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Anime News Service – March 15-20 Anime News

3-20-01—- Riidocomic Magazine

The men’s comic magazine Riidocomic is beig reintroduced to the Japanese market on March 27th (May edition). Featuring action works such as Red Caeser by Kenji Okamura, the book will retail at 300 Yen.

3-20-01—- 5th Tezuka Nominations

According to Anime News Network

According to March the 18th of Asahi Shimbun, seven Manga have been nominated for the 5th Tezuka Osamu Bunka-sho (“Tezuka Cultural Award”). These are:

Inyoh-Shi (“The Master of Shade and Light”) , story by YUMEMAKURA Baku, drawn by OKANO Reiko, published by Hakusen Sha.

Gu-gu Datte Neko De Aru (“Even Gu-gu is a Cat”) by OSHIMA Yumiko, published by Kadokawa Shoten.

Kemusho on Naka (“In the Penal Institution”) by HANAWA Kazuichi, published by Seirin Kogei Sha.

Vagabond by INOUE Yuhiko, published by Kodansha.

Berserk by MIURA Kentaro, published by Hakusen Sha.

Yajikita in DEEP by SHIRIAGARI Kotobuki, published by Aspect.

ONE PIECE by ODA Eichiro, published by Shueisha (One Pieve got the greatest number of nominations from manga fans for the second straight year).

The winners will be announced in May. Last year’s winner was Morohoshi Daijiro (Familly name first) who won for his manga “Saiyu-Yoen-Den”, which is based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King (Hsi Yu Chi), on which Akira Toriyama’s Dragonball is also losely based. Frederik. L. Schodt won a special award for his book “Dreamland Japan”.

3-20-01—- Sailor Moon S Date

Right Stuf reports Pioneer will release Sailor Moon S TV Series 5/6 DVD on 6/12/200, with a running time of 140 minutes it will retail at $29.99.

3-20-01—- Dark Angel T-Shirt And WWF

From the Fanboy Entertainment mailing list:

Last night, the WWF wrestler Raven wore a Fanboy DARK ANGEL T-shirt, based on the Kia Asamiya manga title, during his match on MTV. I guess he is known for typically only wearing comic related shirts based on titles and characters he enjoys reading. Someone mentioned to me that this is the first time he has worn and anime or manga related shirt. However, another fan replied that he has worn the other Fanboy produced Kia Asamiya DARK ANGEL T-shirt before in the ring.

Well, anyway, here are some of the pics of him in the shirt last night. They’re kind of blurry though…

3-20-01—- Misc. Asia Cinema And Gaming Links

Thanks to Daniel For This News:

According to and , there’s a new Eko Eko Azarak movie in the works. The movies are based off a manga by Shinichi Koga; and the film is being directed by Kosuke Suzuki, with Natsuki Kato starring as Misa.

According to Gamespot, CSK and AM2 have licensed the rights for the software-used in Shen Mue-to third-party companies.

Gamespot mentions that Tetsu Kayama co-CEO of Sega, is expected to take the place of Sega’s former president. He’s expected to fulfill that position, after a shreholders’ meeting in June. Meanwhile, Yoshiji Fukushima will become acting chairman until the leadership issue is resolved.

Gamespot has details of the updated Capcom Vs SNK that Capcom is releasing for DC. There will be two new fighters from both companies, as well as the ability to play-by default-previously unlockable characters in the original version. The game, as well as CVS2, are expected to be shown at TGS.

And contrary to speculation, Capcom will not be leaving the arcade business. There will be a new arcade game within the next fiscal quarter. But they do admit that arcade sales have been minimal, and they’re diverting some of their funding towards the home market. This information was obtained at Gamespot

According to AICN , there’s a mini-review of the Japanese horror-action-comedy movie known as Versus, and an interview with the director, Ryuhei Kitamura, as well as four of the actors. The interview hints that an American distributor(possibly Miramax) might have picked it up. Also, Harry mentions that he saw Avalon, and is working on a review.

Pictures of Breath of Fire for GBA are available at Gamespot . Supposedly there are new environments and easier gameplay. The game will be released in Japan around July, with no American release dates confirmed.

3-20-01—- Daa! Daa! Festival 2001

The “Daa! Daa! Daa! Festival 2001” event will take place from 3/27 to 4/1 at Animate Ikebukuro, 8th floor. There one can find cels, illustrations, goods, etc on display, admission is free. Special events are planned for which one needs tickets:

3-31 Kawamura Mika signing session

4-1 Daa! Daa! Daa! Producer and Seiyuu Talk Show
Nazuka Kaori
Sanpei Yuuko
Kanai Mika
Chiba Chiemi

3-20-01—- Diamond Time

A new TV show called Diamond Time DX is airing on Sky PerfecTV channel 729 which has information on anime, games, and seiyuu.

3-20-01—- Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Movie # 3 On Billboard

The Billboard top video sales chart lists the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Movie in the #3 slot this week.

3-20-01—- Figures News reports:

Made from PVC, these gorgeous 7″(approx) Dark Angel Action Figures(SRP $12.95 each) from Toycom come packaged in a great lookingblister pack to compliment the figures. Dark Angel has 8 points ofarticulation and comes with sword and Kyo (small angel) and Leen has5 points of articulation and comes with 4 crystal balls and Shiki (smallangel).

These are Pre-Order Items, expected to be in Toycom’s warehouse by earlyJune. These will produced in limited quantity, and due to a verylarge response from showing the products at the recent NY Toyfair and theincreasing popularity of this great Manga comic book, Toycom has almostsold out their entire inventory.

This summer, Irwin will release the first wave of a new kind of action figure–figures that come with special rubber-like suits that can be used to “morph” this figure into a more powerful form!

In the case of these Secret Saiyan Warriors, each Saiyan figure, which will be about 4″ tall, will come with a Super Saiyan suit, so you can power-up the figures yourself!

Each figure will be articulated at the ankles, hips, waist, shoulders, and neck, and will retain this articulation to some degree within the outer suit.

Look for these in stores mid-summer, retailing for approximately

Anime News Service – March 9-14 Anime News

3-14-01—- Akira Restoration Comparison

Pioneer has updated it’s Akira restoration site with a comparison shot of the restoration being done on the film, you can view it here.

3-14-01—- Yamato Eternal Edition Conclusion CD

The score of ‘Chapter Of Space Battleship Yamato Conclusion’ which opened in theaters in Japan in 1983 is headed to CD as part of Nippon Columbia’s Yamato Eternal Editon collection. “File No. 8.9” retails at 3,800 Yen and was released on March 1, 2001. On disc are 21 tracks of rare BGM music. “Space Battleship ETERNAL EDITION File No. 10 “Space battleship Yamato vocal collection” goes on sale at 2500 Yen when it is released on March 31. The CD includes 14 tracks of vocal tunes, a limited edition BOX will go sale also with a limited production run of 5000.

3-14-01—- Anime Videos In Kids Top 10

The Top 10 Childrens Videos as of March 17, 2001 as posted to The WB Animation Archive:

2.“Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins,” DIC Entertainment.
6. “Digimon: The Movie,” FoxVideo.
8. “Pokemon: The Movie 2000,” Warner Home Video.
10. “Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker,” Warner Home Video.

3-14-01—- Figure / Toy News

Toynami has posted images of their Capcom vs SNK key chains. has posted these“>this article on the recently released Great Mazinga figure.

The Getter 1 Robo figure which is part of the Getter Robo Kubrick Box Set is shipping with a variant head that will be based on either the manga or anime version of the character. Boxes containing the variant carry a silver starburst sticker on the front panel (with Japanese text) for easy identification.

3-14-01—- Amano And DC

DC comics has announced new painted posters of Batman and Superman (individually) by well known artist and character designer Yoshitaka Amano, each retails at $7.95 and the posters arrive in stores on July 18. Each measures 22″ x 34.

3-14-01—- Sen to Chihiro Going Digital

According to the March the 13rd issue of Nippon Keizai Shimbun, Movie distributor firm Toho and telecommunication company NTT West Japan decided to conduct tests on distribution of digitalized films via high-speed network joinly with the Geneal Affairs Ministry. They start distribution of Miyazaki’s latest film Sen to Chihiro in July to some Toho-running theaters in Osaka. Toho also plans to conduct tests on distribution of Final Fantasy movie in fall via digital network.

Source: ANN

3-14-01—- DVD News

Anime News Network is reporting the following info gleaned from a reader’s email response to ADV Films:

“Sorcerer Hunters 2 is in the works (in fact, I have the relevant masters piled up on my desk right now ;p). Nadesico will be 6 DVDs; the last two volumes will have 5 each. We’ll definitely be releasing the Prince of Darkness movie; no news yet on the Gekigangar 3 OAV. We’ll be doing the remaining two missions of Dirty Pair Flash, as well as the original Dirty Pair OAVs.

Andy Kent ADV Films”

Anime On DVD is reporting:

Some folks have started seeing the Rurouni Kenshin/Samurai X movie DVD appearing in a few stores over the past couple of days and have come across a problem; there’s no reversible cover! Recalling when the OVA’s came out, ADV indicated that the movie would receive the same treatment, allowing those who don’t want to see the Samurai X logo on the cover the ability to see the original Japanese logo. So what happened? According to ADV, the printer goofed and there is indeed supposed to be a reversible cover, not just a Samurai X one. The printer will be redoing them (and handling the trade ins, as it was their error) with details to follow soon both here and from the ADV website.

3-14-01—- DBZ Megacon Report

According to DBZ Kingdom:

MegaCon in Orlando (March 2-4) was an enormous success for Dragon Ball Z and its fans. FUNimation was there in full force selling products and giving out information about Blue Gender and Yu Yu Hakusho while Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, was interacting with the fans. The FUNimation booth had to be the busiest of the show. Fans came by to chat, ask questions, buy cool new DBZ merchandise and to show off their DBZ costumes. Fans lined up outside the booth daily to get autographs from Schemmel. Autographs lines exceeded 2 hours each day. Schemmel said, “MegaCon was absolutely unbelievable. I was so glad to see so many fans come out…My personal thanks to every single fan who waited in line for hours…It was my sincerest pleasure to meet each and every one of you and I hope to do so again.” Hunter Muse, FUNimation’s representative at MegaCon, said, “Dragon Ball Z fans are the coolest, most die hard, loyal fans I have ever met. It was great to talk with them, answer their questions and see their reaction to Sean.” Saturday and Sunday fans were treated to a 30 minute Q and A with Schemmel that was followed by a sneak preview of videos Great Saiyaman – Declaration (Saturday) and Great Saiyaman – Gohan’s Secret (Sunday). During the Q and A, Schemmel talked about how he started with DBZ and what is involved in being a voice actor. Schemmel constantly had the crowd roaring with his one liners and various impressions.

3-14-01—- Sean Scemmel Chat

From Planet Namek The long awaited chat with Sean Schemmel, voice of Goku, is here. Wednesday March 14, 2001 we will run our first live chat with Schemmel. Since this chat is our first this will also be a test. Please pay close attention to the chat rules. Only 100 simultaneous users will be allowed in the room. We apologize more people will not be able to get into the room. We want to keep the numbers low for the first time to ensure success. If all goes well with this chat we will allow up to 500 people in the room next time. If that goes well we may allow even more later. (We are tentatively planning on having a chat

Anime News Service – March 1-8 Anime News

3-8-01—- Big O Official

Excerpted from the press release:

There’s A New Giant Robot On The Block BIG O Joins Toonami Line-up on Cartoon Network on April 2

Cartoon Network will premiere BIG O (TV-Y7/FV) on Monday, April 2 at 5:30 p.m. (ET, PST) as part of the Toonami action-adventure programming block. This marks the first time that the Japanese animated series will appear on American television. BIG O will replace Outlaw Star in the Toonami line-up. BIG O takes place 40 years after a mysterious occurrence known only as “The Event” has destroyed Paradigm City and erased the memories of its citizens. Although Paradigm City has since recovered, it maintains an austere existence under police rule and its citizens are forever questioning what happened to them 40 years ago. Roger Smith, also known as The Negotiator, travels through Paradigm City’s bleak urban landscape, rubbing elbows with both shady criminals and captains of industry. He solves problems on behalf of his clients, while he struggles with his own mysterious past. In his quest to safeguard Paradigm City, the Negotiator is assisted by Norman, his loyal butler, Dorothy, an android companion and BIG O, a towering robot.

Toonami, Cartoon Network’s popular afternoon action-adventure programming block airs weekdays 4-7p.m. (ET, PT) and features programs like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo!, Outlaw Star and Ronin Warriors. Intermittently throughout the three-hour programming block, Toonami features popular music, computer generated 3-D animation segments and the block’s host, TOM, an animated character who inhabits the space vessel Absolution.

3-8-01—- Irwin Toy Bought Out

Irwin Toy, license holder for Dragonball Z action figures, announced Tuesday, March 6 that it had been acquired by Livgroup Investments Ltd., a private holding company. Livgroup bought 100% of Irwin stock, for which they paid $6.25 per share, for a total of nearly $55 million, a figure which includes the debt they assumed from Irwin. This announcement comes nearly a week after rumors that Irwin was in negotiations to sell. There was speculation that one of hte major US toy companies, such as Hasbor or Mattel, was the potential buyer; however, Livgroup Investments, owned by investor Richard Ivey and consumer products specialist Jean-René Halde, turned out to be the buyer. Mr. Halde, who has experience in consumer products companies throughout Canada, will step in as new CEO.

“What I like is that they’ve gone from, 10 years ago, basically being a distributor of products in Canada to today being a manufacturer of exclusive products which seem to be doing well in the U.S. and other countries,” Mr. Halde said.


3-8-01—- X Suspended In Animerica Extra

From the Viz release:

The serialization of X/1999 has been suspended in the manga anthology Animerica Extra starting in Volume 4, Number 5. We apologize for the suspension, especially during a crucial point in the plot, but we must adhere to the terms in our contract for publishing X/1999. Our licensing department is working to bring the title back to Animerica Extra for Volume, 4, Number 9 and to be sure that this type of problem can be prevented in the future.

3-8-01—- DBZ Manga Uncut Update

According to Viz via Planet Namek:

AND NOW…A SHOCKING MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR! As most of you know, back in Dragon Ball Part 3 #3, we announced that due to parental complaints the Dragon Ball manga was going to be “edited” for content. Soon after that, we got hundreds of letters and e-mails begging us not to censor the manga. An online petition to bring back uncensored Dragon Ball was set up by Julian Grybowski, and soon got more than 10, 000 signatures. We listened to your suggestions, and now we are proud to announce:


After much consideration, we’ve decided that this is the best way to do it. Many of you suggested this (too many to thank you all individually), and you can see the label on this comic and on Dragon Ball Vol. 4 which came out in February. Also, we will soon be reprinting Dragon Ball Vol. 1-3 and re-inserting the material which was censored in the graphic novel version. You can tell which is the uncensored version because it’ll have the “13 and Up” label in the lower right corner. The censored graphic novels will not be reprinted and will soon be unavailable.

Because of this label, you might not be able to find Dragon Ball graphic novels at certain large chain stores. (You should still be able to find Dragon Ball Z.) However, we at Viz have decided that this trade-off is worth it-it’s better to keep Toriyama’s spirit intact. Our thanks go out to all the fans who signed the petition and wrote us intelligent letters saying what you think-it’s because of you and all the other Dragon Ball readers that this happened.

3-8-01—- Financial Stance Of Tokuma

According to Anime News Network:

Speaking with Nippon Keizai Shimbun (“Japan Economic Newswire”) in an interview published on March 8th, Matsushita Takeyoshi, the new president of Tokuma, announced the sale of several divisions in order to cut the company’s 100 billion yen (US$840 million)debt, which includes a 5 billion yen operating deficit for the 1999 fiscal year. He said that it should take the company 4-5 years to pay off its debt.

Tokuma has already sold its Direct TV assets, as well as cut back its operation in BS and CATV. Their movie division, Daiei will also suspend all major production for a while.

On the other hand, Tokuma is launching 3 new magazines geared towards female students and middle aged people. And most importantly to Anime fans, Tokuma will not be selling Studio Ghibli. It is expected that Ghibli will turn a profit with Miyazaki’s latest film, Sen to Chihiro.

3-8-01—- Sen To Chihiro Image Album

A post to the mailing list mentions the image Album of Studio Ghibli’s latest film, “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” will be released on April 4, 2001. The cover can be viewed here.


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