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Anime News Service – January 19-21 Anime News

1-21-01—- New Anime Central Guests

A staff member of Chicago’s Anime Central convention, Frank Sanchez, posted the following 2001 guest list, on the forum of Anime News Network:

In addition to:

Kia Asamiya – Character Designer – Nadesico, Silent Moebius

Yoshitoshi Abe – Character Designer for Serial Experiments Lain

We now have for Japanese guests:

Range Murata – Character Designer for Blue Submarine No. 6

Naoko Matsui – seiyuu with large track record in voice acting, some of her credits include Akane from Kimagure Orange Road, Rally Vincent from Riding Bean, and Azusa Shiratori from Ranma 1/2

Shin Nasagawa – From Squaresoft, Character Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

Yoshio Yamakawa – Also from Squaresoft, Monster Designer for Final Fantasy IX and the upcoming Final Fantasy X.

I’m really excited and I sure hope all of you are too. Hope this helps bring you over to Anime Central this year! ^_-

1-21-01—- DBZ Translator Article

Planet Namek has posted a new interview from this weekend with Steven J. Simmons, the translator for the subtitles of the DVDs. The interview is rather lengthy and answers many questions on the production.

1-21-01—- Toynami Robotech Toy Item

Excerpted from the newsgroup post:

Here is a post by Tom Bateman from earlier today over at the RDF HQ newsboard:

“Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know that I just conducted a very detailed interview with George Sohn, the President of Toynami, in which we discussed his company’s plans for upcoming ROBOTECH toys.

Its good to see that the keychains, morphers and figurines are getting a good response, but I wanted to tell you all that these items are just the beginning.

George and his company is hard at work creating the REAL VF-1 Valkyries and are shooting to have their first one out by this summer.

I would like to say more, but you’ll have to wait until George’s interview (which I am working on transcribing right now) to learn more. I plan to have it ready for the official launch of ROBOTECH.COM, coming VERY soon.


p.s. There is no way we would EVER remake that crappy Matchbox Veritech.”

1-21-01—- Battlefield Earth Anime Planned

Excerpted from this Publisher’s Weekly piece:A deal with Japan’s Pine Com International has been made for 20 hour-long animated films based on Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard; the deal, worked out between Javier Ruiz of Author Services and Sammy Sakoda of Pine Com, also includes rights to interactive games and a comic book series.

1-21-01—- Battle Royale Kubrick Figures Announced

Based on the characters from the controversial Japanese manga based film Battle Royale, come new Kubrick figures from Medicom. Each of the 3 figures retails at 905 Yen, is about 60mm tall, includes map card. When Map pieces A-C are combined a complete larger map is made. Damage stickers are included with 2 of the 3 figures. Commisioned by (BR) Manufacture Committee.

1-21-01—- Mainframe Animation Update

Mainframe Entertainment recenlty listed it’s current projects in this excerpt from the company’s latest press release:

Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is the world’s most prolific producer of computer animation for television, and is expanding into long-form CGI for feature films and interactive entertainment. Since 1994 Mainframe has had six computer animated television series on air in the North American market, on YTV, ABC, the Cartoon Network, Fox Kids and Fox Family Channel. The company is currently in production on 26 half-hour episodes of Action Man(TM), an all-CGI television series that began regularly scheduled broadcasts on Fox Kids and YTV in August and the all-new Heavy Gear(TM) television series, based on the popular video game. As well, the studio is in production on a large-format stereoscopic feature film based on Gulliver’s Travels for release in IMAX 3D theatres.

Source: DBZ Kingdom

1-20-01—- D-Boy At Toyfair reports D-Boy’s expected offerings for Toyfair include a Vash the Stampede piece, from Trigun: already 2 action figures and a collectible resin bust, will be getting the vinyl treatment! Stay tuned for more details!

*Nine Rings of Wu-Tang: been curious to what happened with this action figure line based on the hip hop rap group Wu Tang Clan? Well, the comic of which these are based on, is no longer- thus the delay. D-Boy does have plans to release two of the figures, however- Femme Kryle and Ghost Face Killa – both to kind of test the waters and see if fan interest is still there.

Dark Angel: characters from the original black and white manga by Kia Asamiya will be on display. The first series will include: Dark, Leen, Zen, and Tan.Size will be 1/8 scale, that’s between 8 and 10 inches tall, come equipped with a GOOD amount of articulation, base and accessories, and will come packaged in window boxes.

1-21-01—- Z.O.E. OVA Update

New staff details on the upcoming Zone Of Enders 2167 IDOLO OVA series follow below. The game version is produced by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Series), the plot occurs in the 22nd century in the Solar System. Mankind has established space colonies out to the orbit of Jupiter, a colony there named Antilla is the farthest human settlement from Earth and referred to as the end of the world, residents of Antilla are called “Enders” for this reason. A introvert boy living there, Leo Stenbuck accompanies his friends to a UN Space Force facility to steal from their junkyard and gets apprehended. At the same time a fanatical military regime on Mars called Z.O.E. hijacks the Antilla colony which becomes a battlefield. Leo witnesses the death of his friends who used to bully him, he feels responisble for their deaths and runs from the scene to find the reason of the colony’s hijacking the giant robot humanoid weapon “Jehuty”. The game system includes support for the analog stick, which enables free aerial movement. The game allows for the best camera angle when locking onto an enemy target.

The game is being touted as a “Robot Animation Simulator and features some industry veterans including Character Designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura who worked on

Anime News Service – January 17-18 Anime News

1-18-01—- ADV Delay

The Right Stuf is reporting ADV’s upcoming release A.D. Police TV television is now delayed from a previous 1/23 release date to 3/20/01.

1-18-01—- Guardians Of Order RPG Bits

The Right Stuf reports that RPG makers, Guardians of Order has decided to cancel their Tenchi Muyo Button Men Game Edition. Originally planned as an addition to brifge their existing sets. On the Sailor Moon Button Game Edition, the company had no official word on the continuation of that particular line in the future.

1-18-01—- Anime Village Addition

Anime Village has posted the following:

“Would you like to see some new (or old) anime come to America? Please email with any ideas or suggestions you may have.”

1-18-01—- Charles Schultz Exhibition

Peanuts creator Charles Schultz is being honored in a special “Snoopy And Charlie Brown’s World – Charles Schultz Original Picture Exhibitions” which is currently touring Japan.

1-18-01—- Outlaw Star Eps. 3 CN Edits

Excerpted from the newsgroup post by Kyle Thomas Pope:

This round of edits were minimal but a couple of them are almost beyond comprehension.

1. Melfina now wears a digital bikini in the piloting tank.
2. Gene’s “she’s nuts to get naked” changed to “she’s nuts to get wet”. (This was an improvement!?)
3. Jim’s “these guys are anal” changed to “these guys are tight”.
4. Scene of Harry MacDougall yelling “die, die, die, die…” while firing missiles cut.
5. Harry MacDougall’s “she was really hot” changed to “she was really cute”. (While definitely attractive I would not describe Hilda as “cute”.)
6. Scene of Tao Master getting incinerated shortened.
7. Scene of Hilda biting her suicide capsule and the subsequent detonation cut. (Oh come on. GW had multiple suicide attempts and noble sacrifices.)
Given the heavy action in these last couple of episodes there really wasn’t much beyond language to edit. This will probably change when the story shifts to planetside again.

1-18-01—- Mamoru Oshii Avalon Stage Greeting

To commemorate the opening of his latest film project Avalon, Director Mamoru Oshii will be holding stage greeting events in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya in the coming days. The action / CG film five years in the making and shot on location in Poland combines Sci-Fi and Anime / Manga style elements.

1-18-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to The GIA: After months of speculation and rumors of cancellation, Sega has finally unveiled Shenmue 2 to the public. Japanese customers who pre-orded AM2’s Fighting Vipers 2 through Sega’s online Dreamcast Direct received a special Shenmue 2 trailer as a bonus.

The bulk of the trailer consists of Ryo exploring the wilds of what is presumably China, where the sequel takes place. The touted improvements in the Shenmue engine are on full display, showing off complex, organic environments, sharp detail, and little draw-in. The areas in the demo are unpopulated, so only time will tell if Suzuki’s team was able to make good on their promise of up to fifty characters on screen at once.

One important character does appear in the trailer, however. Shenhua, the mysterious woman from the prologue of the first game, looks to take a more prominent role in the sequel; a fireside conversation between her and Ryo is featured at the beginning and end of the trailer.

Sega has yet to set a Japanese date for Shenmue 2, but they’ve made assurances that once it is released it will be making the trip stateside.

More Info on FF X can be read here.

Atlus recently announced a release date for the PlayStation version of Shin Megami Tensei. The first of three such Super Famicom remakes, Shin Megami Tensei will hit Japanese shelves on March 29 at a price of 4800 yen ($41 US). Each copy of the game will include one of three different unique MegaTen trading cards.

Also arriving on March 29 is Square’s second WonderSwan Color title, WildCard. The latest installment in the SaGa series will retail for 4300 yen ($36 US). A two-player battle mode has recently been added to the game for extra value.

1-18-01—- Yu Yu Hakusho Items

According to a post at this site relating an e-mail between FUNimation’s Gen Fukunaga and Darent Sapphie of Juunanagou:

1. We will keep the original music.
2. We will try to preserve the content of the show but usually the broadcast network dictates how far we can go.
3. The release of tapes/DVD is usually driven by what our retailers tell us we need to create. They are the “800 pound gorilla” in this situation because most of a company’s sales come from just a handful of major retail chains.
4. We are trying to get Steve to do the translations.

1-18-01—- Asia AICN Bits

Sent in by Daniel:

Interestingly enough, Battle Royale is also a hit in Hong Kong. As for Japan, there are some interesting tidbits, courtesy of AICN.

1)- Kazuki Oomori’s (“Godzilla vs Biolante”, “Natu, the Legend of the Dancing Ninja”) next film will be “Run Ichiro!”, which Toei will be producing. The film features 5 short stories in Kobe, a city destroyed by an earthquake in 1995. Japanese baseball star, Ichiro (who just joined the Seattle Mariners) appears as himself. The film will be released in May.

2) – Sony Pictures is getting closer to produce “Astro Boy”, based on Osamu Tezuka’s famous cartoon.

3) – Mamoru Oshii’s excellent film, “Avalon” will be showing at a sixth of the total screen in Korea, which will be the country’s widest foreign release. The film will open on February 3rd.

4) TV Azteca is currently running Sailor Moon (they have 199 episodes except 89, the episode was 45 mins long and the dubber Intertrack didn’t want to cut it), Magic Knight Rayearth, Captain Tsubasa J, but because of complaints they mov ed Escaflowne from weekdays to Sundays at around 11 AM.

5) The magical girl St. Tail series has replaced Escaflowne in its 1:30pm weekday time slot. St. Tail has been effect by dubbing chan ges byCentral-America having name changes and the “god please forgive me” transformation phrase changed.

6)The rival national channel of TV

Anime News Service – January 11-16 Anime News

1-16-01—- Otaku TV News

Excerpted from the release:

Otaku Television is a public access television program that focuses on Japanese animation, video games, import toys, and anything that’s interesting in the fandom community. Our first episode is finished, and it’s ready to air in Prince George’s and Montgomery counties of Maryland. We are working on getting the exact dates and time, so please visit OTV’s website at for updated information. If you’re an out-of-towner, or just want to have a sneak peak of the show, we are streaming Episode #1 in its entirety online at the website! You can submit viewer mail and fanart for our next episode, so be sure to let us know what you think of the show, and share your thoughts with fellown viewers in our Forum!

1-16-01—- Manga Obscenity Charge Update

According to this page, one of the obscenity charges filed against the comic store-for selling Demon Beast Invasion and Overfiend manga-has been dropped.

1-16-01—- Toynami Updates

Toynami has updated it’s website with a news based front page and welcome message that the site is intended to give information on their products and services to both our fans and retailers. Contact information for general questions and spring catalogs have been added.

1-16-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Here more info on Square’s upcoming FF X can be found. The male and female lead are named Tidus and Yunda, respectively, and this is supposed to be the first FF game with voiceovers.

1-16-01—- Dragon Ash Album And Tour Data

Japanese Hip Hop group Dragon Ash’s latest album, “Lily OFDA VALLEY” goes on sale March 14th and includes 12 tracks. The group’s tour “21st Century Riot” has been annonced.

1-16-01—- Happy Lesson Event

A KSS event for the OVA Game Happy Lesson is scheduled for 3/20 in Tokyo.

1-16-01—- Street Fighter ALPHA DVD Details

The DVD version of Manga release of the Street Fighter Alpha OAV will features Digitally Remastered 4×3 Transfer , “Motion Menus “,Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound English , Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound Japanese, Interviews, and Street Fighter Alpha Trailer .

Source: UMJAMS Anime News

1-16-01—- New Voice In Latest Ghibli Project

The Hayao Miyazaki Web’s mailing list has made mention of a seiyuu name being added for Ghibli’s latest feature, “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi”. Chihiro has been named to be voiced by Rumi Hiiragi who recently had a role in the NHK morning TV novel series “Suzuran”.

1-16-01—- Sputnik 7 Update

DVD Animania is mentioning that Sputnik7 has added the third volume of Violence Jack. Description follows: Violence Jack: Vol. 3 Slumking. One man has risen to power in the corpse-strewn wasteland that was once Japan. His name is Slumking, and his rule over the shattered settlements of Kanto is both harsh and absolute. Running time: 40 min.

1-16-01—- Net Anime

A group at Original Net Anime is planning to screen “Lingerie Fighter Papillon Rose”, a 25 episode creation via the internet from February. A small and large trailer is available for download.

1-16-01—- Outlaw Star 1st Episode Edits

Past site contributor Kyle Pope has posted a list of his personal observations in the realm of editing with the 1st Outlaw Star Episode on Cartoon Network to rec.arts.anime:

Gene’s “hell” changed to “heck”
OP gone (of course)
Pirate fighter pilot’s “damn” changed to “blast”
Again, see above.
Small edit of Gene and Jim playing cards in the bar.
Dialogue changed so Gene and Jim are playing Go Fish instead of Poker
Scene of Gene throwing down his Poker hand before the fight cut.
Jim’s “damn” changed to “darn”.
Death Rob’s “killed 30 men” changed to “taken 30 men”.
Blood matted out when Gene shoots Death Rob.
Scene of Gene shooting death Rob in the head cut.
Scene of Death Rob spitting up blood when Gene knifes him cut.
Scene of Gene fondling Iris’ butt cut. Jim’s dialogue altered accordingly.
Jim’s “hit the casino” changed to “hit the club”.
Scene of Gene and Jim’s sexual banter before splitting up cut.
Jim’s “scumbag” changed to “loser”.
Scene of Gene in hotel room with hooker cut completely.
Gene’s girly poster over his bed now has a digital bathing suit.
Blood matted out of street fight between Gene and the pirates.
Pirate’s “damn” changed to “blast”. Jim’s “hell” changed to “heck”.
Gene’s “asshole” changed to “loser”.
Pirate girl’s “they’ve been killed” changed to “they’re destroyed”.
Scene of Hilda putting her gun to Gene’s chest and firing cut.
Small cut from Gene putting his gun to Hilda’s head cut.
Melfina wearing digital leotard in trunk.
Gene’s “naked girl” changed to “weird girl” in preview.
Not an edit… They actually used the original full length ED.

1-16-01—- Japanese Rurouni Kenshin OVA Recollection Compilation DVD Box Details

From Sony in March comes a new DVD release of all 4 volumes of the Rurouni Kenshin OAV (Samurai X) series in a very special “recollection compilation” limited sale of 3000 sets. Perhaps the most interesting features on this release are a listed “Samurai X” (English dub track) track and Japanese subtitles. Also included is postrecording script and collectors box. Release is set for March 23rd of 2001 at 15200, running time is 140 minutes, 4:3 ratio included on video and Japanese subtitles. The disc is single layer, Samurai X edition track and “MEMIX audio ” track is also ondisc.

1-16-01—– Kaiyodo Wolfwood Figure has added images of Kaiyodo’s new Toy Tribe action figure- Wolf Wood-. This figure appears to be a preacher which carries a large cross wrapped in cloth and tied with belts. In actuality, this “cross” is a minature arsenal that opens up nicely when unwrapped, the cross-plank laden with pistols, the main shaft a rather powerful machine gun! Expertly designed by Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow, Wolf Wood features multiple points of articulation, a detailed cross ladden display base, and an amazing amount of accessories including: 2 pistols, opening Cross Machine Gun, an array of alternate hands, alternate head with shades, cloth and real metal chains for wrapping “Cross Gun”, and