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Anime News Service – March 23 – May 28 Anime News

5-17-05 (4:07AM EST)—- Seven Seas Relaunches

Today, Seven Seas Entertainment unveiled the redesign of its website, Its front page will focus primarily on three new web manga series, which represent Seven Seas second wave of titles: Ted Naifeh’s shoujo series Unearthly, the high-seas adventure story Captain Nemo, and the fandom harem comedy Aoi House. Serialized in the popular web manga format, a new page of each series will debut every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All three series will be published individually in book format as well at a later date.

Unearthly (online now; updated M/W/F):
From Ted Naifeh, the Eisner-nominated creator of Courtney Crumrin and artist of Death, Jr. and veteran artist Elmer Damaso comes this tale of star-crossed lovers and interstellar bad boys!

Captain Nemo (online now; updated M/W/F):
Written by Jason DeAngelis (Blade for Barter, No Man’s Land) with art by manga artist Aldin Viray, this underwater tale follows the adventures of Young Captain Nemo and his ragtag crew aboard the Nautilus II.

Aoi House, Reloaded (premieres online May 23; updated M/W/F):
Written by Adam Arnold, co-creator of Animefringe: Online Anime Magazine, with art by fan favorite Shiei (Amazing Agent Luna), comes a teen comedy about two straight guys with no other option but to move into a college anime clubhouse full of crazed yaoi fan girls.

Source: Manga News Service

5-17-05 (4:06AM EST)—- Premium Animation Channels Gaining Ground

According to figures published in the May 4 Nikkei Ryutsu Shimbun, Pay-subscription based animation cable networks are picking up more and more viewers in Japan:
1. Kids Station – 6.6 million families (13.0% growth from last year)
2. Animax – 4.92 million families (16.5% growth)
3. Cartoon Network – 4.43 million families (11.2% growth)
4. Disney Channel – 2.5 million families (25.0% growth)
5. Nickelodeon – 1.69 million families (77.2% growth)
6. AT-X – 70,000 familie (15.1% growth)

5-17-05 (3:44AM EST)—- Gonzo Opens Up To Private Investors

Gonzo Digimation Holdings (GDH), which is the production force behind animation such as Blue Submarine Number 9 and The Count Of Monte Cristo, is gearing up for it’s second “company introduction briefing” to be held in Tokyo on June 14th. The venue will allow potential private investors a 1 on 1 introduction and exchange with company before possibly acquiring holdings that are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. President Shinichiro Ishikawa of GDH will host the briefing. Any interested person can attend by filling out an online application hosted at GDH’s Japanese Language Investor Relations website. The 1st briefing was held in Shinjuku on Dec. 13 2004 and there areas covered included corporate outline, anime market Industry primer, production intro, rights business tutorial, overseas market and financial strategy were disclosed.

5-17-05 (3:12AM EST)—- New Publishing Option For Fan-Artists

Tobias writes in that some days ago, a completely revised version of went online, including a new english translation. The site is a German fanart publishing system for anime- and manga-fanarts which allows every artist to publish his artwork. There are several features specifically aiming at anime-fans, like browsing the fanarts by series. Since its beginning in the year 2000, more than 280.000 fanarts have been published by nearly 20.000 artists. is a part of the Animexx-Community (, which is the biggest anime-related community in germany (it has around 50.000 visitors and 2 Mio. PI a day) and is completely organized by fans in their free time. More parts of the community will be made available to english-speaking fans, depending on the interest in this project.
Source: Manga News Service

5-9-05 (3:39AM EST)—- Tokyopop Announces Cine-Manga For Youngins

TOKYOPOP Inc., pioneers of the innovative and hugely successful Cine-Manga book format, today announced the launch of a brand-new publishing line, Jr. Cine-Manga books. Revolutionizing the children’s book market, TOKYOPOP’s Jr. Cine-Manga books bring the beloved characters and storylines kids know and cherish straight from the screen to an original exciting visual format.

Geared toward readers ages 3 to 6 and individually priced at $3.99, Jr. Cine-Manga books have a 6″X9″ trim-size and feature an average of two art panels per page. Complemented by large manga-style text balloons, captions and sound effects, Jr. Cine-Manga books enable younger children to easily make the transition from television to the printed page. Bridging the gap between on-screen entertainment and more traditional children’s books, Jr. Cine-Manga books are a natural fit for children who are growing up and learning in an increasingly multimedia world.

The first titles to be released under this exciting new publishing umbrella will be Hasbro?fs My Little Pony: Friends Are Never Far Away, under license from the Hasbro Properties Group, the intellectual property development arm of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), Sesame Street: Happy, Healthy Monsters and Sesame Street: Elmo and Zoe Fly a Kite.

According to Elizabeth Hurchalla, Senior Editor, TOKYOPOP: “In contrast to most children’s books, which typically rely on flat character illustrations, Jr Cine-Manga books are created with screen captures or on-set photography so the characters look exactly as they do on the television screen. This great feature will help kids immediately connect with them.”

“TOKYOPOP has done a fantastic job of bringing Hasbro’s MY LITTLE PONY brand to life through its Jr. Cine-Manga books,” said Tom Klusaritz, VP Licensing and New Business Development. “With these books, MY LITTLE PONY fans will have a new way to enjoy their favorite pony characters.”

Sesame Workshop’s education experts agree. Anna Housley Juster, Director of Content for Sesame Street, explains that the unique storybook format can promote extended storytelling. “The vivid photographs and printed words evoke the magic of the spoken word and engaging dialogue,” says Housley Juster, who conducts frequent testing with preschoolers while performing research for the show. “As children and caregivers read together, children who are already reading can take on various roles with diverse voices.”

The My Little Pony: Friends Are Never Far Away; Sesame Street: Elmo and Zoe Fly a Kite and Sesame Street: Happy, Healthy Monsters Cine-Manga will be available in bookstores everywhere in July.
Source: Manga News Service

5-8-05 (2:28AM EST)—- AN