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Anime News Service – November 1-31 Anime News

12-27-02—- Gundam Seed Music News

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for the following:

Vivian Hsu is new unit formation. The new theme music of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” is sung. Vivian Hsu of the talent of the Taiwan graduate will construct and sing a new unit “Vivian or Kazuma” with kazuma of “SIAM SHADE”, and had an interview with the theme song “moment” of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” (TBS system) in the city of Tokyo on December 19. The lyrics were performed at the house of Vivian and it became joint work. She has also first challenged the voice actor.

Source: Goo News

12-27-02—- New Guests For Akon

From the latest Project A-Kon update

ARIK RENEE AVILA – artist – founder of In addition to designing the last 2 A-Kon posters, Arik has done the popular “D7 Peacemaker: Stage One” short film (premiered at last A-Kon), done with his own style of Flash drawing and animation. Also among his list of accomplishments are 5 interactive movies in Epcot Center, and the release of 2 digital movies. We should have footage for the new fully animated film he’s working on at A-Kon 2003!

JONATHAN CLEMONS – author – has translated over 70 manga and manga titles including “Sol Bianca”, “The Cockpit”, “StreetFighter II”, “Gunsmith Cats”, “Ironfist Chinmi” and “Slow Step”, as well as ancient Chinese ballads. He is a scriptwriter for the SF adventure “Halcyon Sun” and has done audio dramas for “Judge Dredd” and “Strontium Dog”. He is the resident ‘anime expert’ on the UK’s Sci-Fi Channel, and is co-author of “The Anime Encyclopedia” and the forthcoming “Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese TV Drama Since 1953”.

P.N. ELROD – author – “The Vampire Files”, “Jonathan Barett: Gentleman Vampire”, and two “I, Strahd” novels. Her newest novel “Lady Crymsyn” was published in November, and she has 2 books out collaborating with actor Nigel Bennett (LaCroix of “Forever Knight”

NEWTON EWELL – artist – Gaming illustrator on “Turok II: Seeds of Evil”, “Stratosphere” and Cartoon Frolics’ “TOTEMS” comic, as well as illustrations in the “Robotech” Art books.

STEVE KYTE – artist – Award winning illustrator from England.

EDWARD LUENA – artist – “Crow of the Bear Clan”, manga styled comics

HELEN McCARTHY – author – Author of “Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation: Films, Themes, Artistry” and “The Anime Movie Guide”, Co-Author of “The Erotic Anime Movie Guide” and “Anime! A Beginners Guide to Japanese Animation”.

MONICA RIAL – voice actor – “Gasaraki”, “Princess Nine”, “Generator Gawl”, “Sorcerer on the Rock”, “Steel Angel Kurumi”, “Excel Saga”, among others.

RIKKI SIMONS – voice actor, artist – voice of GIR from “Invader Zim”, colorist & background designer for “Invader Zim”, colorist on “Jackie Chan Adventures”, and other shows. Also 3D illustrator, and Digital Painter. Projects include “Reality Check”, “Sushi Girl” comics, Visit for more info on Rikki.

TAVISHA WOLFGARTH SIMONS – artist – Character Designer, Illustrator, Photo styler, Colorist. “Reality Check” & “Sushi Girl” comics, is her website.

AMY HOWARD WILSON – voice actor – voice of “Nova” from Star Blazers, also voices in “Nadesico”

AND: (from last e-newsletter)

TRISTEN CITRINE – cosplay guest DRAGONBALL Z – Numerous actors/actresses from DB and DBZ DUEL JEWEL – J-Rock Band TIFFANY GRANT – voice actor KYLE HEBERT – voice actor AMANDA WINN LEE – voice actor JASON LEE – voice actor BRUCE LEWIS – artist, publisher SCOTT MCNEIL -voice actor LISA “HONEY-CHAN” NELSON – cosplay CHRISTOPHER PATTON – voice actor NOBOYUKI TAKAHASHI – publisher, promoter, industry specialist J SHANON WEAVER – voice actor

Also appearing will be folks from IC Productions (formerly Studio Ironcat), Radio Comix, Antarctic Press, and more, will make appearances and participate in many A-Kon activities.

12-21-02—- ANS At Five

Anime Journalism on the internet was founded on January 1, 1998, in 2 weeks we mark the 5th birthday of Anime News Service but our readers are getting all the presents! Stay tuned for our 5th anniversay special articles, coverage, party, contests and much more.

12-21-02—- 600 ML Members

As of this morning the ANS Mailing List has logged it’s 600th member. Those searching for some of the most lively interactive discussions on the realm of anime news can now talk to world fandom by signing up today.

12-20-02—- First Tokyo Mint Love Hina Statue Sells Out

ANS has gotten some details from Californian based Statue producer Tokyo Mint on their latest goings ons read them here. The company has the rights to release a series of cold-cast resin statues based on Love Hina, created by Akamatsu Ken which appeared in Shukan Shonen magazine and has been collected in fourteen volumes, which have sold over 6 million copies in Japan. In 2002, the property was launched in America, with the manga released by Tokyopop, the anime on DVD by Bandai, and posters from 1000 Editions.

12-20-02—- Anime Unleashed Homepage

Techtv’s official website for their latest Anime block has been uploaded to:

12-19-02—- Tech TV Anime Unleashed Press

From the release:

Anime Unleashed on TechTV: The exciting world of anime is landing on TechTV beginning December 30! Early 2003 we’ll be bringing TechTV viewers five full anime series throughout the week.

Although it’s easily identified by its distinctive visual style, anime knows no boundaries. It’s not merely a style of animation but a genre unto itself where you may find sophisticated science fiction, fantasy adventure, romantic comedies, and even wrenching drama.

In the TechTV spirit, Anime Unleashed focuses on the science-fiction elements of anime — titles that imagine what our near or far future will be like, investigate the the relation between humans and machines, dream of what alien civilizations could be like, and more.

Anime Unleashed exemplifies the difference between its titles and Western animation by showing the depths of characters, themes and contortions of plot explored in anime. Viewers will encounter realistic scenarios, complex relationships and flawed personalities. Despite their deficiencies, the protaganists of Anime Unleashed’s titles are beholden to their desires, their hopes and their dreams.

Our first anime series will start on December 30 with single half-hour episodes airing Monday through Thursday at 1 a.m.