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Anime News Service – October 21-26 Anime News

10-26-04—- Yamato Toys Latest

Yamato USA, the North American subsidiary of Yamato Co. Ltd., is further pleased to announce the opening of pre-orders for seven new items in additional to the previously announce 1/12 scale Scopedog. Not to be overlooked among these new offerings is the third volume of Yamato’s immensely popular Story! Image! Figure! Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) miniature collectible figures, as well as the new additions of Fighting Chun-Li and Fighting Cammy PVC statues to our equally popular Capcom Girls Collection.

SIF: Rurouni Kenshin Miniature Collectible Figures – Volume 3 Story! Image! Figure! A Yamato Original! Yamato continues its extremely popular line of Rurouni Kenshin (aka Samurai X) collectible miniature figures with this impressive third series. Beautifully sculpted by renowned Japanese “garage kit” artist Takayuki Shiragami, each blister carded figure stands between 4.0″ – 5.5″ and comes with a themed display base. Based on the overwhelming demand for the first two series, this is one item not to overlook!

SIF: Giant Robo the Anime Miniature Collectible Figures – Volume 1 Story! Image! Figure! A Yamato Original! The all-time classic anime Giant Robo rockets to life with this blister carded assortment of seven 4″ collectible miniature figures drawn from the Giant Robo series, The Day the Earth Stood Still, newly released by Media Blasters. The Giant Robo figures, themselves, feature interchangeable parts making them must haves for all collectors who want to recreate a variety of classic scenes from the anime. And did we mention Ginrei. Oh, Ginrei! In three lovely styles.

SIM: Zeorymer Action Figure Story! Image! Mechanics! A Yamato Original! A special treat for Giant Robot fans, Zeorymer from Hades Project Zeorymer. Measuring over 7″, Zeorymer is the second (IDEON being the first) in a line of action figures paying tribute to the Giant Robots of Japanese anime. Collectors will appreciate the figure’s detachable parts allowing simulation of a number of action sequences from the anime. Comes in two paint versions, each window boxed.

Berserk: Miniature Collectible Figures – Volume 4 Created by Kenturo Miura, Berserk is manga mayhem to the extreme – violent, horrifying, and mercilessly funny – and the wellspring for the internationally popular anime series. Yamato is proud to continue its prestigious line of Berserk collectibles with this fourth in a series of miniature figures. Measuring approximately 4″, these figures feature an amazing, detailed likeness of the characters from the anime / manga and come sealed in clamshell packaging.

Armored Troopers Votoms: Chirico Cuvie Action Figure A companion piece to the amazing 1/12 scale Scopedog, the Chirico Cuvie action figure is a must have all on its own. Cuvie features an impressive 20 points of articulation, including a special double jointed hip allowing the figure to be seated in the Scopedog’s cockpit. Cuvie also comes with a set of 16 accessories including flight helmet, gun and 6 sets of extra hands! Window boxed, Cuvie is sure to gain the notice of action figure collectors and fans of the Armored Troopers Votoms anime!

Capcom Girls Collection: Fighting Chun-Li & Fighting Cammy PVC Statues Yamato continues its Capcom Girls PVC Statue Collection with “Fighting Chun-Li” and “Fighting Cammy”, two of the loveliest – and deadliest – ladies from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2. Takayuki Shiragami, whose sculpts for Yamato’s Street Fighter Minis received critical acclaim, once again lends his talents to capture the very essence of motion, while maintaining perfect balance. Measuring well over 7.5″, each figure comes in two paint styles. “Fighting Chun-Li” and “Fighting Cammy” figures sold separately. And don’t forget to make room on your shelves for Yamato’s very own 1/12 scale ATM-09-ST Scopedog! Never before has a Scopedog figure of this magnitude been this articulated and loaded with this many features. This is the must have collectible for 2005!


– Courtesy some news sent in by Daniel Zelter, The Daily Camera and Scotsman talk about a new agency for Japanese parents, where they can exchange personal information about their sons and daughters, in the hopes that the parents can find a propsective spouse for them, since their children can’t seem to find the time to date.
The Japan Times reports on the first ever bullet train derailment which occured due to recent earthquakes. Toki No. 325 bullet train on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line was running at 210 kph when the first of a series of powerful quakes hit Niigata Prefecture shortly before 6 p.m. Saturday evening.

10-25-04—- DBZ Trivia Game Lands In Stores

Parklife Games (, Inc. announced today that the company’s much-anticipated new game, Dragon Ball Z® The Trivia Game, the first trivia board game ever compiled to entertain and challenge American Anime (Japanese animation) fans, has begun shipping to retailers to land on store shelves this holiday season.

The new trivia game based on the multi-billion dollar property, Dragon Ball Z®, was created by Parklife Games Founder, Cherise Lambert, as part of the licensing agreement for Parklife Games from FUNimation Productions, Ltd., exclusive worldwide licensor of the property. “We’re expecting the strength of the Dragon Ball Z® brand and the loyal fan following to make for very strong sales of Dragon Ball Z® The Trivia Game available to consumers this holiday”, explained Lambert.

Lambert said, “It was a lot of fun to work with such a great property and we’re very excited that after 2 years of development and testing with fans, Dragon Ball Z® The Trivia Game is ready for consumers just in time for the 2004 holiday season. After Dragon Ball Z’s five consecutive years on Cartoon Network (276 English Episodes), there was an abundance of information to work with to develop the game. We worked very closely with FUNimation and DBZ fans on the content, game play and design, to create a very fun, challenging and engaging game. We created a game that tests fans’ knowledge of characters, attacks, locations within the DBZ universe, movie features and general trivia. With all of the different elements of the game, individual strategies, a little luck and knowledge of Dragon Ball Z®, Dragon

Anime News Service – October 15-19 Anime News


– With many anime sites swearing by the Alexa internet ranking system, is it really all it’s cracked up to be? World Net Daily has an excellent piece: “Rank ratings: Debunking Alexa’s Internet rater”.
The San Diego Union Tribune previews the rapidly approaching San Diego Asian Film Festival (, occuring Thursday, Oct. 21 – Sunday, Oct. 24. The event will be one of America’s first oppertunities to catch Katsuhiro Otomo’s Steamboy on the big screen at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, repeating at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.
– Indiana’s has an article on the popularity on Hello Kitty over the past 30 years and how the Sanrio forged a path for Japanese character branding in foreign markets.

10-19-04—- Fullmetal Alchemist Site Goes Live

FUNimation is proud to announce that the official Web site for the phenomenal Fullmetal Alchemist series has gone live! Fans can now go to and get all the latest news and information on their new favorite show from FUNimation. The Fullmetal Alchemist Web site gives fans access to:

– A Cast list (coming soon) – Weblog “Countdown to Adult Swim: A daily digital diary of launching a show” featuring a diary of FUNimation’s trip to Adult Swim HQ in September. – As well as more traditional extras including trailers, wallpapers, character descriptions, episode summaries, information on the upcoming Square Enix Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel PS2 game, and much more.

We are very busy gearing up for the broadcast debut of Fullmetal Alchemist on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. So make sure you tune in on November 6 at 12:00 a.m. E/P.

10-19-04—- Latest Japanese Dating Sims From PCR Distributing


-P008 – Peach Princess’s “Gibo – Stepmother’s Sin” Product type: Interactive Bishoujo game on CD-ROM for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Language: English with Japanese voices OS: Windows 95, 98, Me Pentium 166 mhz or higher (200 MMX or higher recommended) Memory: 48 MB or greater, 64 MB recommended Sound: Full quality CD music with Japanese voices

My father remarried…

My name is Yusuke Yagami. When I was a boy, I witnessed something which no one should ever see: my own mother, locked in the throes of passion with a man who wasn’t my father. Her adultery caused our happy home to come crashing down, and my father divorced her. Since those dark days, I’ve been mistrustful of what the concept of “mother” really was.

Now, after so many years, my father remarried, and suddenly, I had a new stepmother, or Gibo.

The woman my father married was not old, but young, and beautiful. When I looked at Misako-san for the first time, I felt something move inside me.

As the days went by, I found myself thinking of my new mother in ways that shocked myself.

Could I accept this beautiful woman as my mother? After all, I found out what mothers are really like the day I saw their unfaithfulness. Punishment may be necessary…

A high-quality Japanese bishoujo adventure full of drama and adult themes, Gibo causes you to question the very nature of love as you move through the overlapping scenarios to one of the game’s bizarre endings. With over a dozen potential endings for high replay value, and a bizarre cast of beautiful characters, Gibo is a dating-sim game experience unlike any that have been brought to the English language. Great for fans of bishojo games from Japan!

-GC022 – Idols Galore! – Please Enjoy the Idol Product type: Bishoujo game on CD-ROM for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Pentium 200 mhz or faster, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

A great new interactive dating-sim game from G-Collections, you’re about to enter the very sexy world of Japan’s singing pop idols — and you’re going to have fun!

Pop idol culture is highly developed in Japan, and everywhere you turn you’re confronted with incredibly gorgeous girls who charm their way into the hearts of male fans. But life as a pop star isn’t always easy, and sometimes the girls need to give some special attention to their manager in order stay in his good graces — the squeaky wheel getting the grease, as they say. Now in Idols Galore!, the new English interactive hentai game, you play Kuro, a master manager of Japan’s top idols. As manager, you’ll get to be the one calling the shots for a gorgeous groups of sexy pop stars. What will you do with them?

Since you control the careers of these lovely girls, they can’t very well refuse your advances. Will you make them give their bodies to you at the office, or on the set of a film shoot? One at a time, or all at once? And which of the four gorgeous girls will you take for your own in the end? It’s all up to you, and you’ve got the whole world in your hands.

Idols Galore! is a multi-scenario love-sim game for Windows. You play the interactive game by moving through the game story and making choices that affect the outcome, allowing for many different potential endings and excellent replay value. The game features the original Japanese voices along with an accurate English translation. This game is 100% uncensored, too, for full enjoyment of the erotic interactive story. Includes a great “hands free” feature too!

(C)2004 G-Collections, original game by Sekilala.

-GC020 – Slave Pageant Product type: Bishoujo game on CD-ROM for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP Pentium 166 mhz or faster (233 mhz recommended) Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Welcome to the world of Slave Pageant, a magical world where fantasies most can only dream of really come true. The first title by a brand-new bishoujo game company IGNITION, you’ll find your every wish fulfilled here!

I’m Yujiro, an average student at an average private school. On the surface, our school is a reputable one, with some of the smartest students in all of Tokyo. I’ve recently learned a secret though: the girls who win the annual Miss Twilight beauty pageant are secretly being trained as sex slaves to be sent out to service VIP members of society. The dream of every girl at our school is

Anime News Service – October 1-14 Anime News


– Australia’s The Age has a report on a current Japanese PC craze, Frienzoo.
The Scotsman reviews director Chanwook Park’s manga based film Oldboy. The Straights Times Of Singapore backs that review with one from the opposite side of the world.
– Ohio’s Hamilton Journal News is carrying the somewhat shocking article “Reading more fun than TV, Internet for some teens/8-23”. Oddly enough manga comics seems to be some of the things this group is reading.
The Decatur Daily has the Lady Death review, “Film version of ‘Lady Death’ not as triumphant as comic book “.
The Shorthorn Online has an article on UTA’s college anime club which is going on 10 years.
The Arbiter Online talks about the big plans of Boise State’s college anime club and covers their activities.
– Taka Ichise, who worked on The Ring and Dark Water, talks about The Grudge at Dark Horizons.

10-14-04—- Manga Entertainment Parent Reports On Earnings

IDT Corporation, the parent company of Manga Entertainment has released it’s revenues results, for fourth quarter and fiscal 2004. IDT Entertainment’s revenues were $106.7 million in fiscal 2004, compared with $5.0 million in fiscal 2003. Most of the increase in revenues was a direct result of several acquisitions, particularly the December 2003 acquisition of Anchor Bay Entertainment and the fourth quarter of fiscal 2003 acquisition of Film Roman. The improvement in operating performance was primarily due to the operating profits generated by Anchor Bay and Film Roman during fiscal 2004.

In May 2004, IDT Entertainment acquired Manga Entertainment, which distributes “anime” programming from its extensive library of licensed titles, including the award-winning Ghost in the Shell property. Anime is one of the fastest growing genres in the rapidly-expanding home video marketplace and Manga Entertainment is one of the largest distributors of such product in the United States and Europe. Manga Entertainment works closely with Anchor Bay, utilizing its infrastructure and achieving economies of scale. Manga is able to take advantage of Anchor Bay’s logistical distribution agreement with Fox Home Entertainment, making Manga’s properties available to a much broader base of customers through the mass market and other retailers to whom Anchor Bay distributes, such as Wal-Mart, Target and Blockbuster Video.

Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Anchor Bay Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, IDT Entertainment distributes videos to mass merchants and other retailers. Anchor Bay’s library consists of over 3,500 owned or licensed video titles, including the Thomas the Tank Engine series, the Halloween series, and the Crunch fitness series, and Manga’s library consists of more than 300 titles of “anime,” or Japanese animation. This library provides IDT Entertainment with a significant recurring revenue stream, proprietary rights to future video productions and distribution access to the key mass merchandisers and video retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Blockbuster Video, Best Buy and Kmart.

10-14-04—- eigoMANGA’s RUMBLE PAK Heads To Iraq

A comic book publishing, eigoMANGA is inviting Japanese animation (anime) and Japanese comic (manga) fans you to help support the men and women of the US Military with the “RUMBLE PAK GOES TO IRAQ” program. The program sends care packages to the US Military stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in the form of anime gifts.

eigoMANGA is working in conjunction with A.N.I.M.E. Club, an anime group organization comprised of Army troops stationed at Colorado Springs and Air Force troops from Peterson Airforce base. eigoMANGA will send these troops care packages that includes anime and manga gifts, as well as messages from Americans who want to thank the soldiers for their service. These troops will be deployed to Iraq within by the end of October.

eigoMANGA is inviting fans and supporters to contribute in the “RUMBLE PAK GOES TO IRAQ” program by donating any anime, manga, or anime-related gifts through eigoMANGA’s office, website or upcoming live event, RUMBLE INVASION which is happening Oct 23 in San Mateo, CA.

10-13-04—- Exclusive: Wendee Lee USC Talk Program Schedule

ANS contacted Alan Liou, President USC Entertainment Industry Students Association and obtained the following details on Wendee Lee’s upcoming talk session:

1. Anime clip show that will serve as a Wendee Lee retrospective.
2. Autograph session at the very end if people want to bring their poster/hobbies for Wendee to sign.
3. Audience Q & A
4. A “mystery” live reading of one of Wendee Lee’s anime works from Ms. Wendee Lee herself. (Can’t disclose the work, it’s a surprise).
5. And much more.

10-13-04—- Voice Actress Wendee Lee To Speak At USC

USC Entertainment Industry Students Association (EISA) and USC Anime Club is pleased to announce EISA’s keynote speaker series guest of honor: Wendee Lee. Wendee Lee is one of the premiere voice artists in the world of anime today. She has been voicing for such notable titles as COWBOY BEBOP, AKIRA, and VAMPIRE HUNTER D since the mid 1980’s which all began with her first role as Vanessa Leeds in the anime classic ROBOTTECH. (Compiled from

Her credits include: Akira (movie) as Kei Cowboy Bebop (TV) as Faye Valentine Cowboy Bebop: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (movie) as Faye Valentine Great Teacher Onizuka (TV) as Azusa Fuyutsuki; Examinee; Kyoko Uehara; Mrs. Sakurai; Nanako’s Mother; Tadashi Sakurai; Takahama Love Hina (TV) as Kaolla Su; Tama The Big O (TV) as Angel Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (movie) as Charlotte Elbourne Witch Hunter Robin (TV) as Miho Karasuma

Wendee Lee will participate with host Alan Liou, President of USC EISA, in a discussion exploring Wendee Lee’s works, the creative challenges behind voice-acting for anime, and many more topics of interest.

Wendee Lee’s speaking event will be held on Wednesday, October 27, 2004 at the University of Southern California in the Taper Hall of Humanities in Room 201 from 8-10 PM. Admission is free. Prior reservation is required.

For information on parking, please go to the following links:

If you would like to attend, please contact Alan Liou at EISA@USC.EDU and give us your full name and