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Anime News Service – June 2 – September 13 Anime News

6-16-05 (6:16AM EST)—- Gunbuster 2 Fan Mecha Design Contest Winner

GAINAX has posted design illustrations for it’s TOP2 “Buster Machine Design Contest”. Over 200 fan entries were recieved from across Japan. The grand prize winners were “Toransan” and “Sowasandu”. The 2 designs will appear in the animation from the 5th episode.

6-16-05 (6:15AM EST)—- Beijing Imitation Pavilion

JETRO has assembled a best of the best collcetion of Chinese knockoffs based on well known Japanese brands. The JETRO Beijing center imitation exhibition pavilion established last April was just renewedly opened and includes discovered / confiscated goods numbering about 150 items totalled. There are many images at the above link.

6-16-05 (5:21AM EST)—- Final Fantasy: Advent Children Update

FF7AC Reunion has information Square ENIX’s coming OVA adaptation of the FF7 game: Final Fantasy: Advent Children. JUMP #29 (on sale from 6/20) will include a spread on some of the special edition goods including baseball cap and key ring. Of note is a rather low res digicam shot of the spread which nonetheless contains some of the first screenshots of the animation.

6-16-05 (5:01AM EST)—- Japan Weekend Movie Rankings

Movie@Nifty has a pictorial guide to this past weekend’s top movies currently playing in theaters. Taking top spot this week is Warring States Self-Defense Force 1549. Based on the 2ch love story, Trainman moves to #2 while Zeta Gundam: Heirs To The Stars moves to 7th.

6-16-05 (4:11AM EST)—- DC Anime Art Show

DC Anime Art Show:
Who:DC Anime Club
What: DC Anime Ar show When: Oct 22,2005 11am -5pm
Where: Martin Luthur King,Jr Memorial Library 903 G st NW Washington,DC 20001 in Exhibit Hall A-2 and Room A9.
In a nut shell: We the DC Anime Club will be running our own Art Show at the Martin Luthur King,Jr Memorial Library in Exhibit Hall A-2. The DC Anime Art Show will consist of the following activities: Fan Art Display by our club members Cosplay Gathering Anime Screening of the scariest anime known to anime fans.

6-15-05 (8:04AM EST)—- Tokyopop Begins Publishing Business In Japan

Already a factor in European and American markets, Tokyopop has now officially announced the launch of it’s publishing division in Japan. The new venture kicks off with commitment to introducing Hollywood related material in manga / cinemanga format. The current goal will see the release of about 10 seperate titles, generating sales of around 500 million Yen annually. 3 Star Wars cine-manga books will be the first released under the imprint on the 21st this month. Sales of around 200 million Yen are expected on this property alone.
Source: Manga News Service

6-14-05 (5:54AM EST)—- Animation RE Magazine Launches

Taking aim at giants such as Newtype and Animage, Japan’s myriad of character related publications gets a little bit denser this July with the release of Index’s bimonthly Animation RE magazine. Index has been a large shareholder in companies such as Madhouse and Takara. Plans are to take the mag monthly in the future.

6-14-05 (5:44AM EST)—- Tokuyama University Establishes Manga Room

Tokuyama University has opened a special manga section of it’s library consisting of 5,000 books. Title were said to have been chosen based on character and title popularity. The purchase of the books was made for the cost of about three million Yen via a second-hand bookshop in Tokyo according to a Chinese newspaper. The school recently announced it’s anime / manga production study course.
Source: Manga News Service

6-14-05 (5:42AM EST)—- Gundam Zeta Movie 2 Release

The second Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta film “Lovers” has been announced to open in theaters nationwide across Japan on Saturday, October 29. Advance tickets have already began selling and the number of theaters selling such tickets has increased after the proven success of the first movie.

6-14-05 (5:16AM EST)—- China Could Ban Foreign Animation Broadcasts To Boost Domestic Industry

State run news agency Xinhua reports China could ban foreign-made cartoons from prime time television once the quantity and quality of domestic cartoons reach a certain level, Chinese language newspaper reports quoted officials at the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television as saying Wednesday. The ratio of foreign-made cartoons to domestic ones had already been set to 4:6, said an official at the agency’s cartoon department, who refused to give her name. Japanese and American content currently composes the bulk of televised animation in China.

6-14-05 (4:59AM EST)—- Tezuka Productions Announces Chinese Subsidiary

Following TYO’s recent announcement, Tezuka Productions has become only the second Japanese animation producer to establish a subsidiary in China. The news came at a business briefing on the 13th in Beijing. Named “Beijing Sharaku”, the firm which will begin creating original works immediately has already confirmed their first film. The 2 two hour feature which deals with the relationship between man and nature, “Butterfly On The Shoulder” will be directed by Jacob Chang in Hong Kong. To be mainly a Chinese market release, Tezuka Pro will supply technological support.

6-7-05 (5:06AM EST)—- Japanese Weekend Box-Office

Movie@Nifty has the results of this weekend’s Japanese box-office rankings. The top position has been reclaimed by fandom, with the just released live action film adaptation of Densha Otoko (Train Man). Slipping 2 spots to number 5 on Nifty’s chart is Gundam Zeta.

6-7-05 (4:51AM EST)—- 1st Chinese Animation Festival Wraps

Sunday saw the final day of China’s 1st International Animation Festival in Hangzhou. 1.2 million people were the preliminary figures for attendence. The number shatters the projected 300,000 expected by festival organizers. Over 2,000 joined in on various business related panels and lectures. Masakazu Kubo of Shogakukan known for Pokemon was reportedly present.

Beyond the global exposure and fanfare for the industry there, however, were 2 main issues: One of combating piracy and counterfeit goods and many calls were heard for an overall domestic promotion chain revitalization. Lack of talent appears to be a non issue while avenues for production and promotion of Chinese creators and works are what is needed. Industry insiders say a comprehensive production chain is more complicated