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Anime News Service – October 24-31 Anime News

10-31-05 (9:48PM EDT)—- E-SIA Steps Up Contents Delivery Efforts In China And Korea

E-SIA has accelerated it’s animation contents deleivery via broadband to China and South Korea. The Suginami-based company is partnering with a local broadband partner to execute the distribution. Likewise, both E-SIA and Cinequanon are developing the movie theaters Kadokawa Holdings in South Korea. Currently a cultural deregulation is taking place in China, and while the tight controls are in place an aim is being made at the net strategy.

10-31-05 (9:08PM EDT)—- Usagi No Glass Screenings

Based on the best-seller by Toshiko Takagi, screenings of the animated film Rabbit Of Glass, have been continuing around Japan since the original May release. The story tells the true life account of Takagi who survived the Tokyo fire bombings by the allies in World War II. Director on the movie is Setsuko Shibuichi, Production is by GoGo Visual Planning, Kyodo Film and TokyoMX TV. Actress Keiko Takeshita voices the 12 year old lead role. The film runs 84 minutes. The most recent screening will occur in Yurakucho on November 4. Toshiko Takagi’s original book was published in 1977, and the film play and TV drama were produced based on it.

10-31-05 (8:53PM EDT)—- Pretty Cure Rail Pass

The Tokyo Electric Express Railway has began selling a new Passnet based on Toei Animation’s Pretty Cure: Max Heart 2 on November 1. The film will be released to theaters across Japan on December 10. 250 pairs and 500 people total are invited to the premiere preview of this movie held at Pacifico Yokohama on December 4. The group will be selected from the buyers of this special railpass. The price is 1,000 Yen and it will be sold at the following stations: The Den-en-toshi line Shibuya station, Kodomono-kuni Sen’onda, Kodomono-kuni Station, and Setagaya line.

10-31-05 (8:41PM EDT)—- ELO’s Twilight

Nikkei BP mentions a very famous piece of music in otaku history is now searchable on the Mora online Japanese music store. The group is the 1970s Birmingham (UK) rock group ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), the song: “Twilight” circa 1981. Used as a theme to the Train Man TV drama, it’s roots in otaku lore go back to the SF Osaka Rally in 1983. There, it was used as the BGM in the DAICON 4 animation short created by GAINAX’s founding members Hideaki Anno, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Takami Akai, Shinji Higuchi and of course Yamaga-san.

10-31-05 (7:31PM EDT)—- Chikan Otoko Film

Following the lead of Densha Otoko (Train Man), Chikan Otoko (Molester Man) will become a film. Both happened to be born from the internet bulletin board 2 Channel. 19 year old Yanagi Koutarou directs the film which will open to the public on the 19th of November. The plot involves a love story based on the true account of 3 women and 1 man who is a withdrawn anime freak mistaken for a university student. Nao Nagasawa and Sayaka Isoyama will play 2 of the heroines. The young men’s acting troop “D-BOYS” will also star, they gainedp popularity for their musical version of Prince Of Tennis. The official website can be viewed here.

10-31-05 (4:10PM EDT)—- Takada Akemi On WYD MMORPG

Famed character designer Takada Akemi (Urusei Yatsura, Kimagure Orange Road, Patlabor) has been announced to create characters for JOY IMPACT and Hanbit Ubiquitous Entertainment’s new PC MMORPG “WYD” which begins beta testing in Japan at the end of November. She appeared at a launch event for the game wearing a necklace of her own design. The event was held at the Akihabara Convention Hall on Monday. South Korean Singer, YURI performed a live rendition of the theme song she created for the game. Takada said she planned on putting detail into the design of jewelry, and adornment of the various characters in WYD. The company is expecting about 10,000 players to join the game. HUE’s website can be found here and the official game website is

10-31-05 (4:02PM EDT)—- East Meets South 2005 Location

Our friends at the East Meets South anime convention in Anniston, Alabama have announced their official location for the 2005 event. Coming up in just about 1 month, East Meets South Year 2 (December 2-4, 2005) will take place on the old Fort McClellan complext at the new JSU/Gadsden State campus. Directions can be found on the official website.

10-31-05 (3:49PM EDT)—- HRP-3P Robot

IT Media has a report and images on a new hunmanoid robot being developed in Japan that is supposedly immune to water and dust. Kawada Industries, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Usou), and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. have jointly developed the new robot named “HRP-3P”.

10-31-05 (3:14PM EDT)—- Kosaka Affirms Support To Animation Industry

In his first press conference as Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister, House of Representatives member Kenji Kosaka announced his support to Japan’s animation industry. Kosaka was appointed to the position through a shakeup in Prime Minister Joichiro Koizumi’s cabinet. Japan’s various contents related industries fall under his perview via the culture designation of his appointment. He said at the event on Monday “I want to deepen the understanding of Japan from foreign countries through animation and the culture of game software etc.”

10-31-05 (2:34PM EDT)—- Nihon University Manga Prize Winners Announced

The 4th “Nihon University Manga Prize” winners, awarded to those who have inspired the “passion, courage, dream, and impression” of manga were announced in Tokyo on Monday. Comedian Kinichi Hagimoto, supervisor Iwaki Hiroshi and Live Action Touch star Masami Nagasawa. Sponsorship was done by the Japan Cartoonists Association and major publishing companies.

10-31-05 (2:19PM EDT)—- BS Hi Broadcast Of Cowboy Bebop: Knockin On Heavens Door

NHK announced the forthcoming BS hi (high definition satellite) broadcast of the movie Cowboy Bebop: Knockin On Heavens Door. The feature is currently scheduled for Friday, December 23rd.

10-31-05 (2:11PM EDT)—- One Piece Movie 2006 Site

Toei Animation launched the offical website for their 2006 One Piece Animated Film “Karakuri Shiro No Mecha Kyo Hei”. The movie opens

Anime News Service – October 17-23 Anime News

10-23-05 (11:36PM EDT)—- Special Strawberry 100% Episode Will Air

Animax PPV will run a special episode of Strawberry 100% on Friday, November 18th. The story will be seperate from the rest of the TV series, as a bonus the production and seiyuu symposium will also air.

10-23-05 (11:36PM EDT)—- 35 Million Hit Commemoration Wallpaper

Japanese Moe PC game makers Neko Neko, which are marking their 6th anniversary, have relesed some sepcial character wallpaper to commemorate their 35 millionth hit. You can easily find the special wallpaper on the site homepage.

10-23-05 (10:19PM EDT)—- Zaizen Jotaro To Be Animated

Based on the original manga written by Kitashiba Ken and illustrated by Watanabe Yasuhiro (Wild Leager), Naikaku, Kenryoku Hanzai Kyosei Torishimarikan (Government Crime Investigation Agent) Zaizen Jotaro will be animated in the form of a TV series. The manga is serialized by Shinchosha Bunch Comics. The expected broadcast of a 13 episode run will come in 2006. The storyline follows a hardboiled, tough as nails investigator who seeks out corruption inside the highest halls of power of Japan’s Diet. Several factions battle for influence, manipulation and power therein including the American CIA, Yakuza gangs, nepotistic cabals and shadowy puppet masters which have pulled the strings of Japan’s corporate and governmental establishment since the close of the second World War.

10-23-05 (9:52PM EDT)—- Viz Media To Outsource Manga Production Through eigoMANGA

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – eigoMANGA STUDIOS has announced a new partnership with Viz Media to produce English versions of some of Viz Media’s most popular manga titles beginning in the summer of 2006. Starting in July of 2006, eigoMANGA STUDIOS will provide translation, English language scripts, lettering, and sound effects for some of Viz’s best-selling manga publications. As part of the deal, eigoMANGA will produce English-language editions of Basara, a popular Shojo manga series, and Flame of Recca, one of Viz’s popular Shonen titles. eigoMANGA STUDIOS aims to maintain the consistent quality readers have come to expect across the entire Viz line of publications, according to Austin Osueke, Project Manager for eigoMANGA STUDIOS. “We’re really excited about working with Viz on these books, particularly Basara”, said Osueke. “It’s one of the books that inspired me to become part of the manga industry in the first place.”
eigoMANGA STUDIOS is a business to business production and marketing consulting firm specializing in producing anime and manga projects for clients looking for custom-brand anime themes for their marketing and business needs. eigoMANGA STUDIOS is a subsidiary of eigoMANGA Ltd.

10-23-05 (9:43AM EDT)—- Fansub Production Time Down To Mere Hours

ANS has learned the turnaround time for digital fansubs continues to plumet as technology becomes cheaper and more easily procured and as Japanese language skills improve in the rest of the world. The current record for quickest fansub turnaround is claimed by one group to be only around 1-2 hours from procuring an original broadcast video stream to net release. What’s more, the time to see raw Japanese broadcast recordings dumped on the net has also dropped. These increased turnaround speeds regularly see Japanese animation TV series air for the first time in Japan in the evening on one day and be released in fansub format before the same time on the same day in the USA for instance.

10-23-05 (8:27AM EDT)—- Toritsu Mizushou Drama

Shinobu Inokuma’s Toritsu Mizushou manga will be adapted to TV drama by NTV according to details to be published in Shogakukan’s Young Sunday #50, scheduled to go on sale on 11/10 and #47 which was released in Japan on the 20th.

10-23-05 (8:13AM EDT)—- Adult Magazine Publishers To Self Impose Sales Restraints

The Japan Magazine Publishers’ Association has announced that they are strengthening the seal on content related to adult magazines sold in the bookstore etc. so as not to be viewable to the eyes of those less than 18 years old. As of the 20th they have executed a reinforced self-imposed restraint plan. This will be transitioned to retail outlets as early as November. A special transparent blue tape will mark adult magazines so they will be easy to distinguish. The tape masks a portion of the cover and will not allow readers to open the pages. Similarly taped magazines first appeared last July on adult magazine such as those sold in convenience stores. Only about 1/8 or less of the content will not be able to be seen. Earlier methods were easy to bypass and peeloff, involving plastic wrapping and string. Instead this new tape will be fixed at 2 points.

10-23-05 (8:08AM EDT)—- New Suetsugu Yuki And Bessatsu Friend Statements

In addition to Kodansha’s apology released on October 19th, the editorial staff of Bessatsu Friend has issued a seperate statement of apology to their website as of October 21st. The language is somewhat similar to the original with a few new details directly from the publisher which have allready been repoted in the Japanese press. Most noteable is the admission that the publisher believes her currently running serial Silver did contain “appropriations”:
“When Suetsugu Yuki was appropriating from works such as “Slam Dunk” and “Real” the areas were pointed out and received from the reader. Many of these facts are confirmed, and Yuki also admitted much of this while the details are investigated. This has already been reported by the newspaper and TV, etc. The editorial department took the measures of stopping the shipment and discontinuation of all of Setsugu’s works at the end. Moreover, it becomes clear that “Silver” under serial to Besatsu Friend has use of appropriations and it will not be carried from the December edition (sale on November 12th). The series “Your Black Wings” will also discontinue publishing from the January edition (sale on November 28). The editorial department apologizes for catching this situation heavily, for causing deep reflection, and troubling you the reader and parties concerned. The magazine will go forward making an effort further so that this should never happen again, and it asks for love and trust by the readersin the future.
October 21, 2005
Bessatsu Friend
Editorial Department”

“Apology From Author
I am really sorry for inviting such a situation this time. The act he mistook for the sweetness of recognition when protecting copyright is defended seriously, it catches deeply shamefully as cartoonist, and I apologize to the copyright people and everybody of parties concerned with

Anime News Service – October 1-15 Anime News

10-15-05 (7:02AM EDT)—- IGN Covering Anime And Manga

Longtime a leader in the games content arena, our friends over at IGN have began devoting their resources to covering anime and manga on more solidified basis. You can click the above link and see the first report of their new resident anime guru KJB. Moving from Film Force to report on the regular going on in the USA release market, KJB tell ANS he would like readers to send feedback to IGN if they would like the site to cover anime more. Also be sure to mention what you would like to see covered in detail.

10-14-05 (5:49AM EDT)—- Anime Promotes Dialect Usage Among Japanese

According to new research in Japan among female high school students, 30% use various Japanese dialectic speech in their daily conversation, and 30 percent or more in writing e-mail on their mobile phones. C-NEWS and Infoplant Ltd. conducted the recent survey in a search to see if dialects were becoming popular among high school students. Answers were tallied from female net users in junior and senior high schools who live in metropolitan areas. 124 junior high school students, 276 high school students (400 total) were the sample group being polled. Main influences were cited as hearing the dialects used by music artists, in TV shows, in Movies and animation. Entertainment found to use dialects included the manga Love Com (Lovely Complex), the recent hit film Swing Girls ), and the television program Mathew’s Best Hit TV.

Linguists generally consider mutual intelligibilty to be the best test of language dialects. Japanese Dialects can be a hard thing to comprehend for a native English speaker with little grasp on the language. “It all sounds the same?” most will say in the face of Kansai or Tokyo dialect. The closest thing English speakers have to relate to are our various regional accents (Australian, British, American etc..) and they are not even developed into proper dialects as of yet. For a better sample of the effect a dialect can have on your understanding of a common language, check this resource on the history of English.

10-14-05 (5:35AM EDT)—- Gundam Motorcycle Helmets

Bandai Network’s online store Lala Bit Market is taking reservations for a new Motorcycle helmet styled after the TYPE RX-78 original series Gundam. Delivery is expected by the end of March 2006. 20790 Yen is the cot of the helmet. This the tenth motorcycle helmet series for Gundam following TYPE CHAR which was limited to 2500 pieces when it was sold in September, 2002. The Motorcycle helmet is built to “Tereos 2” spec, manufactured by Orgaka sales Ltd. The “SG mark” and “PS mark” rating means the helmet is ok to be used with motorcycles of 125cc or more displacement. Sizes are M(57-58cm), L(59-60cm) and XL(60-61cm).

10-14-05 (4:58AM EDT)—- Miyazaki And Nick Park Team Up For TIFF Talk

It’s been announced that director Hayao Miyazaki will attend the Tokyo International Film Festival. A special talk event will feature the famed director of Howl’s Moving Castle along side Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park. The event will occur at 14:30 on October 23rd. The special talk pairing was agreed upon due to recent friendly work relations between Aardman Animations Ltd. and Studio Ghibli.

10-14-05 (4:14AM EDT)—- I.G. Interview Round 2

We previously linked a running interview series Nikkei BP’s Kajiyama Sumiko has been conducting with Production I.G. in her business style blog. Today, round 2 has been posted and this installment focuses on CEO Mitsuhisa Ishikawa’s collaboration with director Mamoru Oshii. It’s mentioned that Ishikawa undertook a drastic strategy when Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence was produced. Avoiding Japan entirely, the plans for the film were taken directly to major Hollywood studios initially. Negotiations were carried out with them in regards to securing funding. With the film’s scenario in hand, Ishikawa personally knocked on the doors of studios including Warner and FOX. Finally a contract was attained with DreamWorks. The huge project’s production costs were estimated at 2 billion Yen.

10-14-05 (2:49AM EDT)—- Learn English The Moe Way

English learning software originating out of Japan is always interesting because by it’s very design, if you are already fluent in English and have a basic grasp of Japanese and katakana+hiragana script, you can actually play it and in a roundabout sort of way, and end up learning some useful Japanese. Studio Sagitarius plans to have their Moe characters teach Japanese Otaku English with the just announced Moegaku game software coming to PC. With both written spoken word provided by a cast of well known seiyuu, moegaku hits the streets on November 25th, retailing at 6,090 Yen. The DVD-ROM will correspond to Windows XP/2000/Me. The game follows a role playing style format with many nymph styled characters appearing to teach the player different useful phrases. Over 50 reactions to your responses can be expressed by each character. Difficulty levels are set according to the National Center Test for University and Employment Examination. Many Otaku exclusive terms are taught in English such as “Coterie Magazine” and “girls simulation game” etc. The learning effect of the software is expected to be high becaue players will engage it repeatedly for the multiple endings. What’s more, Studio Sagitarius mentions the game was developed American Otaku cooperation. Yoshimura Shi, a former APEC interpreter who performed in the short animation “Theater” gave special English pronunciation instruction to the cast. Higashiyama Genshi (PS2 sou koi) has written the scenario. Those interested can try out a Flash demo at the above link.

10-14-05 (2:29AM EDT)—- Full Metal Alchemist Movie DVD Release Announced

The BONES animated Full Metal Alchemist Movie which screened in Japan over the summer of 2005 has been confirmed for DVD release. Hardly any details exist at this point (such as planned extras) except for the January 25, 2006 street date.

10-14-05 (2:18AM EDT)—- Tokyo To Enforce Software Sales Restrictions To Minors

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced Thursday it will demand special labeling aimed at those under 18 for