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Anime News Service – December 1-28 Anime News

12-28-01—- DVD Vision Japan Japanese Final Fantasy And Cowboy Bebop Movie Updates

From the release:

We at DVD Vision Japan hope that everyone is having a happy holiday. Here in Japan, we have a Winter Wonderland, and yet we still work. Oh well.

Here is some information we have received.

Cowboy Bebop, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door has an official street date of January 25th. The movie will contain a Dolby 2.0 and 5.1 audio track, a special ISSB booklet, and theatrical trailers. Price is $80

Also, in honor of the new Cowboy Bebop movie, Seatbelts Future Blues has been released on DVD. Consisting of a 45 minute musical movie and over 20 minutes of concert footage, this is your chance to experience the hip sounds of Yoko Kano and the seatbelts on a stunning DVD. Price is $40.

Finial Fantasy Japan style!

There are 2 versions of the 100% CGI masterpiece Finial Fantasy: The Spirits Within being released in Japan.

Spiritual Edition ($100) 2 Disc set Disc one: The movie with DTS or 5.1 sound. Japanese and English audio tracks. Japanese and English subtitles. Multiple commentary tracks

Disc two: Same extras as on the US version. No word if the L’Arc-en-Ciel music video will make it on this version.

Regular Edition ($40) Disc one: The movie with DTS or 5.1 sound. Japanese and English audio tracks. Japanese and English subtitles. Multiple commentary tracks. Release date is February 22.

A new series called Factions of the Earth has just been released. In the future, a comet impacts the Earth. some of the human race escape to space while the ones left behind went underground. Years later, the mutated humans of Earth battle the ones that escaped into space. The series has superb animation, and is well worth the visit. Price per DVD is $55 and contains 2 episodes. Out now!

We have some additional info, covers of the above DVD’s, and a new feedback/info page. Please come by and visit.

12-27-01—- Lone Wolf And Cub 2100

There’s a report at Newsarama ( regarding a new comic mini-series to be published by Dark Horse entitled Lone Wolf and Cub 2100. This comic book will be done by an American team, and will feature a lone warrior carrying a child with him through a hostile world. As skeptical as some fans of the original series are likely to be about this new project, it is apparently being created with Koike’s blessing.

12-22-01—- “Great Movies” Series Showcases Miyazaki Clasic

Renown movie critic (and apparently a Ghibli fan), Roger Ebert, has selected “My Neighbor Totoro” to feature in his biweekly “Great Movies” newspaper column. It’s not the first time a Studio Ghibli film has received his attention: “Grave of the Fireflies” was featured in the column back in March 2000 and “Princess Mononoke” made 8th place on his list of the top 10 films of 1999. To read the Totoro review, visit

12-21-01—- Wes Craven On Pulse

Cinescape states that Wes Craven will be directing the re-make of Kyoshi Kurosawa’s Pulse! Production should be finished in 2002. Note that while I haven’t seen Pulse, I saw Cure, and hated it, because it was too vague by the end.

12-20-01—- Mari Iijima Event Info

[This is a fan news submission. All original information can be found at Mari Iijima’s Official Site.

Mari Iijima, the original voice actress (seiyuu) for Macross’ Lynn Minmei, has been visiting Japan during December 17-23 to tape her one hour TV special for the FOLK AND ROCK MASTERS LIVE (Sky PerfecTV). She is also recording 2 songs (including the main theme) for the upcoming Galaxy Angel game in Tokyo. Upon her return to the United States, Mari Iijima will be performing live and celebrating the holidays with fans at the Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles on December 27 at 8:30 PM (PST). All fans are welcome to attend but should prepare to arrive early, since earlier engagements have been sold out in the past. More information can be found at Mari Iijima’s Official Site.

12-19-01—- New VHD: Bloodlust Openings This Week

From the announcement:

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is opening this Friday (12/21) at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City, UT, and is coming back to the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles, CA

12-18-01—- Escaflowne Movie Site Opens

From the release:


Hollywood, CA (December 18, 2001) – Bandai Entertainment launches the official website to help promote the upcoming theatrical release of Escaflowne in theaters January 25, 2002.

A motion picture production based on one of the most popular anime titles of all time, Escaflowne is celebrated animator Shoji Kawamori’s cutting-edge vision of a world where good and evil hinge on a girl’s ability to find meaning for her own life. features news and information on the upcoming theatrical release of Escaflowne in theaters, background information on the Escaflowne world, characters, story, filmmaker biographies, multimedia interviews with cast and creators, trailers, and future home video information.

12-18-01—- Dutch News

Thanks To Leon for this nes:

I-mode is a-go! Troubled Dutch telecom provider KPN Mobile has finally decided to go ahead with I-mode, although some called the decision a desperate last gamble to get the company back on track. Thanks to its ties with I-mode creator NTT Docomo, KPN will be the first to introduce I-mode to the west. It is expected that the massively popular internet/telecom service will get a simultaneous introduction in Holland and Germany. Belgium has to wait for a few months at least. KPN aims to launch I-mode early next year and announced it will eliminate the Achilles’ heel of the Japanese original: Spam. According to a spokesman, all e-mail will be extensively filtered to remove unwanted messages. Dutch readers can view the original article here:

More Dutch manga?
Rumors about a possible new manga showing up in Dutch stores have gotten a new impulse with this snippet of info. After the rather successful introduction of the Dragon Ball manga, comic book publisher Glènat has been planning to publish