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Anime News Service – December 23-31 Anime News

held in Akihabara Sunday, December 17th. The event reportedly drew12-31-00—- Animefringe Top 25 Sites

From the news release:

The results of Animefringe’s poll for The Top 25 Must-Visit Anime Websites are now available in the latest issue of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine. Find out what the sites are that every otaku should have book-marked and learn why they are so cool. Also, full results of the poll are available at the end of the article. But, remember the Top 25 is just one part of our spectacular One Year Anniversary issue!
Anime Fringe

12-31-00—- New CPM Press

Central Park Media’s latest press releases for March can be viewed here.

12-31-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Higher Voltage is reporting that During the recently wrapped Shoeshia Jump Festival, Capcom announced the development of a the latest Jojo’s game based on the 5th chapter of the whole Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure epic manga.

12-31-00—- New Year’s Anime Marathon

Excerpted from DVD Animania:

This weekend’s (12/30) Saturday Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Tekken: The Motion Picture – 07:40 AM Encore Action Channel
Macross II: Lover’s Again – 10:45 AM Encore Action Channel
Tekken: The Motion Picture – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
This weekend’s (12/31) Sunday / New Year’s Eve Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Macross II: Lover’s Again – 12:00 AM Encore Action Channel
Darkside Blues – 07:20 AM Encore Action Channel
Darkside Blues – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
This weekend’s (1/1) Monday / New Year’s Day Anime lineups: (All Times Eastern Standard Time)
Darkside Blues – 07:20 AM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor: The Mobile Police – 06:30 AM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 1 – 08:10 AM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 2 – 09:00 AM Encore Action Channel
Sol Bianca – 10:15 AM Encore Action Channel
DNA Sights 999.9 – 11:15 AM Encore Action Channel
Ghost In The Shell – 12:05 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor 2: The Movie – 01:30 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor: The Mobile Police – 03:20 PM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 1 – 05:00 PM Encore Action Channel
Shadow Skill: Part 2 – 05:50 PM Encore Action Channel
DNA Sights 999.9 – 07:10 PM Encore Action Channel
Ghost In The Shell – 08:00 PM Encore Action Channel
Psycho Diver – 09:20 PM Encore Action Channel
Patlabor 2: The Movie – 10:10 PM Encore Action Channel

12-31-00—- Project A-Kon Announcment

Excerpted from the latest circulating A-kon E-flyer:

Guests so far include (there will be more, but Japanese guests are currently celebrating their holidays and will not get back with us until mid January.):

TIFFANY GRANT – Voice actress, “Evangelion”, “Gunsmith Cats” and much more!

NEWTEK – the CGI Company that handles computer animation programs such as LightWave will do demos of various programs for us during the weekend.

STEVE BENNETT – Animator for Urusei Yatsura, Final Yamato, and many other shows

STUDIO IRONCAT – We don’t know which artists will attend yet, but we’ll let you know.

BEN DUNN – Head of Antarctic Press

ANTARCTIC PRESS – will be represented by the likes of: JOE WELTJENS, DOUG DLIN, TED NOMURA, and more!

ELIN WINKLER – President, Radio Comix, has her own comic line!


VALKYRIE GAMES – Stellar Horizons game developer

RODNEY CASTON – host of for fan subtitlers

LEE W MADISON – Artist responsible for all the cool Badge Art A-Kon has had for the last 11 years, as well as Staff T-Shirt designs.

NEWTON EWELL – Game design artist, fine art and fine anime illustrator, mech designer, and all around swell guy. (we haven’t actually ASKED him yet, but it wouldn’t be an A-Kon without him!)


* Anime cel painting workshops conducted by animator Steve Bennett ($5 materials fee-pay at the door-gets you paints, acetate, brushes, all that you need to create your own cel!)
* Computer Animation demos & classes with NewTek!
* ‘AniName That Tune’ – how fast can you identify your fav. Tunes?
* ‘Anime Match Game’ – was great fun last year, is back again!
* ‘Japanimayhem’ – the rousing tongue-in-cheek look at the anime world in a ‘killer’ card game
* Sunday Banquet With The Stars & A-Kon anime awards ceremony! 5th Annual!
* Cram packed dealers room-149 tables crammed with stuff!
* 3 24-hr Video theaters, and a couple side theaters
* CLUB J-POP – hear the latest in Japanese music hosted by Radio Wasabi (called CLUB WASABI for this year’s Kon!)
* Parties, fellowship, fans, etc.
* Live Sushi Demo – see how that fish is really cut up! And eat the samples! Seminar conducted by Tokyo One Japanese Restaurant chefs.
* Martial Arts Stage Fighting Demo – see actual Hollywood actors conduct seminars on how to do real stage fighting, with weapons and hand-to-hand – make your cosplay presentations look REAL!
* Cosplay makeup demo- learn how to make prosthetics and apply them properly to bring your characters to life – hosted by an actual Hollywood makeup artist and an actor who has been every alien in the book! Watch an actual anime character come to life in 3-D on a real human body (looks lots different than 2-D on paper!)
* Komik Market – THE place to find cool new clubs, small press comics, personalized artwork, etc.
* Model Contest (handled by AVD)- bring your entries!
* Live Action Games (Animania, Maximum Comics’ games, Night of the Yakuza, Vampire, etc. )
* 24 hr. RPG and CCG Gaming
* Battletech (by Mechwarriors Guild)
* Fan Video Contest
* Opening Ceremony with cool stuff
* FREE PRIZE PACK for pre-registered folks (all kinds of goodies)
* Costume Contest on Saturday Night
* DANCE on Saturday night by RFO
* KARAOKE on Friday Night!
* Prizes, Giveaways galore!
* Panels, discussions with guests, industry professionals, etc.
* Displays from anime companies
* KAOS Room – 24 hr. Networked, Computerized Gaming room
* Commemorative T-shirt (designer TBA)
* Panel topics

Anime News Service – December 11-17 Anime News

12-17-00—- Central Park Media Press

CPM has updated their website with March 2001 product releases.

12-17-00—- Anime On Vox

There has been a flurry of anime broadcasting on German satellite channel VOX (Astra 19 deg.E) throughout December including the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series.

12-17-00—- Yamato Typing Game Commemoration Event

To commemorate the sale of typing software “Toku-Uchi Heros – Space Battleship Yamato — Typing Wave Cannon”, Sasaki Isao held a mini-live event in LAOX Hobby-kan in Akihabara, Japan recently.

12-16-00—- Controversial Japanese Movie Screens Against The Backdrop Of Protests

Despite recent public official appeals to curb the theatrical screening of violent films, a new controversial Japanese movie featuring a series of fatal fights by junior high school students opened Saturday to the public at cinemas nationwide. Kyodo has a writeup on the events here.

12-16-00—- Mixx Adds DVD Listing

Mixx has updated their website with a mention of the companies first DVD release, Kenji’s Spring and Chaos. Due on 2/14, there is no price listed currently with no listed price. Japanese and English language options and Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese subtitles are expected.

12-16-00—- Landmark Ruling From Canadian Supreme Court On Erotica

From the Globe and Mail comes an article on an important court ruling which certainly impacts on some types of anime and manga flowing in and out of Canada – Canadian customs agents have done a shoddy job of intercepting potentially obscene material coming into Canada, but they may continue to police obscenity if they brush up their act, the Supreme Court ruled Friday.

12-16-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Submisions regular, Daniel, sends in this article link where an updated hands on preview of the U.S. localized Lodoss War title for Dreamcast. Details on story and battle system are provided.

The GIA has been updated with a report that Konami has announced the full slate of items included slated for inclusion in the limited edition of its forthcoming PlayStation 2 title Zone of Enders. The Z.O.E Premium Package will include an 150-page coffee table artbook, a CD single of the game’s opening theme, and a special DVD edition of the Zone of Enders anime. The Premiuim Package will retail for 13,800 Yen. The Suncoast-created video, titled Z.O.E 2167 Idolo, will be released as a separate item at the same time as the game. The stand-alone editions of the anime will lack some of the features of the DVD included the the Premium Package. Z.O.E is due on March 1st in Japan.

12-15-00—- Manga Site Upgrades Status Of Evangelion Movie Release

Manga Entertainment has added the following listing:

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION (movie) – Comming Summer, 2001!

12-15-00—- Trigun Vash Variant Coming From Diamond is reporting Diamond Previews will offer a limited edition variant figure of Trigun’s Vash the Stampede which is made up ofan entirely new paint scheme from the originally offered “standard” figure. Vash’s hair is white, his coat and clothing black, and the detailed display base is now spattered with “blood”. Part of Kaiyodo’s Toy Tribe series, this figure was designed by Trigun creator, Yasuhiro Nightow, and features 22 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, detailed base — complete with Vash’s wanted poster, and packed on original Japanese blister card packaging. Scheduled to be in stores by 3/14/2001 for $15.

12-15-00—- Pioneer Delay – Right Stuf Updates

The Right Stuf reports that Pioneer has announced that they will be delaying the release of Saber Marionette J DVD Collection 1 until 1/23/01.

Following is their other noteworthy listing updates from today:

Crest of the Stars 1: To the Stars DVD (Hyb)
Date Available – Mar 6 2001
Format – Hybrid
100 Minutes
Rating – 13+
Normal Price: $29.98
Sale Price: $26.99

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery 1 (D)
Date Available – Mar 27 2001
Format – Dubbed in English
75 Minutes
Publisher – AD VISION
Rating – 12+
Normal Price: $19.98
Sale Price: $17.99

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery 1 DVD (Hyb)
Date Available – Mar 27 2001
Format – Hybrid
75 Minutes
Publisher – AD VISION
Rating – 12+
Normal Price: $29.98
Sale Price: $26.99

Outlaw Star DVD 3 (Hyb)
Date Available – Mar 6 2001
Format – Hybrid
200 Minutes
Rating – 13+
Normal Price: $44.98
Sale Price: $40.49

Saber Marionette J DVD Collection 2 (Hyb)
Date Available – Mar 6 2001
Format – Hybrid
200 Minutes
Rating – 13+
Normal Price: $44.98
Sale Price: $40.49

12-15-00—- YF-21 Images

Macross World has posted images of the just released Yamato YF-21 Mechanical Transformer.

12-15-00—- Hentai Comic At Center Of Legal Battle

An interesting article here on a legal battle which recently ended in Dallas, Texas. At the center of the controversy is now dropped obscenity charge against a Dallas comic shop clerk. The clerk allegedly sold a copy of the hentai Demon Beast Invasion: The Fallen #2, and Legend of the Overfiend.

12-15-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega has released new details on their latest arcade entry, Virtual On Force (tentative title), an upgrade to Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram which features a new 2 VS 2 battle system. 4 characters can combat in the battle field simultaneously. A new Leader System is adapted in the battle, during the game, your team is defeated when the leader’s life gauges reaches 0 (even if the second character have a full life gauge). If time limit reaches 0, the side with higher combined life guage becomes the winner. However, during the battle, you can recharge your partner’s life gauge by contacting your partner, and use Resuce Dash move (pushing the Start Button). What’s more interesting is that when the second character is defeated, the leader character can revive his partner by giving half of its life to the partner. During the battle, you can switch your attacking target by pusing both left and right turbo button.

Sega Sonicteam has posted a TV Commercial movie and a font set for the Dreamcast online RPG Phantasy Star Online.

Atlus is planning to port its classic Super Famicom RPG

Anime News Service – December 6-10 Anime News

12-10-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to the upcoming title listings of both Babbages’ and Electronics Boutique, Crave will be releasing Record of Lodoss War: The Advent of Cardice on January 17th, 2001. The title had previously been confirmed for a U.S. release, but no publisher or release date had been named. Released last summer for the Dreamcast in Japan, the Kadokawa Shoten-developed action RPG turns the popular Record of Lodoss War anime series into a Diablo-inspired action RPG quest. A few English screenshots of the title have been released by IGNDC.

Source: The GIA

12-10-00—- Right Stuf Updates

The Right Stuf is running news that VIZ has announced that they will be pushing back the release date for Sadamoto’s Der Mond Art Book until 3/1/2001.

Palisades Marketing has announced that they some of their products will be delayed and/or canceled. See the list below for full details:

Sol Bianca: The Legacy Wall Scroll – DELAYED until 3/1/2001
Trigun Mini Lunchbox – DELAYED until 3/15/2001
Ninja Scroll Mini Lunchbox – CANCELLED

12-10-00—- Orphen DVD Date

Etailer is listing the following inforamtion associated with the the release of the DVD Orphen: Scion or Sorcery Vol. #1 – 3/20/2001 Release date – 3 eps. – $29.99

12-10-00—- J-Pop Article

Asahi is running an article here on a new book, JAPAN POP! Inside the World of Japanese Popular Culture (Edited by Timothy J. Craig. ISBN 0-7656-0561-9. U.S.: M.E. Sharpe. 360 pp. $22.95).

12-9-00—- Tenchi Univision Broadcast Edits

Ecxcerpted from an interesting post by Kyle Thomas Pope:

I checked the Spanish Tenchi TV against the DVD and it is edited though the edit appears to be different from Toonami’s. Specifically the scene where Katsuhito takes out Mihoshi’s mecha and we are introduced to Mihoshi’s butt has been edited to remove the view of Mihoshi’s posterior wiggling in the air. This dub is produced by Cloverway so I imagine the standards are going to be a little different from CN which edited their version of Tenchi themselves. Since Cloverway hasn’t demonstrated any use of digital bikinis in Sailor Moon they might not show up here either. So those scenes of nudity might get the close cropping treatment if they are not removed completely. Only time and future episodes will tell.

12-9-00—- Happy Lesson Project Announced

Just announced in Japan, fan favorite manga artist Mutsumi Sasaki’s Happy Lesson is being developed into a cross-media project with games, radio drama’s, CD’s, and an OVA series planned. The story of Happy Lesson features 5 bishoujo teachers.

– Happy Lesson Drama CD (title forthcoming) – Winter 2000 Release – Bonus Tracks Planned
– Happy Lesson Character Album – Autumn 2000 Release – 953 Yen

– Dreamcast Game Version – Spring Of 2001 Release

– OVA – Spring Of 2001 Release (from KSS)

12-9-00—- Anime Music News

Continuing on in the series that is releasing never before commercially available recorded format music from Space Battleship Yamato, the CD ETERNAL EDITION – File No.7 ‘Space Battleship Yamato PART III’ is scheduled for release on Feb. 1 at 2,500 Yen.

Based on Konami’s hugely popular Tokimeki Memorial game series, the drama CD Tokimeki Memorial 2 Vol. 3 “The Mind Which Wishes And Keeps It Secret” (rough translation) goes on sale December 21st, retailing at 2,718 Yen. On the disc are the drama, a Sakura character image song “Angel’s Whistle”, and an extra drama – “Super-Steel Robo God Doraibar”. 1st press units include trading cards.

Masami Okui will be singing the OP and ED themes of the upcoming Xebec produced anime TV series, Tales Of Eternia. The series will begin running on WoWoW BS Ch. 5 in Japan from January 2001. The theme song single is out on Feb. 7, retailing at 971 Yen. The titles of both OP and ED themes has yet to be announced but both feature Okui’s vocals and will be arranged by Yabe Toshirou.
A Live tour 2000 VHS and DVD version is headed for release on Dec. 21st, they will inlcude rehearsal and concert footage.

12-9-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sony’s PS2 RPG Popolocrois Story III uses a new “cell shading” technology which shows 3DCG like hand drawn animated cartoon. The game takes place 15 years after Popolocrois Story II, in which you play as a young prince of the kingdom, the son of the hero in Popolocrois Story II. The story is about romance, friendship and adventure. Popolocrois Story III is scheduled to release in Japan sometimes in spring of 2001.

Sega will be showing the popular Dreamcast adventure game Shenmue in movie form in Japan in January 2001, in 5 different locations. The movie will be in English, with Japanese subtitles.

Source: The Magic Box

12-8-00—- Former Vice President Of Irwin Founds New Toy Company – Toynami is running an article here on the launch of a new toy company, Toynami, which has been founded by the previous Vice President of Toycom- George Sohn- in October. Toynami will make a market debut with a series of 12″ Tenchi Muyo action figures in January.

12-8-00—- Anime Flash Parody

Cartoon Network has uploaded an anime Flash parody under their Happy Hiro / Web Premiere toons section.

12-8-00—- Escaflowne On Billboard Sales Charts

Billboard has just released its latest Top 40 Video Sales Chart with Escaflowne – Betrayal and Trust (V.2) debuting as a new release ranked 22 nationally.

12-8-00—- Media Blasters Acquisitions Updates has been updated with the following upcoming title listings:

Jewel Hunter Lime BEM
In the world of demons dwells a cute litte girl named Hunter Lime, whose simple, comic adventures will win the hearts of viewers of all ages. She and her companions seem constantly at wits end, caring for each other and yet never able to honestly express their feelings. And along the way they battle Jewel Bem, a shape changing monster who materializes from everyday items. Produced by Atsuko Nakajima the animator of Ranma 1/2.

An epic Samurai battle with a touching love story.

A teacher must somehow teach a group of bad boys how to straighten out and fly straight. See how Madonna does it in this

Anime News Service – December 2-5 Anime News

12-5-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

In Japan Namco is opening a new combination Manga/Internet cafe chain with the first location to open in Nagoya on December 12. Each cafe will stock around 20000 manga / magazines and magazines, and 27 seats for internet terminal access. An area to view DVD’s is also provided. Use charge for the first hour is 480 Yen and 80 Yen every additional 15 minute period. A 300 Yen signup fee is incurred and the shop will remain open 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Namco is planning 70 shops across Japan by March, 2004.

12-5-00—- ADV Updates

ADV Films has updated it’s ADV Films it’s site

with details that last weekend’s scheduled anime screening at Austin’s Bad Dog Comedy Theater was scrubbed due to an error which lead to the theater not being open for the show. The previously posted schedule has been altered and now lists as follows:

12.08.00 – Goldenboy 1/Airbats1
12.15.00 – Gunsmith Cats & Tattoon Master
12.22.00 – Evangelion 1
12.29.00 – Ninja Resurrection 1 & 2

01.05.01 – Variable Geo
01.12.01 – Goldenboy 2 & Airbats 2
01.19.01 – Gunsmith Cats 2 & City Hunters: Bay City Wars
01.26.01 – Evangelion 2

12-5-00—- Gravitiation Broadcast News

SPE Visual Works’ Gravitation anime TV series based on the bishonen manga by Maki Murakami is currently being broadcast on Japan’s BS WOWOW channel weekly. It has just been announced that the OVA series of Gravitation, originally released in Japan in 1999, will now be broadcast on the pay Sat channel SkyPerecTV over the period of January 12th-14th, 2001. The broadcast will include a production interview and No Credit Opening Sequence.

12-5-00—- Right Stuf Updates

From today’s Right Stuf product listing updates:

Evangelion, Neon Genesis DVD 3 (episodes 9-12- from 0:5-0:6) (Hyb)
Date Available – Jan 23 2001
Format – Hybrid
Genre – Science Fiction
100 Minutes
Publisher – AD VISION
Rating – 13+
Year Created – 1995
Normal Price: $29.98
Sale Price: $26.99

Nadia TV Series Volume 6 (eps 20-23) (S)
Date Available – Dec 10 2000
Format – English Subtitles
100 Minutes
Publisher – AD VISION
Rating – 13+
Have questions? Send us some feedback!
Normal Price: $19.98
Sale Price: $17.99

City Hunter TV Series Volume 6 (eps 20-23) (S)
Date Available – Dec 10 2000
Format – English Subtitles
100 Minutes
Publisher – AD VISION
Rating – 13+
Normal Price: $19.98
Sale Price: $17.99

12-5-00—- Gontaro Fanboy Artwork

An update to the Fanboy Entertainment reveals a new splash graphic of the Terry character from Sidekicks by the artist Gontaro.

12-5-00—- A Fan’s Experience With Warranties And Import Items

Patrick Shannon, webmaster of The Artist’s Website, has compiled an article dealing with his personal problems with an imported product (a Playstation 2) he purchased a month ago, concerning warranties and some stores refusing to exchange defective imported products (CDs, DVD, toys, etc).

Patrick adds:
As anime fans are constant buyers of import products, I followed an article about how warranties may or may not cover you when you purchase import products. The compilation of the story including contacting the Federal Trade Commission and reading into other legal sources.

12-5-00—- Festival d’Angouleme In France

Excerpted from the release announcement:

Festival d’Angouleme in France from January 25 to 28.

It’s a famous festival focused on “Bande-dessinee internationale” (International comics) taking place each year in Angouleme, a town in the southwest of France.

This year, part of the festival will be about Japan.

The guests scheduled for this year are :

* Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, DNA2, I”s)

* Yuu Watase (Fushigii Yugi, Ayashi no Ceres)

* Koji Miromoto (Akira, Robot Carnival, Memories)

* Tsutomu Nihei (Blame)

Festival International de la bande dessinée
2 place de l’Hôtel de ville
16 000 Angoulême
Tél : 05 45 97 86 50

12-5-00—- Kids WB Tops Nov. Ratings

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Kids’ WB! has posted the best Saturday morning ratings of any broadcast network for November. WB! Posts and average 3.5 rating and a 14 share among kids 2-11, Kids’ WB! Fox Kids posted a 2.7 rating and an 11 share, ABC, a 2.2 rating and a nine share, and CBS, a 2.0 rating and a nine share.

12-5-00—- Exclusive Blockbuster Blue Sub Video

Some Blockbuster video retailers are stocking an exclusive VHS single tape compilation of the four episode of Blue Submarine No. 6. The episodes are dubbed, but it is not clear whether it is the Cartoon Network cut on the OAV.


12-5-00—- Dark Horse Manga Release For March

Excerpted from the official solicitation:


By Kenichi Sonoda, translated by Dana Lewis and Toren Smith; cover by Sonoda.

It’s a ho-hum assignment for bounty hunter Rally Vincent: stake out the house of a bail-jumping television magician/hypnotist, Mr. Smart. But when Smart’s wife sets him up for a false kidnapping charge — the supposed kidnapping of his own daughter — with the help of her conniving lawyer lover, the gig gets messy. Especially when the young girl gets kidnapped for real by mobsters who place an explosive collar around her throat as insurance. The crooks need Smart’s unique skills in an audacious robbery, and they’re using his daughter’s life as leverage! Can the booby-trap be disarmed before it’s too late? Can Rally stop the gangsters before they pull off the heist and leave Smart holding the bag?

232 pages, black and white, $16.95, arrives in stores on March 7.


By Stan Sakai; cover by Sakai.

The close of 16th century Japan was a violent age, as rival feudal lords fought for land and power. Miyamoto Usagi braved many a battle only to lose his lord and find himself a masterless samurai, or ronin. While many ronin became bandits or mercenaries, Usagi chose the warrior pilgrimage: wandering the land, fighting injustice, seeking enlightenment. Eisner Award winner Stan Sakai has crafted a truly original and delightful work, an all-ages adventure epic that creates a world of excitement, mystery, and imagination, while building each story on painstaking research of Japan’s history, culture, and mythology. Demon Mask is a collection of diverse Usagi stories,

Anime News Service – November 29 – December 1 Anime News

12-1-00—- Irwin CEO Moves Forward


Toronto, Ontario – Irwin Toy Limited (TSE: IWT) announced that George Irwin today resigned as President and Chief Executive Officer to pursue personal interests and other business opportunities, after having set the Company on a strong growth course during his tenure. S. Macdonald Irwin, Chairman of the Board, will resume the additional post of President on an interim basis, until a successor is appointed George Irwin, in announcing his decision, said, “I am proud of the Irwin Team and feel confident the executives and outstanding staff of the company, as well as its important business partners, will continue on the strong growth path Irwin Toy enjoys today.
” In a statement, Irwin Toy said that the Board of Directors regretfully accepted George Irwin’s resignation and thanked him for his contribution to the Company, especially his role in guiding Irwin Toy as it has evolved from Canada’s leading toy company to an increasingly significant factor in the international toy business. S. Macdonald Irwin said, “Irwin Toy is stronger today than at any point in the Company’s 75-year history. The Board of Directors and all employees of the Company join me in thanking George for his leadership, for delaying personal plans to continue as Chief Executive Officer during the past year and for guiding the Company during a critically important transition and expansion phase over the past year.
” George Irwin joined Irwin Toy 28 years ago, rose through the ranks and was appointed President in 1990. He was named Chief Executive Officer in June 1994. Under his leadership, Irwin Toy experienced a financial and operational turnaroud, regaining profitability in Fiscal 2000 following two years of losses, framing the Company’s currently successful product brand strategy, property licensing initiatives and international expansion. The Company said it is confident that the strong management team in place at Irwin Toy will continue the direction the company has experienced in the past year. The Board of Directors said it established a committee of the Board to conduct the search for a new President and Chief Executive Officer. Irwin Toy Limited develops, manufactures, markets and distributes a broad range of toy and games. Irwin Toy markets its products globally with a current focus on Canada, the United States and Australia.

12-1-00—- New TV Anime – Earth Defense Family

New from Bandai Visual in Japan is an upcoming TV anime titled Earth Defense Family, it is described as an Earthbound comedy with Sci-fi elements. The series focuses on a postmodern – somewhat typical Japanese family living in a Chiba Pref. apartment house. A Salaryman computer programmer dad grapples with the collapse of the family home structure and possible divorce. A mysterious FAX is received reading “Defend The Earth”, and sbsequently a mysterious object crash lands nearby. Broadcast starts on WoWoW scramble January 9th – 18:30 – 19:00. Directing is Satoshi Kimura.

21-1-00—- Card Captor Sakura News

The 4-CD vocal themes collection Card Captor Sakura Complete Vocal Collection goes on sale in Japan Feb. 21st at 7800 Yen. CLAMP provides the jacket illustration for the collection.

A Card Captor Sakura i-Mode game is being released by Kodansha in early Dec., member registration is necessary for the use of this service.

12-1-00—- Shiki Jitsu Event

An event in advance of the public theatrical opening of the live-action film Shiki Jitsu, directed by Hideaki Anno, will take place December 6th in Japan. Featured will be photos from a “PHOTO CONTEST’ surrounding the film.

12-1-00—- Kizuna – Bonds OVA

From Byblos And KSS the latest OVA animated version of the popular boys love manga Kizuna goes on sale with the release of ‘Bonds’ on March 3, 2001. The volume has a running time of 45 minutes in VHS & DVD format.

12-1-00—- Anime Music News

Based on the Enix manga, the Drama CD ‘Crescent Noise’ Vol. 3 including full-color CG illustration booklet goes on sale in Japan Jan. 24 at 2,913 Yen.

12-1-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Sega announced the frequently delayed Dreamcast Blue Submarine No. 6 ‘Time and Tide’ title will see releasse in Japan on December 7th, the retail price of 5800 Yen.

12-1-00—- i-Mode Closer Still?

Japan’s Yomiuri Newspaper printed this summary of a series of monumental business moves by Japan’s NTT DoCoMo yesterday. The company’s tie up with AT&T Corp, acquiring a 16 percent stake in Wireless Group, a mobile phone division of the U.S. telecommunications giant, for 1.08 trillion yen (9.8 billion dollars) will lay the groundwork for the possible introduction of new technology in the U.S., including NTT’s i-Mode mobile phone internet service.

12-1-00—- Digital Broadcasting Starts In Japan

This Asahi Newspaper article covers Japan’s first day of high-definition, interactive digital broadcasting which began at 11 a.m. today.

12-1-00—- Right Stuf Updates

The Right Stuf has posted new updates, listing a number of new titles:

Knights of Ramune 1-3 DVD (Hyb)

Date Available – Mar 13 2001
Format – Hybrid
180 Minutes
Rating – 13+

Slayers Try DVD Box Set (Hyb)

Date Available – Apr 10 2001
Format – Hybrid
650 Minutes
Rating – 13+

Speed Racer The Movie (Classic) DVD (English Dubbed)

Speed Racer, space hero Colonel Bleep and all their friends join up for this exciting animated feature.

First, Speed Racer, his girlfriend Trixie and all the gang are in a desperate race to save hundreds of lives from the evil clutches of the “The Car Hater”.

But wait, there’s more as Speed Racer returns at breakneck speed to bat excitement is interspersed with the three wonderfully creative classic animated “words from tle evil, on and off the track, with “The Race Against the Mammoth Car.” All this fun and our sponsor” from the 1960’s!

So grab your popcorn, fasten your seat belt and get ready to blast off for the best in animated action!

Special Features: Interactive Menus, Audio Commentary by Peter Fernandez and Corrinne Orr (voices of many Speed Racer characters), Speed Racer Trivia Game and