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Anime News Service – April 8-19 Anime News

4-19-01—- Live Action Star Blazers News

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

AICN has a review of the script for the long-awaited Disney live-action version of Star Blazers.

4-19-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports:

Some new light has been shed regarding the Ranma 1/2 OVA DVD release from last year. Some may recall that the set had an inverted audio problem that caused headaches for some people (whereas others barely even noticed it if at all) and we had heard from Viz at the convention circuit earlier this year that replacements were in the works and there’d be a swap out deal of some sort. I believe we did cover this before, but just to be on the safe side, the folks at Right Stuf (who handles Pioneer’s customer service and other issues like this) now have confirmed and passed onto their CSR’s that this is an open-ended program if you do have this set that is defective. So be sure to contact them. The way to tell the difference between the two sets (I believe) is that the original has the clear plastic slipcase the slides DOWN over the box like the Tenchi Muyo box set. The new versions have the same slipcase but it’s like the second Fushigi Yugi box in that it slips the disc in on the side, like a book into a boxset.

According to a new post on the Anime On DVD forum from currently vacationing rep David Williams of ADV, Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8 is set for a 6/26 release, bringing the series to its conclusion.

4-19-01—- Akira Cali Dates

Anime On DVD reports on new Akira theatrical dates for 4/27/2001: Digital Screenings at AMC MEDIA CENTER NORTH 6 770 North First Street Burbank, CA 818-953-9800

AMC 1000 VAN NESS San Fransisco, CA 415-922-4262

4-19-01—- Digimon Spanish News

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

Luis Daniel Ramirez, the Spanish voice of Angemon has announced that they will began dubbing the second season of Digimon on April 17th. Thanks to Mauricio Villarroel for the information.

4-19-01—- June Anime Goods

From the UMJAMS Anime News report:

Diamond Distributor’s Previews magazine is listing the following items for a June time frame release. It is very likely that some will be delayed, and others are already being solicited or post June releases.

Dark Horse Comics will be releasing action figures based on Minnie May, and Rally from Gunsmith Cats. The figures are 6″ tall, and have 10 points of articulation. Both were approved by creator/manga artist Kenichi Sonoda, and will retail for $14.99 each. Both come with an assortment of weapons. (Rally’s is more true to the manga as her gun models match what she used in the manga where as Minnie comes with a a machine gun, and two small handguns in addition to her grenades. This September Dark Horse will be importing two resin statues of Dirty Pair partners Kei and Yuri for $69.99 each. The statues are 8 ½ tall, 1/8th scale, sculpted by Amaha Minatogawa and are fully painted and ready to display. Two t-shirts of the Dirty Pair couple, and two addition t-shirts of the individual members with art by Adam Warren will be released in June. Also arriving in September will be an imported action figure of Shadow Lady for $34.98. Sculpted by Shigeru Yamazaki, the figure comes with a detailed display base and includes De-Mo, her pint-sized, bat-winged sidekick. The figure features limited articulation. An Akira tube poster set, with four posters 15 ½” x 19 ½” posts will retail for 19.99.

A Silent Mobius Tenth Anniversary Lithograph will be released for 25.00. It features a full color image by Kia Asamiya measuring 11 x 17 and is printed on a special, thick, porous paper stock at Asamiya’s personal request. This limited lithograph is specially numbered in red, and limited to 333 copies.

Other t-shirts being released in June include new Dragon Ball Z shirts of Cell saga era events, entitled “Frontline”, “Gohan’s True Power”, and “Hi Density Trunks”. Also being released is a t-shirt of the fan service laden Agent Aika entitled “Little White Secrets”. Robtech -shirts of “Robotech Super Fortress” and “Robotech Veritech Reflective Logo ” are due to be released. Gundam Wing fans can look forward to “Gundam vs. Epyon” and “Gundam Zero Leader” shirts, and a Deathscythe Hell hat. A Martian Sucessor Nadesico “Prayer for Ruri “, and two Kenshin t-shirts “Samurai X Kenshin Collage” and “Samurai X Shadow” will be released. Also being released will be the horror t-shirt entries of t-shirts of Vampire Hunter D “Gathering Storm”, and Wicked City.

In the bust category we can expect Krillin of Dragon Ball Z, and Wolfwood of Trigun for $52.80 each. Krillin will be the second release in Palisades Marketing’s Dragon Ball Z line. The cold-cast resin bust measures approximately 6 ½” tall and comes mounted on a sculpted logo base, apackaged in a collector’s window box.

In the mecha arena the much anticipated Giant Robo die cast figures are due. The figures can in boozako and missile variants and retail for 45.00. The imported 8″ figures are 80% metal and come with Genrei figures. An imported Mazinger Z Resin Statue will retail for 199.99. The painted statue features the Mazinger standing 14 tall, with an 18 wide base with a foot on top of a defeated Garuda K-7. The sixth set of Evangelion Kubricks will feature Misato Katsuragi, EVA-01 Overdrive Version (with removable helmet), and Zaruel The 14th Angel for $12.99. The blue Ghost in the Shell Fuchikoma statue with Batoh is being solicited, but will be released in August. The 6″ figure retails for 65.00.

An other statues being released is a King of Fighters 2000 Cula Diamond Resin Statue for $74.99. The imported statue features an 1/8th scale resin statue was sculpted by Eiji Nakayama, and comes mounted on a display base, enhanced with simulated diamond crystals emerging from the base. The vinyl statues of Final Fantasy VIII’s Laguna Loire, and Quistis Trepe will be re-released for $39.99 each.

The demonic looking figure

Anime News Service – April 2-8 Anime News

4-7-01—- Evangelion Movie DVD Extras Scoop

Thanks to Adrian for the following:

Hi, I came across this interesting post on the madman entertainment fourm (australian distro for ADV, manga and Funimation titles) it is a reply letter from tiffany grant, it mentions that there will be many interviews including one that she did with Mr. Yamaga at Fanime con it will appear on the eva movies dvd’s i’ve posted the post below

Ok, some of you will remember a while ago I sent an email off to Tiffany Grant asking her whats up with the voices. I know this issue has been resolved but I’ll just post it here anyway.


Hello Adrian,

Thank you so much for your kind, supportive letter. WIthout fans like you, there would be no point in doing these shows. I am so glad you enjoyed Eva & my performance in it. It was a great thrill & hoor fo rme to be able to participate on such a ground breaking show.

I have no idea whatsoever how there could be any rumors that I am not working on the Eva movies. Ever since Manga Entertainment announced they had rights to them, they began confirming that we all wanted to reprise our roles. I was contacted by Manga about three days after the official announcement. That was July 1999, and the plans do seem to be finally coming together.

At Fanime Con in San Jose last weekend, they began recording the first of many interviews that will appear on the DVD – including myself & Gainax co-counder, Mr. Yamaga (co-producer of the NGE series & movies).

— Has there been any of the original cast that has not lent their voice in the movies? And if so who?

Well, it looks like we will begin recording in a few months time. The translation should begin soon, and then the adaptaion will be written. I will be sure to put out updates when there is actual news to report. So, since we have not yet recorded, I can’t exactly answer your question. I had heard at one point that 12 or 13 original cast members were confirmed. I am not sure who will portray Toji as there were actually three different VAs for the role in the series.

Thanks once again, for your support, Adrian, I truly appreciate it.

Best wishes, Tiffany Grant

Toji had 3 OVA? Weird

4-7-01—- Cinema / Gaming News Links

Thanks to Daniel for his latest submissions on the cutting edge of Gaming / Movie news:

I got this from the April 6th edition of

“Sony’s Columbia Pictures Productions (Asia) is planning to produce a number of Chinese-language films in Hong Kong, several of which will feature stars of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the Hong Kong Oriental Daily reports. The company, according to the newspaper, is currently preparing to produce a “Charlie’s Angels-style film” with “a bevy of beautiful actresses, ” including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon singer (“A Love Before Time) Coco Lee. The film, titled Angels of the Dusk, is due to be shot in Thailand and Shanghai. Columbia has also signed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Zhang Ziyi to star in a film titled Golden Zenith, the newspaper said. Each of the films, the newspaper said, was budgeted at about $5 million.”

According to jagged team, an event called Tv Game Kingdom 2001 is expected to be held in the Tokyo Dome on June 16 and 17. Nintendo, Sega, Sony and other game developers might appear.

You can also read about GameJam-an event Sega holds to celebrate the Dreamcast-at jagged team.

There was a small error on the Sonic 2 release date. It will be June 19, not the 23rd. And according to gamespot, it will be a worldwide release.

gamespot mentions that Enix has now shipped over 4 million copies of Dragon Quest 7 to Japan. The second chapter of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 is expected to be in Japan on April 12.

Based on information found at gamespot , PSO users now number over 200,000, counting those in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

The Dreamcast game, Confidential Mission, is expected to be released in Japan on June 14, for about $47. This information was obtained at gamespot

You can read about national gaming statistics-for the U.S.-at gamespot .

And finally, a new clip of Shen Mue II is available gamespot .

jagged team has linked a Konami pre-site for Silent Hill 2. The official site will be out in August, with the actual game supposed to be out later this fall.

Also, according to jagged team , the home version of Sega’s 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker will not have any online options.

And finally, if you feel like posting this, AICN has linked the Rush Hour 2 trailer.

4-7-01—- Figures News reports:

Takara has announced that they will indeed be releasing a reissue of Starscream, one of the most evil characters from the Transformers series. The figure, as with all of the reissues, will be recast from the original mold, and will therefore be an exact reproduction.

It is unknown at this point if Takara will also release variants of the figure, but it is probably a safe bet that we’ll at least see a black variant of some kind.

Also unknown at this point is whether or not Takara will continue with the reissue line, despite the fact that it has been a solid hit with collectors. The fact that Takara had no Transformers on display at the Tokyo Toy Fair might spell bad news for the line, but only time will tell.

Starscream will retail for around $40.00 in the US.

Takara has announced the lineup for the third wave of their popular PVC versions of generation one Transformers. Act 3 will feature figures of much more varied heights than the previous two series, and will apparently there will be no more clear variants.

Act 3 will include:

Fortess Maximus (standing nearly 5″) Raiden (the Trainbot combiner, not seen in US) Soundwave

Anime News Service – March 21 – April 1 Anime News

4-1-01—- Toynami Announces Release Dates

Toynami has announced the release for their 12″ Tenchi Figure Set (composed of Ayeka, Tenchi and Ryoko) has been pushed back to late May. The delay is said to be due to a last minute modification in the dolls.

Future Schedule:
Robotech Figurines/Keychains: Available
SNK VS Capcom Keychains: Available
Robotech Super Deformed Morphers: Available May
Tenchi 12″ Dolls: Available May

4-1-01—- DOA 3 Clip

Mad Man’s Café has uploaded a clip of about a 10% complete Dead or Alive 3 running on an Alpha version of X-Box.

4-1-01—- New Toriyama Project

Planet Namek is reporting on an ad in the April Monthly Jump apparently announcing DBZ creator Akira Toriyama’s new manga series:

” Witness Akira Toriyama’s New World! In the June issue…Akira Toriyama enters again! At last, his new drawn work will be released! This is Akira Toriyama’s trump card! “

4-1-01—- Robotech DVD News

The Right Stuf lists the first two Robotech DVD’s as being delayed from 5/22 to a 6/19 release. ADV’s Robotech Macross Saga Box DVD Set is also slated for release on 6/19 including audio commentary track with Carl Macek, production sketches and international clip in French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese audio.

3-31-01—- Macross Restoration

AnimEigo has posted from their restoration of the original Macross TV series here.

3-31-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports Manga will release Production I.G.’s 45 min. Computer aided anime film Blood: The Last Vampire on 7/31 for $24.95. Landlock is due on on 6/26, retailing at $29.95

AnimEigo’s site mentions Urusei Yatsura Sets 2 & 3, Vampire Miyu, Baoh, and Oh My Goddess are being authored now.

Delayed to a 4/17 release is the Cartoon Network edited dub only versions of Blue Submarine No. 6 and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz (movie only). The Armored Trooper Votoms TV Series DVD’s are now delayed to 5/29.

3-31-01—- Billboard Charts Update

From the latest Billboard Kids Video listings this week:

3. `Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins’
9. `Sailor Moon: Red Hearts’
10. “Digimon: The Movie,” FoxVideo.

3-31-01—- Guardians Updates

Guardians Of Order has announced it’s latest supplement for the Big Eyes Small Mouth RPG, Cute & Fuzzy Cockfighting Seizure Monsters/ Cute & Fuzzy Seizure Monsters has been released weighing in at 112 pages and retailing at $15.95. The Centauri Knights supplement is out in mid April, retailing at $15.95. The Big Ears, Small Mouse BESM suppliment is due in late May. The El Hazard RPG is expected in late July retailing at $29.95. The Tenchi Universe supplement to the Tenchi Muyo RPG is due in early August, retailing at $19.95. The second Hong Kong Action Theatre! edition is slated for mid-July.

3-30-01—- Right Stuf To Carry Escaflowne Statues Exclusively

According to distributor The Right Stuf they have signed an exclusive deal with Bandai to exclusively distribute their Escaflowne Statue Collection. The painted cold-cast resin statues include12″ Hitomi and 9″ Escaflowne

3-30-01—- German Mononoke News’s mailing list was updated with a post containing news that the German dub of Mononoke Hime, “Prinzessin Mononoke”, is being released to German theaters on April 19, 2001. Initial reviews are appearing in movie magazines there now. The Japanese version of the film subbed in German subtitles is being shown at festivals including the Japanese movie festival at the 3001 cinema in Hamburg ( on April 16. The German voice of San is reportedly by the same voice actress of Sailor Mercury. A Buena Vista German spokesman reportedly has mentioned the release planned for the film is “small scale”, and this could be due to Mononoke’s unfortunately poor turnout outside of Japan. Quicktime trailers can be viewed here:6.3 MB Qicktime 3 and 7.6 Quicktime 4.

3-30-01—- Digital Manga Announces Synch-Point Production Division / FLCL / Tenshi Ni Narumon

Excerpted from the official Digital Manga

Official Press Release For Immediate Release: March 30, 2001

DIGITAL MANGA INC. announces SYNCH-POINT production division and the acquisition of I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL and FLCL

Los Angeles, CA – DIGITAL MANGA INC., is proud to announce SYNCH-POINT ( a new production division, which will be producing English language versions of Japanese animation.

SYNCH-POINT is also proud to announce the acquisition of I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL (TENSHI NI NARUMON) and FLCL for North American distribution.

With an original concept by HEAVEN PROJECT and produced by BANDAI VISUAL, STUDIO PIERROT, and TV TOKYO, I’M GONNA BE AN ANGEL is a 26-episode TV series that revolves around Noelle, a strange and innocent girl with a halo on her head. She meets and falls in love with Yuusuke, and moves her family of witches, vampires and demons into his house. But Yuusuke has a crush on Natsumi. When Noelle overhears Yuusuke referring to Natsumi as an angel, Noelle vows to become Yuusuke’s angel. But what does it really mean to become an angel? And why does Noelle already have a halo on her head?

FLCL is the wacky sci-fi OAV series from GAINAX (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION) and PRODUCTION I.G (BLOOD, JIN ROH). Naota has a problem. His older brother is out of the country. Now Naota seems to be seeing an awful lot of his brother’s girlfriend, Mamimi. And things get even harrier when Haruko whizzes in on her Vespa. She whacks Naota on the forehead with a bass guitar and now all kinds of things are growing from there. We haven’t even mentioned the aliens yet. What the heck is going on here? With outrageous characters, stunning visuals, and shocking gags, FLCL takes animation to a new level.

Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

For more information contact:
Ardith Santiago