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Anime News Service – June 9-29 Anime News

6-29-01—- Tomoko Kawakami Anime Expo Appearance Hosted By Synch-Point

From the release:

Synch-Point is proud to host Tomoko KAWAKAMI for Anime Expo 2001.

LOS ANGELES, CA – Best known for her voice acting in such memorable anime as Revolutionary Girl Utena (Utena), Fushigi Yuugi (Chiriko) and Tenshi ni Narumon (Noelle), the talented Ms. Kawakami amazes animation fans everywhere with her vocal range.

A special guest of Synch-Point (Digital Manga, Inc.), Ms. Kawakami will be participating in several panels at Anime Expo.

Barring schedule changes, Ms. Kawakami has a planned joint panel with Kunihiko IKUHARA, Director of Revolutionary Girl Utena will be held on Friday and a special Tenshi ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel to be held the same day!

Ikuhara urges fans to meet Ms. Kawakami. In a statement released by the famed director, he says “Tomoko Kawakami is a talented voice actress. She has many kinds of voices that range from pretty and cool, to strong. And of course, she looks good! I encourage you to meet her. She’s a lot of fun.”

Ms. Kawakami will be a key panel member of a special Tenshi Ni Narumon!/Synch-Point panel with Diana Kou (English voice of Noelle) to discuss the finer points of voiceover acting and Tenshi ni Narumon! on Friday. This in-depth panel will cover various Digital Manga projects and the trials and tribulations of translating a challenging series like Tenshi ni Narumon!/I’m Gonna Be An Angel! to English. Other panel speakers include Fusako Shiotani (English voice over director) and Stephanie Sheh (producer).

Synch-Point is the Production division of Digital Manga, Inc. Founded in 1996, DIGITAL MANGA INC. is dedicated to bringing quality anime and manga experiences to both fans and the mainstream. DIGITAL MANGA localizes and produces titles in English that communicate across culture lines and commits itself to bridging communications between the US and Japan. DIGITAL MANGA devotes itself to strengthening ties with Japanese anime studios and product manufacturers with the goal of making Japanese anime more understood in the United States and other countries.

6-28-01—- Robotech Release News

According to a post to the Anime On DVD forum by ADV’s David Williams, a 9/18 release has been set for Robotech discs 5 & 6 ($14.95 each) and the 3rd box set ($44.95).

6-28-01—- Gundam Ace Magazine In Japan

Anihabara mentions a new magazine called “Gundam Ace” was recently started in Japan, it features the manga “Kidou Senshi Gundam the Origin” by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, who worked on many of the Gundam series, but this is his first time to illustrate a comic.

6-28-01—- Orphen Limited Edition Figure

ADV Films is offering a chance to win an exclusive Orphen figure through their website where only 150 limited release porcelain figures were created.

6-28-01—- Akira Items

According to an update on the Akira website, the DVD will feature a “Capsule Option” – translation of Japanese graffiti and over 4500 stills.

6-28-01—- Osamu Tezuka Online

According to Kyodo News:

Animation works by Osamu Tezuka, a deceased popular Japanese cartoonist, will be available on the Internet from August, Tezuka Production Co officials said Tuesday. The company and CONTENTS JAPAN, an Osaka-based Internet production firm, established a new web site to show the animations Tuesday

6-28-01—- Viz El Hazard Graphic Novels Delayed

Viz has announced via TSRI that they are delaying the pending release of the El Hazard graphic novels to a later, as yet unspecified date.

6-28-01—- Palisades Busts Delays

The Right Stuf mentions Plalisades Marketing’s Tenchi Muyo Ryoko Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/1, the DBZ Goku Mini Bust has been pushed back until 8/15.

6-28-01—- DBZ CD Release

Faulconer Productions has announced the release of 2 DBZ soundtracks on 7/15: the Trunks Compendium and the Best of DBZ.

6-28-01—- Fanboy Items

According to The Right Stuff Fanboy Inc has canceled the publication of their Kia Asamiya Sketch Collection: Sketchy Situations. Their upcoming release of Yoshitoshi ABe’s one shot manga White Rain, has been delayed to a 7/25 date.

6-27-01—- Resident Evil News

Daniel sends in the following:

I got this from First off, the film’s official title is Resident Evil: Ground Zero. Then the article explains why none of the characters from the games are in the movie. “Speaking to Shivers magazine, Anderson explained, “To be scary you have to be unpredictable, and that’s why I felt completely free to reinvent the story and use my own set of fresh characters. There was no point in using the Jill Valentine character from the first Resident Evil game, as the fans would know she wasn’t going to be killed because she pops up in the later games. The suspense dynamic of who is going to live, who is going to die and what people’s allegiances are was only going to work with new characters.”

6-27-01—- Japanese Cinema Bits

Thanks to Daniel for this news from the Asia AICN Report:

1)”The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Rose Cinemas (kinda long name, I know) is having a Kinji Fukasaku retrospect, and will be screening “Battle Royale” on July 6th, 7:30 pm. They are also screening his awesome “Black Lizard” along with some other lesser known stuff…

“More info can be found here:

3)”- Two new Japanese horror films have been completed. The first one, “Moju vs. Isshunbousi” was directed by legendary cult director Teruo Ishii while “Watashi No Hone” was directed by first time director Takayuki Ogino. I’ll keep you up-to-date on these films as more information is released.”

6-27-01—- Escaflowne News

According to the last DVD of Escaflowne (#8), there will be a limited release of the Escaflowne movie later in 2001, followed by a VHS and DVD release sometime in 2002. Bandai has also reserved the URL but has yet to add any content.

Thanks to Justin Evans for this item

6-26-01—- Boogiepop Phantom DVD Release

Anime On DVD has posted the following release dates and info on TSRI’s release of Boogipop Phantom:

Boogiepop Phantom Vol #1 – 09/25/01
Vol #2 – 10/30/01
Vol #3 – 11/27/01
Vol #4 – 01/29/02
Box Set (all 4 Volumes) – 1/29/02

Each individual vol. retails at $29.95 and has

Anime News Service – May 26 – June 8 Anime News

6-8-01—- Animeigo Street Delays

From the release:

We had previously announced a street date for BOAH DVD (AV200-062) and Vampire Princess Miyu 2 DVD (AV201-071). Those dates, however, have been put on hold indefinitely due to authoring house problems beyond our control. We will announce a new street date for both later this year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

6-8-01—- Figure News reports:

Toycom has a slew of Action Figures coming your way, all in limited supply.

*Future Ninja: has been sold out to distributors; the figures offered to the U.S. running ONLY 1000 pieces. SRP of $29.99 each.

*Giant Robo: scheduled for release this month for a SRP of $44.95. The two styles, Bazooka and Missile, will together be limited to just 6000 pieces.

*Samurai X and BERSERK: both scheduled for September release and both to have runs of 10,000 pieces.

Medicom, best known for their high quality version of another world-famous building block – Kubrick, will be celebrating 47 sets (and counting) this year with a Comic Con Exclusive. Exclusive in question will be Tetsujin 28 (aka “Gigantor”) available for the first time individually and featuring a “deep blue” metallic repaint. This Exclusive will be limited to only 2001 pieces and will only be available at Comic-Con International: San Diego and Wizard World Chicago.

Oversea toy maker Kaiyodo in partnership with Diamond will be unleashing a Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Unit 01 Glow-in-the-Dark Exclusive Figure at San Diego and Wizard World Chicago 2001. “The First Angel Adam” will come blister carded marked with a Comic Con Exclusive Sticker and limited worldwide to only 2001 pieces. Pictured above is a first hand look.

Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector and Irwin Toys have teamed up to produce an Exclusive Teen Trunks action figure. This new Limited Edition Trunks figure is Fully Articulated and is painted using an Exclusive Metallic paint. The only way to obtain this unique Teen Trunks figure is through a special subscription page in either Beckett Dragon Ball Z Collector or Beckett Pokemon Collector magazines. A released date is scheduled for late July andquantities are limited.

6-8-01—- DVD News

The Right Stuf mentions ADV Films will release Robotech Macross Saga DVD 3: Homecoming, DVD 4: Battlefront and the Robotech Macross DVD Box 2 on 8/7. City Hunter TV Series 10 is due on 6/19

6-8-01—- International Channel Items

UMJAMS Anime News reports:

The International Channel will repeat some of the anime features from April in June. Here is the schedule (schedules are subject to change without notice).

June 9 – Ninja Cadets – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 8 at 10 pm Pacific time) June 9 – Princess Rouge – 2 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 8 at 11 pm Pacific time) June 16 – Earthian (parts 1 and 2) – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 15 at 10 pm Pacific time) June 17 – Earthian (parts 3 and 4) – 1 am Eastern time (which is the same as June 16 at 10 pm Pacific time) In addition, we’ll repeat some of the Japanese movies. Please visit here for more information.

6-8-01—- Final Fantasy X News

From the Madman’s Cafe is relaying the following FFX News Items:

Square has released 5 wallpapers of Final Fantasy X in their new “downloads” section of the game’s promotional site in The released wallpapers individually feature Yuna, Tidus and Kimali.

Square and has released an Official commercial trailer of Final Fantasy X. The trailer is in streaming video, approximately 3 minutes long. For the 64Kbps and higher streaming video, check’s Movie Section. To save the movie for viewing after a download, check the site’s Real Media File.

Square has released a promotional sample of their upcoming Final Fantasy X theme song, “Suteki Da Ne”. The 45 second long sampler comes with an introduction announcement, one of which announcer is composer Nobuo Uematsu himself. For the sample, visit’s Section. The Maxi single CD of “Suteki Da Ne” is scheduled for release in 7/19, priced 1300 Yen. The CD will include the vocal & instrumental versions of the song, as well as “Utikisama”- an original song by vocalist Rikki, and “Pure Heart” – the arranged vocal version of Aerith’s Theme music from Final Fantasy VII.

Convenience store Seven-Eleven of Japan, has announced that a limited edition summon creature figure will come as a bonus for reservations of Final Fantasy X. While a series of summon creature figures are scheduled to be released for sales as products under the name “Final Fantasy Creatures”, the Valfare’ figure “Serial No.00” will only be available as a reservation bonus at Seven-Eleven. The bonus figure will come in three different variations- crystal, metallic, or full color. Reservers cannot select the color- it is chosen randomly.

6-7-01—- Figure News reports Toycom is set to release a line of Berserk action figures in September:
Guts (Hawk Soldier) (Item#:27207-1/UPC#: 6-93904-27207-1) , Guts (Black Swordsman) (Item#:27209-5/UPC#: 6-93904-27209-5) , Casca (Item#:27208-8/UPC#: 6-93904-27208-8) , and Griffith (Item#:27210-1/UPC#: 6-93904-27210-1).
Each is 7″ tall, and features 17 points of articulation. Retail is $17.99.

Yamato’s Dark Angel, Toycom imported Action Figures (in conjunction with Studio Tron: creators Kia Asamiya and Michitaka Kikuchi’s art studio and Fanboy Entertainment) are to receive the Exclusive treatment. The two characters Dark and Leen from the anime Dark Angel: Phoenix Resurrection, will each receive an Exclusive Translucent Figure at Comic-Con International (July 19-22) in San Diego (sorry, no Wizard World). Leen will be cast in clear yellow, with Dark in clear orange. Each will be Extremely Limited- 300 each and will be selling for approxiamtely $14.95. As an added treat, creator Kia Asamiya will be on hand to answer questions!
The standard assortment, which had an initial first run of 3000 figures each, stand approximately 6 to 8 inches tall, each figure being extremely highly detailed and offering 12 points of articulation. These can now be found at select specialty stores such as