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Anime News Service – December 1-12 Anime News

12-12-05 (12:39PM EST)—- Paprika / Toki Wo Kakeru Press

Madhouse has drafted an Official Press Release on their coming anime film adaptations of the Yasutaka Tsutsui novels Paprika / Toki Wo Kakeru. The majority of the information therin is already known however, it seems the Madhouse subsidiary, Index Corporation will have a pronounced role in the development of these projects. Additionally, Paprika, which had been listed with a 2006 debut has been confirmed in the release for a 2007 theatrical opening in Japan. Finally, the news site Little Harlock’s Newslog’s (which many English news sites have cited as the story’s origin) source for Paprika Script writer Kiyosuke Mizukami was incorrect according to the new press release. ANS tanranslated these details seperately last week and correctly arrived at Seishi Minakami (Paranoia Agent / Boogiepop Phantom). The kanji is very similar for both names.

12-12-05 (10:06AM EST)—- Pretty Cure 2 Aims For 1 Billion Yen Opening

This wekeend Toei Animation’s new film Pretty Cure Max Heart 2 opened in Japan. According to Toei, their target box office for the opening weekend is 1 billion Yen. The first movie which opened in April earned 850 million Yen for it’s opening.

12-12-05 (9:18AM EST)—- Female Otaku Admit Little Stress

Intage and Yahoo Research Monitor recently conducted a survey of females. The investigation was conducted among 598 women in their 20’s-40’s. The actual breakdown was: women in the 20’s: 29.4%, 30’s: 33.8%, 40’s: 36.8%. The investigation was held November 29th – December 2nd. 87.0% of answers admitted “It is likely to be enthusiastic now (Fit in)”, In the object field (two or more answers), “Internet” was the answer of 22.7%, “Fashion” was the answer of 39.5%, “Travel” 22.4%. and “Movie” 21.6%. 13.0% said they were enthusiastic about nothing. 20.4% said they were otaku. Hobbies among those who revealed their otaku status included: Manga And Anime: 32.6%, Pet: 26.1%, Entertainer: 26.7%. 36.5% said “Life Today Is Happy”. 54.9% said they had little or no stress in their lives.

12-12-05 (9:18AM EST)—- Angelique To Be Animated

Based on Koei’s flagship dating sim “Angelique” seires which debuted in 1994, Angelic will be animated in the form of a TV series to begin running in 2006.

12-12-05 (9:11AM EST)—- What Can Japan Boast To World? Anime Tops List

A recent investigation of 200 men and women in their teens was conducted by the Chinese Hokuhodo Institute of Life And Living. When asked “What Can Japan Boast To The World?” animation was the top response for boys and 2nd place response for girls. The survey was done on the Internet in August. Excluding anime, some of the other answers included “Height Of Technology”, “Economic Prosperity”, “Politeness”, and “Cars” came in 10th place for boys.

12-12-05 (8:53AM EST)—- Howl And Geisha Get BFCA Nominations

The American Broadcast Film Crtics Association have come out with their film nominations for 2005. In the category of Best Picture Bob Marshall’s Memoirs of a Geisha (Sayuri) received a nod. Meanwhile in the Best Animated Feature section, Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle was nominated. The winners will be announced in Santa Monica, California on January 9th next year.

12-12-05 (8:13AM EST)—- Studio Ghibli Website Renewal

Preparing for a big announcement on their next feature film expected in the coming days, Studio Ghibli has changed their website design and URL. The new address has not yet been revealed although it will launch on 2:00PM, Tuesday, December 13th. New features on the site will include, picture galleries and 2 diaries which will replace the current one.

12-12-05 (7:47AM EST)—- Anti-Korean Japanese Comic Upsets Patriots

Chosun Illbo reports the manga Ken Kanryu is still pissing off Koreans. Author Sharin Yamano has become a bestselling author, having sold more than 300,000 copies. An interviewed high-ranking Tokyo official said any anti-Korea sentiment comes only from a tiny minority. “I don’t think there is a kind of resentment or hatred or ill-feeling toward Korea mounting in Japan, not at all. There are some groups of people who entertain those sentiment, the so-called conservatives. This is not a prevailing trend, I would say.” Because of the high demand, Amazon-Japan says delivery can take up to six weeks. Nonetheless, there’s a growing appetite. A sequel — called simply �gAnti-Korean Wave 2�h — is coming out by the end of the year.

12-12-05 (7:41AM EST)—- Paramount Acquires Dreamworks

According to Yahoo , Paramount Pictures has succeeded in its bid to purchase Dreamworks SKG. This includes their Go Fish label which holds the rights to anime films Millenium Actress and Ghost In The Shell II: Innocence. Of note in the article is the following: Paramount will retain distribution rights to the 59 library titles, which includes such hits as Oscar-winners “American Beauty” and “Gladiator.” The agreement does not include DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., which was the most profitable part of the company. The animated unit went public last year. Paramount does gain the right to distribute the animated studio’s lucrative films for the next seven years, including the profitable “Shrek” franchise. It will also have the right to make television shows using DreamWorks Animation characters. Grey said the arrangement with DreamWorks Animation makes Paramount a larger player in family and children’s movies. Paramount already produces films with Viacom’s Nickelodeon and MTV cable channels.

12-11-05 (2:19PM EST)—- Evangelion Stamps

Gainax will commision 2 sets of postage stamps to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Each set will feature images of characters Asuka and Rei. Seperately each stamp will cost 80 Yen, sets will be 3.150 Yen. A special illustrated collectors folder will also be made available. Loppi will take reservations until Sunday, December 18th. The actual sale will be carried out on February 7th, 2006.

12-11-05 (1:43PM EST)—- Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour Update

The Akiba Shoshinsha Q-sai Tour project of GONZO and Nippon Travel Filled it’s 30 attendee slots within one day of the announcement several weeks ago. The tour’s official site recorded 10,000 or more accesses within the same time period. Attendees are varried across