inc. which operates comic-related sites in Taiwan, Korea, China, Hong Kong and the United States to translate the site contents into multiple languages.

9-18-00—- Big Winning Bid For Idol’s Autographed Photo Book At Auction

An autographed book featuring photos of Japanese idol Ryoko Hirosue recently sold for 206,000 Yen at an internet auction site. The book originally retailed for 1500 Yen.

9-17-00—- Access Japan In Canada

From the info release:

Access Japan will

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Anime News Service-Review: Outlaw Star DVD Collection 1

Gene Starwind and crew are headed to DVD en masse with the pending release of Bandai Entertainment’s Outlaw Star DVD Collection 1.

Longtime fans or those who may be looking to pick up many epsiodes of a series with all the works are in for treat. This 1st set packs 9 episodes (5 on disc 1 – 4+ extras on disc 2) on 2 discs with Japanese and English dubbed audio tracks, and English subtitles, liner notes include “The Technology Of Outlaw Star”, the supplement in this first volume focuses on Gene’s Caster Gun. The disc design is rather creative with the red and black yin yang and a stencilized Gene holding his gun out – the barrel envelopes the center of the dvd.

The DVD menu system is well done, with nice integration of elements. The main menu features a shiny metalic Outlaw Star logo with scenes from the series “glinting” like a reflection of light, very cool. The episode sub menu disolves the main logo menu and the animated background opens up to take on the theme of Melfina’s liquid stasis tank. Episode selections appear in “bubbles” and selecting an episode reveals more bubbles. Extras include: trailers (that appeared on the Wanted 2000 DVD) for Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Jubei-chan, and Blue Sub. No 6; a character cel / discription gallery, very nice for fans, descriptions of each character are in Japanese; finally a music video style “no-credit opening” of the Outlaw Star OP sequence.

Outlaw Star is based on the original character and story created by Takehito Ito, serialized in Shueisha Ultra Jump. Sunrise adpted the story to this Anime TV series which ran in Japan in 1998. Character designs, speceship / mechanical designs and animation is very high quality for a TV series. The Production I.G. affiliated Xebec studios, responsible for bringing Kia Asamiya’s Nadesico to animation co-produced Outlaw Star. Music is also exceptional, the ending sequence featuring absolutely gorgeous artwork and the song “Tsuki no Ie” by Akino Arai is quite memorable.

The story of the TV series centers on Gene Starwind and his younger partner Jim Hawking’s adventures. Gene is a Jack Of All Trades mercenary adventurer a la Bolt Crank of Eat Man. But where Eat Man’s story is very ironic, drycut, and painted in darker tones (especially in the highly recomended first series), Outlaw Star is more settled and humerous with fast paced action sequences. Gene and Jim have setup a trouble contracting shop on a planet full of Outlaws, they get a call from a shady lady with a request for a bodyguard and some expensive hardware. The two take the job and Gene soon finds out there is more than meets the eye with this job when he is attacked by a band of ninjas and magic wielding taoists. A mysterious girl in a stasis trunk named Melfina is revived and Gene and Jim take off with a pirate girl to space with more sinister interested parties in tow than they even realize.

The Outlaw Star DVD Collection is some serious bang for your buck, with a good chunk of a TV series with 9 episodes, features, neat extras, and an awesome story and characters. Wanna see what this series is really all about in advance of a possible cable TV broadcast? The set is scheduled to hit retailers across the U.S. in October, it has a parental rating of 13UP and a retail pricetag of $44.98.