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Dance Studio and Benefit of Laminate Flooring

  • 11th Apr 2017
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Ever been to dance studios? Here is one of the articles which discuss how the anime fans are quite into dancing as an excuse for staying fit. Now, don’t you just instantly get inspired by the vast space of such dance studio and if you possess the creative mind, all sorts of ideas of dance routines or even yoga or aerobics start popping up into your mind? Here is the thing; the floor is the main thing which grabs the attention. The mirrors, ceiling and other stuff come later. This is because the floor actually sets the ambiance. You enter the studio, turn on the lights and the hue that dazzles your eyes is that of the floor which ultimately makes you feel warm towards the vicinity because of the warm brown shades of wood flooring.

There has been a debate around about what should be the proper and useful material for the flooring of a dance studio. Well, one word answer to that – Laminates.

Laminate flooring the smooth flowing

With laminates, you have the advantage of smoothness. It is smooth yet non-slip. This type of flooring complements almost all types of dance. Also, since the dances are intense, require great physical activity, hops and jumps as well – laminates fit the situation the best. Laminate is mostly installed on the subfloor. If you have the surface already industrial carpeted, you can plainly put in your laminates on top. This will give that cushion to your laminate flooring and save it from any minor breakage problems. Some of the studio owners put an underlay to make it even cushier. They place some rubber sheets underneath the laminates which will avoid its direct contact with the concrete underneath. Laminate flooring is also remarkably durable. The vinyl layer on top of your laminate also sets you free from the polishing step.

The Aesthetic Appeal

The view of the laminates imitates that of a real wood. Once installed and in place, no one can actually tell the difference. Above all, the laminate flooring can be custom designed as well. There are tons of stain/design varieties attainable in comparatively nominal cost to suit all your personalized dance studio palate. If you are a décor savvy, you’ll know what looks best in which dance studio. The graceful view which the laminates offer is undeniable. They are modern, stylish and personalized. They even come in vintage and hickory and oak looks.


If you are the owner of the studio or planning to start your own studio, rest assured that you won’t be worrying about the cost or maintenance of the laminate flooring. The laminates are the lock-in installation type. The tongue-and-groove style of installation can be put in place in no time. They are pretty easy to put in even if you want to do it on your own. The only enemy to its maintenance is standing water. Standing water is out the question with respect to dance facility. In the case of owning the studio, you might not want to be spending your money like no one’s business on the flooring itself but rather invest in your marketing efforts for the facility. Therefore, the laminates give you that leniency on the cost as they are really inexpensive compared to the substitutes.

Laminates are Recyclable Flooring

If you are the Green-Earth enthusiast, you might want to know if the laminates are recyclable or not. Good news is – they are. They can be reused even. There are examples of people using them on walls or on ceilings even. There are some smart ones who have used it as their garage countertops as well. The interlocking system of the laminates makes them easy in taking apart as well so there is less worry of damaging them. The tools required for the task are also simple and you don’t really need an expert’s hand to get the job done.