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Jonah ANSwers

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10-15-01—- Michelle asks: I would like to ask a question about your report about Kodansha discontinuing with the export of their bilingual manga’s. 1. Have they just discontinued the exportation of the manga or is the publication of the manga’s still continue? 2. Have they only discontinued exporting in the United States or Will they still export it to other english speaking countries (United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc.)?

Dear Michelle,
Sure, I’ll see what I can do: 1. Publication appears to still be continuing, the manga is actually seized upon in Japan to help teach Japanese speakers (as well as other foreign language speakers) English. 2. My sources tell me export has stopped more or less alltogether, which means it’s not leaving Japan commercially unless you buy it in the country (if information comes my way to indicate otherwise I’ll be sure to post it), so then it’s not in theory totally impossible to get the manga still, just find it in a Japanese shop online or in bricks or print. More than likely, it would seem like an interesting business idea now for some shops in the west to go about some posturing and buy bulk quantities of the manga from the same shops I mentioned above in Japan and still continue to sell it. Remember supply and demand theory. Just try to look around for a competitive price because this gives those retailers with access to a rare product a chance to gouge you for your hard earned dollars, pounds (and Euro notes very shortly).