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Anime News Service – November 1-14 Anime News

11-14-05 (10:15PM EDT)—- CPM Announces Book Sales Director

Central Park Media (CPM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ali T. Kokmen as Director of Book Sales. Mr. Kokmen was formerly the Sales & Marketing Manager for HarperCollins’ Collins Design imprint. Prior to that, he served as Marketing Manager for Watson-Guptill Publications.

In his new capacity at CPM, Mr. Kokmen will be responsible for the North American sales of 40 to 60 new Japanese manga and Korean manhwa titles a year as well as a backlist of more than 200 books. “Graphic novels in general and manga in particular are the fastest-growing and most exciting segment of the publishing industry,” he noted, “so I’m especially delighted at the challenge and opportunity of this new position. Our immediate task will be to investigate all options for effective distribution of our books, in the book trade channel and others, and I look forward to building a system that will serve not only the company’s current needs but also its future growth.”

Central Park Media’s Managing Director John O’Donnell said “Central Park Media is one of the oldest manga publishers in America, with more than ten years of experience and expertise. We are committed to bringing the best of Japanese and Korean graphic novels to North America, across all major genres. Having Ali join us to supervise our book trade sales is a part of that commitment.”

11-14-05 (9:54AM EDT)—- Latest Drama Based Off Of Saimon Fumi Manga

Karasawa Toshiaki will star in the latest TV drama adaptaion of a Saimon Fumi (Tokyo Love Story) manga. Fuji Television Network will debut the new series “Kobayakawa Shin Ki No Koi ” will start in January, 2006. The story will be based around a hospital surgeon. Three tankabon volumes of the manga have been released in Japan, it was serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine last year.

11-14-05 (8:53AM EDT)—- 71 Year Old Takami Ei Debuts As Professional Singer

Takami Ei is a Japanese actor and writer who is something of a Mr. Rogers type of character. He played the role of ‘Noppo-san’ for 24 years in a NHK TV program called ‘Dekirukana’ which was very popular among children. His style in the program was very comical. He put on a droll hat and wore narrow trousers with suspenders. Noppo-san was a character who didn’t speak at all, but he was able to make anything with everyday materials. He was very clever with his fingers. He made a house with corrugated cardboard skillfully. He was an idol of all children in Japan. When the final program was broadcast in 1990, he spoke for the first time and surprised a lot of his fans. After that he was eagerly sought after by many schools because he always delivers a stimulating lecture. He was a scriptwriter of the program ‘Hirake! Ponkikki’ (for children) and was a writer of stories for children. He appeared in a movie ‘Tanpopo’ and came on the stage of ‘Noppo-san-no Kirakira-circus.’ He also wrote a book ‘Noppo-san-ga-shabetta-hi.’ Now at age 71, Takami Ei is set to debut as a professional singer for the first time in January. The debut song titled Grasshopper Monogatari comes via NHK Minnanouta and will be composed by Toshiaki Matsumoto known MISIA’s “Everything”. The CD will be put on the market together with a special DVD that collects some of his video appearances. Sources: Famous Personages In Japan | Sponichi Annex

11-14-05 (7:16AM EDT)—- Japanese Box Office

Kogyo Tsushinsha released it’s tallied figures from the Japanese box office for the weekend of Nov 12-13:
1. Always -Sunset on Third Street-
2. A Moment To Remember
3. The Brothers Grimm
4. Elizabethtown
5. Spring Snow
6. In Her Shoes
7. Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride
8. Abudeka
9. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
10. Mobile Suit Z Gundam 2 -Lovers-

11-14-05 (6:04AM EDT)—- Scorsese Heads To Japan

American director Martin Scorsese is aiming to make Japan-set passion project “Silence” his next film, the helmer declared Sunday at the fifth Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco reports Variety. Adaptation of a Japanese novel by Shusaku Endo is the martyrdom-themed tale of two 17th century Portuguese missionaries who return to Japan to minister to Christians, who’ve been outlawed. Scorsese has been trying to do the project on and off for around ten years. Project is being moved by Initial Entertainment Group, the same company who are producing Scorsese’s current project “The Departed”. Both films are expected to be released by Warner Bros.

Source: Dark Horizons– Thanks to Daniel for the link

11-14-05 (6:00AM EDT)—- Seven Seas Adds Webcomics

Hot on the heels of its recent acquisition of Boogiepop, Seven Seas Entertainment announced today that it is expanding its publishing line once again. Fan-favorite webcomics Chugworth Academy, Earthsong, and Inverloch have found a new home with Seven Seas and will be hitting bookstores in mid-2006, the first volumes in a series of full-color trade paperbacks.

“I’m really excited about broadening the market and offering manga-influenced graphic novels in full color,” says president Jason DeAngelis. “These particular webcomics are a great complement to our current lineup of original works, and come with an enormous built-in fanbase.”

Chugworth Academy (Story by Dave Cheung and Jamal Joseph Jr., Art by Dave Cheung):
A hilariously irreverent online comic strip with an estimated fan base of over 100,000 readers! Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic, Sally has it all, including an idiot boyfriend, Kiyoshi. Along with Kiyoshi?fs best friend, the ever-slutty Ellice, and Chloe, Sally’s hyperactive cousin, can the four friends navigate their teenage years without going completely mental?

Earthsong (Story & Art by Lady Yates):
Rated #1 webcomic on! A young woman named Willow awakens to find herself on a mystical world with no memory of her former life. She soon discovers that not only are the residents of this world fantastical creatures of ancient lore, but the planet itself is alive and conscious-and in grave danger!

Inverloch (Story & Art by Sarah Ellerton):
Rated #1 webcomic on and ranked #1 for popularity on Meet Archeron, an innocent