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Anime News Service – February 12-13 Anime News

2-13-01—- Akadot Comike Trivia Contest

Excerpted from the official press release:

February 9, 2001 For Immediate Release Contact: Ardith Santiago 310.397.4713 ext 111

Los Angeles, CA,- Akadot ( continues its multifaceted coverage by traveling to the home of manga and anime and focusing on Japan’s most famous manga related convention, Comike (also called Comic Market or Comiket).

To celebrate this wonderful institution and its long history, the staff at Akadot has created a little trivia contest on Comike. You can enter Akadot’s Comike no Trivia Contest starting today, February 9 through to February 23, 2001.

If you answer all the questions correctly, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes that we procured at this past winter’s Comike 59! The lucky winners will be announced on Akadot on Friday, March 2, 2001. You can win rare Comike goodies such as a Final Fantasy inspired wall clock, Card Captor Sakura inspired stationary, Sakura Taisen (Sakura Wars) inspired stickers, Final Fantasy VIII inspired stationary and even Trigun inspired trading cards created by talented amateur artist in Japan.

For rules, regulations and to enter, please go to!

2-13-01—- DBZ Charity News has updated with the following:

New York – Goku and Vegeta are humming into the Big Apple in the CCG Dragon Ball Z Hummer for Toy Fair to and to spend the week visiting New York’s hospitalized children. Goku, Vegeta and the Hummer already part in the Toy Fair Parade February 11th and had a blast. To bring smiles to faces of DBZ fans, Goku and Vegeta will cruise the medical centers in the Hummer, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mount Sinai Medical Center, NY Presbyterian Hospital, the Hospital For Joint Diseases, Beth Israel Hospital, NYU Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House and others. Gen Fukunaga, President of FUNimation, said, “Dragon Ball Z is a big hit with fans of all ages, especially kids, so we wanted their favorite characters, Goku and his pal Vegeta, to drop by to cheer them up.” Frances Wells Cunningham, Vice President Global Marketing at Irwin Toy, Ltd., which make Dragon Ball Z action figures, vehicles and accessories, said, “The children truly love Goku and Vegeta and it is our pleasure to brighten up their day with a visit from their favorite TV pals.” Londa Robinson, National Marketing Director of Score, the official Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game company, said, “Goku and Vegeta will be bringing Dragon Ball Z games for the children to play and each fan will get a special collector’s pack of the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. The CCG Dragon Ball Z Hummer travels the nation bringing fun to children, especially in hospitals, and we are thrilled to bring Dragon Ball Z cheer to the show’s fans in New York.

2-13-01—- DiGi Charat Valentines Party

Broccoli hosted a Di Gi Charat Black-Gema Black Valentine Party on Feb 12. It was a mini-concert for the Black-Gema voice actors and marked the first time they split the event into male & female shows. About 200 people attended each event. Young women brought chocoloate for the voice actors.

2-13-01—- German Anime Items

A huge thanks to David Heinemann and Marcus Tieschky who are sending in the following from Germany in the European Union:

After the success of MTV Italia MTV Germany has decided to start also with anime. They will begin airing with “Goldenboy” from the 28th of march at 22:00 CET. More Information will be available soon under

RTL 2, one of the only stations, who is airing animes like Pokemon, Sailormoon, Monster Rancher, Dragoball, will launch th 24th of april Wedding Peach and from the 29th of may they will be show Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Announced is also Ojamajo Doremi.

2-13-01—- Triangle Session Anime TV Series Coming

As previously reported, ADV Films first announced at AX 2000 that they were co-producing a new anime series in Japan titled Triangle Session. ANS has confirmed more details for the animation series. The radio version ran in 1999 in a radio drama incarnation of 3 young girls Acari, Yuuki and Nozomi who are attending music school with the aim of becoming super idols. The 3 radio seiyuu who worked on the audio drama will reprise their roles in the animation version and have recorded the OP and ED themes on Feb 4th. Broadcast date is still pending but currently the following staff are confirmed:

Director: Shin Kudou
Character Design: Fumi Muroi
Art director: Hidetoshi Kaneko
Color design: Naoko Kodama
Animation Production: Madhouse

2-13-01—- Misc. News Links

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

The Feb. 13 edition of Cinescape mentions Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has been mentioned as having been nominated for about 9 Academy Awards including Achievement in art direction, Achievement in cinematography, Achievement in costume design, Achievement in directing, Achievement in film editing, Best foreign language film of the year, Achievement in music in connection with motion pictures, Best motion picture of the year and Screenplay based on material previously produced or published.

Gamers Republic is running news that Nintendo has announced that Game Boy Advance will be out in the U.S. on June 11, and March 21 in Japan. Also, GR claims that the Japanese GBA should be able to play Japanese and American GBA games without a problem.

Game Cube will come out in Japan in July and October in the U.S., despite rumours that it would be released in November here. This is at this ZD article

The IDSA (Interactive Digital Software Association) will be announcing their plans-to the FTC-for counteracting marketing of M-Rated games(such as RE) to kids under 17. The details can be found at this link.

Sony and Vodafone are working together to provide games through portable phones. Also, cinescape is doing a monthly Digital Democracy section where you can vote on your favorite sci fi. Anime is most likely allowed.

This article has pictures and descriptions of lesser known Transformer toy lines.

2-13-01—- R.O.D.S OVA Preview Event

A preview event around the OVA 1st volume release of R.O.D.S based on the manga by Hideyuki Kurata will take

Anime News Service – February 2-4 Anime News

2-4-01—- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Musical Graces Japanese Stages In Spring

Just in time for school spring break in Japan and for the 9th year seasonaly, the latest Sailor Moon theactrical stage opens in Japan in March 19 running through April 8th. The play will travel around to venues across the country. Naoko Takeuchi will pen the original script fot the two part play.

2-4-01—- Vandread DVD & VHS Debut Event

A commemoration event for the Gonzo CG / Digital Anime TV series Vandread home video debut in Japan was held on January 28th in Kyoto. Vol. 2 VHS And DVD goes on sale March 30th. A new 162 card line of Vandread trading cards will be released on March 30th.

2-4-01—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Accrding to this IGN article: has shared a few clean, albeit tiny, pictures of Bandai’s third (and we presume final) Dreamcast Gundam game. Titled Gundam Battle Online, this Online real time strategy game allows you to assemble a team and go out to the battle field. You command your troops via a map mode and view the action, interacting along the way, in the battle mode. Gundam Battle Online is set for Japanese release in the Spring. No word yet on a possible US release.

2-4-01—- Tokimeki Memorial 2 Event

A major event for Konami’s flagship lovesim title, Tokimeki Memorial 2 will be held in Tokyo at Suginami Hall Sunday, April 8th at 14:30. A number of the major game seiyuu will be on hand performing and talking. Tokimeki music collection 1-2 goes on sale March 16th retailing at 2718 Yen.

2-4-01—- For The Barrel News

Excerpted from the release announcement:



Gichi Ohtsuka, author of the new Gundam novel “For the Barrel”, has dropped critical hints about the story to American fans. In his exclusive column FOR THE BARREL: UPDATE on Newtype’s online edition, Mr Ohtsuka revealed tantalising details about the identities of certain hotly-debated characters, and background details still unknown to the Japanese audience. He also spoke at length about realism in giant robot shows such as Patlabor, in an exclusive Q&A session with fans. Mr Ohtsuka’s web column presents an unmissable opportunity for English-speaking fans to communicate with a professional from the anime/manga industry ? the unique chance to express opinions direct to the author in Japan. See “Special Topics” in this month’s Newtype online.

2-4-01—- Latin America Anime Broadcast News

The TV series You’re Under Arrest, Mobile Police Patlabor and DinoZaurs will soon air in Latin America. RCN network in Colombia will broadcast the first episode of YUA on January 3. Fox Kids will broadcast Patlabor and DinoZaurs March 1st. Also Fox Kids will air the first Patlabor movie at the end of Feb. Coming soon to Latin America TV are ‘Sorcerer Hunters’, ‘ Orphen Sorcerer Stabber’ and ‘ Yamazaki’.

“Patlabor, polica especial” (Special Police Patlabor), will on Fox Kids in Spanish and Portuguese American countries. The series will be running in an anime block every day of the week. The daily schedule starting in March will be:

17:30 Digimon
18:00 Monster Rancher
18:30 Flint
19:00 Patlabor
19:30 Dinozaurs

Super Cerdita (Super pig, the Saban version of Tonde Boorin) is not included, but airs at 13:00 Monday to friday. Also, Digimon and Patlabor will be repeated at 21:30 and 22:00, each, Monday to Friday. The first Patlabor will be airing on Fox Kids in Spanish in February 24th, 25th an 26th as part of an anime marathon. The central time zone/Mexican time zone schedule for the marathon will be:

9:00 AM 4 episodes of Super Cerdita (Saban version of Tonde Boorin)
11:00 4 episodes of Digimon
13:00 4 episodes of Monster Rancher
15:00 4 episodes of Flint
17:00 other 4 episodes of Digimo
19:00 two episodes of Dinozaurs
20:00 Patlabor 1
22:00 Patlabor 1 (again)
Sunday 25th:
9:00 4 of Flint
11:00 two of Dinozaurs
12:00 4 of Digimon
14:00 4 of Monster Rancher
16:00 2 of Dinozaurs
17:00 Patlabor 1
19:00 one of Digimon
Monday 26th:
9:00 AM 4 episodes of Super Cerdita
11:00 4 episodes of Digimon
13:00 4 episodes of Monster Rancher
15:00 4 episodes of Flint
17:00 other 4 episodes of Digimo
19:00 two episodes of Dinozaurs
20:00 Patlabor 1
22:00 Patlabor 1

Source: Doblaje Latinoamericano UMJAMS Anime News

2-3-01—- Stan Lee Media Woes

This article from AWN chronicles the recent financial burdens experienced by Stan Lee Media.

2-3-01—- New Kenichi Sonada Project Unveiled – Wrestloid Baby

The character designer of “Gun Smith Cat”, “Gal Force”, “Bubble Gum Crisis” Mr. Kenichi Sonada unveiled his new project – ” Wrestloid Baby”(Tempt). Its the story about a popular female robot wrestling game “FWFG-Female type Wrestloid Fighters Grand prix” in the future Japan. View details on AIC’s English site here.

2-3-01—- Kite Less Edited Review

Anime Prime has updated with the following:

IT’S HERE! I have completed my review of the less-cut version of Kite currently available from Kitty Media on VHS (sub and dub) under the name “Kite Director’s Cut”. Overall, they restored most of the cut footage and only several seconds of scenes featuring sexual contact between Young Sawa and Akai have been cut. I’ve reorganized the Kite editing report page as well to accomidate the information on the heavily edited AnimeWorks version and the newly released Kitty media version. I plan on adding a page of screen shots when I have the chance. Read the editing reports here.

2-3-01—- Pokemon 4 Details

Nintendo of Japan has announced the fourth movie of Pokemon, called Pokemon: Serebei’s Time Adventure, the movie will be showing in Japan on July 7. The story is about Ash and friends meeting with a youth who came from 40 years in the future, with the help of Serebei’s time traveling power, they will also meet up with another legendary Pokemon Suikun. Serebei is the rarest creature in Pokemon Gold & Silver.A short Pikachu movie called Pikachu’s Doki Doki Hide & Seek Game will be showing as a sub-movie, in which Pikachu and friends will be playing