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Anime News Service – August 26 – September 16 Anime News

9-16-02—- Media Blasters Theatrical Release Schedule

From, courtesy to Daniel for the link:

October 05 Scarlet Diva Calgary Film Festival, Calgary, Canada
October 09 Fudoh 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
October 12 Versus Olympia Film Society, Seattle, WA
October 12 Scarlet Diva Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
October 18 Fudoh Clinton Street Theatre, Portland, OR
October 18 Versus Dark Wave Festival, San Francisco, CA
October 19 Versus/Freeze/Q/Ichi Exophagy Film Festival, Alberta, Canada
October 25 Scarlet Diva Cinema du Parc, Montreal, Canada
October 25 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 25 Robotrix Rhode Island Horror Festival, Newport, RI
October 31 BioZombie The Grand Illusion, Seattle, WA
November 01 Fudoh Cinema du parc, Montreal, Canada
November 01 Scarlet Diva 4 Star Theater, San Francisco, CA
November 07 Fudoh Royal Cinema, Toronto, Canada
November 10 Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
November 10 Visitor Q Carnegie Melon U, Pittsburgh, PA
November 13 BioZombie Subway Cinema, Asian Horror Festical, New York, NY
December 07 Pistol Opera Smithsonian, Washington D.C.,
December 11 Fudoh George Eastman House, Rochester, NY

More features will be added later in the month to help theater vendors. Our Theatrical Representative at Media Blasters is Carl Morano and he can be reached at (212) 944-9224 Ext. 240

9-16-02—- Ring Novel News

5 September, 2002: The English version of the Ring that had been listed on Amazon has turned out to be bogus. Just as we suspected, the listing was based on an older press release naming Viz as the publisher, while a newer statement from Viz (issued in June) claims that copyrights are instead held by Vertical, Inc. Word is that the we can expect the Vertical edition around Spring of 2003 (Thanks Johhny Butane).

Source: Thanks to Daniel for the link

9-16-02—- Animagic Guests

Ani-Magic 2002 Guest List: Petrea Burchard – Ani-Magic welcomes Petrea to her very first Ani-Magic appearance! Petrea has been acting professionally for over 20 years in the Los Angeles area. To say she’s ‘best known’ as Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo) would be an understatement – over several series and movies, her voice has become synonymous with that troublesome space pirate. Recently, she lent her voice Lain’s mother (Serial Experiments Lain). Mrs. Burchard will be appearing at Ani-Magic on Saturday only.

Tristen Citrine – Tristen is an exceptionally talented costumer, both as a fan and as a professional. At the Venetian Resort/Casino in Las Vegas, she works on costumes and wigs for the scores of actors in their performances. At Ani-Magic, it’s more likely we’ll see her in a perfect recreation of some character, or perhaps in a costume entirely of her own design! Her website is at

Robert DeJesus – Robert is one of the most popular American manga artists, both in the U.S. and in Japan! Here his work can be found in Small Bodied Ninja High School, Family Pet, or Ai Candy. Across the ocean, he is one of the few American artists to have his work appear at Japan’s Comic Market. The Offical Robert DeJesus Home Page is at

Tiffany Grant – Tiffany has been acting since 1994, and to list all her roles would fill this page! To name a few – Maki (Burn Up), Madam President (Golden Boy), Elysse (Plastic Little), Asuka Langley Sohryu (Evangelion), June (Sol Bianca), Chocolate (Sorcerer Hunters), Dug Fin (Dragon Half), and several roles in Excel Saga. Not just a voice actress, she has also written several script adaptations for AD Vision. You can find her homepage at

Matt Greenfield – Matt is the producer for ADV films, bringing us the quality subs and dubs we come to expect from them. He was once just an anime fan, but managed to make it a profession! ADV’s massive release schedule has forced Matt to cut back on convention appearances, so we’re glad to have him at Ani-Magic. ADV’s home page is

Yaya Han – Yaya has been cosplaying since 1999 – although some of her extravagant costumes look like they’d take a decade to make! Her cosplay extends not only to anime, but to J-Rock costumes as well as her own original creations. As if that weren’t enough, Yaya is also a talented artist, weaving detailed linework into her compositions. Yaya’s site is at

Mike Hayes – The Haze-man hails from New Jersey, where he rules Haze Studios as a divine monarch. At the con, he’ll be showing the basics to drawing manga, as well as some advanced techniques, proving to would-be-artists that yes, you too can draw! Check out Haze Studios, at

Amy Howard-Wilson – Some of us may be too young to remember Amy’s best work, but you can always find a tape (or the new DVD collection) of Star Blazers. Her role as Nova drew many early anime fans into what is now an international obsession. More recently she has reentered the voice acting realm, playing Miranda in Irresponsible Captain Tylor! We’ll be hearing Amy’s voice for years to come. Her webpage is at

Katy Kleinhaus – Katy will be representing Speed Racer Enterprises at the con, bringing with her the Speed Racer 35th Anniversary Party! Has it really been 35 years since young Speed cruised across our TV screens? Come check out classic episodes from the series, a day when men were men, and cars were fast! The Speed Racer Official Pit Stop is at

Jason Lee – Is he a voice actor, a stand-up comedian, or an anime producer? Jason may well be known for his role of Mamoru Kusanagi (Blue Seed), but his biggest contribution to anime is coming through Gaijin Productions. This new translation and dubbing studio, founded by Jason and Amanda, will soon bear fruit with the release of Burn Up Xcess! Gaijin Productions makes their home on the web at

Wendee Lee – What hasn’t Wendee done? A Southern California native, she’s known for many of the most popular characters in anime – Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop),