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Anime News Service – Part 1 – Project AE86: Diamond In The Rough

By Jonah Morgan

And so it begins. What originally had it’s roots as a personal project has turned into something I think I will share with the site. As part of an ongoing feature here on ANS we’re going to build a car and bring everyone along for the journey step by step for the duration of the restoration and modification period. What better choice than a car anime fans will probably be intimately familiar with by the fall of 2003 than the Toyota Trueno AE86 “Hachiroku” (sold in the USA as the Toyota Corolla GTS). This car holds a special place in the hearts of many, it is of course the star of the Initial D anime and manga not to mention the car du choice of togue and drift freaks the world over. Our example was found with litteraly a forest growing up all around where it has apprantly sat for some time. Closer inspection revealed a good condition intact interior, and solid exterior shell with few dings and a few spots of rust. In Alabama where American Muscle dominates the hearts of car enthusiasts, such a car is very rarely appreciated, and thusly the asking price: $200, what a steal if you are familiar with the market. Popping the hood we discovered there was no battery, no radiator and half an engine. The head was blown and then removed to be replaced or reworked, aparently that never took place. No big deal as the plan is to replace 80% of what’s to be found under the bonnet anyways.

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