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Anime News Service – October 21 – 30 Anime News

10-30-00—- Spanish Card Captor Sakura Voice Actors

The Card Captor Sakura TV series, to air from Nov. 1 on Cartoon Network Latin America will feature the following Spanish Voice Actors:

Sakura : Cristina Hernandez
Shoran : Uraz Huerta
Tomoyo : Monica Villase
Fuyitaka : Enrique mederos Kerberos (Kero) : Yamil Atala
Yukito : Enzo Fortuni
Touya : Luis Daniel Ramírez

Source: Anihabara

10-30-00—- More Manga Bits

A few more information bits on upcoming Manga Entertainment releases today from reader, Dan:

Will Giant Robo have any of the extras of the region 2 Giant Robo? Will the X dvd have the X music video? And how many episodes will be on each Streetfighter 2V dvd?

Manga: “1) We’re working on it. 2)I don’t think so 3) 29 episodes on 4 DVDs divides into seven episodes on the first 3, and eight on the last disc.

10-30-00—- Amamo’s World Web Updates

Excerpted from the Amano’s World Website Announcement List (


It’s been quite a while since you’ve heard from us here on the Amanosworld list. We’ve been working very hard to update the website and put up lots of new art for you to enjoy. There will now be regular updates so check back often. Many of the updates will be art that is exclusive to the site. You won’t see it anywhere else! Make sure to check out the “Weekly Amano” section to see new and unpublished art. We will be keeping a back log of a few weeks of updates, but after that, we will be removing them. Be sure to check out the art while it is up! This week will feature a special Halloween greeting and art series from Amano. We’re also working to add some exciting new items to the store and a new forum will be open soon for discussing artwork and the projects on which Amano has worked. There are many exciting new things happening here at Amanosworld and we look forward to sharing them with you.

Amanosworld Staff

10-30-00—- Anime Article

The Honolulu Star Bulletin has posted this article on the growing popularity of Anime / Manga.

10-30-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Five Star Stories Creator Mamoru Nagano designed the 3P Anna character in Tekken Tag Tournament released in the U.S. last week for Sony’s Playstation 2 console.

A stuffed animal version of Sony’s popular Pocket Station character Toro is being released in Japan and marketed under the product name Pose Taro by SCE.

Initial broadband experiments have recently taken place in Osaka, Japan, where Sony is interconnecting a Play Station 2 console via cable modem to the internet. The empty Expansion Bay (PCMCIA slot) on currently released PS2 units will house the hard disk drive / modem when they are marketed in Japan and the U.S. in 2001.

Sega announced this week it will grant licenses on the architecture of it’s Dreamcast console. This opens the door for other companies to develop 3rd party products (Televisions, PC’s car navigation units, and advanced cell phones) capable of acessing Dreamcast software.

10-30-00—- Matrix DVD Listed Under “Hollywood Price” In Japan

As previously reported, Warner Home Video rolled out a new DVD pricing structure in Japan in September called “Hollywood Price”. Titles marked under “Hollywood Price” (61 to date) carry a MSRP very close (2000 – 2500 Yen) to the American retail of the same DVD.

The Anime-inspired techno thriller The Matrix Iron Giant Special Edition, and Deep Blue Sea Special Edition are among the newest DVD’s. The American film Romeo Must Die featuring HK star Jet Li will also carry “Hollywood Price” pricing, marked at 2500 Yen when it’s released on DVD in Japan on Nov. 23rd.

10-30-00—- ROBODEX 2000

The 3-day Japanese robotics expo “ROBODEX 2000” will kick off in Yokohama Nov. 24th. Several robot manufacturers will exhibit their creations. Sony’s robotic pet AIBO and Honda’s Humanoid robot P3 will be among some of the robots on display.

10-30-00—- Anime Screening In Toronto

Excerpted from the info release:

This is the Anime Club east of Bloor and Bathurst!

—————————————————– Don’t miss our next meo show on November the 4th!

1:00 Jubei-Chan The Ninja Girl TV 5, 6 (AP. 50 min meo) 1:50 City Hunter TV 1, 2 (AP. Mokkori 50 min) 2:40 Furi Kuri OVA 1, 2 (AP. 60 min meo!) 3:40 Kochira Kameari Kouenmae Hashutsujo The Movie (AP. 100 min) Canadian Premiere! ^^ meo5:20 Berserk TV 20, 21 (AP. 50 min) —————————————————–

A big welcome goes out to all of AnimeXtreme’s Newest suckers, I mean, members! Be sure to pick up your membership cards at the next show.

Highlights include the original City Hunter TV series starting at AnimeXtreme, By order of Akira Kamiya the GOD of all voice actors, and voice of our beloved pervert/hero “Ryo Saeba”, he has ordered Silver to start showing all City Hunter episodes if Silver wants him as a guest at CNAnime’01 ^^ mokkori..mokkori??

Furi Kuri is also beginning at Axe. It is uh, GAINAX! Hello?!? For our members that don’t know, Gainax are them brains that worked on some show called “Evangelion”. This one’s a no brainer, you must come and see it. It’s a robot anime, but not a robot anime. What is it? There’s a huge iron in the middle of the city. A robot comes out of a kid’s head and insanity begins… need I say more? Actually, it’s Gainax trying to reinvent the “robot anime” genre/stereotype and taking HARSH shots at Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam creator) while there at it! Woohoo! Good for them. Take that for abandoning the newtype concept you punk. Vol. 2 will be the REGION 2 DVD BABY! with english subs for those that wanna check it out.

meo Then there’s the movie with the insanely long title, the movie is even more insane than the title! The title means “This is the Police Box in front of Kameari Park”! Based on the popular manga which is OVER a 100 books (and u think dragonball and ranma is long?) and known as the longest running cartoon serial in Japan. Come find out why Ryotsu is “the man!”, well..sort of… He’s a self

Anime News Service – October 17 – 20 Anime News

10-20-00—- Dragonball Z At The Top Of The Heap Of Animated Programs On U.S. Cable

Anime Nation is reporting that according to an e-mail press release put out by Funimation, Broadcasting and Cable Magazine shows that Dragon Ball Z has made four out of the 20 listed top cable shows for the week of September 25th through October 1st. Out of the four that made the list, 2 of the time slots were in the top 10.

Dragonball Z is the only show from the Cartoon Network to make the list of top 20 cable shows. The only other animated series on the list were Rugrats and Spongebob, both from Nickelodeon. Dragon Ball Z tied with Rugrats for number 7 on the list of all cable shows. All the shows above Dragon Ball Z and Rugrats were non-animated shows, meaning that Dragon Ball Z tied for the top animated series on cable for the week of September 25th through October 1st.

10-20-00—- ADV Films Slayers Book Of Spells Press Release

Excerpted from the media releases by ADV Films:

ADV Films Announces Release Of Slayers: Book of Spells DVD

HOUSTON – ADV Films is proud to announce the DVD release of Slayers: Book of Spells.

In the annals of fantasy there is no mage as feared, no sorcerer as powerful as the fiery redhead Lina Inverse. And when the exceptionally well-endowed Naga the Serpent accompanies her, the forces of evil will find there’s nowhere to hide.

Now, for the first time, their original three adventures will be available on DVD! Join Lina and Naga as they thwart a plan to create the ultimate chimera, with Lina as one of the heads! Struggle with them as they attempt to turn the effeminate son of a noble family into a man deserving of appointment to the Royal Guard. And double the trouble, and the fun, when our intrepid heroines take on a rouge magic user with a mirror that his enemies in reverse.

Slayers: Book of Spells will contain the three OVAs previously released on VHS: The Scary Chimera Plan, Jeffery’s Knighthood, and Mirror, Mirror. This DVD will have the original Japanese version with English subtitles and the English-dubbed version of the OVAs. DVD extras also include the original trailers and a “Production Portfolio” for the Slayers titles.

The Slayers: Book of Spells DVD will be released this November and will carry the suggested retail price of $29.98.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 and Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV Films will soon be releasing top-quality, computer-animated titles such as ReBoot® and Shadowraiders(tm), and Weird-Ohs(tm). ADV Films also distributes American and Japanese live-action programming for theatrical and television broadcast release. Check out ADV Films on the web at

Slayers: Book of Spells DVD
Running Time: 75 minutes Rating: 12+

Pre-Book Date: 10/31/00
Street Date: 11/21/00

Product Invoice Name Format SRP UPC# CAT#
Slayers: BoS DVD DVD(Bilingual) $29.98 702727006029

10-20-00—- ADV Films BGC 2040 Vol. 12 Press Release

Excerpted from the media releases by ADV Films:


HOUSTON – ADV Films is proud to announce the release of Deathstrike!, the final video in the Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 series.

In a desperate race against time, the three remaining Knight Sabers stage a desperate final attack on Galatea’s orbiting citadel. With a limited supply of power and oxygen, they must battle their way through a horrifying gauntlet of living machines before Galatea can activate the Umbrella and spread the voomer plague across the entire planet.

It has been a great ride, but all good things must end, and in February 2001, ADV Films will release this last volume of the widely popular anime series Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Deathstrike will be released on digitally mastered VHS Hi-Fi, in two versions: English-dubbed and Japanese with English subtitles. The tape will contain the concluding 2 episodes of the series.

Don’t miss out on the previous Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 volume, 1 through 11, also available through the ADV Films catalog.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster Rancher and Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV also distributes American and Japanese live-action programming for theatrical and broadcast release. ADV Films can be found on the web at

Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 Volume 12: Deathstrike!
Running Time: 60 minutes Rating: 15yrs.+
Street Date: 2/13/01

Format SRP
VHS(English-Dubbed) $19.98
VHS(English-Subtitles) $29.95

10-20-00—- ADV Films Lost Universe Press Release

Excerpted from the media releases by ADV Films:


HOUSTON – ADV Films is proud to announce the latest addition to the stellar Lost Universe home video collection.

There was always something a little strange about Rail Claymore, Kain’s contact in the Universal Guardians. But who knew that he was a spy feeding information to the dark forces? Now that this former friend is on the lam Kain, Millie, and Canal are up the Psionic River without a phase drive. Four arch-enemies are breathing down their necks, Kain’s having a meltdown, and the whole Swordbreaker crew is wanted for treason. Things only get worse when three evil star cruisers show up with one goal in mind: to reduce Swordbreaker to space dust.

Can our heroes survive a long night of laser blasts, psychotic ships, and light whips? ADV Films won’t let you down. Don’t miss out in February 2001, when ADV releases the 5th video in this spectacular series, on VHS in English dubbed and English subtitled versions. The Lost Universe Volume 5 DVD will be on the shelves in March, and will contain the English dubbed version, along with the original Japanese version, with English subtitles.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo

Anime News Service – October 5 – 10 Anime News

10-10-00—- New Late Night TV Series Coming From APPP – Sci-Fi Harry

Begining this past weekend a new late night TV anime has began in Japan titled Sci-Fi Harry. Directed by Katsuyuki Kodera with and produced by A.P.P.P (the studio behind the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures Anime), the series revolves around a school boy’s life. Media Factory is handling video distribution on Harry, both DVD (3,800 Yen) and VHS (4,500 Yen) begin release in Japan on December 22nd.

10-10-00—- Megazone 23 DVD Box Details

The upcoming Megazone 23 DVD-BOX has a scheduled release date in Japan of December 16th, at a retail price of 19,000 Yen. It includes the 81 minute 1985 work, the 82 minute 1986 work, the 1989 60 minute work and another work ‘Day of MEGAZONE 23 III dissolution’ (60 minutes). Box illustration is by Haruhiko Mikimoto, extras include a lavish 64 page info manual with series info and interviews with staff. Also included is a 12 cm CD featuring “sentimental” performed by Kumi Miyasato.

10-10-00—- New Locke The Superman OAV

A new Locke The Superman OAV is in production in Japan, titled “Mirroring” it will be released to DVD in Japan on Dec. 22nd at the retail price of 7,800 Yen. The OAV is being produced by Pioneer LDC.

10-10-00—- Ghibli Works Lecture In Japan

A producer on many Studio Ghibli works, Toshio Suzuki, hosted a lecture in Mitaka city this past weekend where the English dubbed version of The Princess Mononoke with Japanese subtitles screened.

10-10-00—- Namco Founder Funding Film School

A founder of the Japanese videogame company Namco is funding a film school in Japan, Asahi is running an article on the details that can be read here.

10-10-00—- Manga Online From Comics One

Comics One has added several online volumes of manga including the the historical fiction comic Joan by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu (creator of Venus Wars and Rebel Sword), a light-hearted shojo romance – Memi Hoshino’s Dream Hotel, the action fantasy genre Kazan by Gaku Miyao, and the cyberpunk title Maico 2010 by Toshimitsu Shimizu.

10-9-00—- Berserk In Licensing Limbo

Excerpted from the Urban Vision Website:

“Well, we are currently unable to complete licensing negotiations at this time. We are not at liberty to say what our release schedule and format will be, since we are waiting for confirmation on the contract before we can plan anything.”

10-9-00—- Ah! My Goddess Movie Seiyuu Cast

As listed in Animage Nov. issue – Ah! My Goddess The Movie Preview Book – Collector’s Edition:

Belldandy: Inoue Kikuko
Morisato Keiichi: Kikuchi Masami
Urd: Touma Yumi
Skuld: Hisakawa Aya
Morgan Ru Fe: Kawasumi Ayako
Celestine: Yanaka Hiroshi
Peorth: Sakuma Rei
Ere: Kasahara Rumi
Ekusu: Yajima Akiko
Kurono: Horie Yui
Fujimi Chihiro: Imai Yuka
Morisato Megumi: Fuchizaki Yuriko
Hasegawa Sora: Ootani Ikue
Tamiya: Yanada Kiyoyuki
Ootaki: Futamata Issei

10-9-00—- aMedia Awards Mononoke

At the aMedia first annual “Ammy Awards” dedicated to acknowledging Asian and Asian American achievements in film and television in Los Angeles on Saturday, Studio Ghibli’s film The Princess Mononoke directed by Hayao Miyazaki walked away with the best Anime Award.

10-9-00—- Anime Creator Websites

Evangelion director Hideaki Anno and Ghost In The Shell Director Mamoru Oshii both have homepages on the WWW. Anno’s can be seen at: and Oshii’s can be seen at:

10-9-00—- Animeigo News From AWA 6

Excerpted from a post to an Animeigo mailing list:

Macross DVD delayed until Summer 2001

At Anime Weekend Atlanta we gave the first sneak preview of episode 1 of Macross, and also announced that we are pushing back the release of Macross to the summer. This was not an easy decision to make, but we think it is the right one. Here is our reasoning:

* We obviously want the Macross set to be perfect. We could rush Macross out for Xmas but doing so would run an unnacceptable risk of a player compatibility problem slipping through the cracks.

* Our experience with UY DVD has been eye-opening. Proper DVD authoring is much more complex than video mastering, and a nightmare with respect to player compatibility. We want to nail down all these issue before we release Macross. A major difficulty for us is that Anime fans tend to have one of two types of DVD players, either the inexpensive ones or the very early models, and these are the ones that have the most player-specific issues.

* The UY DVD problems and the re-authoring of BGC DVD have consumed a huge amount of Shin’s time, and have impacted our ability to progress on Macross. Even so, large amounts of the “minion” preproduction work, in particular the timing, have been locked down.

* As UY DVD and BGC dragged on, we realized that Shin was on the critical path for too many aspects of production, and we are going to be hiring an assistant producer to take on some of these functions and permit him to concentrate on DVD production issues.

* While Shin’s been battling with DVD player issues, his minions have not been idle. They have gone ahead and done the pre-authoring conversion work on a large number of titles, including the next UY TV DVD set, as well as the movies and OVAs. We are accelerating the production of the next UY TV DVD set to act as a test-bed for all the fixes we’ve uncovered on the first one. It will probably ship in January though we may be able to get it done in time for Xmas. We will reopen the signup on this next week.

* We have other products that are either in authoring or about to go into authoring, and are expanding the number of authoring houses we deal with. These projects include Spirit of Wonder, Lone Wolf and Cub, Oh My Goddess and Vampire Miyu. But we have to be careful because extra projects suck away even more time from Shin’s ability to work on Macross.

* Apart from discs that work in as many players as possible, a major benefit from the delay will be the ability to add some extras to Macross. Don’t ask what,

Anime News Service – September 27 – October 4 Anime News

10-4-00—- Premiere Screening Date For Mamoru Oshii’s Latest Film Avalon Set

This year’s Tokyo International Film Festival is the stage for the world premiere screening of Avalon, a new non-anime, live action – CG science fiction film project directed and supervised by Mamoru Oshii (Director – Ghost In The Shell). Avalon will screen at the festival in Shibuya on November 4th. A related interview program airs on Fuji Television October 5th.

Digital audio and video effects are widely featured in this movie, a Dolby Digital 6.1ch surround sound EX soundtrack has been produced for the film. The primary music composer of the Patlabor Movie is producing music for Avalon with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra performing.

Avalon is scheduled to go to a wide release in Japan at the turn of the new year.

10-4-00—- Pioneer Distribution Status

Regarding recent web reports that Pioneer Entertainment’s distribution operations my be on a temporary hold in the coming weeks, we recieved the following comments from Pioneer’s Chad Kime:

Our warehouse will be definitely closed until the 6th, but we hope to open in early in the following week. However, due to the uncertainties of new accounting systems we are playing it safe with our customers.

There should be little impact for consumers. We adjusted our production schedule to ship some titles early to avoid the closure and our manufacturing is not located at our warehouse so that continues on schedule. There will always be some exceptions and any rush orders placed this week will be problematic to fill, however, we don’t anticipate any significant effect.

10-4-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

SonyWeb has uploaded some new video files in Quicktime format from Square’s Millennium Event showing the upcoming Final Fantasy X here, and Final Fantasy XI here, for PlayStation 2; and Final Fantasy The Movie here and here.

Higher Voltage is reporting that it has been officially announced by SNK/Aruze that they have completed the development of a new board. The MVS2 Board (Em-Vee-Ess-Too). It is said to have enormous power and it will supposedly be able to generate graphics that can rival that of Capcom’s CPS3. In addition to this, SNK/Aruze has officially announced that the following games are in development:
The King of Fighters 2001
Last Blade 3
Samurai Spirits 5
Garou 2
Metal Slug 4

10-3-00—- DVD Bits

-According to info obtained by a reader of Anime On DVD, Manga’s upcoming Wings of Honneamise DVD release has a tentative release of 11/28/2000 and it is confirmed to be anamorphic widescreen.

– In response to someposts to the Anime On DVD forum regarding finger puppets being included in the third volume of Tenchi Universe, Taku Otsuka of Pioneer has posted the following information to the site:

We have received some emails from consumers about not receiving finger puppets with their Tenchi Universe 3 DVD. I believe there was been people on this forum that have said the same also.

The preorders for volume 3 exceeded our initial predictions for sales of this DVD series and not enough finger puppets were printed. For volumes 1 & 2 there were enough finger puppets to cover preorders. Any retailer that received Tenchi Universe DVD’s from the initial production should have received finger puppets. But for volume 3, the preorders exceeded the number of finger puppets we printed. There were some DVD’s produced in the initial run that were not packaged with finger puppets.

I would like to comment on volume 4 finger puppets but not all preorders are in. So I do not have a clear picture of the situation yet.

The finger puppets are a limited promotional item and they all have been printed in advance. There are no current plans to reprint more.

I am sorry that we can not guarantee that you will receive a set of finger puppets with your Tenchi Universe DVD purchase. I can only recommend that you preorder your DVD with your favorite retailer known to have product in stock by the street date.

Your feedback on this subject is welcome and I hope to have a solution that is amicable to all.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and thank all our customers for their continuing support. If there are any future announcements about this issue, they will be posted here on this forum.

Taku Otsuka
Tenchi Universe DVD Producer (since vol 4)
Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P.

Source: Anime On DVD

10-3-00—- Gundam Wing Game Online

A new Gundam Wing using Shockwave software is available online at the Toonami website, you can play it here.

10-3-00—- Studio Ghibli Japanese DVD Release Details

Excerpted from a post to the Miyazaki Mailing List

JIBURI GA IPPAI Collection and the Takahata/Miyazaki DVD Release
Schedule [for Japanese market]

May MEITANTEI HOOMUZU (theatrical release version)

[Information as of Oct 3, 2000. Subject to change.]

These are the details for the Toanri no Yamada-kun DVD:

Release date: 2000 Nov 17
Label: Jiburi ga ippai COLLECTION
Order Number: VWDZ8030
Price: 4700yen (before tax)
Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment
1999/Color/Approx 104 minutes
Specification: NTSC, for Japanese market (Region 2)
Sound: Japanese Dolby Digital (2.0ch Surround, 5.1ch Surround), DTS (5.1ch)
Subtitle: Japanese, English, French
Screen Dimension: 16:9 Letterbox Vista size

10-3-00—- Alexander Movie Edition Screening Info

A collaboration between Japan, the U.S. and South Korea, Alexander the movie edition is screening on the road in Japan starting Saturday, October 7th.

10-3-00—- To Expand Into Japanese Market announced it will launch a Japanese subsidary by the end of Ocotber.

10-3-00—- Anchor Bay Rep In-Chat

On Wednesday, October 11th at 9 P.M. EST, Anchor Bay Entertainment will have a representative online at Home Theater Forum for an online chat. Fans are encourged to drop in and ask about current and upcoming