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Anime News Service – June 26-28 Anime News

6-28-02—- New At Midnight Eye

Something of a New Wave theme to this issue, with a look back at the Glory Days of 60s experimental cinema in Shohei Imamura’s too often ignored pioneering piece of documentary trickery, A MAN VANISHES. Then we take a look at that what happens when you take one former linchpin of the 60s avant-garde and stick him in the savannah with James Stewart and a pack of lions: AFRICA STORY. And the excitement reaches fever pitch as TADANOBU ASANO allows us a peak through the door of stardom to reveal exactly what it means to be one of Japan’s top favourite box office draws! Enjoy!

6-28-02—- Laputa DVD R2 Specs

Thanks to Daniel for this:

Tenkuu no Shiro Rapyuta (Laputa: Castle in the Sky)
DVD (Region 2, NTSC)
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
4 October 2002
Catalog #:
124 minutes
2 Discs. Japanese and English audio (both DD 2.0) with Japanese and English subtitles. It is not yet known if the English audio track is the new Disney dub or the older Streamline dub. Second disc contains storyboards, trailers, and other extras.


6-28-02—- Tokyopop To Complete Saint Tail Collector’s Edition

According to Anime Dream:

According to TOKYOPOP’s Kristien Brada-Thompson, “TOKYOPOP has decided to create a single, collector’s edition package for SAINT TAIL’s remaining three volumes, rather than publishing them individually. We strongly believe that this three-pack series finale will be a fan-favorite — very reasonably priced and a substantial value to collectors.”

Several series have been dropped midstream by other companies due to lack of sales, however this will not be the case with Saint Tail as TOKYOPOP is committed to finishing out the whole run. No release date has been announced for the collector’s edition, though we suspect an announcement at this year’s Anime Expo.

6-28-02—- Kirby Anime USA TV Premiere

Kirby the animated series premieres on September 14 2002 on FoxKids. You can check out NintendoPower magazine for their Kirby comic based on the show.

Thanks to Miceal for the link.

6-28-02—- More G On DVD

Thanks to Daniel for this news:

August 21, 2002 will see the release of both GMK and Godzilla’ 95 on DVD in Japan. GMK will be a 3 disc set priced at 10,000y. Disc 1 will be the film, Disc 2 & 3 will have hours of behind the scene footage, image galleries, and more. The GMK VHS will be on sale August 2.

Godzilla vs. Destroyer[The one where he dies.] is a single disc priced at 6,000y. It will have the usual audio commentaries, trailers, image galleries, and more. As usual neither GMK or GvsD will have English subtitles. Contact your favorite import dealer for ordering info.” Source: Monster Zero

6-28-02—- Japanese Elements Of Quentin Tarantino’s New Film Kill Bill

What went on at the Japanese set of Kill Bill-including some photos-can be found at AICN. Of note is that Japanese all-girl punk band The 5,6,7,8’s will have a cameo, and Aki Maeda (Noriko Nakagawa of Battle Royale fame)will have a part in the film.

Thanks to Daniel for the news

6-28-02—- HK/ Japan DVD Distribution Deal

Thanks to Daniel for this news from The Hollywood Reporter:

Video distributor Panorama Entertainment Ltd. has inked a deal with Japan’s Shochiku Co. Ltd. to distribute the latter’s film library of more than 4,000 titles in Hong Kong over the next five years. The deal between Shochiku and Panorama, which successfully applied for a public listing in May, was one of two official announcements at the sixth Hong Kong International Film and Television Market, also known as Filmart, which winds up today. This is the first deal that Shochiku has signed with any Hong Kong video distributor for its film library, which spans 107 years and includes classic titles such as “Tora San” and “Twilight Samurai.” The deal, with options to renew, includes Shochiku’s back-catalog label, Classic Movies, which includes titles by auteurs such as Yasujiro Ozu and Akira Kurosawa. [Note from Daniel: Shochiku is also a distributor for Pistol Opera and the Katakuris.]

6-28-02—- Mangaverse #4 Preview

Stills and a summary of Marvel’s Mangaverse #4-featuring art by Ben Dunn-are available at Movie Poop Shoot.Thanks to Daniel for the link.

6-28-02—- All Tenchi Muyo Characters Present In Upcoming GXP Episode

According to the “project report section” on, all characters in Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki will appear in the episode 17 of “Tenchi Muyo! GXP.” Seinan will back to earth to visit Masaki family, and YES! Tenchi, Ryoko, Washu, Ayeka, Sasami, Mihoshi, Yosho and Ryoohki will be there to welcome Seinan.

Source: AIC Anime

6-28-02—- Puffy AmiYumi Sells Out Show Date In Los Angeles – Announces Extra Date

Due to overwhelming demand, Roxy (LA) show is SOLD OUT. Puffy AmiYumi is happy to announce that an extra date is added in Los Angeles.

Date: Friday 5 July Venue: Spaceland Address: 1717 Silverlake Bl. Los Angeles 90039 Info line: 323.661.4380 Door Open @ 8:30 pm Puffy on stage @ 11:30 pm Age restriction: 21yr old or over

TICKETS ON SALE FROM WEDNESDAY 26 JUNE 2002. Tix Hot Line: 1-800-965-4827

July 5 Los Angeles/Spaceland (age: 21+)
July 6 Los Angeles/Roxy **SOLD OUT**
July 8 San Francisco/The Fillmore (opening for The B-52s)
July 9 San Francisco/The Fillmore (opening for The B-52s)
July 11 Portland/Aladdin Theater
July 12 Seattle/I Spy
July 13 Vancouver/Richard’s on Richards (age: 19+)
July 16 Minneapolis/Quest
July 17 Chicago/Park West
July 19 Washington D.C./9:30 Club
July 20 NYC/Irving Plaza
July 21 Boston/Paradise Rock Club (age: 18+)
July 23 Toronto/The Opera House

6-28-02—- OTAKU Exhibit In L.A.

Thanks to Cool Japanese Toys for news that OTAKU, a new exhibit of artwork celebrating vinyl kaiju, will begin this Saturday. The show will feature paintings by Glenn Barr, Tim Biskup and Coop. Date: June 29 – August 10, 2002 Opening Reception: Saturday, June 29th from 8-11pm Where: Copro/Nason Gallery 11265 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90230 Learn more about the show at the Copro/Nason website:

6-28-02—- New Lupin

Anime News Service – June 21-25 Anime News

6-25-02—- Metropolis Review

The Nando Times has posted a review of the home dvd release of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis. The headliner to the piece calls Metropolis “an anime masterpiece”.

6-25-02—- Latest On Gerry Anderson Anime Collaborations

Courtesy to Justin on this news:

The latest SFX carries news that Gerry Anderson, in-between working on revamping Captain Scarlet for the *actual* 21st Century, currently has two CGI/cel-animation animated series in early production with Japanese studios – Stormforce and Eternity. Not too many details yet, but Stormforce has the premise of an alien-backed terrorist organisation on Earth (to be fair, Mr. Anderson states that he can’t say more than that for fear of giving too much away), while Eternity will, interestingly, be a CGI series, CGI film – and live action film.

6-25-02—- Big Apple Anime Fest Promotional Machine Awakens

From the release:

“The Cannes Film Festival of Anime Manga Culture”

Begins August 30th Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 Expected to Draw 15,000 to Midtown Manhattan!

What: Known as “The Cannes Film Festival of Anime Manga Culture,” The Big Apple Anime Fest 2002 (BAAF 2002), will combine core elements from the world of sci-fi, urban/hip-hop, rave/club and cutting edge animation to draw 15,000 fans from around the world to a weekend long celebration of Anime Manga culture. This year’s event is expected to be the largest celebration of anime in the United States. The event includes film screenings, video screening rooms, autograph sessions with renowned anime directors and voiceover artists, masquerade events, and more.

When: Friday August 30th, 2002 through September 2nd, 2002

Where: Various locations including The Marriott Marquis Hotel, Virgin Megastore and other venues in New York City’s Times Square.

Info: Anime/Manga is one of the fastest growing pop-culture trends in the United States. (Think Akira, Pokemon & Dragon Ball Z!!)

This year a large number of anime stars will turn out to meet their fans. Guests of Honor including anime producer, Maki Taro, anime directors, Daichi Akitaroh and Yoshiyuki Tomino and voice actors such as Mandy Bonhomme, Rachael Lillis, Liam O’Brien, Ed Paul, Eric Stuart, and Jimmy Zoppi are already scheduled to attend.

Screening schedule, registration information and event calendar will be updated throughout the summer at

6-25-02—- Anime Club Of Costa Rica Magazine And Club Exhibition

Thanks to Juan Pablo Saenz of Anime Club De Costa Rica based out of San Jose, for posting the following info to our Mailing Llist:

We are runing a magazine about manga and anime with the same name and now we r planing an anime exhibition at El museo de los Niños (Children’s museum). This exhibition will include the whole colletion of Rurouni Kenshin Ovas (tsuiko-hen y seiso-hen), Ah! megumi sama the movie and Metropolis. This is a private exhibition for fans only. Our goal is that the otaku comunity of our country know our magazine. This magazine also have a lot of plans to expand the anime in Costa Rica, because the open tv almost dont feature anime , and now without Locomotion, we r running out of anime even in pre-paid tv. We r trying to bring more titles to the people, because all the anime known here is really poor, > dragonball, pokemon, los caballeros del zodiaco (saint seiya), supercampeones (tsubasa) and mazinger. Thanks God now the Tv Channel TELETICA is now playing Sakura Card Captor. To achieve our goals we are looking for help everywhere, and we are opening our magazine to the fandom inside and outside the country. We had articles from people in Chile, Peru and Mexico, and now i wanna to invite you to join us. Our e-mail is The magazine is spanish only, but we will happy to know that someone out there is happy with our work. Any help and advise is welcome. We also r running an internet comunity, spanish only too, so if you wanna check it out, this is the url:

6-25-02—- Street Fury Blue Import Car Expose Coming From Tokyopop

From the release:

STREET FURY BLUE Set for August 27th Release on DVD & VHS from TOKYOPOP® A Behind-the-Scenes look at the Cars & Lifestyles That Create the Import Car Scene

Los Angeles, CA (June 19th, 2002) — TOKYOPOP® has set August 27th, 2002 for the DVD and VHS release of Street Fury Blue, the third release in the Street Fury series.

Hosted by model and actress Asia de Marcos, Street Fury Blue takes a behind-the-scenes look at the cars and lifestyles that inspired the box office smash-hit The Fast and the Furious.

Street Fury Blue gives viewers a virtual pit-pass to some of the most popular import events in the world, including the Tokyo Auto Salon and the Import Drag Racing Circuit: 2002 Season Opener. Plus, viewers get a close look at the ultimate test of car control, “drifting,” and what’s new at the Buttonwillow track.

Of course, coverage of the import scene isn’t complete unless the music and girls are included. Street Fury Blue covers the photo shoots of top import models such as “Miss Hot Import Night” Veronica Bacerra, Cover Girl Candice Michelle, and the Import Revolution models. Also included is VIP coverage of the intense Hot Import Nights show in Del Mar, CA., with plenty of modified rides, sexy girls, and thumping music.

The Street Fury Blue DVD will offer the following added features:

· Trailers and Previews of TOKYOPOP Releases
· Interactive Menus
· Scene Selection
· Canice Michelle Photo Gallery

RUNNING TIME: 70 minutes
RATING: Mature, Ages 18 & Up
SRP VHS: $14.99
SRP DVD: $19.99
PRE-BOOK: July 16
STREET DATE: August 27

6-25-02—- Slayers Maybe Not On ABC Family?

Thanks to Grant for this info:

The hype is on TV Tome having Slayers listed to be on July 6 or 7. This is not going to happen. ABC Family has been showing commercials for their new summer lineup to start on July 6 and Slayers in not shown. Furthermore, here’s a link to the actual ABC Family Channel Lineup for July 6th and 7th:

6-25-02—- New Online Out Of print

Anime News Service – June 14-18 Anime News

6-18-02—- Newtype Article: Gerry Anderson On New Anime Project

DVD Vision Japan’s Matt Anderson informs us of the following:

Here is an article I found of interest in New Type. Since more and more anime projects are starting to use non-Japanese talent for their series (Syd Mead in Turn A Gundam and Peter Chung in Alexander–or Reign if you use the TOKYOPOP title) I thought this might be of interest to your readers. The July issue of New Type has a brief article about a new anime created in part with Gerry Anderson. For those of you who do not know the name, he is the creator of such hit shows as Thunderbirds, Space 1999, Stingray, and many others. The series will be called Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm.

Firestorm takes place in the year 2014, where the world is threatened by Black Okoto. A team of specialists from around the world called Storm Force is created. The best of the best is Storm Force 9, a six member team led by Sam Scott. Equipped with advance vehicles and weapons, their code name is Firestorm. Gerry Anderson handles the Mechanical Designs, while the character designs and CG animation will be handled by the Japanese company. No word on when it will be release, or if it is an OVA or TV series.

6-18-02—- Lupin III News – New TV Special And All Night Movie Events

A huge thanks to Tzara who sends the following news:

On July 26th, at 9:03 PM, Nihon Terebi’s (Japan TV) “Friday Road Show” program will feature Lupin TV Special: “LUPIN The Third Episode 0, First Contact”! This wil be the 14th yearly TV special. This time around will feature the first meeting of Lupin and Jigen, as well as his first contacts with the other characters. Friendship and treachery, and a few plot twists and turns”. (Sources: Official Lupin the Third page: and Nihon Terebi’s Friday Road Show web page:

On July 20th and 27th, there will be all night LUPIN III screenings in Ikebukuro Tokyo (at Ikebukuro Shinbungeiza). Both events will also feature a special “guest talk show” (no news yet as to who the guest/s will be). The screenings will consist of various Lupin incarnations, including movies, episodes from the first and second TV serries, and TV specials.

Screenings Line-up:
July 20th: Movie, “Lupin vs. the Clone”; 1st TV Series, Episode 17; 2nd TV Series, Episode 112; TV Special, “Bye Bye Liberty”; 1st TV Series, Episode 4; 2nd TV Series, Episode 99; 2nd TV Series, Episode 145. July 27th: Movie, “Castle Cagliostro”; 1st TV Series, Episode 13; 2nd TV Series, Episode 26; TV Special, “The Hemmingway Papers”; 1st TV Series, Episode 9; 1st TV Series, Episode 1; 2nd TV Series, Episode 155.

All tickets are availible in advance either at the theater window or through Ticket Pia. There is an age requirement: 18. (Source:

6-18-02—- G-Fest Lineup

From Monster Zero courtesy Daniel:

G-FEST 2002 TO SHOW GODZILLA X MEGAGUIRUS! By: Armand Vaquer June 18, 2002 G-Fest 2002 announces film lineup including a U.S. showing of GODZILLA X MEGAGUIRUS


Contact: Armand Vaquer, (818) 881-5543 or Jeff Horne, (630) 551-0394 or (630) 428-5235

June 17, 2002



Fans of Japanese science-fiction and fantasy films will be gathering July 12-14, 2002 at the Radisson Hotel, 75 Algonquin Road, Arlington Heights, Illinois for G-FEST 2002. G-FEST is pleased to announce that the first North American theatrical showing of “Godzilla x Megaguirus” (2000) will take place at the convention courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. Special guests will include Godzilla and Mothra special effects director Koichi Kawakita; Godzilla, King Ghidorah and Battra suit actor and manga artist Hurricane Ryu; and actor Robert Scott “M-11” Field.

G-FEST 2002 will also show “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah” (1995) and “Gamera 2: Gamera vs. Legion” (1996) on Friday, July 12 and Godzilla x Megaguirus which will show Saturday night at the Pickwick Theater, 5 South Prospect, Park Ridge, Illinois. G-FEST 2002 will also show 1991’s “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” at the Radisson Hotel that will include live running commentaries by Mr. Kawakita, Mr. Ryu and Mr. Field.

A “Burning Godzilla” figurine will given free to the first 500 pre-registrants of G-FEST 2002 courtesy of Toho Co., Ltd. and X-Plus U.S.A.

G-FEST 2002 will also have a huge dealers’ room where convention attendees may purchase movie memorabilia, toys, model kits, books, posters and photographs from their favorite monster film.

G-FEST 2002 will also have art, model, coloring, costume, video, trivia, kaiju call and music video contests.

Weekend admission is $29 for adults, $10 for youths 10 and under. Children under 5 are to be admitted free. Daily admissions are $15 for adults, youths for $5 and children under 5 are admitted free. The films at the Pickwick Theater are $7 each (all ages). The convention is open to the public.

For further information, go to the G-FAN/G-FEST website at

6-18-02—- ABC Family Anime Times

Courtesy Daniel you can find out when Medabots, Beyblade, and Shinzo will be shown on ABC Family at Movie Poop Shoot.

6-17-02—- Another Hit – Miyazaki Interviewed In BBC Japanorama Interview

Despite reports to the contrary, Anime News Service’s world class news sources have pulled through once again on this weekend’s BBC Japanorama look at Studio Ghibli and interview with legendary animator, Hayao Miyazaki.

According to info posted to the The Hayao Miyazaki Discussion Group by Joe Curzon, today the UK Cable/Satellite Channel BBC Choice aired the program hosted by Jonathan Ross (who has praised Miyazaki before in the past on his Film 2001 show). The show also covered a former member of Studio Ghibli, Hideaki Anno (better know for Evangelion, Gunbuster and his other Gainax projects than his Ghibli work). Anno’s section focused on a recent live action project and the alternative, filming techniques he used.

On being compared to Disney, Miyazaki replied saying he doesn’t really like that, since Disney was a producer not a director. The Car chase scene from Castle

Anime News Service – Marvel Mangaverse Goes Monthly

  • 16th Jun 2002
  • Blog

WhiledtheagangdinwtheyBullpenwthinks it’s cool whentbig rolloutsxlike THE

ULTIMATES and CAPTAIN AMERICAdlightmup the scoreboards,xweqalso enjoycwhatd

weacall “theblittle books thatdcould”. In this case, we’re talking about

MARVEL MANGAVERSE,bwhichzstarted out as a one-week event, but — due to fan

demand —whas grown into an ongoing series!d

In fact, it’sdnot just fans clamoring for more monthly adventures inythe

surprise-filled setting,dbutsretailerseas well! Here’s just aasampling of

comments thataran in the latestdissue ofpComics & GamesyRetailer:qn

Barry Osser of NorthpCoast RolezPlaying (Eureka, CA): “MARVEL MANGAVERSEt

stuffpexploded outsofqhere. I orderedg40%mover what I expected tocsell anda

still sold outcon thetfirst day.”m

John Tinkessdof Another Dimension (Calgary,fAlberta, Canada): “Quick

sellouts ofmthe MARVEL MANGAVERSEptitles really tookqmedby surprise.”

JeremynShorrtof Titan Comicsq(Dallas,dTX): “MARVEL MANGAVERSEbwasdanb


Darrell MintytofdWarp One Comics &eGamest(Edmonton, Alberta,gCanada): “Wee

underestimated the fan responsebtomthe MARVEL MANGAVERSE titleseand theyw

solddout quickly.”

Richard Spychalski of SpytComicsb& Cards (Federal Way, WA): “Positivee

Surprise: MARVEL MANGAVERSE — didn’t expectfthat.”

BillpWilliams ofxTime Warpc(Bartlesville, OK): “The MARVEL MANGAVERSEftitles

did ratherywell.dI’mygladpthat Marveledecided to do an ongoing series.”f

Andato give you an advance taste of the actiontcoming your way, feastcyourw

eyes on these full-color pagesefrom thebdebut issue (which, as iteme#

FEB021908D4, retailers can stillcorder fromdDiamond until March 14th)!

“Weaallcknew we hadfsomethingmspecial on our handstwhen we launched the

Mangaverse eventsback indJanuary, but I don’tethinkaanytof ustup hereeatyThe

House expectedfthisekind of overwhelming response to ourylittle EastzMeetsy

Westsexperiment,” admittedteditor C.B.yCebulski.d“Marvel aims to please

though,xand thedongoing series will uphold thegstandardqwe set on a monthlym

basis!xBeneDunnxwill not only continue topdevelop the universecandg

characters hetintroduced inxthe originalfstory, but alsoeexpand itxall

beyonddour wildest imaginations!”


Covergby Ben Dunn

BenqDunn & KevindGunstone (W)/ BenxDunn (P & I)

*qTHEeSCOOP:aBecausegyou clamored for it, The House proudlysannounces thea

return of the Marvel Mangaverse as its own monthly title!

* THEmSTORY: Meet Marvin Elwood, timid teenager…gand possiblexsavior ofp

Earth! Heir to alien Kree technologyyandgthe awesomeaNega Bands, Marvin musts

facezhisclegacy as —dCaptain Marvel! Butecanpeven thisscosmicacrusaderdsavec

the worldpfrom the gigantic threatpofqGalactus? Guest-starring the Megascale

Metatalent Response Team FantasticyFour!

* THE CREATOR: Youqthought hisxMARVEL MANGAVERSEybook-ends rocked… now see

what writer/artist Ben Dunn can do when allowed to reallyxcut loose!

* THE FORMAT: The debut issue of thisnongoingpmonthlyxseries is 32fpages,m

with ads.

Anime News Service – Status

Michael James Pinto has sent in some details on the current and future status of the recently emerged website.

“Right now our main goal for is to keep the front page fresh with reviews and links to anime (and animation) conventions.”

Michael notes the state of the site that fans have been familiar with for the greater part of it’s existance has subsided and given way to a “living” state:

“We know the website has a bad rep for being “under construction” for eons, so our first goal is to let the fans know that it’s alive (and worth coming back because there will be something new every month). We are also letting know distributors know that we exist, so we can act as an outlet for reviewing titles as they come to market.”

Also the people behind the site were involved in the truly early stages of organized fandom in America years before a good number of modern anime fans were born:

“Since two of the owners come from a background in fandom we see it very important to be fan friendly (of course we have to pay the rent too) so our first goal is to win back the fans by showing that the website is alive. One of the reasons we are including the convention listings is because Brian and myself ran some of the first anime rooms in the United States (blackmail material: Lunacon ’83) so we feel it’s one of our first jobs to help give some limelight to those brave souls who run the anime conventions and fan clubs of today. The people who run these conventions and video rooms never get much thanks for taking all the risks – yet they are the ones who introduce so many people to anime, so listing those conventions was one of the first things we wanted to do with the website.”

Anime News Service – June 7-13 Anime New

6-13-02—- Seiyuu Aya Ueto Faced Challenges With Peter Pan 2 Japanese Voice Role

Thanks to Yukio-san (Dead Shot Club) in Kanagawa for the following:

Aya Ueto(16), the actress who played the girl of sexual identity disorder and attracted attention in the popular drama series “the third-year student in Class B Kinpachi teacher” of TBS, first challenges a voice actor by Disney animation “Peter Pan 2 the secret of a Never land” (supervisor Robin Bud). For the sequel of an everlasting masterpiece “Peter Pan”, for the first time in [ a half-century ] revives. Ueto, an adult Disney fan, told enthusiasm to “I am not only a child and want to see with a family.” December 21 public presentation.

It plays an active part in a drama, CM, photogravure, etc., and Ueto under popular rise challenges a new domain with the fresh smile. It is seeming to raise the tone of voice, saying “It is as favorite as the word “dream” will occur if it is called Disney”, and to carry out the first challenge at expectation to “this movie is the same as a previous work, and is heart-warming contents, and a spectator is excited to this wonderful adventure.” When a performance is decided, it is like [ of it being glad and having jumped for joy involuntarily ].

“Peter Pan 2 –” is the work which commemorated the birth centennial of the original “a small white bird” of a previous work, and was manufactured. In the United States, it was opened to the public on February 15, and subject, such as carrying out rank in to the best 10 for five consecutive weeks, was called.

It is daughter Jane of Wendy who experienced the dreamlike adventure with Peter Pan by the previous work that Ueto challenges a voice actor. The heroine who develops a wonderful adventure on the Never land which it was mistaken for the mother by the “captain hook” who appeared suddenly in London under World War II, and was kidnaped, and the mother visited once. It is the important role that the fate of a Never land is grasped by her hand.

The talent of the former many has appeared on the Disney movie as a voice actor. It is the big hit to which Hidehiko Ishizuka (40) of HONJAMAKA, and Yuji Tanaka (37) of a burst-of-laughter problem(Bakusyoh Mondai) appear, and Opened “Monsters ink” will break through Box office revenue of 9 billion yen especially in March. The hit is expected and “Peter Pan 2” who is the sequel of an everlasting masterpiece is likely to become the cause which expands the width of Kamito’s activity as an actress.

<> Aya Ueto 16 years old September 14, 1985 (Showa 60) and born in Tokyo. 97-year Special Jury Prize [ “all 7th Japanese-beauty girl contest” ] award. It is CM, variety, etc. and is in popularity. a 00 year Fuji Television system “tear — wiping — ” (Namida wo fuite)– a drama debut present — TBS drama “– the world who crosses — about a demon and”(Wataru seken wa oni bakari) — under a performance This summer CD solo debut schedule.

Source: Goo

6-13-02—- Super Techno Arts News

The following press release has come from , and is conveniently free of any of my opinions. Enjoy: “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure The first volume of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” DVD will be released in Fall/Winter of 2002. 13 episodes will be available on total of 6 volumes, with sound and music upgraded to 5.1 surround system for the original 6 episodes. Character design and animation director by Junichi Hayama, music composed and arranged by Marco d’Ambrosio of MarcoCo., and sound design by Tom Myers of Skywalker Sound.

– Street Date: Fall/Winter 2002 (date TBA)
– Episode count: 1st Volume 3 Episodes x 30 minutes each
– Format: Region 1 DVD
– Animation Production: A.P.P.P.
– Executive
Producer: Kazufumi Nomura – Distribution by: Super Techno Arts Inc.

This 13-episode anime is based on the long-running manga by Baoh creator Hirohiko Araki. The series follows 17-year-old Jotaro “JoJo” Kujo and his grandfather Josef Joestar as they battle the immortal vampire Dio, who holds Jotaro’s mother prisoner in a nightmare-filled coma. Joining them in this effort are four warriors who, like Jotaro and his grandfather, each posses mystical powers called a “Stand,” derived from the names and meanings of certain Tarot cards. These powers are manifested in giant spectral warriors that emerge from the bodies of the group. But Dio has gathered Stand warriors as well, and he possesses a secret and incredibly powerful Stand of his own.”

Also, you can see a list of the anime titles Techno Arts has worked on in the “Production History” section of the official site

6-13-02—- Battle Of The Planets Comic Order Numbers Impressive Weeks Before Release

Thanks to Daniel for this info:

Top Cow has announced that order numbers for BATTLE OF THE PLANETS #1, which reaches stores the second week of July, have exceeded 150,000. The BATTLE OF THE PLANETS revamp is by Alex Ross, Munier Sharrieff, Wilson Tortosa and Udon Studios. “This was about twice what I had projected for initial sales of the book, so I announced the sales over the loudspeaker of our office when they came in and everyone cheered,” Top Cow president Matt Hawkins says. “In this case, it was nice to be wrong.” “We’re all really excited about the initial orders for BATTLE OF THE PLANETS,” says Top Cow editor-in-chief David Wohl. “It’s nice to see that the fans and retailers have as much faith in this as Alex, Munier, Wilson, Udon, and all of us at Top Cow have for this book! It’s truly been a pleasure to work on and I hope it’ll be just as much fun to read!”

Source: Cinescape

6-13-02—- Asian Film Screenings In L.A.

For the next few weeks Midnight@Sunset will be screening a number of Asian films at Laemle’s Sunset 5 in Los Angeles. this week, they’ll be showing “The Longest Night” from Hong Kong. It’s directed by Johnny

Anime News Service – June 4-6 Anime News

6-6-02—- Megumi Ogata Birthday

A bit of a belated happy birthday greeting to Seiyuu Megumi Ogata. Best known to Sailor Moon fans as the voice of Haruka/Uranus, Megumi-sama is also famous for the voices of Shinji Ikari (Evangelion) and Yukito (Cardcaptor Sakura). Other roles include Sizer (Violinist of Hamelin), Princess Emeraude (MK Rayearth), young Keiichi (AMS). Megumi-sama is 37 years old on the 6th.

Courtesy To Geoff for this news.

6-6-02—- Katte Ni Kaizo Anime Coming

Weekly Shonen Sunday’s site has added a piece by author Kumeta Kouji who has announced that his manga Katte Ni Kaizo, serialised in that magazine, is to be animated.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-6-02—- Escaflowne And Adult Swim

The Cartoon Network Adult Swim Shop has added a few Escaflowne related items.

6-6-02—- Armitage III Lunch Box Delayed

According to the Right Stuf, Pioneer has officially delayed the release of their Limited Edition Armitage III Dual-Matrix Lunch Box Set due to “overwhelming demand.” A new date has not yet been set.

6-6-02—- Harlock Site Vanishes

As fans may recall from last week, news came out of Japanese broadcaster AT-X that various complications with the production of the new Space Pirate Captain Harlock TV series would force a discontinuance of the planned June broadcast on the network. While no formal announcements have come out speaking to the state of production as a whole or plans to alter the DVD release planned for September, a curious development has occured today regarding distributor VAP’s website for the anime. The page previously designated for the new Harlock series has vanished. What this may mean for the release of the series if it means anything at all is currently unknown.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-6-02—- Godzilla To SDF’s Shock Trooper 3

X Plus USA revs up its Godzilla line with a series of 4″ inch chess pieces of Godzilla ’54, Hedorah, and more. Check out the website for more info here.

Source: Cinescape via Daniel

6-6-02—- UK Anime Briefs

As always a courtesy attribution to Jonathan Weeks of for allowing us to reproduce his UK Anime News, all text in this piece are copyright Jonathan Weeks:

‘Japanorama’ Series on BBC Choice

Japanorama is a new TV series on presented by Jonathan Ross that starts this Sunday on BBC Choice at 10pm. Here is an official quote: “Japanorama takes a thematic look at Japan’s current popular culture, and how it came to be that way. Based on Jonathan Ross’s love of all things Japanese, Japanorama takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through post-war Japan, tracing its amazing rise from the ashes of war, to its peculiarly energetic and inspired way of delighting the modern world.” The series will include interviews with anime directors Mamoru Oshii and Hayao Miyazaki.


Manga exhibition resurrected

The exhibition ‘Manga – Short Comics from Japan’ that toured the country during the Japan festival last year is being brought back for another outing at Sevenoaks Library Gallery in Kent from 29th June until 10th August. For more details, call the library on (01732) 453118 or e-mail


‘How to Draw’ books to hit UK

The US has seen a recent glut of ‘How to draw anime/manga’ books, some of which are making their way over here. ‘Anime Mania – How To Draw Characters For Japanese Animation’ by Christopher Hart will be published in the UK on 27th June, priced £14.95. Other titles such as ‘Manga Mania’ and ‘Mecha Mania’ will follow.

More details about the books can be found on the publisher’s website at

6-5-02—- More On Utena At Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Thanks to Corey for the following:

I thought you and your readers would like to know about a major anime event happening in SF at the 26th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.

The Festival will be screening REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA: THE MOVIE at the Castro Theatre on June 22 at 8:45 pm. UTENA is the latest work from Kinihiko Ikuhara, the director of SAILOR MOON. Ikuhara will be in attendance at the screening to discuss the film and answer questions from the audience.

UTENA is a wild anime about the intense relationship between two schoolgirls at Oohtori Academy, a Japanese Hogwarts as designed by MC Escher where students vie for the mysterious power to revolutionize the world. Co-created with popular female anime artist Chiho Saito, Utena first broke ground as a television series, and the film takes the story of gender-bending Utena and femme Anthy to new heights.

Other highlights from the Festival, which has been the largest film festival of any kind in California for the last few years, drawing about 85,000 audience members each year, include a spotlight on the explosion of queer characters and storylines in Asian cinema, including FISH & ELEPHANT, the first lesbian feature out of China, and WU YEN, Johnnie To’s gender-bending period comedy starring Anita Mui. Over 20 features and 20 shorts will be presented, many for the first time in North America, and many with the stars and directors in attendance. Countries represented include: Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Burma, and more.

A total of 290 films from 33 countries will screen across 18 days. For more information: And, of course, visit the Festival website at

6-5-02—- Tokyopop Release For Coming Licensing Show In NYC

From the relase:

Booth 1467 TOKYOPOP® To Showcase Hit Japanese Properties INITIAL D and STRAY SHEEP at Licensing 2002 International

Phenomenal Track Record in Broadcast TV, Publishing and Merchandising Make These Two of the Show’s Most Highly Anticipated Brands

Los Angeles, CA (June X, 2002) – TOKYOPOP®, a burgeoning force in the world of youth entertainment, has set Licensing 2002 International for the worldwide introduction of INITIAL D and STRAY SHEEP – two of the most highly anticipated brands in the teen and children’s entertainment market.

With the addicting anime sensibility of Speed Racer and the pulsating street cred style of The Fast and the Furious, INITIAL D ranks among the highest-rated animated series and best-selling manga lines in Japan. The anime reached a 47% share in its broadcast time slot,

Anime News Service-Review: Pistol Opera

By Nicholas O’Malley

‘Pistol Opera’

Directed by … Seijun Suzuki

112 mins.

Most people don’t like films that alienate, jar, and toy with them. But I guess I won’t lie. I loved this movie. I like weird films so maybe I’m biased. But as that may be, Pistol Opera’s style can’t be denied. It grabs you by the back of your neck like a lion holding her cub. It’s not MTV, it isn’t Hollywood and it doesn’t even feel all that Asian. What is it? Imagination at its best. This is a ride through the characters minds, feelings, and actions. Some are imaginary, most are real but almost all are represented in minimalist moves like in a Noh play, except that almost every scene contains a burst of color sound and energy.

Number 3 Killer, Stray Cat, is a cocky up-start assassin for the Guild which is (As I can only imagine.) a conglomerate of hit men that keeps the world under control. She dreams of being the big shot, Number 1 Killer but is constantly seduced and belittled by her operator, a mysterious woman who wears a purple veil around her face. Stray Cat is sent on the assignment to kill Hundred Eyes, the Number 1 Killer, who went rouge and has been killing other assassins in the Guild. But no one is really sure who Hundred Eyes is as the higher up killers are more elusive.

What makes this movie interesting is the fact that it is a sequel to ‘Branded to Kill’, the cult film that was so bizarre, it got director Suzuki fired from Nikkatsu Studios. Goro Handa, the original Number 3 Killer (Originally played by Jo Shishido. Now played by Mikijiro Hira) reappears as Number 0 and is off and on a mentor and romantic interest of Stray Cat.

Surprisingly, Pistol Opera contains a variety of strong performances mostly given in soliloquies. My favorite is the one spoken by the servant of Stray Cat. She talks about a dream where a goldfish as big as a whale rotted to death and how the town people had to live so close to it. The servant in her dream though, didn’t mind living by death. It’s a perfect motto for an assassin and a very involving scene, one that makes me want to make sure I read the writing credits correctly when it said Kazunori Ito (Writer of the Gamera trilogy, Ghost in the Shell, and Avalon.).

This also goes back to my theory of Noh plays. A lot of this film relies on restrained movement and action. In a Noh play a few steps could equal as much as a hundred miles. You have to use your imagination to travel with those scenes. Of course the movie is wild, inventive and frenetic when it has to be. Especially for it’s bizarre shoot-outs and the big finale in the horror museum that looks like an Edogawa Rampo nightmare. Also I found like in Suzuki’s Tokyo Drifter that most of the representational action is often similar to something I have seen in anime. It is very unique to find the influences of anime through Japanese live action cinema. Hopefully the boom of new exploitive films aren’t the end all reason to become interested in them.

People may not find this film wholly weird but kind of funny. The audience I saw it with definitely got a kick out of it (Even I didn’t take it all that seriously.) But I do highly recommend Pistol Opera for being a lush and radiant example of pure cinema.

Anime News Service – June1-3 Anime News

6-3-02—- New Macross Series Update

The upcoming Macross Zero OVA series will be 5 episodes long, presumably each episode being 30 minutes in length.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-3-02—- I.G. Item

Read about the experiences of Korean-American Rober Hwang in regards to working at Production IG at Production I.G..

Thanks to Daniel for the news

6-3-02—- Heart Cocktail To Become Anime

Watase Seizo’s Heart Cocktail Again will see the transition to mini TV anime shorts, each 5 minutes long. Watase, an illustrator who has toured with exhibitions in the U.S. has seen his “Heart Cocktail” romantic manga selling very well in Japan.

Source: Natsume Maya

6-3-02—- Manga Evangelion Movies Press

From the release:

Manga Entertainment Proudly Presents On DVD and VHS July 30, 2002

Chicago, IL- From the animators of GAINAX Studios (The Wings of Honneamise) and Production I.G. (Ghost in the Shell, Blood: The Last Vampire) comes the most decisive chapter in the Neon Genesis Evangelion saga. Featuring groundbreaking animated action sequences and mind-blowing dramatic revelations; Death & Rebirth is truly a composition of epic proportions. Manga Entertainment will release Evangelion: Death & Rebirth on DVD and VHS in both English and the original Japanese language on July 30, 2002. Visit the special site to view the trailer, or participate in either our webmaster or online fan contest.

Manga’s most technically advanced DVD to date includes a double-sided DVD, special audio commentary and an exclusive Mokuji Interactive feature (Mokuji = “Contents”). Once activated, this feature will allow the viewer to select from an on-screen, chapter specific index of Eva-related terms, character descriptions, and other valuable information while viewing the film. The perfect resource for the seasoned Evangelion fan eager to learn more as well as a comprehensive introduction for those new to the story!

15 years after the Antarctic blast known as the Second Impact, the world once again faces the threat of the Angels – super-powered entities with the capacity to bring about a Third Impact capable of destroying all human life.

Summoned by his estranged father, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari reluctantly embraces his destiny as the pilot of the bio-engineered vessel known as “Evangelion Unit-01.” Alongside fellow Eva pilots Asuka Langley and Rei Ayunami, Shinji battles against the host of invading Angels. But all is not as it seems. Amidst layers of subterfuge, and the competing agendas of secret government organizations each seeking to manipulate the children and their Evas for their own ends, Shinji, Rei and Asuka must each come to terms with their past and unearth their own identities.

Told from the various perspectives of the tale’s primary characters, Death & Rebirth is a composition of epic proportions. The first half of the film is an orchestrated retelling of episodes 1 through 24 of the original groundbreaking Neon Genesis Evangelion saga. Supplemented with startling new animated sequences, Death offers a unique insight into the personal worlds of the characters as conceived of by the series’ director Hideki Anno.

In Rebirth, the second half of the film, we see an alternate vision of episode 25 of the original series. Seele, the secret international organization behind the development of both the Evangelion project and the Human Complementation project, is concerned about the way the projects’ director, Ikari Gendo, is proceeding. Convinced that Gendo is implementing his own plans, they set out to wrest control of the projects and capture Eva Unit-01. Using the nine-production model Evangelions under their command, and a force of conventional troops, Seele undertakes a full-scale invasion of Central Dogma – the operation control center beneath Tokyo-3. All key roles in the English language version of Death and Rebirth are reprised by the original voice-actors from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series!

Double-sided DVD Features: · Letterbox · English 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound · English & Japanese Stereo · Subtitle options for Dialogue & On-screen Text · Audio Commentary by Amanda Winn Lee (English Language Director, and voice of Rei Ayanami) other voice commentary by Taliesin Jaffe & Jason C. Lee · Mokuji Interactive Feature* · In-depth Index of Characters, Angels, Evas & Terms · Photo Gallery · Original Japanese Trailers · Japanese Production Credits · End of Evangelion Preview · Manga Previews · Web Links · Manga Fan Club

Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA Street Date: July 30, 2002 Pre-Book Date: July 3, 2002 Genre: Drama/Action Running Time: 115 minutes (both DVD and VHS) DVD: SRP: $29.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4107-2 (8); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4107-2 VHS (English): SPR $19.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4108-3 (4); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4108-3 VHS (Subtitled) SRP: $24.95; Barcode: 6-60200-4108-3 (4); Catalog Selection #: MANGA4108-3

6-3-02—- Garinpeiro Reveals Details On New Projects Xevious And 6 Angels

Garinpeiro’s Debut for their 95 minute animated feature 6 Angels at a Tokyo movie festival in December of 2001 drew a large amount of attention from fans and press alike. Starting July 6th, the film begins nationwide theater distribution starting in Ikebukuro screening in DLP.

Directing is Akimoto Yasuwith Gundam Z and ZZ mecha designer Kobayashi Makoto reprising that role of production on this project while Kato Yutaka of (I’m Gonna Be An Angel) adds her talent as character designer.

Based on the 1983 arcade title, the Xevious anime feature runs 75 minutes and is due from August 3rdalso running at Ikebukuro in DLP format. Purodyusa and Naco will team on production, Takano Yutaka willdesign characters, Masaharu Ogawa is on Mecha design.

6-3-02—- Charity Selection For Anime Expo Auction

According to Mike Tatsugawa of Anime Expo:

We have looked through over 200 charities to try to determine the best cause to donate the proceeds of the SPJA 9/11 Charity Auction. We have narrowed down the candidates to a select eight. We have cleared these organizations with the Better Business Bureau to insure their status as a legitimate aid organization for the victims of 9/11. Because I’m not a local from the New York area, any comments on these charities is extremely welcome while we talk to these organizations to get it down to one or two recipients.


The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund

Robin Hood Foundation

September 11, 2001 Children’s

Anime News Service – ADV Press – Airbats – Getter Robo – Princess Nine



HOUSTON, April 3, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of July 23, 2002 for the Getter Robo: Armageddon Power Pack, a comprehensive collection of the thirteen-episode Getter Robo: Armageddon series on four discs.

Getter Robo: Armageddon is the latest chapter in the more than two decades strong Getter Robo franchise Created by the legendary Go Nagai (Devil Man, Cutey Honey), Getter Robo blazed new trails in the world of anime when it originally aired on Japanese television in the seventies. Featuring three different vehicles that combined to form one massive robot, Getter Robo was the original transforming battle robot, spawning an entire genre of anime including Robotech and Transformers.

Key Facts: The Getter Robos were created to defend the planet from all that would threaten it. But the massive robot weapons were so powerful; those they protected began to fear them. A fear so great it drove humanity to destroy its saviors and their creator. But now a shadow has crept across the moon. The faint echoes of evil laughter can be heard. Terrified whispers tell of the Invaders. Mankind now cowers under the watchful eye of an extraterrestrial menace beyond their nightmares. Their only defenses are the Getter Robos, and the only man who can bring them back lies rotting in the Earth. Or does he?

ADV’s release of Getter Robo: Armageddon Power Pack ($59.98 SRP) contains the entire thirteen-episode Getter Robo series on four discs in one collector’s edition case. Episodes come in the English-language, as well as the Japanese language with English subtitles. DVD extras include behind the scenes features, clean credit animation, Japanese laser disc covers and insert materials, production sketches and ADV previews.

ADV Films is Anime-and more. In 1992 ADV Films (ADV) transformed a niche market into a global industry by bringing Japanese animation to North America and beyond. As the #1 distributor of Japanese animation, ADV’s holdings include such premier titles as: Spriggan, Sailor Moon, Samurai X, Medabots, Robotech, Gasaraki and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ADV’s commitment to genre programming, including popular science fiction programs such as Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Farscape and Gamera: Guardian of the Universe has helped ADV become a burgeoning entertainment powerhouse. For more information, visit ADV on the web at

GETTER ROBO: ARMAGEDDON POWER PACK Running Time: 325 Minutes; Age Rating: 15+ Pre-Book Date: 6/25/02 Street Date: 7/23/02 Format SRP DVD $59.98



HOUSTON, April 3, 2002 – ADV FILMS has set a street date of May 28, 2002 for the DVD release of Strike Zone – the fourth installment of the family-friendly anime series, Princess Nine, hailed recently by Ain’t It Cool News as being “simple, high energy, and full of likable characters.”

ADV launched an official Princess Nine website at Featuring interviews with ADR Director Matt Greenfield, star Hilary Haag (“Ryo”), customized baseball cards featuring the characters from the show, desktop backgrounds and more. The site has proven to be a popular stop for anime fans, garnering thousands of unique page views per week since its debut in early March.

The Story: Just when it looked like Japan was getting ready to accept the Princesses, a maelstrom of tragedies tear the all-girls baseball team asunder! As the Parents Association attempts to shut down the baseball program, Yoko and Kanako are pulled from the team and the revelation of the secrets in Ryo’s past leave the young pitcher devastated and alone. Will the sins of her father drive Ryo to edge of destruction? The remnants of the team race to the rescue in the fourth explosive volume of Princess Nine!

ADV FILMS’ DVD release ($19.98 SRP) of Princess Nine: Strike Zone will feature the English-language version as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include voice actress profiles, textless open and close credits, outtakes and behind the scenes features, and previews of ADV releases.

ADV Films is Anime-and more. In 1992 ADV Films (ADV) transformed a niche market into a global industry by bringing Japanese animation to North America and beyond. As the #1 distributor of Japanese animation, ADV’s holdings include such premier titles as: Spriggan, Sailor Moon, Samurai X, Medabots, Robotech, Gasaraki and Neon Genesis Evangelion. ADV’s commitment to genre programming, including popular science fiction programs such as Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, Farscape and Gamera: Guardian of the Universe has helped ADV become a burgeoning entertainment powerhouse. For more information, visit ADV on the web at

PRINCESS NINE: STRIKE ZONE Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 12+ Pre-Book Date: 4/30/02 Street Date: 5/28/02 Format SRP DVD $19.98



HOUSTON, April 3, 2002 – ADV Films has set the street date of June 11, 2002 for the DVD premiere of 801 T.T.S. Airbats, the popular anime series directed by Yuji Moriyama (All Purpose Catgirl Nuku Nuku). This is the first time the Airbats series has been available on DVD.

The Story: Meet the fighter pilots of the 801 Tactical Training Squadron, codenamed Airbats. With their sleek curves and lightning fast moves, they give new meaning to the term “the friendly skies” – and I’m not talking about their jets! The Airbats are the hottest, wildest team of female flyers you’ll ever meet, and when they climb into the cockpit, the clear blue skies of Japan aren’t big enough to contain all the aerial action these ladies get into! Whether it’s ghostbusting the spirit of a dead kamikaze Zero pilot, facing off against a team of world famous American aeronautical acrobats, or winning a year’s supply of noodles in a ramen-noodle-eating contest, you’d better believe the Airbats have the “right stuff” to get the job done!

ADV’s release of 801 T.T.S. Airbats ($34.98 SRP) is a two-disc set collecting all seven episodes of the popular anime comedy in the English-language, as well as the Japanese language version with English