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Anime News Service – April 28-30 Anime News

4-30-02—- ITV Digital Shut Down To Leave Many UK Anime Fans Minus CN Wednesday

Depleted of operating funds with no apparent bailout in the form of a third party aquisition, ITV Digital, the UK’s only terrestrial based digital system will be forced to pull the plug on 25 pay services (all pay channels) Wednesday around 7am. The move will leave close to 1 million subscribers of the world’s first digital terrestrial television service with only free-to-air channels, such as BBC4 and ITV2. Heavy anime programmer Cartoon Network is among the channels that will no longer be carried.

4-30-02—- Shoujocon 2002 Latest

Shoujocon, coming up on the July 18-21st weekend in New Jersey has issued it latest update release.

4-30-02—- The Thumb Generation

The American New York Times Newspaper has an article today on Urban Japan’s “oya yubi sedai”, or thumb generation. In a society which boasts the latest technology in videogames and possibly the fastest alpha-numeric keypad tappers on earth (highschool girls), the thumb rules. According to one UK-based expert, a new study of cellphone habits across eight major world cities ranked Japan the most advanced in the world.

“What impressed me in Tokyo was their ability to tap in a message without even looking at the keypad,” she said of her study, which was financed by Motorola.

Television stations in Japan have held thumbing speed contests. Last year, one young woman was clocked thumbing out 100 Chinese characters in a one-minute burst, similar to typing 100 words a minute, a feat normally done with all fingers flying.

Those signed up with the NY Times can view the entire article here.

4-30-02—- Anime Sequels In Japan

The Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Film (“Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 Takao vs Daichi”) is due in Japan on August 17th 2002.

Morning Star’s is adorned with a new image reading “The Second Season Outlaw Star in future 200X!!!”. However on the image’s opposite side are the words “Don’t believe/trust me!”

A sequel OVA of R.O.D (Read Or Die) and in some form for Noir may be in the works.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-30-02—- DVD Medium Growth USA

According to Video Business Magazine:

DVD software sales soared 74% in the first quarter compared with the year earlier period, topping 120 million units for the three months ended March 31, according to a report by Ernst & Young compiled for the DVD Entertainment Group.

Since DVD’s inception in 1997, 790 million units have been shipped. Roughly 15,000 movie and music titles were available on DVD in the first quarter, with roughly 100 new titles added weekly, according to DEG.

Hardware sales also creeped up 29% in the first quarter compared to 2001, with 3.6 million DVD players shipped to retailers in the period. That brings the total units shipped since the format’s launch to 35 million units with an install base estimated at 27.4 million, DEG said. About 125 DVD player models are now on the market, according to DEG.

4-30-03—- Anime Producer Arrested

ZakZak reports former anime producer Sengoku Shizuhiko (54) was arrested today for threating to kill his brother in law (66) with a mountain-climbing knife. His brother-in-law suffered a cut to his left hand in the incident, which was a dispute over the sale of Sengoku’s parents’ home. Sengoku worked on anime such as Lupin III, Jarinko Chie and Makoto-chan in the early 80s.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-30-02—- Internet Usership Growing In Japan’s Youth

The Yomiuri Shimbun has a report indicating that Japanese children at the age of 12 or under are spending over 1.6 hours online in the month of March compared to the previous year, a recent survey was conducted by NetRatings Japan Inc. For more details, go to Yomiuri Shimbun, here, thanks to Anjiro-san for the link

4-30-02—- Past Ghibli Contributors To Create Original Works

Studio Hibari whose talent in the past has been a contribution to the works of Studio Ghibli, has announced an original anime planned for distribution over the internet. Five illustration boards can be viewed on the site’s news section.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-30-02—- Many First Timer Companies To Spring Character Festival

This year’s Spring Character Festival occured this past weekend at Tokyo Big Site. April 29th saw 60+ companies showing their character related goods and media. Adult titles were popular and more newcomers than ever have emerged onto the scene.

4-30-02—- Transformers Revives As Economic Force In America

CNN has just posted an article about the rebirth of Transformers in the US market place. It mentions the re-release of the series on DVD as well as the upcoming “Armada” series. It also has a pictorial and links to the official Transformers sites. Check it out here

Thanks to Matt Anderson of DVD Vision Japan for the link

4-30-02—- Studio Proteus On Harvey Wins

From the latest update to the Studio Proteus Website:

Studio Proteus received 3 Harvey Award nominations this year:

Best Graphic Album of Previously Published Work: Lone Wolf and Cub

Best American Edition of Foreign Material: Lone Wolf and Cub Super Manga Blast!

I’m not at all surprised about Lone Wolf …best-selling books always get nominations, but the SMB nomination is a real surprise and of course makes me pretty happy, as that mag is my baby. Lone Wolf will win, of course, but the nomination is nice. My sincere thanks to everyone who works on SMB.

4-30-02—- Gaming News

The Magic Box has details and images from Taito’s newly announced game addition in the Densha Go! Series. The PlayStation 2 train simulation Densha de Go! Chapter of Ryojo, scheduled to release in Japan this summer. This time in the game you will control the ground level trams (street cars), which runs within the city traffic. The trams will have more stops than trains, and you have to let passengers to get on and off the trams, as well as announcing the name of the stop. There are 3 view modes available: Front View, Driver View and Outer View. The game will have new routes and an original mode not found in the arcade version. Due to the

Anime News Service – Silent Hill Movie Hoax

  • 28th Apr 2002
  • News

Daniel submits the following from Corona:

“There currently is no Silent Hill movie in development.

“Five days ago the Bloody Disgusting horror website posted what they claimed was an “interview” with a representative from Dark Aura Entertainment, supposedly a film production company that was developing a movie based on Konami’s survival horror video game Silent Hill. The Bloody Disgusting interview made it seem that the rights were owned or controlled by Dark Aura, that they were in discussions with New Line Cinema to release a Silent Hill movie, and that preliminary casting ideas had already been heard.

“There was just one big problem: it appears they never had the film rights to Silent Hill.

“Whether it was the webmaster of the Bloody Disgusting website that took their source’s authenticity for granted or part of a larger deception remains unclear. The interview with the Dark Aura representative has now vanished from the Bloody Disgusting site. What is clear is that the reports of a Silent Hill movie being in development were picked up by at least half-a-dozen other websites, further propagating the false story.

“According to our own sources, video game manufacturer and Silent Hill rights owner Konami is aware of the false story now and may be taking further action to make sure someone is not misrepresenting their property. We’ve checked with multiple individuals working in Hollywood at high levels and have been told that there was never a Silent Hill movie in development at New Line Cinema.

“We contacted the webmaster of Bloody Disgusting in an attempt to find out more information about their original source. We received this reply: “You know what, I appreciate you letting me know, I have been told this now by 3 good sources, I think I’m going to try and contact New Line myself, and if they deny it, I’m taking any posts of theirs down.” We guess they got that denial from New Line.

“Still, that hasn’t stopped a flood of emails from coming in from people who are now convinced a Silent Hill movie is imminent. There might very well be a movie one day, but it’s not coming from Dark Aura Entertainment. Hopefully, with the creation of this page, we can begin putting a stop to the rumors”

Anime News Service – April 23-27 Anime News

4-27-02—- New From Radio Comix

Mangaphile #15:
An anthology comic dedicated to promoting manga and manga-style comics in America! Articles this issue include the Eye on Manga review, the Manga Checklist, and Doujin World by Dan Kanemitsu! Comics this issue include “Spiral” by JC Amberlyn, “The Tank” by Neumann and “Switch” by Amado Rodriguez Jr.!

For more info:

4-27-02—- Patlabor WXIII UK Premiere At OneDotZero Film Festival

This year’s ICA Onedotzero film festival, which maintains the unofficial tradition of showing at least one anime film, playing host in the past to Perfect Blue, X, will play host this year to Madhouse’s Patlabor WXIII. For the the festival’s info page check here, it will be showing from Sunday, May 18th.

4-27-02—- Super Techno Arts Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Press

From the Super Techno Arts press release, thanks to Danile for the scoop:



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure out on Region 1 DVD Fall/Winter of 2002

Based on the original manga series by Hirohiko Araki, the first volume of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” DVD will be released in Fall/Winter of 2002. 13 episodes will be available on total of 6 volumes, with sound and music upgraded to 5.1 surround system for the original 6 episodes. Character design and animation director by Junichi Hayama, music composed and arranged by Marco d’Ambrosio of MarcoCo., and sound design by Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound.

Street Date: Fall/Winter 2002 (date TBA)
Episode count: 1st Volume 3 Episodes x 30 minutes each
Format: Region 1 DVD
Animation Production: A.P.P.P.
Executive Producer: Kazufumi Nomura
Distribution by: TBA
Official Super Techno Arts Inc. Website Launch Date: 5/01/02

More than 100 years have past since the battle between Jonathan Joestar and the vampire, Dio Brando. Dio’s escape from the ocean depths awakens the psychic power known as “Stand” within Josef Joestar and Jotarou Kujo (JoJo). They join forces with other Stand Users to face the ultimate evil to save JoJo’s mother Holly from the deadly curse.”

4-27-02—- Soultaker Spinoff On The Horizon?

The TV anime Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical te (Soul Taker Spinoff?) begins broadcast in August.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Irwin 5′ DBZ Figures In Stores

Irwin’s 5″ DragonBall Z Series 8 action figures are now starting to appear in stores. This series stars include: Dabura, Angelic Goku, SSJ Gohan, Videl, and Trunks & Goten 2-pack. To see a pic of the new figures and get more info, got to

Source: AnimePro –

4-26-02—- DoCoMo Begins 3G Streaming

All Net Devices reports NTT has launched a trial version of its forthcoming streaming video service, V-Live which uses MPEG 4, streaming live and archived video content to phones and PDAs via its third-generation (3G) FOMA system.

4-26-02—- Pia Carrot e Youkoso Movie

Akiba-K News has updated mentioning an anime movie based on the game Pia Carrot e Youkoso will be produced, although the movie will have a new storyline, with the season planned to commence at the end of September 2002. A tentative title could be “Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! ~Sayaka no Natsu Monogatari~” (Sayaka’s Summer Story).

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Vandread News has announced the production of a Vandread Gekitou Hen, as a new part to the Second Stage. It’s the second instalment of “another Vandread” by director Higuchi Shinji, with new theme music.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- New Astroboy Anime And Manga Status

According to Charabiz a new Tetsuwan Atom (Astroboy) TV anime is slated for broadcast in April 2003, with broadcast lined up for Southeast Asian countries (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, etc) likely for around October 2003. The full CG Hollywood Tetsuwan Atom movie is scheduled for release in July 2004, with simultaneous release in Japan and in the US. The movie will be a joint production of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Jim Henson Pictures. Director will be Eric Leighton (who worked on Disney’s “Dinosaur”). Production costs are estimated at 10,000,000,000 yen with a similar budget for advertising. Apart from the two anime, a new manga will be published by Shogakukan commencing October 2002 and various Tetsuwan Atom events are planned, including on Atom’s birthday on 7 April 2003.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-26-02—- Subway Cinema Asian Film Fest In The NYC

Cinescape states:

“Subway Cinema in New York City will be sponsoring an Asian film festival April 26 through May 2 with Gamera 2 & 3 showing. Gamera 2 will be screening on Saturday, April 27 at 2:00 pm, while Gamera 3 will screen on Saturday, April 27 at 4:15 pm and again on Monday, April 29 at 6:30 pm. In addition Club Daikaiju will be sponsoring raffles for Gamera merchandise at the film festival on Saturday”

Also, the Subway Cinema site mentions Visitor Q(now banned in New Zealand) and Pistol Opera will be there, as well as a movie called Kiss the Moon from the people behind the Korean hit Attack the Gas Station.

Thanks to Daniel for the news

4-26-02—- Ang Lee Hulk Direction

You can read about Ang Lee’s intended approach to the Hulk movie at Cinescape. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

4-26-02—- Hellsing Site

The Right Stuf reports the official website for Gonzo’s Hellsing has opened courtesy Pioneer at

4-26-02—- Ninja Scroll TV Series

The Right Stuf reports Urban Vision’s website is indicating that the company has licensed Ninja Scroll TV and the show is currently under production. The series will be supervised by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and directed by Tatsuo Sato (Nadesico), with character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu (Trigun). No information on when the series will be released as of the present.

4-26-02—- ADV Press: Nadia – Sailor Moon

ADV Films has circulated new press on Nadia: The Prophecy Fulfilled and 2 new Sailor Moon releases.

4-26-02—- TRSI – Anime Trax Listings For June 2002

The Right Stuf has circulated June press for it’s coming Video titles and CD’s coming from Anime Trax.

4-26-02—- Mature Anime Themes – Minneapolis Anime Festival

The Star Tribune has a cover report on the growing relations of Japan’s adult (read: not neccesarily

Anime News Service – April 17-22 Anime News

4-22-02—- Onegai Teacher Extras Offer

Fans in Japan who purchase all seven volumes of the DVD release from Animate stores will receive a Quo card. Purchase volume one and one can be elligible to receive a card at the register. Collect the stamps with each volume to receive the Quo card with the seventh volume.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-22-02—- Anime References In Safety Museum

The Japanese Museum of the Institute for Fire Safety & Disaster Preparedness ( includes references to Gundam (and Tetsuwan Atom/Astro Boy) in its “Firefighting in the Future” section here and here.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-22-02—- NEC Japan’s Earth Simulator Supercomputer Now World’s Fastest

According to a New York Times report released Saturday, Japan’s NEC now holds the world’s fastest publicly acknowledged computer, with the computing power of the 20 fastest U.S. computers combined. The computer is nearly five times faster than the previous leader built by IBM.

NEC’s machine was formerly launched in March upon the completion of its delivery of the ultra high-speed vector parallel computing system known as “the Earth Simulator,” to the Earth Simulator Center (ESC, Tetsuya Sato, Director)”.

The Earth Simulator system was installed in the simulator building (with floor space 50m x 65m) at Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences (Yokohama, Kanagawa) of JAMSTEC. This is the world’s fastest supercomputer configured with 640 nodes (64GFLOPS/node, 5,120 CPUs in total), each of which consists of eight vector processors (8GFLOPS/CPU), and achieves the peak performance of 40TFLOPS (40 trillion floating-point operations per second). The Earth Simulator creates a “virtual planet earth” on the computer by its capability of processing vast volume of data sent from satellites, buoys and other worldwide observation point. The system contributes to analyze and predict environmental changes on the earth through the simulation of various global scale environmental phenomena such as global warming, El Nino effect, atmospheric and marine pollution, torrential rainfall and other complicated environmental effects. It will also provide an outstanding research tool in explaining terrestrial phenomena such as tectonics and earthquakes.

4-22-02—- Maximum CNG Launches Majoko RPG

Maximum CNG has announced the launch of their Majoko (Witch-girls) RPG which is a comedic Anime style role-playing game. Players will have the chance to join in or create their own adventures found in many Japanese cartoons and comics. In Majoko, witch-girls zoom about on brooms, wand in hand. Soldiers in mecha-armor battle giant monsters. Immortal heroes fall in love and battle evil after doing their homework. Majoko (Witch-girls) is a world where imagination is allowed to roam free and where adventure lurks behind every corner. The player creates a character and then steps into the fantasy RPG world. Maximum CNG’s official forums can be accessed here.

4-22-02—- Production I.G. 15th

You can see pics of the Production I.G. 15Th anniversary celebration at This Link. Thanks to Daniel for the details.

4-22-02—- Anime Central 2002 Acquisition Announcements

According to the Right Stuf:

Angelic Layer
Full Metal Panic
Najica (full name Najica Blitz Tactics)

You’re Under Arrest is coming to DVD

Right Stuf
Comic Party!

Comic Party? What’s Comic Party??
Jump straight into the world of doujinshi (Japanese fan manga) and explore its insanity with one poor high school sucker… er.. lucky fellow named Kazuki Sendo who is unwillingly sucked into the world of doujinshi by his otaku friend Taishi Kuhonbutsu. Little does he know that once he begins, he’ll never escape…

Directed by Norihiko Sudo with character design by Koichi Taguchi (SLAYERS GORGEOUS) and produced by KSS, the Comic Party TV series brings a new dimension of the Japanese otaku to American Fans.

Based on the dating simulation game of the same name from Aquaplus, this hilarious 13 episode series will have every otaku will be laughing and seeing a bit of themselves in the characters.

For those already familiar with the To Heart animated series – don’t miss out on the hidden jokes and cameo appearances of your favorite To Heart characters placed throughout this hilarious spin off series.

For more info check the official Japanese site

4-22-02—- Toonami Contest

According to info which has surfaced in the latest Toonami Flash newsletter Toonami is hosting a new contst with a grand prize trip to San Francisco’s Bandai Entetertaibnment sponsord Metreon Festival of Anime. This week, special codes will be featured nightly on the Toonami Midnight Run, viewers then enter the codes online to enter the contest. A large Gundam merchandise assortment is also featured as a prize. 500 runner-ups will be eligible for Gundam action figure.

4-22-02—- Ghibli SFO Conference Info North American Exclusive

Akadot Editor Tim Law was in attendance at this past weekend’s Spirited Away premier at the San Francisco Film Festival. Producer and longtime colleague of Miyazaki, Toshio Suzuki had some interesting tidbits to tell as well. It seems Miyazaki is (again) not straying as far from film as he’s alluded to in the past. He’s working on a 15 minute short of My Neighbor Totoro 2 and has plans for three more feature animated films. Mr. Suzuki revealed the basis for one of the films as the adventures of a caterpillar named Boro as he travels from a tree on one side of the street to a tree on the other.

The information was announced first in America last Saturday, April 20, and had not yet been announced in Japan.

4-22-02—- Cartoonist Event Changes

Touloun France’s Cartoonist festival planned for 3 days this weekend has had some last minute guest changes. Ikezawa Haruna has been canceled for this season’s fair but will reportedly be attending at the next Cartoonist in Paris this November. Replacing the seiyuu this round is Kawamura Maria (Ifurita ElHazard OVA 2 | Eudial – Sailor Moon S Movie).

4-22-02—- New At Midnight Eye

Midnight Eye has updated this week with an exclusive interview with director SHUNICHI NAGASAKI on his film A Tender Place. The site’s movie of the week THE CHASE, a little-known film noir gem from the 50s is included plus a review of Sion Sono’s SUICIDE CLUB.

Anime News Service – April 11-16 Anime News

4-16-02—- Mahoromatic End Of The Year DVD Special

Mahoromatic End Of The Year Special DVD will be released after volume 6. Shotaiken! Mahoromatic is due June 25 with the end of year special (broadcast on 14 December 2001) (with a digest of episodes 1 to 8) and “Live! Mahoromatic” Length 25 minutes Catalogue number PIBA-1357 Price 1,800 yen (excluding tax)

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Votoms Online At One

Votoms Online celebrated its first anniversary this past weekend. The site will be celebrating by adding new features, and kicking off their Votoms Online Battling Arena in a day or so. The V.O.B.A. is a battletech-type online strategy game set in the Votoms universe. Anyone interested in signing up can get info at

4-16-02—- Macross Chara Designer / Dirty Pair Director On Blue Remains

On June 14 Toei’s 3D CGI Movie Blue Remains will be released in Japan. The sci-fi marine action anime, directed by Takizawa Toshifumi (Densetsu Kyojin Ideon, Dirty Pair) with character designs by Mikimoto Haruhiko (Macross) features a scientific research couple who return in their spaceship to Earth in 2062 only to find that its surface has been rendered uninhabitable by nuclear explosions and humanity is forced to live in the oceans. The couple entrust their daughter Amamiku with the task of revitalising the Earth. Weighing in at 75 minutes long no details of the DVD release have been made as yet. VHS will feature Dolby Surround with letterboxed aspect ratio. The official site with trailer can be accessed at

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Coca Cola Unveils C-Mode

Coca-Cola (Japan), NTT DoCoMo Inc. and Itochu Corp. stated yesterday that they will be launching a new consumer service throughout Japan that will incorporate Coca-Cola vending machines and DoCoMo’s ‘i-mode’ mobile phone internet service called, the ‘Cmode’. The full story can be found at Yahoo News, thanks to Anjiro-san for the link.

4-16-02—- Multimedia Enhanced Zoids Web Comics Online

Chapters one to four the Zoids web comics now have added sound effects. The sixth and final instalment of the present story is now available for download, however the page will have new contents at the end of April.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- More On New German Anime Channel

Thanks to Tobias for the following:

Quite an interesting piece of news about what’s going on in Germany concerning Anime…

Just a comment: RTL II is the (free) TV-channel in germany, which broadcasts most of the anime (like Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Dragonball Z, Doremi, Crayon Shin-chan, Ranma 1/2 and so on). The “dpa” is germany’s biggest and most serious news agency.

Animexx: For many fans [in germany] a long desired dream should be fulfilled by this: According to an News by the “Deutsche Presse Agentur” (dpa), Josef Andorfer, the manager of RTL II announced on a media fair in Cannes, that RTL II will start an own Anime-TV-Channel in 2004. The channel does not have a name yet, but will be available by sattelite (Astra) and shows _only_ Anime.

4-16-02—- Localized Edit Of Comet-san Hits Korean TV

The classic Comet-san anime TV is airing throughout Korea on KBS2 TV on Sundays 7:50-8:40am, the channel can be viewed online here. For the Korean market broadcast several character clothing items has been altered and a comparrison of the changes can be seen here.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Medabots To ABC Family

Medabots, according to a new Nelvana-ABC Family agreement, is now secured as a daily fixture on ABC Family, televised Monday-Friday (8:30 a.m., ET/PT). The futuristic series about kids and their high-performance pet robots emerged at the top of boys 6-11 ratings when the series debuted last Fall on Fox Kids – and made equally impressive debuts on Canada’s YTV and Fox Kids Latin America. After achieving an impressive debut on Fox Kids Latin America last October, Medabots continues to remain a powerful performer, reaching over 13 million kids in 20 countries across the region. Flushed with its Western Hemisphere success, Fox will continue to broadcast Medabots on all its European cable outlets this Fall.

“We are delighted to bring our wildly successful Medabots series to ABC Family,” said Nelvana President Toper Taylor. “Boys throughout the U.S., Canada and Latin America have embraced this imaginative world where every boy owns his own amazing pet robot. The daily exposure for Medabots on ABC Family will even further expand the audience for this proven series.”

ABC Family is distributed in over 84 million homes across America.

4-16-02—- Further AppleSeed Media And Details

A larger still grab of previously posted Deunan image for the upcoming Appleseed movie can be viewed at Ascii24 here. ascii24’s report mentions the movie staff will seek Shirow’s collaboration. It’s also possible an independant new storyline will be created for the movie. Also unique to their report are confirming details of the international scale on which AppleSeed will be rolled out. Of 50,000 action figure / DVD sets 15,000 will be sold within Japan. Another still image from the movie, of Briareos, is available in this ZDNet Japan report. Character design of Deunan will be by Maeshima Shigeki (official website).

Source: Natsume Maya

4-16-02—- Japanese Film Event At Egyptian Theater L.A.

From Egyptian Theater site via Daniel:

“THE SHORT SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL Wednesday, May 15 – 7:30 pm Presented in association with the Japan Foundation of Los Angeles and the Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles SSFF makes its stateside debut at the American Cinematheque after three immensely successful years touring Japan and Singapore where the Festival draws audiences of 30,000 who come to see the best short films the world has to offer. Among the international selection presented this evening, two shorts by aspiring Japanese filmmakers will make their world premieres. Jane Campion’s Palme d’ Or-winning “Peel” leads the lineup, in keeping with SSFF’s tradition of presenting shorts by world-renowned feature filmmakers. The eclectic mix continues with live-action and animated shorts from Norway, Korea, England, Wales, Mexico, Germany and the United States. Join several of the filmmakers as well for a post-screening discussion.”

4-16-02—- European News – Hamutaro –

Anime News Service – April 5-10 Anime News

  • 10th Apr 2002
  • News

4-10-02—- Soul Hunter: City Of Fire Release

From the ADV Films Announcement


HOUSTON, April 10, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of June 18, 2002 for the DVD release of Soul Hunter: City of Fire, the fifth volume of the amazing anime series based on a series of popular Chinese novels and an incredibly successful Japanese comic book. Soul Hunter is directed by Junji Nishimura of You’re Under Arrest! fame.

The Story: Two potent forces are locked in a frightening standoff. Leading the allied forces of the North and West, Taikoubou and crew attempt to establish a new ruling dynasty. Across the battlefield, noble Bunchu heads the Emperor’s army, reinforced by the sudden return of the Yin princes – now immortals augmented with incredible powers! Will either side back down from the brink of a catastrophic final battle that no one can win? Meanwhile, as her enemies fight each other, Dakki uses her twisted magic to create a gigantic, ravening monster! As it rampages out of control in the capital, Taikoubou must drop everything and play the hero once again. Now the power of immortals locked in conflict rages unchecked through the deserted streets of the doomed city. By the time the battle is done, will China be left for the alliance to rule? Find out in the City of Fire – the fifth exciting chapter of Soul Hunter!

ADV Films’ DVD release of City of Fire ($29.98 SRP) will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include translator notes, a “relationship tree” with character descriptions, a comprehensive glossary of terms, voice actor profiles, and ADV previews.

SOUL HUNTER: CITY OF FIRE Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 5/21/02 Street Date: 6/18/02 Format SRP DVD $29.98

4-10-02—- New Escaflowne Dates

Thanks to Bandai Entertainment’s Jerry Chu for this information:

For more information about the Escaflowne movie – please visit


Sacramento UA Market Square at Arden Fair 1739 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 95815 (916)568-1770

Boston/Cambridge Brattle Theater 40 Brattle St. Cambridge, MA 02138

Tempe/Phoenix Harkins Valley Art 505 South Mill Avenue Tempe, AZ 85281 (602)222-4275

Portland Clinton Street Theater 2522 SE Clinton Street Portland, OR 97202 (503)238-5588 theater

Las Vegas Brenden Palms 14 4321 West Flamingo Road Las Vegas, NV 89103 (925)677-0462

4-10-02—- Final Nadia In Love Volume Press

From the announcement:


HOUSTON, April 10, 2002 – ADV Films has set a street date of June 4, 2002 for the home video release of Nadia in Love – the ninth volume of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. This charming anime series was produced by Gainax, the creators of Neon Genesis Evangelion, and loosely based on Jules Verne’s classic tale, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. ADV Films plans a concurrent day & date release for both the VHS and DVD formats of this captivating title.

The Story: With King the lion cub in the evil clutches of Grandis’ former love, it will take everything Nadia and the rest of her friends have to save him! But something sinister awaits our adventurers as they finally draw near to Nadia’s homeland. Dark forces from the past pursue them, while the last pieces of Nadia’s heritage come together. Will her fate doom them all? Or is there someone that can save them? Find out as Nadia’s magical adventure approaches its ultimate conclusion in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- Nadia in Love!

ADV Films’ VHS release ($19.98 SRP) of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- Nadia in Love is in the English-language version. The DVD release ($29.98 SRP) will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include an interview with voice actor Nathan Parsons (Jean), a preview of Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water- The Prophecy Fulfilled (the final volume in the Nadia series), and previews of other ADV releases.

NADIA: THE SECRET OF BLUE WATER – NADIA IN LOVE Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 5/7/02 Street Date: 6/4/02 Format SRP VHS $19.98 DVD $29.98

4-10-02—- DVD In April Netype

The April 2002 issue of Newtype Magazine includes a supplemental DVD with 5 main menu items. 1st are several Patlabor items, which include a trailer for W XIII, the whole of OAV 1, several interviews, a clip of Minipato. The second menu leads to a trailer for the Turn A Gundam movie, a trailer for the eX-D movie, a trailer for an aerial-combat type show called Seitou Yousei Yukikaze and, finally, a trailer for Legend Of The Sacred Stone. The third menu item leads to trailers for a game and OAV from the project.Hack series. The fourth item leads to clips of the design, production and packaging of Gundam model kits via a documentary with no narration. Menu 5 leads to a Full Metal Panic trailer, and Snow Sugar trailer.

4-10-02—- G-Gundam Arrives In Canada

Reports are coming in from Canada regarding the arrival of G-Gundam model kits in local large retail stores such as Toys R Us and Wal-Mart.

4-10-02—- Ad Firm Seeks Anime Designs

The firm Add-Creative, a recently formed creative design company has mentioned a few their recent comissions have requested that they illustrate in an anime / hentai style. The company is prospecting to possibly explore working relationships with talented individuals who can produce quick sketches and character designs that they can then develop and illustrate theirself. Those interested are prompted to look at the company portfolio first (in particular the Illustration section). Add-Creative has already collaborated with people all over the world and don’t find distance a problem as long at potential applicants speak English.

4-10-02—- Suikoden Release Set

Daniel has posted the following mention to our Mailing List:

Gamespot states the game will be out in Japan on July 11. No information on when it will come out in North America though.

4-10-02—- Viz Graphic Novel Releases For July

From the release:


Anime News Service – April 3-4 Anime News

4-4-02—- Part III Of Fred Lad Interview

Akadot has posted part three of it’s interview with early Anime fixture Fred Lad, in this latest installment, a interesting mention of possible ILM animation technique probing and The Lion King Simba – Kimba issue is examined.

4-4-02—- Silent Hill Movie Developments

Thanks to Sam for this:

According to Dark Horizons, Dark Aura Entertainment, the studio bringing the survival horror game to the silver screen, revealed numerous tidbits of info in a recent interview.

According to the interview, the film will be based closely on the first game with shooting to take place in Maine or upstate NY(personal note-an oddly appropriate location considering that Bangor, Maine is where writer Stephen King calls home). The FX will rely more on animatronics than cartoony CG, avoiding the unrealistic style of FX seen in Resident Evil. They hope to get Stan Winston Studios(the makeup artists behind such films as A.I.) to work on the project. Chyler Leigh(“Not Another Teen Movie”) is in talks for the role of Nurse Lisa Garland, whilst other actors currently being sought after include Lisa Marie(“Planet of the Apes(2001)”, Angelica Huston, and Bill Pullman.

4-4-02—- Asia AICN Bits

According to Asia AICN:


Stephen Chow made the list for the film award’s new category, Most Outstanding New Director.


1)Asia-AICN has confirmed Cruise in the Last Samurai. The film is “being directed by John Madden and is Warner Brothers’ first production in Japan. The film will employ the services of around 10 Japanese actors and 500 local extras. Production is expected to start this fall and the film will be shot in Japan, US, and New Zealand.”

2)Jackie Chan has expressed a strong desire to star in the new adaptation of “Tekken: The Movie”, based on the video game of the same name. Inside reports say that he’s already onboard.

3)Will Smith is also scheduled to come to Japan, to promote his latest film, “Ali”. The actor is reported to appear with former professional wrestler Antonio Inoki at a special screening at the Budokan (a famous martial arts and concert arena). Inoki actually fought with Ali during a match in 1976.

Here’s some brief looks at the latest releases in Tokyo.

4)”KT”, directed by Junji Sakamoto, is a co-produciton between Japan and Korea. The film is a well-made political thriller about an incident involving Kim Dae-jung (the current president of South Korea) on August 8, 1973.

5)”Glowing Growing”, directed by Kei Horie. This is a road movie about 2 guys looking for an ideal place to commit suicide.

6)”Filament”, directed by Hitonari Tsuji. This is about family who lives under an old photo studio. These people are isolated from society, hence they’re called filaments.

4-4-02—- Matrix Reloaded Casting News

According to Corona, Daniel has posted the following info to our Mailing List:

‘Today the Moviehole website published an exclusive set report from an insider working on the Matrix sequels production. Moviehole’s source revealed new information and names for some Australian actors working on the sequels, including actors Anthony Wong and Lachy Hulme. According to the site, Wong and Hulme’s roles are minor in the sequels but are of importance in the Matrix video game now in development. Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character is also of vital importance in the game. “It is the best role in the Matrix universe,” writes Moviehole’s source of the unknown part Lachy Hulme plays. “The game is a HUGE fucking production in itself, and stars Hulme, Jada, and Anthony Wong. They’ve finished the SFX part of it (that took four months) and now they’ve got 1st and 2nd unit stuff to shoot, which goes till June.”‘

4-4-02—- Miramax Acquires 2 Pokemon Sequels

Miramax has acquired the rights to the next 2 Pokemon films to be released in North America and all international territories outside of Asia. The 4th film is set for release in October. Additionally, the arthouse style Disney-owned studio has first dibs on future Pokemon features. Pokemon movies 1-3 (grossing $85.7 million, 43.7 million and 17 million at the box office respectively) have been distributed throughout America by Warner Brothers and the company was also part of the bidding for the 4th and 5th. 2 years post the American Pokemon boom some may see Miramax as late to the game however, Pokemon is still a economically viable property and the studio has expressed plans to “reinvigorate the franchise”.

4-4-02—- New Anime In Japan Website Roundup

SaiKano (Saishu Heiki Kanojo – She, the Ultimate Weapon) has it’s official site at updated with a broadcast start date of July 2 for episode 1. Trailers are now up for download.
TV Tokyo has new sites for it’s series:
Forza! Hidemaru –
Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! –
The official Tokyo Mew Mew website has launched at A trailer for the series can be seen at TV Aichi’s page.

Source: Natsume Maya

4-4-02—- NTT DoCoMo Develops World’s First Lip Reading Phone

Although still in the prototype stage, it works by a use of a contact sensor near the phone’s mouthpiece to detect electrical impulses emitted by the muscles around the user’s mouth. These impulses are then changed into spoken words by a speech synthesizer, or into text for text messaging or e-mail.

Further information can be found at here

Thanks to Anjiro-san for the news.

4-4-02—- Asimo At Home: Honda Says It Will Market House Robots Within 9 Years

According to a Detroit news article here, Honda will offer working robots developed from its Asimo automaton for commercial sale within nine years.

The robots will be able to perform domestic duties, and Honda plans to make them “affordably priced,” said Masato Hirose, the senior chief engineer in charge of Honda’s humanoid robot development.

4-4-02—- 504i – Thinnest Mobile Phone In The World Arrives In Japan

Yahoo has an article on Matsushita’s new “thinnest in the world” folding 504i model phone which is compatible with NTT DoCoMo’s i-Mode network.

4-4-02—- New Toyota Marque Scion Set To Release First Box Like “Urban Conveyor” In USA

Cars, Trucks, SUV’s. America has seen it’s share

Anime News Service – AppleSeed Movie Confirmed

Sponichi reports that work on an Appleseed movie project is to commence soon, with the theatrical release planned in Japan, USA, and Europe in the spring of 2003. This movie will employ a new “Trinity Engine” 3D CG animation engine.

Source: Natsumi Maya

Thanks to EK Rivera For This Info:

There are at least two easter eggs on the CB: KOHD Region 2 DVD. They’re on the Extras Menu in the flying face. If you’re using a DVD-Rom, roll-over the eye and it’ll turn from red to black (or maybe vice versa). When you click on it, you’ll get a trailer with a voice-over by Kouichi Yamadera about the movie. If you roll over the teeth on the right hand side, you’ll get the same movie trailer, but with a voice-over by Aoi Tada.