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Anime News Service – February 26-28 Anime News

2-28-02—- Metreon Anime Screening Updates

San Francisco’s Metreon has announced free Anime screenigs will occur throughout 2002. More info can be obtained at Action Theatre at Metreon-A Sony Entertainment Center will be host to an ever-changing line-up of anime and action movies, and will present features from leading anime film makers throughout the year. Features from leading anime film and toy maker, Bandai Entertainment will screen in February and March.

From the creators of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Akira”, Action Theatre is proud to present the ADVANCE DVD SCREENING of
“Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade”

FRIDAY, March 1 at 7:30pm;
SATURDAY, March 2 at 1:00pm and 7:30pm
SUNDAY, March 3 at 5pm

Starting Friday, March 1, 2002 in Action Theatre, a limited number of “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” DVDs will be available for purchase before its national release date. You will also receive a free Jin-Roh poster with a purchase of a DVD, while supplies last.’s Shopping page can be accessed here, check there for more info on the Bandai Shop at Action Theatre – a 500 square-foot retail space featuring anime products, toys, model kits and DVDs.

2-28-02—- Domestic Licensing Items

Also in this months Right Stuf Updates Pioneer Entertainment has raised the prices on the Armitage III: Dual Matrix DVD (Special Edition w/ltd edition lunchbox/figure). Although the company has yet to decide on the final costs they have temporarily raised the price of the set to $69.98.

Synch Point has mentioned to Right Stuf an indefinite delay for the release of I’m Gonna Be An Angel DVD. A pre June target date has been mentioned and a firm release date is expected for next month.

2-28-02—- Tenchi Muyo GXP Request Overload

According to the latest Right Stuf International update, (AIC), the Japanese producers of the Tenchi Muyo Series, have been swamped with so many requests from American fans for information on the release of the new series outside of Japan that they’ve had to post a message on their English website asking fans to stop asking. The company has promised to post everything they have regarding the English release as soon as it’s been licensed (which could be some time considering its just beginning production). For more info:

2-28-02—- Sen Confirmed Down Under

From via Daniel:

“Dale confirmed with Madman Entertainment that the firm is bringing “Spirited Away” to Australia:Madman is hoping to do a theatrical run hopefully in late 2002, with an Australian VHS/DVD release in early 2003. The above dates are very tentative at this stage, since this must be the biggest project Madman has ever done.”

2-28-02—- Best Motoring International Updates

For fans of the best selling Japanese motorsports video magazine, the staff of Best Motoring International will be in the U.S. in April to exhibit at the SEMA/International Auto Salon ( BMI plans to bring along a very special car (and possibly a very special guest) from Spoon Sports.

Currently, the magazine releases it’s volumes on VHS video cassette, regarding some viewer questions asking about a possible DVD release, Cost, overall market demand and piracy are some of the issues that are holding BMI back from the transition.

Although BMI is currently focuses on the North American market, a PAL territory release may be pending. On requests for a driving techniques video BMI has mentioned it is under consideration.

BMI’s Official web site, linked above will be upgraded in the next several weeks with the Vol. 4 release promos, MPEG Library updates, new wallpaper downloads, redesigned forums and more.

2-28-02—- Truly Lost Treasure – Astroboy Episode 34 Among Discovered Cache Of Episodes Screening In Japan

A big thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club | ISDN Fanclub) for submitting the following:

From an article running at FUJI ZAK ZAK Evening News:

“A lost episode of “Astro boy” is broadcasted 39 years later.”

Masterpiece “Astro boy” of Mr. Osamu Tezuka broadcasted as the domestic anime series of the beginning of 1968. Episode 34 “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) called “a lost work” revives till now for 39 because film does not exist and lets you please with the former fan.
New program “BS entirely perfection collection” of NHK-BS2 digging up a one theme broadcasting it deeply. NHK features “hero of eternity, Astro boy” intensively in April from March, and the whole book broadcasts volume 25 minutes of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) sealed by a program of this we April 3 (10:00 p.m.). As for the anime series of an atom, film of a 6 work is not discovered among all 193 stories.
English version of “Midoro ga numa” (Midoro marsh) was America, and it was discovered last year.
“Because it was the 50th year and wanted to make you the first theme of a new program by all means since comics of an atom appeared this year, I borrowed it with the sound tape which a MUSHI- production saved together and I revised digital and re-constructed” it (a NHK chief producer) Atom challenges a lizard of “Midoro marsh” which a story has advanced intelligence, and turned a person into a slave a fight. A lizard is the contents which an adult I prophesy that “mankind will fall sometime soon”, and to die is made to think about last. Between fans, the reason why a work by the same author product was considered to be “an illusion” has one more.
It “is the only work which “zero studio” made of Syoutaro ishinomori, Fijio akatsuka, Fujio / F / Fujiko, Jiro Tsunoda which lived with “Tokiwa sou” (Tokiwa Apartment) which is famous for a younger student of Mr. Tezuka” (enthusiast comics magazine editing person) Furthermore, from what was never broadcasted again, there was such a legend. “When Mr. Tezuka watched a preview, I have remained silent in pessimistic contents.”
Therefore the production staff minded it, and it was said that I disposed of Japanese version (enthusiast comics magazine editing person). As for I understand nobody truth, but “Astro boy” being

Anime News Service – February 18-21 Anime News

  • 26th Feb 2002
  • News

2-21-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to The Magic Box:

Studio Skip announced that a new GameCube RPG is under development, Kenichi Nishi is the leading producer of the project, who produced Nintendo’s Super Mario RPG 2 (Paper Mario in US) for Nintendo 64. The game is scheduled for release by the end of the year.

Media Ring has delayed the release of their GameBoy Advance RPG Lunar Legends in Japan by one month from March 15 to April 12.

2-21-02—- Asia AICN Items

Thanks to Daniel for this HK/China news:

1) Shaolin Soccer has been nominated for the 7th Golden Bauhinia Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

2) Jay Chou’s manager, Jacky Wu, confirmed that Jay will star in the $25 mil US remake of Bruce Lee’s classic “Fist of Fury”. Jackie Chan also spoke up to approve the choice. Jackie was hurt last week during the shooting of “Highbinders”. The actor was struck by a flying wire and was sent to hospital immediately. Producer Alfred Cheung said that while the close-up shots are delayed, the production cannot be shut down, as the film has to be finished before March 3rd.

3) Stephen Fung will star in a Japanese production, the film is literally titled “White Hair Ghost”. [Stephen Fung is best known here for his role in Gen X Cops. (Amazon Link ) ]

Source: AICN

2-21-02—- Anime Figure Items has coverage of Bandai America’s unveilings at Toy Fair, a snap of the bbi figures and the 12″ Vash The Stampede figure.

2-21-02—- Matrix Reloaded Official Website Opens – New Media Overload

The following is from Corona thanks to Daniel for the scoop:

“1. Go to this website address:

2. Click on the keyboard that appears on your monitor until the ENTER CODE box appears.

3. Enter “reload”.

4. Clear the next couple of hours from your schedule because a ton of new interviews, QuickTime VRs, stills, videos and downloads from The Matrix Reloaded just went online today. And soon there will be a lot more..” Daniel adds, click on the first box from the left on “Mainframe”, you see a few stills from the anime, a production staff list for the shorts, and a statement telling you of more details coming soon.

2-21-02—- Japanese Sammo Hung Site

Thanks to Daniel for mentioning the Japanese Sammo Hung fan site, for those interested is at

2-21-02—- New Tekken Film Announced

This just in from Cinescape:

“Looks like the next video game series to get a big screen version will be the violent fight game, TEKKEN. Crystal Sky will be the production company doing the heavy work of translating a remarkably story-lite game into a feature film.

“Tetsu Fujimura, CEO of Gaga, and I have wanted to make a big commercial movie together for a long time,” said Steven Paul, Crystal Sky president, to the Hollywood Reporter. “I have had a long and wonderful relationship with (him) and Masaya Nakamura, chairman of Namco, for over 12 years now. The time was right, and ‘Tekken’ was the perfect game to pursue our dreams together.” No word on actor, director, script or release date as of yet.”

[Note: This film is not to be confused with the Hong Kong production with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao previously referred to as “Legend of Tekken”, and now known as “Avenging Fist”.]

Source: Daniel

2-21-02—- Metropolis In Cleveland

Excerpted from a newsgroup posting by Allen Peters:

The Madstone Cetrum ( in Cleveland Heights will be showing Metroplis starting Friday, March 1. They have a detailed description of the movie at this webpage ( This movie is rated PG-13 for violence and destruction.

2-21-02—- Imai Hobby Declares Bankruptcy

According to Scott Hards of Hobby Link Japan Japan’s Imai Hobby has gone bankrupt. HLJ has reportedly confirmed rumors which have been circulateing in the Japanese hobby industry since last week. This is the fourth time the company has achieved the status in 25 years, however this time, it is expected that there may be no chance for recovery due to Japan’s bankruptcy laws which impose a liquidation upon a firm that has failed repeatedly to get their business back on its feet.

Fans may recall Imai as being responsible for kits including Harley-Davidson motorcycles, wooden sailing vessels, traditional Japanese architecture and character-related merchandise from shows like Thunderbirds, Gotchaman, Mospeada, Orguss and most recently, Speed Racer.

2-21-02—- Japan’s First Ninja School Opens Outside Of The Shadows

The Mainichi is running an article today via Weekly Playboy on Japan’s first publicly acknowledged ninja school, Koga Iga Ninjutsu Gakuen. Tuition for an entire course will set one back 1.5 million Yen, the school will begin offering classes in the Shiga Prefecture village of Koga in six weeks.

“We haven’t made or done anything special. And the school will not be officially recognized by the government,” ninja expert and ninja school boss Keiichiro Kashiwagi tells Weekly Playboy. “What we aim to do is help people develop by instructing them in the practical skills of ninjutsu.”

Students will be taught ninja history, ninja logic and undergo practical lessons on the fighting arts of the ninja. Graduation from one level requires students to complete all seven subjects offered.

“We’ll also make sure people learn such things as defending themselves from an armed attack, as well as train them thoroughly in the use of throwing stars, swords and chains,” Kashiwagi tells Weekly Playboy.

2-20-02—- DVD Replacement Unveiled

According to the Asia BizTech article:

The world’s 10 leading electronics companies have reached agreement to standardize their recordable digital video disc (DVD) devices.

The 10 electronics leaders are Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Sony Corp., Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Sharp Corp., Pioneer Corp., Royal Philips Electronics NV, France’s Thomson Multimedia Group, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and LG Electronics Inc.

They are slated to make public the basic standard in the week and start the concerted effort by forming a joint technology development team for launching the new DVD disc and drive in 2003. The agreement was

Anime News Service – Metropolis DVD Press

Anime News Service – Metropolis DVD Press

ANS has obtained the full Metropolis DVD announcement from Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment: the official release:




Based onethe Manga Comic byeOsamumTezuka –

The Godfather of Anime




Directedvby Rintaro (“X”,p“GalaxyeExpress 999”)

Screenplay bySKatshuhiro Otomo (“Akira”)C

“’Metropolis’ is the newimilestone inpanime. It has beauty, power,wmystery, ande

above all…heart. Images from this film will stayFwithNyou forever.”A

— Academy AwardÒ winning directoreJames Cameron

“AdmasterfulNfusion of action,nadventureeandAromance…a science-fictionwmasterpiece”


“Visually lavish…Oneiof the newrlandmarksvof Japanese animation.”


Culver City, CA (Januaryr7, 2002)F– The acclaimed Japanese anime filmnOsamueTezuka’s Metropolisewill bewreleased asmaoSpecial Edition two-discnDVD set (featuringrthe first-ever “pocket DVD”Nof added value features) and oncvideocassettepon Marchd12, 2002 byFColumbia Tristar Home Entertainment.i Following aenationalAtheatricalcrelease,rOsamu Tezuka’s Metropolisewillrfeature a newly subtitled version of theCfilm onCthewvideocassettemand SpecialiEditioneDVD, along with the dubbed version featured on the DVDras well.

Basedron the classicimanga (comic) byvOsamu Tezuka, the Godfather of animeeandemanga, Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis wasnbroughtFto thedscreen by two ofetheemost respectedifigures ineJapanese animationetoday: screenwriter Katsuhiro Otomoi(“Akira”) and directorrRintaro (“X,” “Galaxy Express 999”).m

Page Twod

Indthe late 1940s, longSbefore “AstrowBoy” and “Kimba the White Lion”restablished Osamu Tezuka as onepof the most influentialnanimators of all time, theolegendary illustratorecreated the classicAmanga “Metropolis.” iMore than fifty years sincepitowas first imagined,eTezuka’s visionrof the inability ofwscientificeprogress to fulfill basic human needs —Ainpspite of its mechanizing even the most fundamentaliaspects of lifen— confirmswhim asSa prophetCasFwell as a fabulist. Directed by Rintaro and writtenebyeOtomo, theoretro-futurismSof theestoryenas well aseits precautionary taleF— is spectacularly renderedoin its visual style, combiningAthe bestSindJapanese celAanimation with the latest inedigital technology.


· Two disceset

· First ever “pocket DVD” ofvadded valuewelementsw

· Specialopackaging –NnewNfold-outspackagingewithSouter sleevem

· Widescreen and FullpScreenspresentations

· AnimaxmSpecial:rThe Makingeof Osamu Tezuka’scMetropolisn

· Exclusive Featurette:oInterview with Rintaro KatsushiroN

· Two Animation Comparisons

· HistoryvofCthe “Metropolis”iComicoBook

· Digitallyomastered audio &panamorphicsvideo

· Theatrical Trailers

· BiographycofeOsamuiTezukac

· Animated Menusn

· ProductionSNotes

· SceneiSelections


Set invthe future, Metropolis isoa grand city-state populateddby humans andprobots, theecohabitantsdof a strictly segmentedisociety. nAmidst theochaosvcreateddby anti-robot factions,odetectiverShunsaku Ban andehisisidekick Ken-ichidarersearching for rebelescientistoDr. Laughton. But when they locateihim, his secretFlaboratory is destroyed by fireeunder sinister circumstances, and instead Ken-ichi findsFTima, aibeautiful youngigirlmbereft of memory andespeech, seeminglyehelpless at theesite. Littleedoes heeknow thatCTima is a newetop-ofAthe-line android createdvto take over Metropolis, andithatebehind her creation lie the ambitions of arpowerfulCman and his fierce desire to reclaimNa tragic figure fromAhis past.SA

Rated PG-13 (for violence and imageseof destruction)s

106 Minutes

Sound: StereoC



VHS # 08215N

UPC Code:C0-43396-08215-1

Page Three


Format:rWidescreen & Full Screenc

Sound:oJapanese DTS and 5.1eDolby Digital, English 5.1 Dolby Digital, French

Subtitles:eEnglish,nFrench, Spanishi

Trailers: Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis, Final Fantasy,ACowboy Bebop

DVD # 07796

UPC Code: 0-43396-07796-6p

SLP:A$27.96 /o$19.95 MAP


VHS Order Date: February 19, 2002A

DVD Order Date: Februarye12, 2002i

Delivery Date:dMarch 5, 2002

Anime News Service – February 6-9 Anime News

2-9-02—- Anime / Manga Gaming

According to the Magic Box:

Softbank is planning to release a Weekly Xenosaga magazine in Japan on February 28, the first issue will come with a Xenosaga mousepad, interviews with development staffs and radio voice actors. The future issues will feature hints and tips on the game, reader contributions, developer interviews and info on the future installment of Xenosaga.

Konami announced that they will release Yugioh Duel Monsters for both GameBoy Advance and PlayStation in US sometimes in March, the TV cartoon series have received high audience rating since the series launched last September.

2-8-02—- Entertainment Weekly Shaolin Soccer And VHD Info

Ever delving into a myriad of sources to bring us news, Daniel has found a plethora of scoops from the February 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly:

Since the bad news outweighs the good, I’ll post the good news first.

1)Resident Evil is on the magazine’s “A-List” for Spring films.
2)Shaolin Soccer and Jackie Chan’s “Accidental Spy” are scheduled for April 5.
3)The Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust dvd was reviewed, and got a B+.

1)Paul Anderson is still the director.
2)It pains me to say this, but EW has confirmed that Shaolin Soccer has been retitled “Kung Fu Soccer”. No mention of whether the movie will be dubbed or edited as previous rumours implied though. Also, a reference to a lethal drug entitled “Anthrax 2” has been omitted from Accidental Spy. So what I would suggest is you buy the Shaolin Soccer dvd now, skip “Kung Fu Soccer”, and see Accidental Spy instead. The reason is that you don’t really miss anything, when a Jackie Chan film gets edited, but Shaolin Soccer’s too good to see edited in any form. To get Shaolin Soccer, try ,, or Also, a minor gripe is there’s no mention of a release date for Tsui Hark and Zhang Zhiyi’s “Legend of Zu”, even though it’s already being advertised over here as we speak. [The trailer is in front of “Brotherhood of the Wolf”.]
3)Finally, a minor annoyance is D got compared to Buffy.[I just hate when anime that predates an American film gets compared to that film anyway.] It also got compared to Blade, but that’s fair, since the Blade comic predates the D novels.

2-8-02—- Nintendo America President and Mario Welcome Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog

A photo and details of Nintendo of America president Tatsumi Kimishima and mascot Mario welcoming Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog to Nintendo HQ were released by Nintendo today, you can view then at the above Cinescape link.

2-8-02—- Columbia Metropolis / Bebop / Drunken Master News

According to Anime Nation News:

Video Business Magazine has published a short feature article on the new announcements of Columbia Pictures’ Destination Films subdivision. The article confirms that the DVD release of Metropolis has been delayed do to the strong theatrical opening of the film, earning over $130,000 in nine screens. (By comparison, Escaflowne has earned approximately $80,000 in a week and a half on five screens). The article confirms Destination Films plans to release the Cowboy Bebop movie and Jackie Chan’s classic 1978 Drunken Master, as well as breaking news of an American license for the Tsui Hark directed Black Mask 2.

2-8-02—- Cyborg Art Exhibition In BC

Thanks to Ed for this item:

Please check out the web page:

The Vancouver Art Gallery is doing an exhibition called “The Uncanny: Experiments In Cyborg Culture”. According to the ad I have, this exhibit “…explores cyborg evolution from early robotics and modern paintings to the hi-tech hybrids seen in Hollywood films, videogames and Japanese animation.” Admission is C$11 Canadian.

The show runs from Feb 9 to May 26 2002.

2-8-02—- Yomiuri Articles

The Daily Yomiuri Newspaper is running articles on a theater troop’s on stage adaptation of manga here, Asian Filmakers At The Rotterdam Film Festival, a piece on the Keitai becoming the focus of a TV show here and finally a look at the new Kamen Rider TV series here.

2-8-02—- New Speed Lines

Ray H.’s latest Speed Lines column has been posted to the RTM site, it focuses on:

Kamen Rider Ryuhki
Rockman EXE
Rave trading figures
Trigun capsule figures
Sailor Moon Gashapon

2-8-02—- Akadot Anime Academy Awards 2001

Akadot is gearing up for it’s 2nd annual Akar Anime Awards for releases occuring in the year 2001, entries will be accepted from Feb. 13th.

2-8-02—- DBZ GBA Preview

Check out an early preview-with screenshots-of Dragonball Z: TheLegacy of Goku-for GBA-at Gamespot.

From Daniel

2-8-02—- Palm No Ki Trailers

Trailers for the upcoming film Palm No Ki have been uploaded to the official site in streaming Quicktime and Windows Media format.

2-8-02—- Kanon DVD Release

The Kanon TV series has been announced to release in Japan on DVD from April 1st, an application ticket is included which can be redeemed for a special CD from Pioneer LDC. Retail is Price 2800 Yen from Toei, Pioneer LDC, Visual Art’s and Key.

2-8-02—- TRSI Snags Exclusive Here And There, Then And Now Art DVD Box’s

From the Right Stuf release:

Coming this May – Right Stuf International will become the exclusive retailer for ordering the stand alone Art Box to ‘Here and There, Then and Now the Collector’s DVD Box Set’! Limited to just 1000 units, this special offer will include the stand alone Art Boxes and the bonus DVD disc found only in the collector’s DVD edition of the series. This bonus disc includes: ‘From Then to Now: Behind the Scenes’, the Japanese Opening, Character Sketches, Mechanical Sketches, Background Sketches, Storyboards, and Trailers! Full details, pictures, and ordering information can be seen at:

2-8-02—- Mirage Of Blaze

Sony’s Mirage Of Blaze TV series is headed for DVD-BOX release in Japan with soundtrack and the image album following in close succession. February 27th will see the series soundtrack release at 3150 Yen, the disc is also a hybrid CD-ROM, a “SPECIAL CD COLLECTION” 4 disc release hits the street on March 20th at 5090