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Anime News Service – August 1-13 Anime News

8-13-02—- Inside The Showakan

Read about one fan’s final visit to one of Japan’s longest-running theaters before it closed down at Thanks to Daniel for the link.

8-13-02—- GTO Author Interview

Akadot interviews GTO author Tohru Fujisawa at the link above. Thanks to Daniel for posting the link to our ML.

8-13-02—- Soccer Manga WILD STRIKER Goes Anime

Courtesy Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club):

The popular soccer comics under series “the hungry heart” are animation-ized by the “weekly boy champion”(Syukan shonen champion) in the title of “hungry heart-WILD STRIKER”, and are broadcast by the Fuji Television system from October 9. AC Milan of Italy Serie A cooperates in this animation. It is due for use of the uniform of the AC Milan team to be attained and to be broadcast also on the commercial broadcasting “a media set” of Italy in autumn next year. At the interview held in the city of Tokyo on August 8, the original author’s Yoichi Takahashi and a voice actor’s Natsuki Kato were present. Kids Alive which sings the theme song “2nd STAGE” (Avex) of this work also announced the song. Prior to a ground wave broadcast, it is broadcast also by the animation channel “Animax” of SKYPerfecTV! ! from September 11.

Source: Goo News

8-13-02—- Author Arrested Per Anti-Prostitution Law

This info comes courtesy of Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) in Yokohama:

The cartoonist of a “Weekly boy jump” (Syukan Shonen jump) was arrested by the Anti-Prostitution Law. The Kanagawa Prefectural-Police juvenile division and an Isezaki office are doubt of juvenile the Anti-Prostitution Law violation noting that an indecent act is done to a woman quantity student on August 7, and they arrested 1-8-5, Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo and suspect cartoonist Mitsutoshi Simabukuro (27). Suspect Simabukuro came out in 1996. “The end-of-the-century leader tradition Takeshi” will be under series from 97 years to the comic magazine “a weekly boy jump” (Shonen jump) of Shueisha. The Shogakukan comics prize (section for children) is won with this work last year. According to investigation, suspect Shimabukuro is doubt of having passed the cash of 80,000 yen to (16) = at the time in the city of woman quantity student = which became acquainted to the encounter system site of a cellular phone in the hotel in Yokohama usually [ 12 ] in November, last year, and having done the indecent act. Suspect Shimabukuro says that he accepts suspicion.

Source: Goo News

8-13-02—- Sailor Venus Seiyuu Birthday

Courtesy to Geoff Wynn for this info:

A very happy birthday on the 9th to voice actress Fukami Rica. She is 39 years old. Fukami-san was the voice of Aino Minako/Sailor Venus. You can check out her info at

8-13-02—- Yuricon Latest Event In New York

Yuricon, a celebration of shoujoai and yuri in anime and manga, is pleased to be bringing you the finest in hot chicks on a warm August evening, this Sunday, August 18. 🙂

Join us from 4 – 8 PM for classic tough chicks anime cocktails with a yuri twist. We’ll be watching classic BGC, Devilman Lady and Kekko Kamen at New York’s warmest and fuzziest lesbian bar.

Cover charge is $5, $4 with a Yuricon sticker and there will be giveaways to the first 20 people! Bring like-minded friends – men and women welcome, over 21 only, please.

For more information about Yuricon, please visit our site at or email us at

For more information about Yuricon 2003, June 13-15 in Newark, NJ, please visit

Meow Mix is located at 269 Houston, in New York City. Check out their website at for more information or directions.

8-13-02—- Digimon Voice Iinterview

Dave Wittenberg, perhaps best known as the voice of Digimon’s Henry Wong has participated in an interview conducted via a text chat. You can read it here.

8-12-02—- New Anime Inspired Property: Starstrikers


AVIEMORE, SCOTLAND, 12 August 2002 – Bron-Bron Studios today announced future plans for StarStrikers, the groundbreaking anime-inspired teenage fiction property, and its accompanying website. Since its relaunch on April 1, 2002, the official online home of the StarStrikers – located at – has been offering a new short story featuring California’s most unlikely heroes each month. And with the online strand of the franchise [dubbed StarStrikers Rising] reaching its halfway point, things are really about to start heating up!

StarStrikers follows the adventures of an oddball group of youngsters battling to save Earth from a race of demonic aliens, the DaakuYuurei (pronounced dah-koo-you-ray). Disguised as humans, they intend to make Earth the latest in a long-line of planetary conquests. but Corinne, Darryl, Sylvia and a small robot called Lowenstein – collectively known as the StarStrikers – have other plans! Rising sees the team jostling with DaakuYuurei agents the Victory 5 for control of the Tome of Revolution, a mysterious artifact that promises unlimited power to whoever possesses it. Each monthly story is a self-contained tale in its own right, but regular readers are rewarded with continuing storylines throughout the year-long series.

The sixth StarStrikers Rising story, “Sun, Sea & StarStrikers,” due to appear in mid-August, will see the team hitting the beach for more anarchic hi-jinks. However, from September onwards, more dramatic storylines will start to take precedence. As team leader Corinne Morrigan faces a number of life-altering decisions, her opposite number – the rampaging redhead Kitty Belle – has problems of her own. An old face from the past returns to make her life a nightmare, but her greatest battle will be with herself. a battle that threatens to decimate the city of Los Angeles!

If the first half of StarStrikers Rising exemplified the light-hearted, wisecracking side of the property in the tradition of popular anime series such as Digimon and Sailor Moon, the second half owes more to darker, cult fare such as