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Anime News Service – April 17-23 Anime News

4-23-07 (8:28PM EDT)—- Tokyo Anime Fair 2008

The Tokyo International Anime Fair Executive Committee has treated ANS to an exclusive sneak peek at their official 2008 promotional poster. Next year’s event is scheduled to run from March 27th – 30th at Big Sight. Features include: International Trade Fair – Exhibition, Creators World, Anime Rookies, Buyers World, Screenings, Press Center, Press Conferences, Sales of character goods, TAF Welcome Night Party, Anime Bazaar, Special Project Exhibitions, Symposiums, Animated Cartoon Theater, Stage Events, Kids Zone, Charity Auction, Quiz Rally, Special Stage, Tokyo Animation Song Festival, CGAC2008, Tokyo Anime Awards, 4th Special Contribution Awards, MX TV Special Program, Animation Congress. The Committee will begin solicitng art submissions for next year’s mascot character starting May 1st. The deadline is June 29, 2007. The character will then be selected and announced towards the end of summer. Last year’s character was submitted by Mariko Tokida. Her design was chosen out of 392 entries. TAF representatives tell us they retain exclusive use copyrights to their mascot characters for 2 years and actually only heavily use the character for around 1 year total. After a 2 year period the rights fall back to the original creator. Besides positively influencing aspiring artists’ careers, a cash purse of 200,000 Yen stands to be won for 2008. TAF aims at drawing new talent especially to this competition. Guidelines include: a) the character must be original and previously unpublished and b) must represent Tokyo And Animation. The contest is open to all nationalities.

4-23-07 (7:53PM EDT)—- 19th CG Anime Contest Go

The 19th CG Anime Contest selected works screening event will be held on May 5th in Nakano. The longest running CG competition of its type in Japan, over 400 entrants have submitted their works this year. Past Grand Prix winners include Romanov Higa’s TANK S.W.A.T 01 and Makoto Shinkai’s Hoshi No Koe.

4-23-07 (7:30PM EDT)—- Manhwa Exhibition In Kawasaki

The Kawasaki City Museum will present an exhibition on South Korean Comics from April 21st-June 3rd. The project is part of a greater aim to deepen the cultural exchange and friendship between sister city Buchon on the 10th anniversary since their avowed urban coalition. Much of the exhibit material is coming from the Fuchuan comics information center. Original illustrations of over 30 popular manhwa authors who were active from the 1980’s through the present day will be included. Additionally a special corner will feature over 350 manhwa examples Japanese visitors can read in their native language. Kim Dongwha (A Story of Kisaeng and Bug Boy), So-Hee Park (Goong) and 4 other creative luminaries will appear as special guests of honor on Saturday, the 28th for talk and autograph sessions.

4-23-07 (6:50PM EDT)—- Aachi And Ssipak / Tokikake At The Egyptian

In a new screening report Daniel Zelter shares his experience from the West Coast debut of Aachi And Ssipak and Mamoru Hosoda’s Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo 1 month ago.

4-23-07 (5:55PM EDT)—- Paprika Covered In Entertainment Weekly

The summer previews issue of Entertainment Weekly includes Paprika as number 2 on columnist Lisa Schwarzbaum’s anticipated movie list for the quarter. It’s listed before Judd Apatow’s “Knocked Up” and after Danny Boyle’s “28 Weeks Later”. Thanks, Daniel Zelter.

4-23-07 (5:54PM EDT)—- Tokyo Majin Anime Sequel Announced

Based on the cult hit Asimk Ace game series which debuted on the PS1 in 1998, the 14th and final episode of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho broadcast on April 20th in Japan mentioned a new TV series “Tokyo Majin Manabu Enken Fuujou Ryuu Ryuu Kenbu hen” will begin in July.

4-23-07 (5:13PM EDT)—- Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien: Haruka Route OVA Details

The tentatively titled Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Haruka Route (Rumbling Hearts) OAV (first reported here on August 28th) has gotten some updates courtesy the Age FC Bulletin No.13. Staff will include Director takayama hideki, Character Designs by Tamura Kazuhiko, Scenario by Kouno Takamitsu, Animation Production: Brains Base. Release date remains unknown. Based on Age Soft’s 2001 love adventure videogame.

4-23-07 (5:02PM EDT)—- Ar Tonelico 2 Site

Banpresto has posted their official Japanese website for the upcoming anime style RPG Ar Tonelico 2. An OVA based on the first game was released in 2006.

4-23-07 (4:53PM EDT)—- IM@S Light Novel

The TV anime version of Idolmaster: XENOGLOSSIA will be adapted to light novel form. Serialization will begin the July issue of Dragon. Original Story by Hajime Yatate and Suzukaze Sayaka, Illustrations by Ein.

4-23-07 (4:40PM EDT)—- Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Updates

The anime TV series adaptation of Koji Kumeta’s Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei is scheduled for a summer start in Japan. Much of the current Negima staff from Studio Shaft will carry over. The Director will be Akiyuki Shinbo, Character Design by Hideyuki Morioka, Series Composition by Kenichi Kanemaki. Production by Starchild (King Record). For more info read our original mention on March 8th.

4-23-07 (4:12PM EDT)—- Kyo Kara Maoh! OVA Schedule

Kyo Kara Maoh! is scheduled to run 5 OVA volumes to begin releasing in Japan in Fall. ANS first got onto this story on March 5th. The Spring edition of Newtype Romance magazine first reported the adaptation. Based on the light novel and manga by Tomo Takabayashi, the work was previously adapted to 2 39 episode TV animation series which ran between 2004-2006.

4-23-07 (1:44PM EDT)—- Death Note Invades Anime Expo 2007

Famed director Tetsuro Araki and character designer Masaru Kitao announce their attendance at Anime ExpoR 2007 as Official Guests of Honor. In addition, Anime ExpoR has also obtained the rights to screen the blockbuster films, starring Tatsuya Fujiwara, from Japan DEATH NOTE (123 minutes) and DEATH NOTE: THE LAST NAME (140 minutes) on 35 mm print at the highly anticipated 2007 convention June 29-July 2 at the Long Beach Convention Center. More information can be found on the website www.anime-expo.org.

Born November 5, 1976, in the Saitama Prefecture and a graduate of the School of Literature at Senshu University, Tetsuro Araki gained mass fame and media attention as the director of the “Desu noto” (2006 also known as DEATH NOTE) TV Series (produced by Madhouse, Nippon Television, Shueisha and VAP). Based on the Japanese manga series centering around a high school student who decides to rid the world of evil with the help of a supernatural notebook, dropped by a rogue Shinigami Death God, that kills anyone whose name is written in it. The popularity of the TV series made a great synergy for two live-action films which topped the Japanese box office for two straight weeks as well as a video game entitled DEATH NOTE: KIRA GAME.

Mr. Araki made his debut as a storyboard artist and director for a short animated version of CARDCAPTOR SAKURA. Since then, he has engaged with a number of animated TV series as a 3thoroughbred2 Madhouse director including DI GI CHARAT NYO and GUNGRAVE. Mr. Araki came under the spotlight for his unique and sometimes 3outrageous2 sense of humor in the GALAXY ANGEL series. Mr. Araki also made his directorial debut with OTUGIJUSHI AKAZUKIN.

Masaru Kitao gained mass fame and media attention as the sole character designer of the “Desu noto” (2006 also known as DEATH NOTE) TV Series characters (produced by Madhouse, Nippon Television and VAP). Mr. Kitao was responsible for such memorable characters from the TV series such as Light Yagami (Kira), L, Miss Amane, Ryuk and Rem. Mr. Kitao has been involved with many other acclaimed anime titles including Rozen Maiden, X, CARDCAPTOR SAKURA, CARDCAPTOR SAKURA: THE SEALED CARD (USA) and the classic anime METROPOLIS.

Exceeding 15 million copies sold, the manga best seller, DEATH NOTE has been adopted into a series of live-action feature films as DEATH NOTE part 1, 2 and (most recently announced to be produced) 3 which topped the box office for 2 straight weeks pushing THE DA VINCI CODE into 2nd place. Anime ExpoR 2007 brings the two Japanese blockbuster films on 35 mm print to the viewing pleasure of its attendees.

4-23-07 (1:44PM EDT)—- Exclusive: Highlander: The Search For Vengence Poster

The American-side production staff for the upcoming Madhouse animated Highlander: The Search For Vengence has supplied ANS with the DVD Cover / poster image from the film.

4-23-07 (1:14PM EDT)—- Tetsuko No Tabi Updates

oei Video had a wonderfully decorated booth setup at TAF2007 (complete with super cool model train setup) for its upcoming Tetsuko No Tabi TV series. ANS first broke news on this anime back on November 12th, 2006. Based on Kikuchi Naoe and Yokomi Hirohiko’s original manga, the allegedly non-fiction story chronicles the travels of a super train otaku, a manga artist and her boss as they visit all 9843 rail stations in Japan. Broadcast is set for June. The original 2002-2006 manga is published by Shogakukan and serialized in the seinen manga magazine IKKI, it’s sold 300,000 copies to date. The comic ended with the 48th travel in the December, 2006 issue because of illustrator’s Kikiuchi’s health. Six collected volumes exist on the market. Inuyasha mangaka Rumiko Takahashi did a guest illustration for the comic in Ikki 2006 Vol. 7 (September 2006). New at TAF were the first publicly shown video trailer, new imagery and the first cast and staff details. They inlcude: Director Akinori Nagaoka, Character Designer Yuka Kudo, Series Composer Kazuhiko Soma, Screenplay Writer Kazuhiko Soma, Sound Effects And Music: SUPER BELL Z. Animation Production by Group TAC, Production: Attic Arcade, Shogakukan Productions Co., Ltd., Shogakukan, Inc., Toei Video Co., Ltd, Tohoku Shinsha, Family Gekijou. Cast: Akira Tomisaka: Naoe Kikuchi, Nobuyuki Hiyama: Hirohiko Yokomi, Masumi Toyooka: Kinako, Tetsuharu Ohta: Masaki Kamimura, Tokuyoshi Kawashima: Masahiko Ishikawa, Toshio Furukawa: Hideki Egami, Yoshio Harada: Narration. Broadcast via Family Gekijou. Terrestrial broadcast is not currently planned.

4-23-07 (10:14AM EDT)—- Peach Pit’s Zombie Loan To Be Animated

NAS / Asatsu-DK Inc.
released the first imagery and details for its upcoming anime TV series adaptation of Peach Pit’s (Rozen Maiden) Zombie Loan at their Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007 exhibition space. The scheduled debut is July, 2007 on TV Asahi. The original manga serializes in Square Enix’s Monthly G Phantasy Magazine. In the plot 2 highschool boys who were destined to die are given a second chance at life if they can successfully fight off a horde of zombies. Can they repay their debt to the Zombie Loan office which granted them a second chance and have the black circles (which mark them for death) removed from their necks? Confirmed staff include Director Akira Nishimori, Series Composition by Atsuhiro Tomioka, Character Designs by Chiharu Sato and Animation Production by Xebec M2. Confirmed cast include: Houko Kuwashima: Michiru Kita, Kenichi Suzumura: Chika Akatsuki, Takahiro Sakurai: Shito Tachibana, Daisuke Ono: Shuuji Tsugumi, Junichi Suwabe: Reiichirou Shiba, Kentarou Itou: Soutetsu Asou, Kyousei Tsukui: Hakka, Megumi Kojima: Toko Touma, Motoki Takagi: Inubashiri, Takehito Koyasu: Bekkou, Tomoko Kawakami: Yuuta, Asami Sanada: Shimotsuki Kuse, Masumi Asano: Koyomi Yoimachi. The same preview video clip unveiled at TAF can now be viewed at the above link.

4-23-07 (10:14AM EDT)—- New Genshiken TV Series Confirmed

Anime fan circle mokumentary Genshiken will get a second stage TV series to debut in autumn, 2007. New member Chika Ogiue who joined the club in the OVA will return in the story.

4-22-07 (10:27PM EDT)—- Lupin VIII Look / Hokkaido Cagliostro Screening

The Lupin III Mailing List linked a video segment on the defunct sequel to Lupin III. What makes Lupin VIII unique was that it was intended to be a sci-fi take on the series. Also, if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan from May 3-4, you can catch a special Sapporo festival featuring the first three Mobile Suit Gundam movies, Castle of Cagliostro, Panda Go Panda, and GITS. Schedule details and a map can be found here. Credit goes out to Daniel Zelter for the news.

4-22-07 (8:36PM EDT)—- ANS Exclusive First Look: Buzzer Beater

Although it’s only been widely publicized in recent days, a forthcomig TV remake of Takehiko Inoue’s Buzzer Beater was first announced at The Tokyo Anime Fair 2007. ANS was there at the ready to collect never before released details and first images of the exhibition, which we’ve analyzed, collated and synthesized into a new report. We even have a micro review of as-yet publicly unrelased video footage.

4-22-07 (8:35PM EDT)—- Gigantor Spoofed As Part Of Saturday Night Live Political Satire

Crooks And Liars posted a clip of a “post-modern” version of the anime Tetsujin 28(aka Gigantor), which was produced by “Triumph, the Insult Dog” creator Robert Smigel. Some material may not be work-safe. Huge thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

4-22-07 (2:53PM EDT)—- A-kun (17) No Sensou Manga Adaptation

Author Gouya Daisuke’s light novel A-kun (17) No Sensou will be adapted to manga form, to begin serializing in the August issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Dragon Age Magazine. Ito Takehiko and Kitano Rei have alternated on illustrating the books. The storyline revolves around a modern Japanese boy with no self esteem. Summoned to another phantasy-like world, he encounters many beautiful young girls and embarks on a mission to save a country on the verge of ruin. Unlike alot of phantasy stories this one has the hero not only engaging in personal hand to hand combat but focuses on a greater strategy element from a national operational command standpoint. By some hardcore phantasy buffs the read is reviewed as a rather masochistic experience due to the contradictory nature of combined otaku elements (such as moe like girls) and that of high phantasy. There’s some conspiracy talk in certain fan circles that Gouya Daisuke and Red Sun Black Cross light novel author Daisuke Sato are actually the same person. Their writing styles are said to be very similar, but there has never been any proof offered up.

4-22-07 (1:48PM EDT)—- KITE: Liberator Site Live

The official website for the upcoming OVA KITE: Liberator has gone live. The followup animation work to 1998’s KITE (which is said to have been highly praised and served as an inspiration for Hollywood director Rob Cohen to remake it in live action form) is being produced by Happynet Pictures. Animation by ARMS. Original series creator Yasuomi Umetsu is serving as Director, Scriptor, Storyboarder and Character Designer on the project. Art Setting will be by Shuichi Hirata and Weapon Designs by Shuichi Kaneko. Scheduled release in Japan is Fall, 2007.

4-21-07 (4:58PM EDT)—- Kou Kaku No Regios To Become Manga

Author Amegi Shuusuke’s neo swords and sorcery light novel KouKaku No Regios (Chrome Shelled Regios) will be adapted to manga, to begin serializing in Dragon Age magazine from the July, 2007 issue. Original novel illustrator Shin Yuu will carry over, providing art for the comic, Amegi Shuusuke will write the plot. In some other time period, Earth is so hevily polluted that people can’t live on the land. The strange appearance of a so-called “pollution beast” near the mobile city zuellni causes a military self defense to form. Talented souls tied to a mysterious fate are drawn to join the 17th platoon of the force. One of them is Reifon who posesses uncanny swordfighting ability. Amegi Shuusuke debuted by winning the “fine work prize” in the 15th Phantasy Novel Grand Prix for his Materiarunaito Shoujo Ha Kyojin To Odoru story. A drama CD starring Shimono Hiro in the lead role is expected to release in Japan in April.

4-21-07 (3:50PM EDT)—- Masked Maid Guy To Develop Beyond Manga

Destined for cult otaku greatness if it pans out, Akai Maruboro’s spoofy ecchi manga Kamen No Maid Guy (Masked Maid Guy) had a big spread in the just released June issue of Kadokawa’s Dragon Age magazine. Details there confirmed the work is headed for unspecified mixed media development. Rumors of an animation adaptation are already rampant and according to those, something may be popping up in the fall of this year. Maid Guy has ran since the December 2004 issue of the magazine, the author’s commercial debut work. A radio drama was made in October, 2006. The series title character is Kogarashi, a huge (American superhero proportioned) musclebound maid guy who wears a mask, he’s assigned as protector of heiress schoolgirl Fujiwara Naeka who’s destined to inherit her fathers immense fortune within 6 months time. He has to fight off multiple asassination and kidnapping attempts using a variety of special techniques. There also sexy female maids in the comic. The story is full of slapstick gags and a sort of darker ecchi parody as Maid Guy is always seen as this huge grinning / brooding / imposing figure in relation to the petite / nubile / victim like female characters in the artwork. The radio play starred Tetsuaki Genta as Kogarashi and Mikako Takahashi as Neika Fujiwara. As an animation is still only a rumor at this point, it’s currently unknown if the 2 could reprise their roles in that format.

4-21-07 (3:10PM EDT)—- Witch Court

SNK Playmore is working on a new anime style Nintendo DS game titled Doki Doki Majo Saiban (Pit-a-pat Witch Litigation). The theme seems to be something of a “Phoenix Wright meets Moe Witch” kind of theing. The official website has a 18+ front page qualifier although the game has been given a CERO: C (15+) rating. If you click NO you get a message asking “Are You Naughty?”. Japanese release set for May.

4-21-07 (3:02PM EDT)—- Toei Animation At Anime Expo 2007

Toei Animation, company behind One Piece will be offering related key-chains in a contest to fans who pre-register. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

4-21-07 (2:55PM EDT)—- Odin Sphere

Atlus renewed the official website for its impressive looking upcoming RPG Odin Sphere.

4-21-07 (2:54PM EDT)—- Illumitoon Hair Contest

Illumitoon has info on a drawing in which Illumitoon is looking for individuals with the “craziest” hair. Winners will receive a free Bobobo-bobo-bobo dvd. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

4-21-07 (2:53PM EDT)—- Fate Fighter Headed To PSP

Capcom, Cavia and Type Moon are developing a new PSP fighting game entitled Fate / Tiger Colluseum. The original 2004 PC visual novel sold over 140,000 copies. Fate/stay night Realta Nua version 2 releases for Playstation on April 19 from Kadokawa Shoten Publishing.

4-20-07 (11:37PM EDT)—- Black Blood Brothers Creator Revives D-Crackers Story

Light novel author Kohei Azano has announced he’ll pickup his popular 1998 D-Crackers work by writing an entirely new storyline. A feature piece and serialization starts from the June issue of Dragon Magazine. Azano won the 9th Phantasy Novel Grand Prize for his “Vampire In The Capital Of Fog many years ago. He got his big break in the 1990’s with D-Crackers whose hero is a junkie. Via word of mouth net advertisement, the writings hit cult status, selling 500,000 copies. His 2004 work Black Blood Brothers, illustrated by Yuuya Kusaka was adapted to an anime TV series by Studio Live and Group TAC in 2006. It’s little known he had a vocal acting role in the 11th episode as the vampiric Kowloon Child.

4-20-07 (11:16PM EDT)—- ARIA Author’s Next

Following up our March 2nd report, ARIA creator Kozue Amano’s new manga project will start in the June issue of Comic Blade.

4-20-07 (10:55PM EDT)—- Magician’s Academy PS2 Title Coming

A new PS2 MM-SRPG (Moe Moe Simulation Role Playing Game) based on Ichiro Sakaki’s novel / manga series Magician’s Academy will be released in Japan on June 7th from Enterbrain. The original therein was prepared under the supervision of the original creator.

4-20-07 (8:20PM EDT)—- Touka Gettan Animation And Game Launch In April

First mentioned by ANS back on January 6th, AVEX shocked Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 attendees this year, mentioning the mean age of the Touka Gettan anime vocal cast will be in their teens. a great number of members have been carried over from Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. The series is based on CARNELIAN / ORBIT / ROOT’s erotic videogame and “Kao no Nai Tsuki II” manga currently serialized in Comptiq. Newcomer Saori Hayami performed her rendition of the ending theme Kono Sekai ga Itsuka wa live. The story setting and characters are said to be all original from past renditions however. Broadcast began April 2nd, the x-rated PC game is scheduled to go on sale on April 27th. The greater project was first announced as Kao no Nai Tsuki II in 2004. In August, 06 it got a name change to the current title after the original generated some confusion which sent fans looking for the part I of the game which didn’t exist.

4-20-07 (5:58PM EDT)—- New Anime Projects From Dynamo Pictures

At this year’s Tokyo Anime Fair, Dynamo Pictures shared an exhibition space with Madhouse. In the past the company helped develop the theme park attraction Biohazard: 4D Executer. They also have extensive experience in motion capture and have done 3DCG work on the Tesujin 28 live action movie, Tecmo’s Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball for X-BOX and Ninja Gaiden. For 2007 they were promoing for a new live action / CG street racing film titled Speed Master and 2 surefire anime projects that will mark their first proper foray into the entertainment medium. These are Haruka Naru Heki Koku No Horushiido and the tentatively titled Oni No Kusari. For Haruka Naru Heki Koku No Horushiido little data exists, there was simply an illustrated poster board present on exhibition. Oni No Kusari is considerably more advanced, an TV anime series and manga are planned and MAKA MAKA mangaka Kishi Torajiro has signed on to do the original character designs.

4-20-07 (2:22PM EDT)—- UPDATE: ANS Exclusive: Kaede No Youkai Card To Be Animated

Rikuentai is said to have some role in developing an anime adaptation of Kaede No Youkai Card. ANS obtained a postcard promoting the property (image seen right) at The Tokyo Anime Fair 2007. The project is said to be in the very early planning stages and the creative team was looking for sponsors at TAF.

4-20-07 (12:49PM EDT)—- Montorihito: Gatsu No Tsubasa Manga Start

Writer Wachi Masaki and illustrator Tachibana Yu’s Montorihito: Gatsu No Tsubasa begins serializing Comic RUSH from the June issue.

4-20-07 (12:43PM EDT)—- New Hiiro Sasa Manga: IGNITE

Mabino x Style creator, Hiiro Sasa, who won the Kin No Tsubasa Prize by Square Enix’s Monthly GanGan Wing which honors new talent has a new manga coming up. From the June edition of WING, his latest comic IGNITE starts. The target audeince is both boys and girls. Hiiro is known for his soft touch artstyle.

4-20-07 (12:09PM EDT)—- New Manga From Canvas2 Creator Starts In June

Canvas2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~ mangaka Miki Kodama’s latest manga Teru Teru Tenjindoori begins in Kadokawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace in June.

4-20-07 (12:08PM EDT)—- New Manga From Eureka 7 Creators Begins In June

The month of June will see the start of the new manga serial Deadman Wonderland by Eureka 7 dream team Jinsei Kataoka and Kazuma Kondou. The comic will run in Kadokawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace.

4-20-07 (11:49AM EDT)—- ANS Exclusive First Look: Velvet Underworld

What happens when anime voice actors create their own anime? Find out today in our exclusive look at Velvet Underworld, Takehito Koyasu’s first new creative project since Weiss Kreuz, as it was shown to the world for the first time at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007. From an exclusive high res poster image, to never before released details, ANS has a comprehensive overview of this upcoming project, now early on in the production stage.

4-20-07 (8:33AM EDT)—- Haruhi Suzumiya No Kyougaku Light Novel 10 Release

Following the release of Melancholoy Of Haruhi Suzumiya light novel 9 (“Haruhi Suzumiya No Bunretsu” (Division Of Haruhi Suzumiya)) in Japan on April 1st, Kadokawa Sneaker paperback has given a June 1st release for Volume 10, “Haruhi Suzumiya No Kyougaku” (Astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya). Each book is around 100 pages in length. The stories are be written by Nagaru Tanigawa and illustrated by Noizi Ito.

4-19-07 (10:17PM EDT)—- ANS Exclusive First Look: New Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice Animation

Continuing the “excavation” of our loot pile from the Tokyo International Film Festival 2007, we uncovered an image containing news of yet another new animation decision announcement that has seemingly escaped wider acknowledgement. Tucked away in the corner of a B&W promotional flyer for TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION is a block mentioning a new Mahou Shoujo Tai Alice anime is forthcoming in 2007 from original creator Amemiya Keita (Iria / Zeiram) and STUDIO 4C. The duo came together in 2004 / 2005 to produce the original 40 episode “tweeny witch” TV series of the same name. In an extremely odd twist for television production there, the voice cast laid down their vocal tracks prior to the actual animation completion. The new extra chapter work is being tentatively titled “THE ADVENTURE”. Scheduled for six episodes, the storyline will differ from the serious nature of the TV seires, presenting more laid back comical elements and a look at the daily life of the main characters. Amemiya-san first hinted at a sequel series in the summer of 2005 attaching a scheduled March, 2007 debut to it. Character designer Daisuke Nakayama mentioned on his blog in November, 2006 that a 2 year production period had wrapped and agreements were being negotiated for Japanese TV broadcast at that time. Release schedule remains unknown as of this writing.

4-19-07 (9:51PM EDT)—- Highlander / Redline Japanese Release

A TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION handbill ANS obtained at the recently wrapped Tokyo International Film Festival 2007 mentions both Madhouse’s Highlander (directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri) and the Takeshi Koike directed Redline anime films are scheduled for theatrical release in Japan sometime in 2007.

4-19-07 (9:30PM EDT)—- Taishou Botan Daidai Kago

Yet another new animation project ANS caught wind of at TAF2007 yet has no other details for is Taishou Botan Daidai Kago. Rikuentai will supposedly be involved in project development.

4-19-07 (8:17PM EDT)—- New Macross To Be Announced This Summer

At this year’s Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007 a Satelight representative told ANS the latest Macross anime will be announced this summer. The next Macross idol heroine has been selected through the Victor Vocal And Voice Audition and will be announced at the same time.

4-19-07 (8:03PM EDT)—- Kanojo No Senjou, Kare No Teki Animation Planned

A new animation project ANS caught wind of at TAF2007 yet has no other details for is “Kanojo No Senjou, Kare No Teki” (Her Battlefield, His Enemy). We hear Rikuentai will be involved in project development.

4-19-07 (5:07PM EDT)—- Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Dainiki Special

An animated “Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan Dainiki” TV special has been announced to broadcast in advance of the DVD release in the near future. The animation staff will virtually be the same as on the series.

4-19-07 (3:09PM EDT)—- 7 Part Movie Plan Unveiled For Kara No Kyokai

A recent article in Comptiq H’s magazine shared a bit of gossip on the forthcoming anime film Kara No Kyokai: Garden Of Sinners. Apparantly, Aniplex producer Atsuhiro Iwagami approached Ufotable president Kondou Hika to animate the feature, knowing their staff were huge fans of the original. Although he was not interested at first, original Type Moon creators, artist Takashi Takeuchi and writer Kinoko Nasu however, were reportedly amazed with the high quality of Ufotable. They planned out a seven part movie plan to correspond with the seven parts of the book and after the Ufotable head read it, the project took off. The story will progress in bibliographical order of the original print story. The expression of the animation is said to take a different approach from existing Type Moon anime adaptations such as Tsukihime. The first small video promo was screened at The Tokyo Anime Fair 2007. A new image (seen left) was released as well.

4-19-07 (1:50PM EDT)—- Zero No Tsukaima 2nd TV Series Annoucement

As we first reported back on January 5th Zero No Tsukaima will get a second TV series. At TAF2007 the first promotional image was released and a number of staff and cast details went out. They include staff: new director Yuu Kou, new composition by Yuji Kawahara, character designs by Masahiro Fujii, animation direction by Masahiro Fujii, animation production by JC Staff, production by Genco. Cast: Rie Kugimiya: Louise Francoise Le Blanc de La Valliere, Satoshi Hino: Saito Hiraga, Ayako Kawasumi: Henrietta, Mikako Takahashi: Montmorency, Nanako Inoue: Kirche, Takahiro Sakurai: Guiche, Yui Horie: Siesta, Yuka Inokuchi: Tabitha.

4-19-07 (1:24PM EDT)—- ARIA OVA Announced

Mag-Garden has revealed ARIA The OVA -ARIETTA- will be produeced following the ” TV animation broadcast concludin with great popularity”. Supervision and Screenplay will be by Junichi Sato, sale is scheduled in Japan this autumn.

4-19-07 (12:20PM EDT)—- School Days To Be Animated

Japanese software developer 0verflow’s 2005 x-rated PC educational institution love adventure game, School Days, will adapted to TV animation, to debut in a late night timeslot on Chiba Television from July, 2007. The run could go 13 episodes. Directing is Keitaro Motonaga, Series Composition by Makoto Uezu, Script by Makoto Uezu, Character Designs by Junji Goto, Animation Direction by Junji Goto. Marvelous Entertainment will produce, TNK will handle animation production duties. The original followed a “non-stop animation adventure game” format using full motion video animation segments. It drew a cult following at the time among fans as it included over 70 minutes of animation, 21 different fully enclosed animated storyline “episodes”, and a lofty hard-disc install requirement of 7.6 gigabytes. Generating alot of controversy were extremely graphic depictions of murder and suicide. It’s unknown how the anime will treat this content (if at all). Also making a big whoop were endings involving the 2 main girls getting together, leaving the guy hanging out to dry. The storyline puts the player in the middle of a love triangle developing between you (Makoto), and heroines Kotonoha and Sekai. School Days went on to become the 2nd bestselling x-rated game for the first half of 2005. The above content issues and news of a bug which required the release of a patch probably contributed to it not quite grabbing #1 place. A seperate, non-violent, sidestory “sequel” titled Summer Days was put on the market on June 23, 2006.

4-19-07 (12:15PM EDT)—- Potemayo Production Data

Staff and cast info have been released on the forthcoming Potemayo TV anime. Staff include include: Original Concept: Haruka Ogataya, Director: Takashi Ikehata, Composition: Yasutomo Yamada, Character Designs: Ryoichi Oki, Screenplay: Hideki Shirane, Kazuki Yamanobe, Masaharu Amiya, Yasutomo Yamada, Co-director: Kiyotaka Ohata, Sound supervisor: Jin Aketagawa, Animation Production: J.C. Staff, Art: Studio Easter, Music Production: Lantis. Additionally, Cast include: Kana Hanazawa: Potemayo, Ayako Kawasumi: Mikan Natsu, Ayumi Tsuji: Guchuko, Eri Kitamura: Sunao Moriyama: Hikaru Tokita as Mudo Kirihara: Nobuhiko Okamoto: Yasumi Natsu, Rie Kugimiya: Nene Kasugano, Takayuki Kondou: Kaoru Hatsushiba, Yuko Kaida: Kyo Takamimori.

4-19-07 (12:00PM EDT)—- Virginia Tech Shooter Re-enacated Scenes From Manga Based Film

The Daily Mail reports the VA Tech campus killer re-enacted scenes from a violent South Korean film in videos he made before he massacred 32 students and teachers. Police believe Cho Seung-Hui repeatedly watched the movie Oldboy as part of what they now think was his meticulous preparation for the killing spree at Virginia Tech University. Oldboy is based on the Japanese manga written by Garon Tsuchiya and with artwork done by Nobuaki Minegishi. Cho, 23, born in South Korea, spent six days before Monday’s attacks recording the videos. In one pose he wields a hammer and in another he holds a gun to his head – both striking images from the movie

4-19-07 (11:59AM EDT)—- Katsuhiro Otomo Homage In Spiderman 3?

An early review(w/ possible spoilers) of the Marvel/Raimi sequel posted at Hollywood Elsewhere claims there’s an “unmistakable homage” to the Otomo anime film. It may not necessarily be the first comic book reference to Otomo’s work…, as X men 3 had Magneto tearing a bridge with his metal powers in a similar fashion to Tetsuo. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the link.

4-19-07 (2:47AM EDT)—- Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 – Appleseed: EX MACHINA Exclusives

Rather diluted news that the latest Appleseed: EX MACHINA film will debut in Fall, 2007 is just making the rounds online as of yesterday but we knew this over 1 month ago. We can tell you the planned timeframe for the world premiere and the planned month of the public release. We can share plans for a major promotional showing at Anime Expo and San Diego Comicon this summer and even have a never before seen promotional image to share. You’ve read what “the competition” knows, now read what Anime News Service knows regarding the forthcoming John Woo produced feature.

4-19-07 (2:45AM EDT)—- Racer X – Sparky The Mechanic Cast For Speed Racer

The Hollywood Reporter notes that “Lost” and “Smoking Aces” actor Matthew Fox will play the part of Speed’s rival. Also of note is that “Spartan” actor Kick Gurry is in negotiations to play Speed’s mechanic, Sparky. Thanks to Daniel Zelter as always for the news.

4-18-07 (4:03PM EDT)—- Hatenkou Yuugi To Be Animated

Minari Endou’s manga Hatenkou Yuugi (Dazzle) will be animated according to information on the cover of volume 9 of the collected tankobon. The book streeted in Japan on March 24th. It began serializing in the pages of “Monthly G Phantasy” from the December 1999 issue (3 volumes from that effort exist on the market) and then in renewed form in Ichijinsha’s “Comic ZERO-SUM” from the August 2002 issue. A Drama CD adaptation was done in 2004. There, Kobayashi Sanae starred in the role of Rahzel and Sakurai Takahiro in the role of Alzeido, no word if those seiyuu will get to reprise their roles in the new anime. The story centers on a young girl Rahzel who gets kicked out of her house by her father with instructions to go see the world. She clashes personalties when she first teams up with Alzeido, a vagrant also on the run, seeking his fathers murderers. They join forces, traveling the world, helping and fighting those they find along the way. Format and release schedule remain unknown. Tokyopop holds the North American manga license and has been releasing it since January, 2006. Dazzle graphic novel 5 hits US bookstores on May 8th, 2007.

4-18-07 (3:57PM EDT)—- Mamoru Hosoda Directorial Future

At The Tokyo Anime Fair 2007 a Madhouse representative gave us a rather wry smile when we asked if Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo “Anime Director Of The Year” Mamoru Hosoda would be directing with the studio again in the future (Tokikake 2?). They wouldn’t deny the possibility. Likewise, through some back channels we learned other anime studios have projects in the works with Hosoda, including TMS (their project has been ongoing for more than 6 months).

4-18-07 (2:14PM EDT)—- Puri Prui Manga Volume 1 Streets

DrMaster Publications Inc. has just announced the publication of Puri Puri, volume 1, an uproarious comedy about the trials and tribulations of a wannabe priest at an all-girls�f school by debut author Chiaki Taro. Masato Kamioda is a devout Christian aspiring to become a priest. He is the only male student at the Saint Sophia Girl’s Seminary as part of the reform to repair the moral decline and the lax discipline at the academy. But not all welcome him into the fold, and the Vice President is determined to expel him. Puri Puri is a coming-of-age tale with a twist. It�fs laugh-out-loud funny, irreverent and even delivers on the fan service. It�fs a must-have for any manga collector. Chiaki Taro, a graduate of Seikei University, lives in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. After graduation, he began drawing illustrations of ceramic arts, drawings for do-it-yourself and how-to books, one-shots for magazines, anthologies, and doujin works. He was asked to work on his first serialization in the monthly comic magazine, Champion, from Akita Publishing. His debut work Premature Priest, a.k.a. Puri Puri, is now in its seventh volume of serialization. Availability: Puri Puri, volume 1 is available NOW with volume #2 shipping in June 2007 for $9.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information.

4-18-07 (12:42PM EDT)—- Keitai Shoujo Yahoo Exclusive Web Animation Goes Live

Based on the original cellular phone game, G-Mode’s short (average running time is 7 minutes) episodic animation Keitai Shoujo began streaming freely on the internet exclusively via Yahoo Japan from March 20th. All 5 episodes of the series are now available online, each will be available for viewing there for only 2 weeks after release. Each story presents viewers with a new slice of life style serial focusing on a different 2nd grade high school heroine who eventually encounter “Lynn” the Keitai Shoujo. Direction by Tsutomu Yabuki, Character Designs by Mayumi Watanabe, Animation by Studio Hibari (Moonlight ,Mile), Audio and Music by Lantis. Cast includes: Haruhi Terada as Lynn, Akira Ishida as Hiro Aida, Ami Koshimizu as Ichiru Mishima, Kana Ueda as Miya Gotou, Kaori Nazuka as Momoka Fujimiya, Mikako Takahashi as Sayo Tomoe, Rina Satou as Ayano Yamada and Chihiro Suzuki as Keisuke Kotaka. Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite segment and a special “ending” epilogue video containing that character will go online May 2nd. Yahoo has synchronized the media offering with its internet polling and blog services. Based on the response, future animation in other formats as well as DVD release for the current one could be produced. New videogames via a cross platform release including PC, web and cell phone are also planned. The original game was released for Softbank (Vodafone at that time), NTT DoCoMo, and au terminals on December 1st, 2005. Several additional installments have followed and around 100,000 people have played them as of the present. 70% of players are men. The exceptionally popular seiyuu cast will star in a series of new radio dramas. A related comic serial in Monthly Shonen Fang wraps the massive Keitai Girl multimedia assault unveiled at a production symposium held on March 9th.

4-18-07 (11:35AM EDT)—- Clamp In Wonderland 2 Update

Following up on our recent Clamp In Wonderland 2 Report, the clip has been completed and saw its first public screening at the CLAMP in 3-D LAND DEBUT! event, held on March 18th at TOKYO FM HALL. Mokona of CLAMP did the storyboards and admitted that it was frustrating process at some points due to the speed the action moves at and the sheer amount of characters involved. The number of storyboard frames used in the short (sub 10 minute clip) was said to be equivalent to a 20-minute piece of animation. The number of animation cels used is expected to be comparably high.

4-17-07 (8:22PM EDT)—- Original Berserk Anime Series To Broadcast On ANIMAX

Marking its return to Japanese airwaves since the first broadcast run in 1998, the original Berserk animation series will begin showing on ANIMAX from April 28th at 11PM. In the past, revivals of older anime series such as is being done here has been timed in proximity to reignite interest, setting the stage for eventaully forthcoming new animation.

4-17-07 (1:31PM EDT)—- Japan Post Adds Anime Series Stamps

Japan Post announced they were adding Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi and Future Boy Conan to its special stamp series “Animation Heros And Heroines”. The sixth collection will be Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi, to be released February 22nd and the 7th will be Future Boy Conan, following on June 22nd. A unnamed planned eighth collection expected to release in the coming year will bring the series to an end.

4-17-07 (1:30PM EDT)—- Think Corporation Sets Up Fun For Anime Aiming To Go Overseas

Think Corporation, the force behind independent anime talent cultivation house Anime Innovation Tokyo has established a new contents fund “Japanese Animation That Aims At The Overseas Market” which will look at helping to bring new works to an international audience. The two billion Yen fund will include investment from a variety of industry affiliated firms. This could grow later to as much as 10 billion Yen.

4-17-07 (1:13PM EDT)—- Anime At Jeonju International Film Festival

The 8th Jeonju International Film Festival will be held in Jeonju, South Korea between April 26th – May 4th of 2007. The event will marke the Korean premiere of Tekkon Kinkreet. Mamoru Oshii’s Tachiguishi will also screen. Of Korea’s 4 major film festivals (Busan, Gwanju, Fuchan), Jeonju focuses on the values of the independent style of film-making. A retrospective look at Mamoru Oshii’s filmography will also be held there.

4-17-07 (12:58PM EDT)—- Ani-Chara Expo 2007 Scheduled

Toei Animation will hold their Anichara EXPO in Ikebukuro during Golden Week this year. Content will include attractions and stage shows relating to Dragonball, One Piece and Pretty Cure 5. A “Toei Animation History Wall” corner featuring past masterpiece works including Galaxy Express 999 will be constructed.

4-17-07 (12:44PM EDT)—- Free Book To Promote Gedo Senki Japanese R2 DVD Release

Although American rights are expected to be tied until 2009, Goro Miyazaki’s Gedo Senki will hit DVD on the Japanese market on July 4th, 2007. A 208 page paperback book “Gedo Is Read” will be distributed free of charge along as promotion. The book was produced by Shigesato Itoi and Iwanami Shoten and studio Ghibli. Chapters include “Gedo Senki War Theory” and transcribed discussions between Hayao Miyazaki, Kenji Kawai and Goro Miyazaki and Shinichi Nakazawa. One million copies will be printed in five color cover combinations. Distribution will begin Wednesday, June 6th at various points across Japan including DVD shops, bookstores, radio stations, and TV stations. A map on where to find them will be posted to the official website on May 23rd.

4-17-07 (11:59AM EDT)—- Nikkatsu To Produce Live Action Gtachaman / Yattaman

Index Corporation Group Holdings film production unit Nikkatsu will produce live action film versions of Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman and Time Bokan sequel Yattaman with a scheduled 2009 theatrical opening. admitted series fan Takashi Miike will direct Yattaman and appoached American actress Angelina Jolie to play the role of Doronjo, he was reportedly politely declined. Katsuya Terada of BLOOD: The Last Vampire will head character and mechanical design. Index, Tomy Takara and Tatsunoko Productions have come together to jointly establish the new LLP corporation “TCC Limited Liability Partnership” to supervise the effort. Production budget is estimated at 1.3 billion Yen. In the case of Gatchaman only the fact that a production is planned has been revealed.

4-17-07 (11:55AM EDT)—- Licca-Chan Goes Global At 40

Japan’s Barbie, Licca-chan is marking her 40th anniversary and Takara Tomy has just unveiled a new line of dolls to mark the occasion. Additionally, in coperation with travel agency JTB, they’ve announced the The Licca-chan World Tour promotional effort that could send a lucky collector to Paris, France for 34 nights. This happens to be one of the same international locations represneted in the doll-icon’s new series. The company makes about 2 billion Yen annually on average from sales of Licca-chan. Following the “world tour” theme, a fictional travel blog has been setup showing her cross country travels. A second line of dolls will be released this summer.

4-17-07 (11:20AM EDT)—- EAP Original Illustrations Gallery Exhibition

An original illustrations / storyboards exhibition of work serializing in mobile comic site Wonder Comic and XX (X cross) will be held April 28th – May 13th at the Shimo-Kitazawa Art Garage shop. Junichi Fujizaki of BLOOD+ fame is supervising the work. Hopes are promote the lineup further, developing apparel merchandise next.

4-17-07 (10:55AM EDT)—- Gundam World 2007 In Nasu Highland Park Announced

“Gundam World 2007 in Nasu Highland Park” has been announced to be held at the amusement park Nasu Highland Park on Nasu Plateau from Saturday, April 21 to Friday, August 31. A huge diorama that reproduces the famed “White Base” of the series along with a 1/1 scale full-sized cockpit and a huge Gundam head and Char Zaku about 4 meters in height from Zeta Gundam are scheduled to be exhibited there. A shopping space and “Challenge Gundam Quiz”. This marks the first time the event will be held in east Japan (Osaka hosted it for years and got popular by drawing many familes to its mass Gunpla model building activities).

4-17-07 (10:50AM EDT)—- Kodansha Annonces International Manga Prize

For their 25th anniversary Kodansha Publishers Ltd. “Weekly Morning” has launched a campaign promoting their new international manga prize which aims at cultivating comic talent from around the world. The outline of the prize was opened to the public on their official website in several languages including: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Thai, and both forms of Chinese. Prizes include a $5000 US Grand Prize, and a $2000 Extra Prize. The chosen grand prize winner’s work will also be published in “Weekly Morning” magazine, and the editor in chief will assist the lucky creator in production cooperation in the future. Content requirements are totally unlimited and open. The deadline for entries is May 31st, 2007 and the winner will be announced on the Morning website around September, 2007.

4-17-07 (10:47AM EDT)—- Bandai Museum Opens Toy Collection Center

The Omochiyanomachi Bandai Museum will newly open their “Bandai Collection Center” in Tochigi Prefecture, Mibumachi Omochiyanomachi on Saturday, April 28, 2007. Adding to the 30,000 items already on display there, the opening at the 4240 square meter facility will showcase around 7000 toy items. Many character related toys and a large 6 meter tall Gundam bust will be there.

4-17-07 (10:13AM EDT)—- TBS Animation Festival 2007

Held in the summertime annually since 2001, details surrounding the TBS Animation Festival has been announced for this year. At the event fans can find out the latest information, see the latest imagery, preview first episodes and meet the cast and staff (via talk events and mini concerts) of upcoming fall animation programs on TBS and BS-i. This year expect to see TV offerings Love Kon, Oofuri, Jigoku Shoujo and movies such as CLANNAD Appleseed: EX MACHINA and Bekushiru – 2077 Nippon Sakoku featured there. Past events have stretched on to as long as 7 hours. The dates are August 11 and 12.

4-17-07 (12:01AM EDT)—- Yumedamaya Kidan At TAF2007

As a segway to the below news on the kickoff of the 6th Animax Awards, we noted the anime promo effort for last year’s winner Yumedamaya Kidan was well underway at this year’s Tokyo International Anime Fair. ANS was the first English source (back on November 10th) to write about Production I.G.’s plan to adapt the project. We break virgin ground once again with an exclusive poster image and by conveying previously unreleased details on the November premiere in a new report.

4-17-07 (12:00AM EDT)—- 6th Animax Awards Open To Entries Across Asia

All anime network Animax has officially opened up to begin accepting entries for it’s 6th Animax Awards. The scenario creation competition is open to viewers across their pan-asian coverage region outside Japan for the first time (10 nations: South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India) and aims at giving fans the chance to submit their own ideas for a new anime. The winner’s creation actually gets adapted by a leading Japanese studio, broadcast on the channel and commercialized. Animax hopes to excavate and cultivate new talent in the aniamtion field. The Grand Prize winner will receive a cash prize of $18,000 USD, in addition to having his/her work animated by Aniplex’s brand new in-house studio, A-1 Pictures. The winning 30-40 minute piece will air on ANIMAX in 2008. Past participating studios include Sunrise, Toei and TMS. Last year’s winner, Yumedamaya Kidan is being animated by Production I.G. later this year. The theme for the new competition is “A Story I Wish to be Animated”, it also must appeal to their 15-25 year old target market. Entrants can submit their story in Script, Comic or Novel form. Past winners that have gone on to become industry mainstays include Yuko Kawanabe who won the grand prize in the 2nd contest is taking an active part in the scenario of ‘Ergo Proxy’ and the drama Akihabara @DEEP now. The deadline for entry is Thursday, May 31st and after the final review at the end of August, the winner will be announced.