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Anime News Service – January 1-15 Anime News

1-15-02—- Tezuka Article

Rika Ohara has compiled an article for the L.A. Weekly entitled “Mighty Tezuka! God Of Manga”, you can view it at the link.

1-15-02—- New Clips

Pioneer has just uploaded new QuickTime Movie Clips have been added to their SoulTaker and Vandread Sites.

1-15-02—- Spanish News

Spain’s regional TV channel Canal 33 is currently running Trigun, ran Harlock Saga over the holidays, and has just started running Dragon Quest Dai no Daibouken, Crayon Shin-chan (2 times a day at 14:30 pm and at 19:15 pm), and City Hunter (every saturday and sunday). Selecta Vision has announced the release of Cowboy Bebop DVD volume 2 and Golden Boy DVD vol. 2 for tomorrow. info courtesy Juan Luis and Anihabara.

1-15-02—- Production I.G. At TIA

Production I.G.’s Site has updated with news that the studio will have a booth at the 21st Tokyo International Animation Fair held Feb 15-17.

1-15-02—- Aquarian Age TV

Based on the card game characters by Broccoli, the Aquarian Age TV series animation began running in Japan on the 10th 1:15 minutes on TV Tokyo Channel 12, the show aslo airs weekly on Mondays starting 14th at 2:15 on TV Osaka and on the same day at 1:15 on TV Aichi.

1-15-02—- 35th Anniversary of Ultra 7 Celebrated With Announcement of New Series

In commemoration of it’s original 1960’s debut on Japanese airwaves, production of a new original 5 volume video series was announced last week in Tokyo, volume 1 streets on DVD format in Nippon on May 21st via VAP for 5800 Yen.

The official homepage for the release is at:

1-15-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Atlus announced a new PlayStation RPG called Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children: Red & Black Book, a devil (monster) battle and collection RPG ported over from GameBoy Color. The PSone version will 270 kinds of devils, new championship cup modes and scenes from the TV animated cartoon series of Shin Megami Tensei Devil Children. The game is scheduled for release sometimes this year.

Atlus announced a new PlayStation dodgeball game in Japan called Nijiiro Dodgeball: Maidens’ Youth, this is the first console dodgeball game to feature a simulation mode (Story Mode), in which you play as the coach, your mission is to train and promote your team to become the champion.

Square’s upcoming Final Fantasy X International (Jan 31 release in Japan) will feature a new side story called FFX Another Story: The Forever Nagi Festival, which will take place 2 years after the original story, so far it is confirmed that Yuna, Wakka and Rikku will be showing up in this new story, will Tidus show up in the new story? (Note: “Nagi Festival” is the time between Sin’s defeat and revival, in which people celebrate for the true peace.) Other than the side story, the international version will also feature:
FFX promotion movies FFX TVCMs FFX Theme Songs (in Dolby 5.1) Interview with Japan and US Actors Square Previews: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XI, Square Masterpieces (WonderSwan Color), Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Preview Trailers.

Square and Disney will release a CD single for the theme song of Kingdom Hearts in Japan on March 20, the song will be titled Hikari (translate to “Light”), and it will be composed and performed by the highly popular Japanese singer Hikaru Utada, who have sold a whopping 8 million copies of her first album “First Love” back in 1999.

Capcom will release another Rockman title for GameBoy Advance on March 15 in Japan, called Rockman Zero. This time Zero from the Rockman X series becomes the main character. The story takes place 100 years after Rockman X, in which the world is controlled by an evil force “v”, your mission is to control Zero to battle with the evil force. Zero will also have new companions, they are electronic fairies. There are 3 kinds of fairies: Life, Ability and Hacker, they will rise the power of Zero during the quest.

Here are some new screen shots of Takara’s J-Phoenix Plus, an enhanced version of the popular PS2 mech combat action game, featuring additional characters and gear parts. A new play mode called Hundred Slashes will be added to the game, a survival mode which allows you to battle with 100 opponents continuously, the money you earned from this mode can be used in the Story Mode. J-Phoenix Plus is scheduled for release in March.

Source: Images an further details on these titles can be accessed at the link

1-15-02—- New Evangelion Kubrick Images

Cool Japanese Toys has posted images here, here and here of the coming Evangelion Kubrick sets due in April. Series 8, 9 and 10 will arrive then with sets 8 and 10 retailing at 2,480 Yen. Set 9 will retail at 1,980.

1-15-02—- Toyopop Items

According to the Right Stuf:

Yet another studio headed for DVD only folks. Announced yesterday, Tokyopop will begin releasing all of their new anime series on DVD only. In moving towards this goal, the company has dropped their VHS line of the upcoming release of Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO).
In another surprise, the company has decided to drop their entire English version of Saint Tail. So, beginning with volume 5, the series moves strictly to DVD with only Japanese Audio / English Subtitle tracks. Happily, they are increasing the number of episodes of Saint Tail per disc from 4 to 7.
Fans of Vampire Princess Miyu can breathe a sigh of relief. The series is the only Tokyopop title that will be finishing its entire run on both VHS and DVD. Great Teacher Onizuka!
Joining the anime release of the series, Tokyopop has announced the release of the first volume of the Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) manga on 4/23! Much like Viz’s DBZ graphic novels, Tokyopop has decided to stick with the traditional Japanese right to left styling.
The animated GTO series is expected to begin its DVD only release in March and continue through 2003.