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Anime News Service – Silent Hill Movie Hoax

Daniel submits the following from Corona:

“There currently is no Silent Hill movie in development.

“Five days ago the Bloody Disgusting horror website posted what they claimed was an “interview” with a representative from Dark Aura Entertainment, supposedly a film production company that was developing a movie based on Konami’s survival horror video game Silent Hill. The Bloody Disgusting interview made it seem that the rights were owned or controlled by Dark Aura, that they were in discussions with New Line Cinema to release a Silent Hill movie, and that preliminary casting ideas had already been heard.

“There was just one big problem: it appears they never had the film rights to Silent Hill.

“Whether it was the webmaster of the Bloody Disgusting website that took their source’s authenticity for granted or part of a larger deception remains unclear. The interview with the Dark Aura representative has now vanished from the Bloody Disgusting site. What is clear is that the reports of a Silent Hill movie being in development were picked up by at least half-a-dozen other websites, further propagating the false story.

“According to our own sources, video game manufacturer and Silent Hill rights owner Konami is aware of the false story now and may be taking further action to make sure someone is not misrepresenting their property. We’ve checked with multiple individuals working in Hollywood at high levels and have been told that there was never a Silent Hill movie in development at New Line Cinema.

“We contacted the webmaster of Bloody Disgusting in an attempt to find out more information about their original source. We received this reply: “You know what, I appreciate you letting me know, I have been told this now by 3 good sources, I think I’m going to try and contact New Line myself, and if they deny it, I’m taking any posts of theirs down.” We guess they got that denial from New Line.

“Still, that hasn’t stopped a flood of emails from coming in from people who are now convinced a Silent Hill movie is imminent. There might very well be a movie one day, but it’s not coming from Dark Aura Entertainment. Hopefully, with the creation of this page, we can begin putting a stop to the rumors”