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Anime News Service – November 11 – 19 Anime News

11-19-00—- Media Blasters Items

The following interesting additions appeared on the Anime Works Homepage today:

First thing is that the Kenshin Art Contest is over so thank you for your entries. I am happy to say we received over 100 entries and had no choice becuase of the quality of the entries but to pick 17 winners. You will see these winners in the next Kenshin DVD False Prophet. Talking about new releases…

Just so you guys know all your stores should have already received Kenshin VHS and DVD of Shadow Elite and Kenshin False Prophet VHS. Kenshin False Prophet DVD should be in your stores last week of November. Rayearth Live should be in your stores first week of December. To answer two very popular questions about Kenshin and Rayearth: 1) Kenshin will not be released in a box set format for neither DVD nor VHS 2) The Rayearth Boxset for DVD is scheduled for April 2001.

Last but certainly not least, the corrections to Kenshin Legendary Swordsman have been completed and we are now duplicating a new set of DVDs. For all of you who have experienced problems you can now send in your DVD with DVD case to: Media Blasters, c/o Kenshin Replacement, 265 West 40th Street, Suite 700, New York, NY 10018. For all who have sent in their DVDs for replacement already we expect to begin shipping replacements first week of December. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

11-18-00—- Sputnik 7 Additions

DVD Animania received info mentioning Sputnik 7 has updated their web site, and has placed Orguss 2: Volume 2 (Episodes 3 and 4) on-line which has a running time of 57 minutes.

11-18-00—- BGC Upgrade Info

Franklin Harris of Pulp Culture Online e-mailed Kevin Cook of DVD Animania with the following details on M2-K and the BGC Megaset Upgrade option:

I haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere, so I thought I’d pass along the fact that M-2K is now offering upgrades for people who purchased the original, 3-volume Bubblegum Crisis DVD box set. To upgrade to the new-and-improved 4-volume version, see the instructions at:

11-18-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Nintendo’s upcoming N64 Pokemon title Pokemon Stadium Gold & Silver, to be released in Japan on December 14, at 6800 Yen wil include all 251 Pokemon with all of their special attacks. There are 4 play modes in the game: Nintendo Cup (for level 50 – 55 Pokemons), Little Cup (for Pokemons hatched from eggs and no higher than Level 5), Ultra Cup (for all Pokemons), and Challenge Cup (you can set your own rules in this mode). Other than all the Cup modes, there are several mulitplayer mini games, such as “Pushing the Pokeballs”, “Charge up the battery with electric Pokemons”, “Catch 100 eggs” and so on. You can also play your Gameboy Pokemon games using the 64GB Pak (Transfer Pak), the games supported are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver and even the unreleased Crystal version.

Source: The Magic Box

11-18-00—- Cardcaptor Flashbacks

This weekend’s episode of Cardcaptors airing on the U.S. WB featured flashbacks of the previously unbroadcast episodes 1-3.

11-17-00—- Fanboy News

Excerpted from the release:Fanboy Entertainment will be offering the following comics in February 2001. Please preorder with your friendly neighborhood comic retailer today!

SPELLBOUND: The Magic of Love #1
Story and Art by Tomoko Taniguchi
Published by Fanboy Comics
Black and White Interiors
Full Color Cover
32 Pages
Available February 2001
Rescheduled from August 2000

An all new original manga series exclusively for U.S. fans from shojo manga superstar Tomoko Taniguchi! While her past series’ like Call Me Princess and Aquarium are English reprints of manga she did in the 80s, SPELLBOUND is a brand new series Tomoko is currently writing and drawing specifically for publication here in America. This is the first black and white manga series, shojo or otherwise, of its type, written and drawn in Japan by an actual manga artist just for fans here in the United States.

Ami is your typical Tokyo teenager; hip, stylish and more into music, fashion and boys than school and her part-time job. She’d rather spend her afternoon skating, jamming and shopping than studying. But unlike most other teens, Ami also has a secret life. She’s a practicing witch! Once given a powerful magic book, Ami has secretly been training in the mystic arts of magic. However, her intentions are not always the most noble as at times she likes to test her spells (and sense of humor) on her friends and cause a little mischief at their expense. However, she has yet to master the all important spell of love and win the heart of Hiro. But unbeknownst to Ami, Hiro has fallen for the charms of Nicole, the beautiful blonde American who has been hanging around their local hanuts recently. What is her interest in Hiro and how will all this affect Ami?

Combining elements of the supernatural like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed with the MTV edge for hip fashion and music.

Featuring a variant cover by REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA artist Chiho Saito!! Shipped in a 50/50 ratio.

Story and Art by Kia Asamiya
Published by Fanboy Entertainment
Black and White Interiors
Full Color Cover
32 Pages
On sale February 2001

From the mind and pen of Kia Asamiya! This is where SILENT MOBIUS all began. MOBIUS KLEIN is the prequel, telling the stories of the events that took place before the current SILENT MOBIUS storyline. In this second issue, we learn more of the mysteries surrounding Katsumi’s father, Gigelf Liquer, as well as meet other members of Nami’s family, the Yamigumo clan!

Continuing the events set in motion last issue, Gigelf and news reporter Fuyuka flee from the devastation left behind from Gigelf’s battle with Ganossa at Tokyo’s Narita airport. As they make their way into downtown Tokyo, they are attacked by Shiohara, one of Ganossa’s demonic minions. However, this is one battle Gigelf will not fight alone as two new combatants come forth and reveal themselves – Razan Yamigumo and… Compiler?!?!


Anime News Service – November 6 – 10 Anime News

11-10-00—- Anime / Manga Fans Matchmaking Site Launches

November 10, 2000

Eternal Senshi Productions is proud to announce the launch of its latest online project, Anime Love (, the Internet’s first singles/matchmaking community for anime fans!

Services of the program include:

  • Simple search function for members who meet your criteria
  • Browse all member profiles
  • Photo and .wav sound file upload capability
  • Anonymous messaging within the program

Anime Love also features other sections, including featured member profiles, Otaku Dating Tips, an advice column and other fun things for your entertainment.

There is absolutely no cost to participate! In order to become a member you must be at least 18 years of age. For those under 18 there is a Teen section in the forums where teens can chat and leave messages for pen pals.

Eternal Senshi Productions is composed of three anime domain Web sites,,, and now The sites feature popular items as anime fan art, profiles on popular anime characters, anime shrines, image galleries, multimedia, fanfiction, DVD reviews, contest and online shopping.

11-10-00—- Violent Video Games In Japan Article

USA Today is running this article titled “Japan struggles with violent games Lack of ratings frustrates some creators” in which Rockman / Megaman project designer Keiji Inafune comments on the topic.

11-10-00—- Cartoonist Brest 2000 Event In France

Over this weekend, Nov. 10-12 the second Japanese Animation festival, “Cartoonist” will take place in Brest, France. A guest of honor at this festival is Nobuteru Yuki (Gunnm). Anime being screened includes the Escaflowne Movie (in Japanese with French subtitles). There’s a drawing and signing session of Nobuteru Yuki on Sunday.

Location Info:
Palais des Congres “Le Quartz”
2, Avenue Clemanceau
29000 BREST

11-10-00—- Space Battleship Yamato Typing Game

NEXT is set to release Space Battleship Yamato Typing Wave Motion Gun, a new Yamato typing game for Win 95 – ME platforms in Japan on Dec. 6th with an MSRP of 4900 Yen. The first in a new series of typing software, classic elements from Leiji Matsumoto’s SciFi epic are imcorporated into the package, including 3D CGI movies, original sound effects.

11-10-00—- Dragonball Z News

Exceprted from the official FUNimation Dragonball Newsletter:

Two words: Video Game. That‚s right, Infogrames/GT Interactive is beginning work on DBZ Video Games. The games will be for Playstation 1 & 2 and Color Gameboy. Be prepared because the games are coming in 2001.

FUNimation has just acquired permission to produce and release Movies 4, 5 and 6 which are titled in the Japanese as “Super Saiyan Goku”, “Cooler‚s Revenge” and “Attack! 1,000,000 Power Warriors”. The Movies will be released to home video sometime in 2001.

Also new exciting DBZ Squeezies will be in the market soon. SS Goku, Vegeta and Piccolo are the featured Squeezie Characters. You can kick, punch, throw, drop or smash these guys and they will always be ready for battle.

DBZ Club Shirts will flash into stores December 1st. They are unlike any other DBZ shirts and are some of the coolest shirts you will ever lay eyes on. They will be available at Musicland, Hot Topic and Gadzooks.

We have received a lot of questions about where to find the new DBZ Long Sleeved Shirts that are out. These shirts are available at Target, Walmart, the DBZ Store and Kmart. (You have to look for the shirts at Kmart because they are not in plain sight, but these new shirts are at Kmart.)

11-10-00—- Bad Dog Bites ADV Screenings

ADV Films has announced via their website that due to a turnout crowd at a local Austin screening of Samurai X, the company will host a new string of public screenings at Bad Dog Comedy Club. According to ADV’s writeup, The Bad Dog is a new and very popular club in Austin that presents nationally recognized comedians, as well as screenings of independent and cult films in their state-of-the-art theater. The first screening will be on Friday, November 17. ADV will be presenting City Hunter: Bay City Wars and City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy. Admission is open to anyone 18 years old and up and drinks will be available.

11-10-00—- Starblazers DVD 2 Date

The Right Stuf is listing a 12/8 release date for Voyager Entertainment’s second 100 minute long Starblazers DVD volume. The disc will retail at $29.99.

11-10-00—- G-Saviour Model Kit

Hobby Link Japan currently lists a kit release of a 1/144 G-Saviuor kit for Jan/2001 – 1500 Yen. This is the first listed model based on the Live Action / CGI Gundam Movie G-Saviour.

11-10-00—- Bandai Press Releases

Bandai Entertainment has released several press announcements for Gundam Wing, Jubei Chan, Saber Marionette J and more.

11-10-00—- Anime Focus Of Local Newscast

A report on the popularity of anime with teenagers was featured last night (November 9th) on the Philadelphia, PA based WTXF FOX 29.

11-10-00—- Avalon Clip

A video clip of Mamoru Oshii’s new Sci-Fi Project , Avalon can be viewed at the link.

11-10-00—- Animate Opening Date Tentative

According to the managers of Animate! USA, the dates for their grand opening in December are “tentative” and more concrete dates will be provided once they are available.

11-9-00—- New Kannon Goods

Alchemist will be selling new goods based on NEC Interchannel’s Dreamcast title Kanon at Chara Fes 2000 Autumn. The 3 new items include:

A Plastic Wrapped Poster (vol. 2, vol. 3) – 1500 Yen each
A Whisper Card vol. 2 (5 varieties; each with a different character) -1500 Yen each
And an “Air” Plastic Wrapped Poster (vol. 2, vol. 3) – 1500 Yen each

11-9-00—- Audio Exposition 2000 At Big Site

Audiophiles in and out of the corporate world will descend on Tokyo Big Site expo grounds over November 16th – 19th for Audio Exposition 2000. There, representitves from more than 80 companies, will have products on display, showcasing the latest technological achievements in the field.

A few touted items that will headup the “hot” roster will be several entries to the DVD Audio and Super-Audio CD market. BS Digital broadcasters and MP3 Audio player manufatures are also expecting high interest in their products.

11-9-00—- Escaflowne Okinawa Screening

Studio Sunrise’s Escaflowne

Anime News Service – October 31 – November 5 Anime News

11-5-00—- German Broadcast Bits

German TV-Channel VOX is gearing up to broadcast the entire Bubblegum Crisis series on a weekly basis, starting from November 7th at 12:10 AM, with the episode “Born to Kill” (90min. – Japanese with German subtitles)

From November 27’th, VOX continues with Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV complete) merged, to 6 movies.

On Nov. 15 VOX will broadcast Plastic Little (German dubbed), 11-22, Kite (German dubbed) and on 11-29 Tekken (German dubbed).

In December, VOX plans also to broadcast two special Anime Nights. The first one on 12-01 will feature the Macross Movie and Macross 2, both subtitled in German. The second Anime night will be held on 12-08, titled “Best of Japanese TV Animation”.

11-5-00—- Doraemon 10th Anniversary In Indonesia

The classic kids anime tv series Doraemon is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary of being broadcast in Indonesia, currently the show can be seen on Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) based in Jakarta on Sundays at 8 A.M.

11-5-00—- Brasilian Anime Broadcast News

Excerpted from Anihabara

On November 1st Cartoon Network Brazil has begun to show Sailor Moon R and Card Captura Sakura. Both shows are dubbed in portuguese but are uncut as far I can say. CCS name was inverted. The name of the show here is “Sakura Card Captor”. Sailor Moon R as happened in the first season uses brazilian adaptations of the characters names but CCS uses all the japanese original names (Sakura Tomoyo Yukito Kero etc). The opening and ending songs in CCS use the japanese music but lyrics are translated to portuguese. Others anime shows currently being shown in Brazilian TV include Pokemon Digimon, El-Hazard TV, Dragonball Z, Tonde Boorin (my favorite under the name “Super Pig”). A kind of obscure cable station has shown Neon Genesis Evangelion, Saber Marionette J, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Those Who Hunt Elves and a few others.

11-4-00—- Mamoru Oshii At The Tokyo International Film Festival

Ghost In The Shell director Mamoru Oshii appeared at an event at the 13th Tokyo International Film Festival on Friday where he spoke on his new live action where spoke about his latest live-action / CG sci-fi work Avalon. Oshii also commented on his experience on previous projects including ‘Ghost’, the Mobile Police Patlabor Movies, and animation production in general.

11-4-00—- Macross DVD Updates From Animeigo

Animeigo has updated their websitewith the following near-present standings on pre-orders for it’s upcoming Macross DVD Boxset:

| Current Signups (11/03/2000): 7798 DVD
| Current price: Down to $250 per set!

11-3-00—- Blue Sub Additions To Toonami Site

Toonami has updated it’s website with an info page and a video clip of Blue Submarine Number 6.

11-3-00—- Akadot Launches

Anime News Service’s partner community / features site has launched today, with this interview with “Ranma 1/2” creator Rumiko Takahashi, a special focus article on UCLA’s Cal Animage Eta anime club and more. Akadot released the following press announcement today:

Anime content site launched.

LOS ANGELES, CA- Akadot ( has launched! Akadot is created by Digital Manga Inc., a Los Angeles based entertainment company devoted to bringing anime to mainstream US and international audiences. Together with its Tokyo office and its news partner, Anime News Service (, Akadot brings fans the newest information straight from Japan and around the world. Its goal is to give fans reliable, respectable, unbiased reporting on all the happenings in the anime community. Most importantly Akadot is a place for fans and those who want to learn more about anime.

Akadot consists of freelance and staff writers. Some write for publications like the Los Angeles Times or the LA Weekly, while others come straight out of the anime fandom. Akadot content will include anime news, articles, reviews, Q & A sessions with anime celebrities, games and top ten lists. Once a month Akadot will feature a different anime club. The website officially launched on November 3, 2000.

11-3-00—- Infinite Ryvius Fan Disk DVD Release

A special fan disk DVD collection of material relating to the Sunrise produced Sci-Fi anime TV series Infinite Ryvius will soon be released in Japan. “Infinite Ryvius Fan Disk Of Infinity” volume 1-3 will hit retailers on Dec. 21st, retailing at 2,800 Yen each, each volume has a listed running time of 30 minutes.

Special features to this collection include:
1st Disc: A new edit of the opening song, Ryvius radio actor feature, mini animation, and a new featurd ending theme song.
2nd Disc: new opening song edit, “Team blue” radio actor feature, mini animation, and new ending song edit.
3rd Disc: new opening song edit, “Tsuvai” radio actor fature, animation feature, and new ending theme edit.

11-3-00—- Clamp News

New Card Captor Sakura trading cards will go on sale in Japan in November, each pack of ten cards will retail at 380 Yen.

The mook of the second Card Captor Sakura movie which was released in Japanese theaters this summer will be released soon, it includes staff interviews and original illustrations by the Madhouse animators that appear on the cover and the pin-up poster. To be released from Kodansha, it will retail at 1500 Yen.

New Angelic Layer goods being released in Japan include a celluloid board that retails at 250 Yen, a new phone card retailing at 1000 Yen, and a set of two clear files which retail at 700 Yen.

11-3-00—- Anime Music News

Several new drama CD’s based on the TV series “Trouble Chocolate” are headed for release in Japan from Marine Entertainment and Pioneer LDC at the start of 2001.

Release Schedule is as follows:
Trouble Chocolate Virus (L) – 2,500 Yen – January 17
Song Of Trouble Chocolate Virus – 2,200 Yen – January 17
Trouble Chocolate Virus (E) – 2,500 Yen – February 21

11-3-00—- Anime Toy News

Toymania has posted images of Equity Marketing’s new Tenchi Muyo related products. Item include a Tenchi Muyo Super D 3 pack with Tenchi, Ryo-Ohki, and Sasami figures, with a listed December / January release, at a $9.99 MSRP. 8″ tall non-articulated Ayeka and Ryoko Tenchi Muyo figures are also planned with a February release.

FUNimation has sent