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Anime News Service – May 15-25 Anime News

5-25-01—- New Anime July Shows

According to the writeup presented by Anihabara

Furit Basket (Jul.5 18:00, TV TOKYO) Stories about a girl, and strange family which transform into animals when they hold a woman. Directed by Daichi, Akitaro.
Cosmo Warrior Zero (AT-X) Matumoto Reiji’s new work. In the end of 30th century, human being is accepting the coexistence with mechanized people. However, Captain Harlock rebelled against them and went to the space. Warrior Zero is appointed to exterminator of him….
Shaman King (Jul.4 18:30, TV TOKYO) Shaman has a supernatural power which make ghosts haunt on his body, and use ghost’s power or special ability.
I-MY-ME Strawberry Egg (WOWOW[free]) Amawa Hibiki is a teacher, and she is a hot-blooded woman, but she is loved by girl students? Directed by Yamaguchi, Yuuji.
Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto [Magic Cat Girl Taruto]
Stories of a cat ear girl who studies magic.

5-25-01—- Range Murata Items On Ebay

Thanks to C.B. of Fanboy Entertainment for sending in this item:

First off, ESSENCE: The Art of Yoshitoshi ABe went on sale nationwide this week. Run down to your local comic shop this Wednesday and pick up your copy while they last!

Yes, we are aware our site has been hacked. While we were at Anime Central this past weekend, we were also in the process of changing our servers. Unfortunately, we were not able to devote 100% of our time to the switch and we were invaded by the Poison Box hackers. We have since corrected the problem and the sitre is back up an running!

As many of you know, we had lots of great exclusive Fanboy products on sale at Anime Central last weekend. Not all of the products sold out though and we wanted to make them available on the web to fans across the country who didn’t make the con. However, with our website now down, this presented a slight problem. So we’ve done the next best thing and taken some of the items to eBay where we are offering them for their original sale prices. The two items up on eBay now are the super popular Range Murata postcard set and the almost sold out Range Murata 2001 “Build It Yourself” Calendar. Click the following links to check out the items:

Postcard Set: here Calendar: here

5-25-01—- Spring And Chaos Release

Excerpted details from the press release:

TOKYOPOP® Anime’s first title, Shoji Kawamori’s Spring & Chaos, will arrive in stores Tuesday, May 29, 2001, as a Special Collector’s Edition DVD. To commemorate the release of this special film by the visionary anime director Shoji Kawamori, creator of such well-known titles as Macross and Escaflowne, each limited edition DVD comes in a collectible slipcase and includes a limited run animation cel from the film. Kawamori received his start in 1978 when, at the age of 18, he was tapped by STUDIO Nue to design mechanized robots for their new anime series, Daimos. With his next project, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, he cemented his reputation as an innovator of animated design with the creation of the Valkyrie, a transforming US Navy F-14 fighter plane, which was an introduction to anime for many fans worldwide. He would bring this renowned design sense to many of the most famous anime titles ever produced including, Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, PATLABOR 2: The Movie, and Wings of Escaflowne along with several returns to his most famous creation including Macross 7 and Macross Plus. In 1996, Kawamori lent his vision in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of one of Japan’s most respected poets, Kenji Miyazawa, with the film Spring & Chaos. The film symbolically recounts the life of Miyazawa and his work, which is known for its dramatic and surreal imagery. Kawamori exquisitely and powerfully portrays the heart of Miyazawa, the man and his works, in this animation masterpiece. To capture the essence of this scientist/poet, Kawamori employs several different animation techniques, including pencil animation, CGI, and hand-drawn animation. It is a must-see work for anyone interested in animation, Japanese culture, and the expression of art on film.

Spring & Chaos also includes, in addition to the special features, a booklet with facts about the film, biographical information about Kawamori and Miyazawa, and a poem written by Miyazawa in 1924. The DVD itself also includes a special interview with Kawamori and Producer/Sound Director Atsumi Tashiro.

Spring and Chaos Release Date: May 29, 2001 Item #: TPV-872 UPC: 6-45573-00872-7 Running Time: 57 min. / 10 min. Bonus English & Japanese Language Tracks Subtitles in English, Chinese, French, German, Korean, and Spanish. Appropriate for All Ages

5-25-01—- DBZ Season 5 Airdate Set


FUNimation is happy to announce that starting September 3 new episodes of Dragon Ball Z will begin airing on Cartoon Network. Until then, viewers can enjoy a double dose of their favorite TV series that is Cartoon Network’s No. 1-rated show. DBZ is being aired in back-to-back episodes in the popular Toonami block. The extended Dragon Ball Z lineup began May 14 and airs weeknights from 6-7 p.m. EDT, then 12 to 1 a.m. EDT for Toonami’s Midnight Run. “This is a testament to just how well-loved the characters of Dragon Ball Z have become,” said Gen Fukunaga, president of FUNimation, which introduced the Japanese TV series to America. “No other series has ever been allowed that amount of time during Toonami, so this obviously is a very exciting time – not only for FUNimation, but for all Dragon Ball Z fans.” In addition, the Cartoon Network has designated May 25 as Z Day, which means that the entire Toonami will be dedicated to airing Dragon Ball Z episodes. Viewers have been and can cast votes online for their top 2 DBZ episodes, which will be included in the May 25 broadcast. And starting June 25th, be sure to tune into Cartoon Network to watch the Dragon Ball series that will begin airing in the time slot immediately following DBZ. Dragon Ball is the series that started it all. Stay

Anime News Service – May 4-14 Anime News

5-14-01—- Nausicaa CD Giveaway and Milan Entertainment are promoting the North American release of their latest CD release by giving ten winners a copy of the Mononoke Hime Symphonic Suite CD. Interested fans can glean more here.

5-14-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD reports Central Park Media will release CLAMP’s swordplay and magic tossing epic RD Vega to DVD from 8/14. The disc will run 90 minutes in bilingual form with trailers and added art gallery.

According to the official FAQ updates at

The Garlic Jr. DVD’s that were scheduled to come out in June and July have been moved. We will let you know the rescheduled release dates as soon as they are available. Z Warriors Prepare has also been rescheduled. We are adding the Episodes 106-108 from the Trunks Prelude to Terror video to the Z Warriors Prepare DVD so it will contain 5 episodes (106-110). Continue to check here for updates on the VHS and DVD release schedule.

This just in: World Tournament – The Draw and World Tournament – Blackout, which are scheduled for VHS release on July 17, are anticipated to be the first videos to have simultaneous release of VHS and DVD. That means you will be able to get these videos on DVD July 17. This is the anticipated schedule, which means that it is not final and there could be a change. This is very exciting news. In addition, it is anticipated that every release after these will be simultaneous with VHS and DVD, providing that any new video release has not aired on Cartoon Network. Be sure to regularly check the FAQ’s for updates on the VHS and DVD release schedules.

From the Urban Vision Release:

Urban Vision Entertainment proudly announces the GATCHAMAN COLLECTION DVD

Gatchaman is back and better than ever on DVD!

“Stylish and elegant design… The mecha are terrific. ****” The Anime Movie Guide

Motion Menus! Digitally Enhanced! UV Trailers! UV Weblink! FREE GIFT INSIDE!

Gatchaman has been revamped – stylish and more dynamic than ever! The new OVAs manage to modernize the characters without compromising the design of the original series. This three volume mini-series continues the story from the 1970’s hit TV series — known as “Battle of the Planets” & “G-Force” on U.S. television –through to the ultimate confrontation between the Alien Galactors and the Human Race.

This disc contains all three volumes:
Volume 1 “The Dragon King”
Volume 2 “The Red Specter”
Volume 3 “The Final Countdown”

Msrp $29.95, in stores 7/17/01
UPC: 638652107008
Not rated. Contains mild violence. Parental discretion is advised.

Approx. running time: 135 minutes: three 45 min. episodes

All rights reserved.
Packaging Design ©2001 Urban Vision Entertainment
Licensed for private home use in US & Canada only. Region 1 encoding Licensed through HARMONY GOLD U.S.A. INC
Produced by Tatsunoko Productions
Directed by Hiroyuki Fukushima/Akihiko Nishiyama
Written by ART MIC
Character Design by Yasuomi Umezu
Music by Maurice White and Bill Meyers
English Language Version Written and Directed by Steve Kramer

Special Thanks to SOFTCAPITAL Q-1

5-13-01—- Akadot Cell Collecting Article

Akadot is running an article on the art of and behind the activity of cell collecting at this link.

5-13-01—- Anime Expo Guests

According to the current Guest Of Honor queue at the Anime Expo website:

KIA ASAMIYA Manga Guest of Honor for AX2001! Anime Expo is proud to announce Mr. Kia Asamiya as a Guest of Honor for Anime Expo 2001. A prolific manga artist, Mr. Asamiya’s first title debuted in 1986. In 1988, his most well-known manga, Silent Mobius, began publication. His other works include Dark Angel, Compiler, Steam Detectives, and Corrector Yui. Several of his works have been adapted into animated television series, video series, and movies. Mr. Asamiya is also a renowned illustrator and has published numerous artbooks. He is currently working on a special Batman™ story with D.C. Comics.

SCOTT FRAZIER Reunion Guest of Honor from AX93, AX94 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of Mr. Scott Frazier, one of Anime Expo’s 10th anniversary reunion guests. Mr. Frazier has contributed much to the anime industry in various fields. He served as the Episode Director of Susie-chan & Marvy, the Supervisor of Quo Vadis 2, and the Technical Director of Grandstram. He also worked on the backgrounds for Genocyber 1-3, and Moldiver. His other works include Cel Checking for Bubblegum Crash 1-3 and production work for RikiOh 2. And last but not least, Mr. Frazier was the creator and artist of Transcendence, an original manga.

NOBORU ISHIGURO Reunion Guest of Honor from AX95, AX96 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of one of the “honored grandfathers” of Japanese animation and esteemed pillar of the anime industry, Mr. Noboru Ishiguro. Mr. Ishiguro has worked in the anime industry for a very long time and brings with him a well-known history of being Director of Spacecruiser Yamato (a.k.a. Starblazers), Legend of Galactic Heroes, Megazone 23, Macross TV series and Macross: Do You Remember Love? movie, and countless other popular anime titles.

HIDENORI MATSUBARA Anime Guest of Honor for AX2001! Anime Expo is pleased to announce its latest Guest of Honor, Mr. Hidenori Matsubara. Mr. Matsubara has been working in the anime industry for a long time and has served as an animator on such series as Otaku no Video, Ranma 1/2, Macross II, Patlabor: The Movie and Blue Submarine No. 6. He is best-known to anime fans as the man who adapted manga artist Kosuke Fujishima’s designs for animation in the original Ah! My Goddess OVA series and the 2000 Ah! My Goddess movie. He is also the character designer for the Sakura Taisen TV series, once again, adapting Mr. Fujishima’s designs. This is Mr. Matsubara’s first U.S. convention appearance.

HARUHIKO MIKIMOTO Reunion Guest of Honor from AX92, AX95 Anime Expo is pleased to announce the appearance of one of the most popular character designers of anime fandom, Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto. Mr. Mikimoto is best known for his work as character designer for Macross TV series, Macross: Do You

Anime News Service – April 20 – May 3 Anime News

5-3-01—- Online Animation School Backed By Industry Giants Opens

An online animation school by Telecom opened on April 2, 2001 at Only in Japanese at present, the school has download-able assignments that students are graded on. The school uses a customized version of “RetasPro PencilMan” called “PencilMan School” that is provided upon sign up. The course fee is 55,500 Yen. Studios that are backing the venture include Sunrise, Studio Pierrot, and Studio Ghibli.

5-3-01—- DVD News

Anime On DVD is running these The Right Stuf released Central Park Media DVD street dates:

Utena, Revolutionary Girl: The Movie – 11/13/2001 – 80 minutes – 29.99$
Beast City 1-2 – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Strange Love – 10/09/2001 – 80 minutes – 29.99$
Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings: Under Fire – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Sins of the Sisters – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Ping Pong Club 5: Goes for Broke – 11/13/2001 – 180 minutes – 29.99$
Night on the Galactic Railroad – 10/09/2001 – 108 minutes – 29.99$
My My Mai (1-2) – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Battle Skipper: The Movie (1-3) – 11/13/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Teacher’s Pet – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Spaceship Agga Ruter 1-2 – 10/09/2001 – 120 minutes – 29.99$
Masquerade 1-2 – 09/11/2001 – 120 minutes – 29.99$
Fencer of Minerva 2: The Tempest – 08/14/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion 3/4 – 08/14/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion 5/6 – 10/09/2001 – 90 minutes – 29.99$
Demon Beast Invasion Box Set – 10/09/2001 – 270 minutes – 79.99$

Anime On DVD is reporting Matt Greenfield of ADV reportedly listed both the Sakura Wars TV series and Sakura Wars OVA 2 as licensed by their company in a Sakura Con panel followup.

5-3-01—- Hi Res Captures Of Giant Gundam

First reported on about 1 year ago, Aint It Cool News has a report and several hi resolution images of a giant Zeta Gundam MS constructed by an engineer in Japan.

5-3-01—- Neil Gaiman On Avalon

English Princess Mononoke script writer, Neil Gaiman will apparently writing some material on the English release of Mamoru Oshii’s Avalon according to AICN:

…with the writers strike looming, I am madly trying to finish writing some additional material for a very cool Polish/Japanese film called AVALON, so am spending all my time in my hotel room playing and replaying the video of the film and making notes and writing bits.

5-3-01—- Figures News


Irwin’s new 12” figures, Future Trunks and Tien, are now available at toy stores nationwide. Both figures are ultra-posable, and have real cloth outfits.The figures come in window boxes, and retail for $19.99-$27.99.

Takara has announced three more sets of show-exclusive G1 Transformer reissues. The additional sets include: Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge Inferno and Grapple Trailbreaker and Hoist Unfortunately, since these are Japanese toy show exclusives, they will be extremely hard and expensive for US residents to obtain.

Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, is now immortalized in this new 1/8 scale cold-cast resin bust, designed and sculpted by Raven Hood! The bust itself is 6”, and is approximately 8.75” tall with the base. This is the first in a series of statues and busts, with a bust of Megatron, the leader of the evil Decepticons, planned as the next release. The bust is available through the May 2001 issue of Previews and carries a price tag of $49.99.

5-3-01—- Anime Yuuenchi Guests

The previously mentioned Kodomo no Hi Anime Yuuenchi event on 5/5 will feature such big name guests as Anno Hideaki, Takamori Yoshino, Inoue Kikuko, Ohtsuka Akio, Hayashibara Megumi, Miyamura Yuko, Mitsuishi Kotono and Toyoguchi Megumi.

5-1-01—- 3rd Akadot Cowboy Bebop Contest

Akadot’s 3rd Cowboy Bebop contest has been posted here, the prize is a Cowboy Bebop Artbook ( courtesy of signed by Bebop’s character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, director Shinichiro Watanabe and screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto.

5-1-01—- Morning Musume Manga

Thanks to Shizuki for this news:

A manga series based on the j-pop idol group, Morning Musume, is going to start in the June 2001 issue of Nakayoshi (Kodansha). The manga title will be called “Musume. Monogatari,” and it will be drawn by Kamisaki Yutaka. The Mini-Moni (a sub-group of Morning Musume) already has a manga series running in the magazine Shogaku 2-nensei (2nd Grader).

5-1-01—- Figure News

Kaiyodo’s newly unveiled Cowboy Bebop action figure line. Spike’s figure can be viewed at the link.

Kaiyodo’s new Trigun figure, Money The Gail can be viewed at the link. Gainax’s popular anime series has been keeping oversea toy company Kaiyodo very busy. Not only has the public received accurately detailed figures of the bio-mechanical Evangelions Eva-00, Eva-01, Eva-02, Eva-03, Eva-04 and the shy, red-eyed Rei Ayanami, but exceptionally unpainted, clear variants. And if that were not enough, Kaiyodo repeated their run of Evangelions, only this time applying metallic paint and also released a massive Box Set of EVA 01. As the saying goes, their can’t be enough a good thing. Later this year (Fall), Kaiyodo will be releasing two new Eva Units: Eva-01 Test Type Full Action Figure: Matsumura Version and Eva-05 Mass Production Model Full Action Figure. Click below for a better look at our exclusive Eva-01 prototype pic- on display at Tokyo Toy Show 2001!

5-1-01—- Manga Eva Movie Update

More news from Sakura Con courtesy of a report to the Anime On DVD forum:

In regards to the Evangelion movies, “It is looking like a two disc set including both movies, set for around the end of October. The disc will also feature lots of extras including voice director commentary (English), VA interviews, director interview. He said that there will about 2 hours of extras included. He also confirmed that there will be no edits.” Once the Evangelion movies are done, “Virus Buster Surge, Ghost Sweeper and Astro Boy. Virus Buster Surge might also include a commentary track.