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12-10-01—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Voice Data

Yanada Seina – Mogi Shigeru
Amane Kaunakku – Suzuki Mariko
Masaki Kiriko – Sakuma Kumi
Ryouko Baruta – Hisakawa Aya
Kuramitsu Mitoto – Mizutani Yuuko

12-10-01—- Male Dead Or Alive 3 Seiyuu

Brad Wong : Yukimasa Kishino
Gen Fu : Aono Takeshi
Zack : Shimada Bin
Jan Lee : Furukawa Toshio
Ryu Hayabusa : Hori Hideyuki
Bass : Gouri Daisuke
Leon : Totani Kouji
Ein/Hayate : Midorikawa Hikaru

12-5-01—- Dead Or Alive Female Seiyuu

Kasumi : Kuwashima Houko
Ayane : Yamazaki Wakana
Tina : Nagashima Yuko
Lei Fang : Touma Yumi
Helena : Koyama Yuka
Christie : Mitsuishi Kotono
Hitomi : Horie Yui

11-12-01—- Japanese Cellphone Subscriber Figures

Source: Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA) as of end of October 2001

NTT DoCoMo Inc. – 38,828,000
au Group – 1,845,400
TU-KA Group – 3,982,600
J-Phone Group – 11,266,600
NTT DoCoMo W-CDMA FOMA – 11,000
i-mode – 28,638,000
EZweb- 8,724,400
J-Sky, 8,819,500.

Anime News Service – July 1 – August 13 Anime News

9-13-01—- Post WTC Disaster NYC Anime / Manga Industry Status

A gratious extension of thanks to Fanboy Entertainment’s C.B. Cebulski and Octavio for the following questions and answers provided by the manga publisher’s head:

>>1. Where were you when the incident happened?

Asleep. We work late, usually on the phone to Japan until the early AM hours, and in turn we sleep later than most people. I got to the office a little before 11AM and turned on the computers. I couldn’t connect to the net on the computer that booted up first, one that still has a 56K modem. I then went over to one of the other computers with a cable modem and checked our e-mail. All of a sudden I had about 50 e-mail messages on my screen in Japanese and English, all titled ARE YOU OK?, IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT? and such. I immediately flipped on a TV and saw the Twin Towers had been destroyed. I seriously thought I was still asleep, deep in some bad dream.

>>2. If in NYC, How far away were you from the scene?

Pretty far. We are uptown on 82nd St., several miles from “ground zero”. We went outside around noon and saw thousands of people were marching north up Broadway, walking home or trying to get out of the city.

>>3. What are your feelings are at this moment after all that >has passed?

I honestly still can’t believe the Twin Towers are gone! We were just there Friday with relatives who were visiting NYC from Sweden. It actually helps put things into better perspective as I clearly remember how monumental and enormous they were.

>>4. Do you know anybody that maybe or is a victim of the attacks and are
>they alright?

Thankfully, as far as I know, no one I know was hurt or personally affected by all this.

>>5. What are the feelings of Mr. Kia Asamiya and any Japanese guests that
>are visiting NYC about this event?

Kia Asamiya has been back in Tokyo for a few weeks. He is as shocked as anyone else by all this, maybe more so as he just recently left New York after spending so much time here. Kia had just seen the Towers last month with his own eyes as well. No other Japanese guests, in the manga/anime sense of the word, I know of were in NYC at the time. I have seen lots of Japanese tourists though who are now stranded here for ther foireseeable future.

>>6. Are you planning to do anything in the efforts of aiding those in need?

Trying to give blood but the lines are still too long right now. Mutsumi is type O which is needed at this time. We’ve also been donating whatever is needed. The church in front of our home is a relief center and collecting things like water, flashlights and batteries.

>>7. Is Fanboy Entertainment affected by these turns of events?

Not directly. However, we have been expecting FedEx packages and deliveries and what not which have not arrived. There is also no mail service. We hope people understand that we will not be able to fulfill orders and get product out for a few days. Phone service is still spotty and unreleiable so e-mail is the best way to get in touch with us now.

>>8. What is the statement you wish to make towards the anime fans on your
>well being and others involved with Fanboy Entertainment?

Don’t worry about us. All is well here. Your thoughts and prayers should be for the victims of this terrible tragedy, the relief workers, and those in need here in NYC.

>>9. Do you know anybody else in NYC that is ok? (Lisa Ortiz, Crispin
>Freeman, any other voice actors in NYC, other people involved in anime in
>>NYC, etc.)

I know most people at Marvel Comics, DC Comics and CPM are fine. I hear the folks at Media Blasters are OK as well. Not sure about any of the voice actors and actresses though. Manga retouch artist Dan Nakrosis is alright. Licensing agent Dave Bernstein is fine. Dubbing Director Tony Salerno is OK.

9-13-01—- Japanese Anime / Manga / Seiyuu Events – September 2nd Half

From the list compiled by Hitoshi Doi:

2001.09.15 6th Animation Kobe
Kanai Mika Nogawa Sakura Kakazu Yumi Kobayashi Yumiko Kawakami Tomoko Komori Manami

2001.09.15 The Place of Happiness event in Ishimaru Soft One
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.16 Chara Fes Osaka 2001 Aki
Adachi Mari Sonozaki Mie Sasajima Kaoru Koyama Kimiko

2001.09.16 [12:00] Shiawase Baizou Keikaku -Kolla Pa! event Yamagiwa Soft
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.16 [15:00] Shiawase Baizou Keikaku -Kolla Pa! event Ishimara Soft One
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.16 Senoir Seniorita vol 1 event in Aoni Museum
Takazuka Masaya Kisaichi Atsushi Nagashima Yuko Komatsu Rika

2001.09.16 The Place of Happiness event in Animate Shibuya
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.13 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.14 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.15 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.16 Iwao Junko Toga Toga 4 days
Iwao Junko

2001.09.21 Baby Leaf event in Animate Ikebukuro
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.22 The Place of Happiness event in Animate Machida
Mizuki Nana

2001.09.22 Baby Leaf event in Animate Kichijoji
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.22 Birthday Disk Imai Yuka event in Yamagiwa Soft
Imai Yuka

2001.09.23 Strawberry Room event in Yamagiwa Soft
Iizuka Mayumi

2001.09.23 [13:00] Hatoni Mamedeppo! event in Animate Ikebukuro
Yamamoto Maria Nasu Megumi Kugimiya Rie

2001.09.23 [17:00] Hatoni Mamedeppo! event in Disk Inn Kichijoji
Yamamoto Maria Nasu Megumi Kugimiya Rie

2001.09.23 Baby Leaf event in Animate Shibuya
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.23 Valgo Birthday Party in Yokohama
Imai Yuka

2001.09.23 Pink Pineapple talk event
Adachi Mari

2001.09.23 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Bottom Line
Iwao Junko

2001.09.24 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Nagano
Iwao Junko

2001.09.29 Strawberry Room event in Animate Ikebukuro
Iizuka Mayumi

2001.09.29 Tennensui 1 Day’s Live
Adachi Mari Sayama Riko Matsumoto Miwa

2001.09.29 Baby Leaf event in Animate Machida
Mieno Hitomi

2001.09.29 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Kooriyama
Iwao Junko

2001.09.30 Di Gi Charat Tour 2001 in Club Diamond Hall
Sanada Asami Sawashiro Miyuki Hikami Kyoko

2001.09.30 Kingetsu Mami Live -Jump Daze!
Kingetsu Mami

2001.09.30 Shiawase Baizou Keikaku event
Yamamoto Maria

2001.09.30 Iwao Junko Live Circuit 2001 in Sendai
Iwao Junko

9-13-01—- Right

Anime News Service-Review: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin On Heaven’s Door DVD Region 2

By Jonah Morgan

It may have been a fitting coincidence that on the heels of the major news that Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment plans to release the Cowboy Bebop Movie in North America last Friday, at almost the same time on the other side of the globe in Japan, retailers were gearing up to release Bandai Visual’s region 2 DVD version of the film. As I type this in it’s first week of release, acccording to several leading ranking charts for the sales of DVD’s in Japan, the release of Cowboy Bebop: Knocking On Heaven’s Door has achieved the #1 slot for Japanese DVD sales. With the recent announcement surrounding CTHE’s plans for the Metropolis DVD there is a good chance fans may be looking forward to many if not all of the below features in an American release. On Saturday the 25th, Yukio-san, a close friend of ANS and editor Jonah Morgan picked us up a copy and put in express mail where it reached us on Wednseday.

The Cowboy Bebop Knockin On Heaven’s Door DVD lists a running time of 114 minutes with 13 minutes of extras, Sound Track is Dolby digital (5.1ch), DVD is single sided dual layer, aspect ratio 16:9, retail is 7,800, serial: BCBA – 1065. Extras include Special information for theaterical release, TV ads, textless OP and ED, special I.S.S.P. FILE (16 page booklet). As for the contents of the disc, director Watanabe personally selected the chapter marks for the Movie chapter menu. Release was on January 25.

Before going down the list I will say this release is aimed at the collector with a retail price of 7800 Yen. Fans are greeted to this disc with a transparent clear Amaray case with Chronium silver / orange / black slip cover with original illustration by series character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto. Open that up and the DVD disc itself reveals a color print of Vincent, the film’s dark bioterroist villian, removing that, a pic of Spike aiming his hand pistol at the viewer can be seen.

The liner notes section of the case is semi packed with the 16 page full color I.S.S.P. booklet. The booklet is content heavy, with lots of Kanji. The various backgrounds of of figures in the film are explored including Vincent. Other paper documents are a few Bebop promotionals and a Beat ad book from Bandai. Get through all of that to the inside of the shell and the fan / collector elements of this dvd keep revealing themselves, there one can find an easy check chapter listing personally selected by director Watanabe.

Stick the disc in and we have fluid video menus, not that animated menus are not fairly common with DVD releases these days in Japan but the menues featured here are truly on par with some of the work’weve seen coming out of Bandai Entertainment and their Bebop releases.

Extras are all pretty common fare for a film release but skipping back to the chapter select we take a major depart from the chapter select quality used by Bandai Entertainment’s releases. Although we do have Mr. Watanabe’s chapter marked tracks listed unnumbered as Japanese katakana, hiragana and Kanji titles, fans of the American Bebop DVD’s who grap the Region 2 Movie may be disapointed to find no video cut-scene chapter selection. However, this is where the chapter printout on the DVD case itself comes in handy , although it unfortunetly is also not number / track listed either but it can aide the viewer quite well in-film.

Onto the movie, alot of things about Knockin On Heaven’s Door struck me as it being TV Bebop like, before I go into that I will mention that within the movie are a great deal of interesting camera angles and shots (in the grocery store notice the shot from in the corner like a security camera angle). When some films go to the big screen conversion they can alter drastically from previous anime or manga incarnations but with the Bebop Movie we have very little X media – film transtion feel or even that general big cinematic feeling at least visually (Audio wise- it’s a whole different story with a shaking Dolby Digital 5.1 track ondisc). That’s not a slam either, with Bebop TV we had already assembled perhaps the most talented group of people that were in a position to create Bebop, characters were so detailed, the plotlines deep, wittily written and wrought. Backgrounds filled with unrelenting details. With the film it’s my personal opinion that we basically see the TV version transfered fully intact onto the big screen, we can see the movie’s extra budget in the use of the latest CGI effects, the souoped up budget at play with more fluid animation scenes, more detailed backgrounds, more richly colored and penciled cels, but in the end it’s same (good) old bebop fans are used to.

After a brief scene we get an Opening Sequence accompanied by one of many of Yoko Kanno’s wonderful new upbeat melodies for this rendition, then it’s back into the plot, without giving the story away, story setting is in virtually the same 2071 (betweeen eps. 22-23) but the story of the movie could be looked at as an alternate series of events that the characters come into contact with and not neccesarily within the TV series universe. The 4 bounty Hunters are on the trail of a terrorist (Vincent) who commited a massive attack at the Mars crater capital injuring and killing 500, a pricetag of 300,000,000 Woolong rests on his head. Supporting TV characters Punch and Judy (hosts of the TV bounty hunters program) and the 3 old guys Carlos, Antonio, and Jobin return. TV mecha also return (images here) with an upgrade for Spike’s SwordFish II, and the introduction of a new black diamond shapped Martian fighter that is be piloted by the movie’s main villian.

Video Wise, the transfer is great on the dual layer release, you can tell