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Anime News Service – November 7-30 Anime News

11-30-02—- Upcoming Anime On Sci-Fi UK

Rory sends us the following:

The schedule for Anime on the UK Sci Fi Channel:

5th December – 11:50pm Perfect Blue

12th December – 11:35pm Bounty Dog

19th December – 11:50pm Adventure Duo(kid)

26th December – Midnight Spriggan

2nd January – Midnight Akira

9th January – 11:40pm Gunbuster

16th January – 12:45am Riding Bean

16th January – 1:40am Shadow Skill

23rd January – 12:25am Rayearth

30th January – 12:10am Wings of Honneamise

11-26-02—- Sony Enters Mobile Phone Movie Push

From the Novermber 12

Sony Movies to Debut on Cell Phones

Sony Pictures has become the first major film studio to enter the area of mobile data entertainment, signing a deal with T-Mobile to provide film clips, movie-related games, and ring-tones tied to movie themes to U.K. customers before the end of the year. The package of material is being priced at between $1.50 and $3.00 per month. Today’s (Tuesday) London Financial Times reported that as handsets with large color screens and highspeed connections to the Internet take the place of older models, revenue from mobile data services could account for 35 percent of operators’ revenues by 2006.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

11-26-02—- DVD Vision Japan Update

DVD Vision Japan has just completed it’s last set of anime reviews for 2002. To see a complete list, please visit the following link:

11-26-02—- Japanese Movie Poster Compendium Coming

DH Publishing will soon release Japanese Movie Posters: Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror. Open up Japanese Movie Posters: Yakuza, Monster, Pink and Horror, and enter a time and place where samuai clash, monsters roam the earth, ninja lurk in castle shadows, and pristine geisha rumble with yakuza gangsters.

This book is a colorful tribute to 50 years of pupular movie-making and graphic design from Japan’s studios, from high-budget epics to cult B-movies, from Mifune to Mothra. Japanese Movie Posters, filled with vivid reproductions of vintage posters, illustrates why these films and their graphic designs continue to influence artists and film-makers in the West. Introduce your readers to the strange, beautiful, and sometimes hilarious world of classic Japanese movie posters.

For a sneak peek at sample pages, photos, and text, got to and go to “For Booksellers”

11-26-02—- Tokyopop Scores CLAMP Quintet

Los Angeles, CA (November 26, 2002) – – TOKYOPOP, the leading and most prolific U.S. graphic novel publisher, is about to publish five new properties from the “rock stars of manga,” CLAMP: CLAMP School Detectives, The Man of Many Faces, Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders, Miyuki Chan in Wonderland and Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales. The most popular manga creators in America, CLAMP sells millions of graphic novels every year. Other great TOKYOPOP series to CLAMP’s credit include Angelic Layer, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Clover and Magic Knight Rayearth, each followed passionately by readers. This quartet of fabulous females never fails to create best-selling manga, and the following five short series are no exception.

Three of the five new stories take place in the fictional “CLAMP School Universe,” an elite, self-contained city within Tokyo that is divided by educational levels and has its own banks, hospital and transportation system:

CLAMP School Detectives This story follows the antics of a trio of pre-teen sleuths whose unique abilities allow them to help girls in distress around their school campus. The team is made up of Student Body President and resident brainiac, Nokoru Imonoyama, who is able to detect a woman crying from 2 km away; Student Body Secretary Suoh Takamura, a fifth grade master martial artist; and fourth grader Akira Ijyuin, a debonair master thief, who is also known as the “Man of 20 Faces.”

The Man of Many Faces The debonair Akira Ijyuin reappears in this shoujo romantic comedy that follows the master thief and the girl who loves him from grade school into adulthood. The story begins with Akira as a CLAMP School third grader, who lives with his two mothers and is ordered to steal bizarre items at their whim. When he’s forced to hide from the police one night, he takes refuge in the room of a young girl, who falls in love with him in spite of their four-year age difference.

Duklyon: CLAMP School Defenders This is CLAMP at their most wacky! High school freshmen Kentaro and Takeshi are members of an elite police force that protects the CLAMP School from otherworldly invaders. The “Defenders” take their orders from beautiful but merciless Elli Chusonji, who keeps the boys in line with threats (they’re more afraid of her than their villains). When they hear a certain song play over the intercom, they don their armor, grab their weapons and set off on the next adventure. Their nemesis: Sinister Kotobuki, an alien who leads a secret organization hoping to take over the Earth.

Miyuki Chan in Wonderland In this story (which has also been released as an anime), CLAMP has created a loose, sexy retelling of Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, Through the Looking Glass. Things get a little bizarre as young Miyuki-Chan encounters scantily clad female equivalents of the famous fairy tale’s cast, all of whom make a pass at her. The book features over a dozen full-color art pages, including character designs from the cult classic anime.

Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales A unique, stand-alone volume, this is an anthology of folktales about the “Snow Goddess,” whose tears create snow. The art style is a departure from typical CLAMP artwork, being made up of brushstrokes and naturalistic backgrounds. TOKYOPOP plans to release Shirahime-syo: Snow Goddess Tales as a special edition hardback before the book debuts in paperback form.

11-25-02—- Manga Product Updates

Daniel sends us this item: has the following release schedule:

January 28, 2003 Bounty Dog SRP=$24.95 Dangaioh SRP=$24.95

February 25, 2003 The Guyver Volume 1 SRP=$29.95 The Guyver Volume 2 SRP=$29.95 Virus Volume 2 SRP=$24.95

11-25-02—- Botcon ’03 states Botcon 2003 will be held at the following venue:

Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago, Illinois July 25-27, 2003

Also, an exclusive limited-edition Unicron mold(about 500 in all) is only available through this link.

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

11-25-02—- Blood Site Uploaded

Viz’s official site for the manga and anime

Anime News Service-Review: Blame! Web Animation

By Matt Anderson (DVD Vision Japan)


In a strange cyber dungeon, adventure seeker Killy travels the miles and miles of tunnels, trying to get out. He also tries to avoid the flesh eating cyborgs, suspicious citizens, and trained killers. Unfortunately, as he completes each level, he finds another with nastier traps and worse monsters.

In Log 01: Megastructure, we are introduced to Killy’s world. It is full of twisted steel, holograms, and strange creatures. A computer readout full of ones and zeros flashes across the screen. Down on the lower levels, Killy waits for his next adventure. He is a battle hardened man, who says nothing.

BLAME! Log 01: Megastructure is only 5 minutes long, and about a minute of it is composed of credits. There is no dialogue, no action either. It merely sets up the world that Killy lives in. At first starting at some sort of hive, it moves first to what looks like the surface world, and then back down the bottom of the underground, where Killy is sitting. He looks up at the camera, and that is it. Oh, there is some sort of hologram fish flying around. Weird. Cool, but weird.

The animation style is just like the manga. Looking like the occasional color pages, it truly is a manga come to life.

The overall video and audio quality is pretty good. There are very little pixels or garbage. The animation is fantastic with plenty of detail. The sound is pretty awesome, for a net movie. I hope that they release it on DVD one day.

As far as the technical side, the first episode is a download, not a streaming feed. Unfortunately, you will have to download and install the GET MEDIA player. It will not play unless you have it. Also, the registration and installation is all in Japanese. If anyone wants instructions on how to download the program, the video file, and how to install it, please email me at I will send a response as soon as possible.

While the Blame! fan will salivate at this video, the new fan may be a little disappointed. Keep watching it, because as the story unfolds, you will get some awesome action.