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Anime News Service – August 16 – 25 Anime News

8-25-00—- Encore Action Anime Update

DVD Animania’s Cable TV listings have been updated with new Encore Action Channel dates and times. In September a schedule for the Bubblegum Crisis OVA from AnimEigo is posted, it begins airing September 2nd running each weekend for the rest of the month.

8-25-00—- Fox Kids’ interviewed On Escaflowne

Fantasticon has posted a real audio interview with Fox Kid’s regarding their recent broadcast acquisition of Escaflowne. The 35 minute interview is in real audio format and asks the following questions:

– Why was Escaflowne selected as a show for Fox.
– Why did FOX KIDS feel it was necessary to change Yoko Kanno’s musical compositions.
– Why did FOX KIDS skip the first episode of Escaflowne.
– Will you be phasing out the more romantic elements of the show and focus on the action?
– Does FOX KIDS feel that Hitomi’s Tarot card reading will prove too controversial to leave in?
– Will any more episodes be cut from the shows broadcast?

8-25-00—- New Anime Stamps In Japan

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications annouced the design of “Commemorative Stamps of the 20th Century – Part 14”. It contains Oh Sadaharu (home run king of the world), Giant Panda (a present from the People’s Republic of China), Star Blazers, and Rose of Versailles, etc. It’ll be released on Sep.22, and the price is 740 yen.

Source: Anihabara

8-25-00—- Multimedia 2000 BGC DVD Current Status

Following up the Animeigo information from earlier, Multimedia 2000 passes on that as of now they have no definite new information regarding the Bubblegum Crisis release, though though hope to be able to make an announcement very soon. At that time they also hope to announce their plans on the disc upgrade. A release is expected by mid-September.

8-25-00—- Escaflowne Fox Kids’ Premiere Ratings

The Vision Of Escaflowne posted a Kids 6-11 rating of 2.4/10 share and Kids 2-11 2.5/ 12 share during it’s broadcast premiere on the American Fox Kids’ network this past weekend.

8-25-00—- Animeigo BGC DVD Update

Animeigo has confirmed The Bubblegum Crisis Megaset DVD set containing corrected discs for OVA volumes 1-3 and the Hurricane Live disc with extras may see a release later than a September 15th date which is currently floating around the net. This is due to the fact that dvd beta disks have not been completed. Multimedia 2000, who is producing the new discs, will be handling the upgrade option being offered those who purchased defective descs on the first release.

8-25-00—- Nan Desu Kan Announces Digital Animation Guest Scott Frazier

Excerpted from the official press release:

Industry Expert Scott Frazier will be visiting us again this year, giving classes and weighing in on panels. But he has a new gift to bring to fans at NDK this year. Mr. Frazier has had a long-time interest in the development of digital animation. In that vein, he will be representing Trimedia corporation at the convention.

Normally Retas digital animation software packages run about $5300. Trimedia has donated one full RETAS software package, including a complete set of the three main RETAS Pro modules: TraceMan, PaintMan and CoreRETAS, to be given away to one lucky person who attends Scott’s Digital Animation panel. This is software used in creation of An American Tail, Animaniacs, Anpanman, and Arete, Lupin III, Blue Sub 6, Gundam, Princess Mononoke, and Batman. Also Sonic, Cybersix, Invasion America, and Dr. Slump.

And for anyone else who ever wanted to buy the software, Scott will give a %30 show discount – making the software package cost $3200. There are also special extremely discounted educational prices for both students and schools available. Student groups should check with Scott on pricing, and see about teaming together to buy a package while it is this cheap.

For anyone who is serious about Digital Animation, it’s an incredible deal on a killer app, and the chance to win one of these software packages makes it a panel that no one who wants to be an animator should miss under any circumstances! The discount is actually worth flying in to Denver just for the software sale, for anyone working on animation development. We’re stunned at Trimedia’s generosity, and glad they were so kind to think of our attendees.

Nan Desu Kan, as noted previously, will be held October 13-15, 2000, at the Sheraton Denver West Hotel in Lakewood Colorado. Web Site:

Retas’ site (and image gallery) is at

8-24-00—- Third Pokemon Movie In American Theaters This Spring

The Hollywood Reporter has mentioned that Warner Bros. has acquired rights to the third Pokemon movie Pokémon movie, “Kesshoto no Teio (Emperor of the Crystal Tower) with plans to release it in America in the spring. The film was released in Japan this summer with the short film, Pichu and Pikachu. The movie has grossed around $6 million dollars at the Japanese box office.

8-24-00—- Anime / Manga Gaming

Nintendo revealed it’s next generation game systems, the 128 Bit console Game Cube, the 32 Bit handheld GameBoy Advance, and Mobile Sysytem GB at Nintendo Spaceworld over the past few days. Nintendo’s Spaceworld website has been updated with many details and photos of the hardware, and actual screen shots of what these system’s graphics power is capable of, you can view the pages here.

8-23-00—- CPM DVD Cover Art Online

Central Park Media has uploaded DVD cover artwork for the Slayers Next Box Set, Photon, and The Record Of Lodoss War Box Set.

8-23-00—- Di Gi Charat Summer Special Video Release

Just broadcsast in Japan a few days ago, the Di Gi Charat Summer Special 2000 is headed for a DVD and VHS release as Vol. 3 of the series on October 25th. Both formats run 40 minutes and retail at 4,700 Yen.

8-23-00—- Toei Enters Japanese DVD Market In October

Toei Co., Ltd. has announced it’s entry into the commercial Japanese DVD market in October. From Toei’s large existing video catalog are drama, kids’, theatrical and anime titles. One Piece and Digimon are a few of the mentioned titles to see a possible release.

8-23-00—- Anime / Manga Guests At Comic World L.A.

Comic World L.A., held this past weekend 8/19-20 featured Anime / Manga guests including Hanabusa Yoko (artist / creator of “Lady”), Denjiro Chibi-Pop), Tsugumi (Chibi-Pop), and the music director of Legend of Galactic Heroes.

8-23-00—- Live Action Gatchaman

Now showing on Japanese TV in the Tokyo area is a series of commercials for the Japanese phone company NTT East using live action versions of characters from the popular anime series Gatchaman. The commercials were made to promote their new high speed ISDN service. The actual costumes the actors wear were produced based on the designs from the anime. Fans of the anime series who would like at look at the Gatchaman commercial can visit: (In Japanese only).

The costumes are worn by the members of Japanese boy band SMAP.

Source: Fanboy Entertainment

8-23-00—- Major Fake Pokemon Goods Bust

24 people have had charges leveled against them by police in Milan, Italy for producing / selling fake Pokemon-related merchandise. Police seized 335,000 items including toys, dolls and other items valued at around $3.7 million dollars.

8-23-00—- Square Bolsters Final Fantasy Movie Production

Final Fantasy Video Gme Series creator Square announced on Wednesday that it will finance part of the production costs of the upcoming ”Final Fantasy” CGI Motion Picture by selling securities backed by the film’s profits to Japanese investors. Square Pictures, based in the U.S. is producing the film.

8-22-00—- New Big O Drama CD

The Big O Original Drama Theater “Walking Together On The Yellow Brick Road” is in stores in Japan September 21st at a retail price of 2900 Yen.

8-22-00—- Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV Series To Air On International Channel

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV series will air on the Cable / Sat. network the International Channel with a tentative start date of Thursday, September 7th, at 2 AM Eastern time (following Votoms).

8-22-00—- i-Mode Prank E-mail-related Arrest

A 20-year-old student at Sendai University was arrested recently on suspicion of obstructing authorities after setting up an i-mode mobile phone internet-related website that automatically made calls to emergency dispatch centers in Japan.

8-22-00—- Article – Pennsylvania Man Sentenced For Pokemon Cards Theft

CNN is running an article about man who was revently sentenced to house arrest for stealing around $132,000 worth of Pokemon cards from an American supermarket. You can read the full piece here.

8-22-00—- Animeigo Urusei Yatsura DVD Update

Excerpted from a post to Animeigo’s mailing list by Robert Woodhead:

We are receiving replacement DVDs to cover the defective discs soon, and because we’re paranoid, we’re sending them out to a few fans that we know have finicky DVD players to make sure there are no further problems. We expect that, if all goes well, we’ll resume shipping complete sets out (and shipping replacement DVDs to those of you who already have your set) in the second week of September.

8-21-00—- Ninja Scroll Figure Sketches

Palisades Marketing has uploaded concept figure sketches of 2 of it’s upcoming Ninja Scroll action figures, you can view them here.

8-21-00—- Inu Yasha TV Series Seiyuu

A few voice actors have been announced for the upcoming Anime TV series adapatation of Rumiko Takahashi’s Inu Yasha manga. Voicing Inuyasha will be Yamaguchi Kappei (Ranma Saotome in Ranma 1/2, Kudo Shinichi / Kaito Kiddo in Detective Conan). Kagome will be voiced by Yukino Satsuki (Milly Thompson In Trigun).

8-21-00—- Kids’ Guide To The History Of Anime

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has an interesting article in it’s children’s section today titled “Made in Japan Anime is one of the world’s favorite exports. But how did this art form develop?” You can read it here.

8-21-00—- Generator Grawl ADV Films Release

Excerpted from the official press release:

For Immediate Release August 21, 2000


HOUSTON – ADV Films is proud to announce the release of Future Memory, the second video in the action-packed Generator Gawl home video series.

Overcome with guilt about his involvement in generator creation, Ryo breaks rank and confronts Professor Nekasa in order to stop the discovery that led to Gawl’s transformation and the future calamity. Though Koji and Gawl are unaware of his plan, the mysterious (and dangerous) Ryuko Saito is more than alert to Ryo’s intentions. And as Ryuko intimidates Ryo and wickedly toys with Koji, advanced and more powerful generators from the future come back for Gawl. Their bolder, increasingly vicious attacks begin to weaken Gawl-and come dangerously close to the young girl Gawl has befriended.

This December, ADV Films will release Future Memory, the second volume of the heart-stopping thriller, Generator Gawl, on English-dubbed VHS and DVD, which will contain both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions.

ADV Films, the premiere label of A.D.Vision, Inc. formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 and Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV also distributes Japanese and American live-action programming for theatrical and broadcast release. ADV Films can be found on the web at

Generator Gawl Volume 2: Future Memory

Running Time: 75 minutes

Rating: 12 yrs.+

Street Date: 12/05/00

Format SRP VHS (English-Dubbed) $19.98 DVD (Multilingual) $29.98

8-21-00—- Ah! My Goddess Japanese DVD Release

Aganist the backdrop of the upcoming theatrical release of the Ah! My Godess (Ah! Megami Sama) Movie in Japan October 21st the original OVA series based on Fujishima Kousuke’s manga is heading for a DVD release on Region 2. Volume 1 standard edition is on sale September 22nd with a running time of 60 minutes (1st and 2nd episodes) and retailing at 5,000 Yen. Volume 1 of a special complete reservation BOX version goes on sale September 22nd with a retail price of 6,000 Yen.

Belldandy: Inoue Kikuko
Keiichi: Kikuchi Masami
Urd: Tooma Yumi
Skuld: Hisakawa Aya
Megumi: Fuchizaki Yuriko
Tamiya: Yanada Kiyoyuki
Ootaki: Futamata Kazunari
Mishima Sayoko: Asami Junko
Aoshima Toshiyuki: Tobita Nobuo

8-21-00—- Upcoming Pink Pineapple Japanese DVD Releases

Rifureinburu Second Chapter – Aug. 25th – 30 Minutes – 5,800 Yen
Karte No. 1 – Aug. 25th – 30 Minutes – 6,800 Yen
Heart As Not Calling Amy Complete Works – Aug. 25th – 59 min. – 4,700 Yen
Love Princess First Story – Sept. 22nd – 39 min. – 6,800 Yen

8-21-00—- Ordian Vol. 3 DVD & VHS Release

The 3rd volume of Ginsou Kikou Ordian TV, currently broadcasting on WoWoW unscrambled, is out in Japan September 22nd on DVD and VHS at a retail price of 5,800 Yen. Included is episodes 4-5, and 2 collection cards.

8-21-00—- Di Gi Charat News

Di Gi Charat CD – BOX Black Version goes on sale in Japan Septmber 13th at a retail price of 3,500 Yen. In the set are 1 Music and 1 Drama CD.

A new single containing the theme “My First Love” is set for release September 13th at a retail price of 1,500 Yen.

A new character book – Di Gi Charat Complete – was set for release on August 20th for 1,800 Yen. The is to contain information on every character introduced in the past year.

8-20-00—- Anime Music News

The Soundtrack to the latest Lupin TV movie “$1 Money Wars” which was broadcast in Japan July 28th is out in Japan September 21st. The CD will contain BGM and OP and ED themes.

A new Lupin III music collection CD “Lupin III Willpower Great Work War” is out in Japan September 21st at a retail price of 2,500 Yen.

Sunrise’s recent children’s TV animation Nyander Mask is getting a new Ending theme song “Dance Deniyan”. A CD single featuring the them is out in Japan October 25th retailing at 1165 Yen.

8-20-00—- Anchor Bay Announces Site Expansion

U.S. producers of the upcoming Angel’s Egg DVD (and the just announced Live Action Akira Kurasawa film Ran) have revealed that in the Fall 2000, the company’s website will re-launch with a brand new look, new features, and additional information about their entire catalog of movies released on VHS and DVD. The new site will include a searchable electronic catalog that features extensive film information such as a full synopsis, main stars, director, producer, year released, special features, suggestions for similar movies, trailer clips (when available) and more. In addition, will allow visitors to view new releases and coming attractions, learn more about Anchor Bay, shop at a virtual store, join a new collector’s club, submit suggestions, and stay up- to-date on the latest Anchor Bay news highlights.

8-20-00—- Riding Bean Japanese DVD Release

Kenichi Sonoda’s 1989 OVA Riding Bean is headed for a DVD release in Japan on September 27th. Released by Toshiba EMI, the Disc will retail at 3,800 Yen. Jacket art on this release is by Kenichi Sonoda.

Voice Cast:
Bean Bandit: Tanaka Hideyuki
Rally Vincent: Matsui Naoko
Semmerling: Koyama Mami
Percy: Tomiyama Kei
Carrie: Hayashibara Megumi
Chelsea: Honda Chieko George: Hazumi Jun
Chief: Yara Yuusaku
Dick (Percy’s Assistant): Tobita Norio
Robber, Morris: Kobayashi Michitaka
Guards: Shioya Koozoo,
Tanaka Kazumi & Kosugi Juuroota
Waitress: Maruo Tomoko

Executive Producer: Fujita Junji
Producers: Miura Tooru & Tazaki Hiroshi
Planning: Suzuki Toshimichi
Story, Supervision & Character Designs: Sonoda Kenichi
Mechanical Designs: Sonoda Kenichi, Yoshimoto Kinji, Urushibara Satoshi, L. Lime & Fujita Yoshihisa
Artboards: Yumeno Ley
Technical Director: Ide Yasunori
Storyboards: Sonoda Kenichi, Ide Yasunori & Hasegawa Yasuo
Animation Directors: Tanaka Masahiro, Kamijoo Osamu (Outside), Oohira Hiroya & Okuda Jun
Director of Photography: Konishi Kazuhiro
Art Director: Satoo Hiroaki
Audio Director: Matsuura Noriyoshi
Directed by Hasegawa Yasuo
Key Animators: Oohira Hiroya, Yamanaka Eiji, Iwataki Satoshi, Hashimoto Toshifumi, Kitajima Nobuyuki, Shimizu Yoshiharu, Nakao Keiichi, Hasegawa Kooji, Tsunoda Katsutoshi, Kanno Hiroki, Usami Toshikazu, Okuda Jun, Tomizawa Yuuzoo, Suganuma Eiji, Oogawara Haruo, Kishida Takahiro, Ikigame Nobuyuki & Tanaka Satoshi

8-20-00—- Third Mugen No Ryvius Net Episode Online

TV Tokyo has updated it’s website with the third net-exclusive anime episode, you can view it here.

8-20-00—- Lum American Voice Actress Performance

Voice Actress / Singer Roxanne Beck (English voice of Lum In Beautiful Dreamer, Wakaba In Utena, and Kayoko from Ayane’s High Kick) will be performing on August 26th at 10 PM at The Cutting Room club in New York City.

8-20-00—- Transformers Car Robots TV Series Japanese DVD Release

Currently airing on TV Tokyo, the new Transformers Car Robots TV series is soon headed to a DVD release in Japan via NEC Interchannel and Pony Canyon over 10 volumes. Transformers Car Robots Volumes 1-2 are slated for a September 20th release at a retail price of 5800 Yen each. Disc 1 contains episodes 1-4, Disc 2 contains episodes 5-8. First pressings include an original character card.

A promotion campaign is associated with the release where a drawing will be held each month from cards filled out and sent in from the DVD’s.

Future Release Schedule:
Vol. 3-4: October 18th
Vol. 5: November 15th
Vol. 6: December 20th
Vol. 7: January 17th 2001
Vol. 8: February 21st 2001
Vol. 9: March 14th 2001
Vol. 10 April 4th 2001

8-20-00—- New OVA – Labyrinth Of Fire

Deep within Siberia exists a secret city named Labyrinth 4. During the turmoil that enveloped Japan between the Tokugawa and Meiji eras in the mid 1800’s, a clan of the Aoi Shigemasa domain fled to Russia where they took part in that country’s revolution. Under the new government the group was granted a position in intelligence and a secret territory of it’s own in Siberia. In the modern era the current young generation of the city’s inhabitants face challenges in a number of areas.

Staff: Direction & Continuity: Katuhiko Nishijima
Script: Kanamaki
Character Design: Noriyasu Yamauchi
Production: Bandai Visual

Running 30 minutes, volume 1 of Labyrinth Of Fire goes on sale in Japan on DVD and VHS on September 25th with a retail price of 5,800 Yen. First press DVD Units include a special jacket illustration. Special edition VHS and DVD versions include a special pinup. Volume 2 is expected out in December.

8-20-00—- Clamp News

– On October 24th Kadokawa Shoten will release a limited issue of “Asuka” magazine contatining X.
– X Manga Volume 15 was released in Japan August 17th.
– Coming from Kodansha with a reservation deadline of August 31st is a limited edition issue of “Eoppers” mgazine. “Upperzu Special Selection Omni- Bus poster collection” will feature Clamp and retail at 3500 Yen.
– A Clamp related article will be published in “Pafu” magazine to-be released in Japan August 30th. Highlights of the piece are an interview focusing on the Cardcaptor Sakura 2nd movie which opened recently in Japan and future of the TV series.
– A new Cardcaptor Sakura Gameboy Color title is out in the fall at a retail price of 4280 Yen. The box art for the game is by the Sakura animation staff. The Gameboy Pocket Printer and link cable will be compaible with the game.
– A Clamp School radio drama will be released to CD in 2 volumes in Japan by Marine Entertainment. The 1st CD is out on Oct. 25th, the 2nd on Nov. 22nd, both will retail for 2800 Yen. Both CD jacket illustrations will be by Clamp. A vocal songs collection album from the drama is out in December at a retail price of 2000 Yen.

8-20-00—- Kids’ WB Leading In Children’s Saturday Morning TV Ratings

Excerpted from the offiicial press release:

“KIDS’ WB! Leads Saturday Morning Broadcast Competition Among Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11, Boys 2-11 And Boys 6-11 Aug 17, 2000

BURBANK, CA (August 17, 2000) – On Saturday, August 12, KIDS’ WB! ranked #1 among the Saturday morning broadcast competition in Kids 2-11 (2.5/13), Kids 6-11 (3.0/16), Boys 2-11 (3.2/16) and Boys 6-11 (3.8/19). Among Kids 2-11, KIDS’ WB! beat ABC (2.2/12) and Fox Kids (2.0/11), and followed behind Nickelodeon (4.6/24). KIDS’ WB! continues to outdeliver the Saturday morning competition season-to-date in Boys 2-11 (4.9/21) and Boys 6-11 (5.8/24). The network also is a leader among the Saturday morning competition season-to-date in Kids 2-11 (3.6/16) and Kids 6-11 (4.1/19). In Kids 2-11, the network continues to beat Fox Kids (2.8/13) and ABC (2.6/12), and following closely behind Nickelodeon (4.0/18).

POKÉMON, in the 10:00 a.m./ET “Click & Pick All-Star” time period, ranked as the #1 broadcast series for the morning in Kids 2-11 (3.5/16) and Kids 6-11 (4.4/19). Among its time period competition, the series led all competition in Boys 6-11 (5.1/21), tying Nickelodeon’s SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, and led the broadcast competition in Kids 2-11 (3.5/16), Kids 6-11 (4.4/19) and Boys 2-11 (4.1/17). At 9:00 a.m./ET, POKÉMON ranked as the #2 broadcast series for the morning and #1 program in the time period among all competition in Boys 6-11 (5.0/26), and among the broadcast competition in Kids 6-11 (3.8/21) and Kids 2-11 (3.3/17), tying Fox Kids’ DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS (3.3/18).

The new Japanese anime adventure CARDCAPTORS, at 9:30 a.m. ET, ranked #1 among the broadcast time period competition in Kids 2-11 (3.2/15), Kids 6-11 (3.5/17), Boys 2-11 (4.2/19) and Boys 6-11 (4.6/22), taking the #4 spot among the broadcast programs for the morning. In the 10:30 a.m./ET “Click & Pick All-Star” time period, the series ranked #1 among the broadcast competition in Kids 2-11 (3.2/14), Kids 6-11 (4.0/17) and Boys 2-11 (4.1/16), ranking #5 broadcast series for the morning.

Additional KIDS’ WB! Saturday morning highlights include:

MEN IN BLACK ranked #1 among the 11:00 a.m./ET broadcast competition in Kids 2-11 (2.4/11), Kids 6-11 (2.9/14), Boys 2-11 (3.2/14) and Boys 6-11 (3.9/17). In its 8:00 a.m./ET time period, the series led the broadcast competition in Boys 6-11 (1.7/18) and Boys 2-11 (1.2/12), tying Fox Kids’ POWER RANGERS: LIGHT SPEED RESCUE.

BATMAN BEYOND ranked #1 among the 8:30 a.m./ET broadcast competition in Boys 2-11 (2.7/18), Boys 6-11 (3.3/22) and Kids 6-11 (2.1/16), tying Fox Kids’ NASCAR RACERS.

DETENTION, in the 11:30 a.m./ET time period, dominated the broadcast competition in Kids 6-11 (2.1/11), and in Boys 2-11 (2.5/11) and Boys 6-11 (2.2/11), tying ABC’s NEW ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH in both demos.

8-20-00—- Man Lights Himself On Fire In Manga Cafe

A man in his 30’s entered a Tokyo Manga Land comic cafe around 12:00 A.M. on Thursday of this past week and after reading manga for 32 hours – locked himself in the 6th floor bathroom of the cafe. An employee soon after smelled a charred odor coming from the restroom area and called the police. Police suspect the man was trying to commit suicide by burning himself. He remains in serious condition in a local hospital.

8-20-00—- Escaflowne Article

The Houston Chronicle recently ran an article on Fox Kids and the Escaflowne TV series that can be read here.

8-19-00—- Ghost In The Shell DVD Problems

Australian-based Anime distributor / producer Madman Entertainment’s DVD of Ghost In The Shell was recently released with discs containing a 2 second lag in English subtitles. The company has issued a press release relating to the issue.

8-19-00—- Digimon U.S. DVD Release

20th Century Fox has announced the DVD release of Digimon is slated for November following the theatrical release of the first Digimon movie on Oct 6th. The DVD’s will contain the first 13 episodes of the children’s TV series plus bloopers.

Source: The Right Stuf

8-19-00—- Escaflowne U.S. Broadcast Premiere

This morning, Sunrise’s The Vision Of Escaflowne TV series made it’s first ever showing on American Brodcast Television. Changes over the Japanese version include the 1st broadcast episode is actually #2 in the series, new Opening and Ending sequnces, Van’s fight with the Dragon in the first episode was spliced into a flashback where Hitomi originally forsaw a dire future event. Misc. edits include long holding scenes, where Hitomi gets dressed, where she sits bored by the window, some of the chase with Merle, where the generals and other soliers are getting defeated by the Zaibach invisible Melefs. Balgus’s dying scene is shortened, a scene where a Zaibach unit destroying the guard tower is cut. A scene where Van cutting his hand for the Blood Pact with Escaflowne is cut (although he still mentions ‘by blood pact’).

8-19-00—- Media Blasters Unveils New Site, the official Media Blaster’s company site has undergone a new redesign.

8-18-00—- Anime Video Market Examined In-Depth In Recent Article

The current issue of Video Store Magazine includes a two-page article that refernces anime as a $65 million dollar-a-year growth industry, excluding the “Pokemon phenomenon.” “Otaku” are mentioned as one of the leading forces in the evolution of the DVD market. “Anime fans closely match the DVD demographic: They are mostly male, early adopters of new technology- and have a great deal of money to spend.” ” anime fans are a vocal customer base with a great deal of influence over the decisionmakers at anime labels.” The article reveals, though, that “The vocal bunch is the minority while the more casual fans take what they can get.” For example, the article claims that “the ardent fans who frequent the Internet anime forums were in an uproar” over digital editing in ADV Films` releases of Evangelion on DVD, yet the disc is still ADV`s top-selling DVD title.

Mike Pascuzzi, sales director for CPM, is quoted, “You simply can`t please both [the casual fan and the “otaku”] 100 percent…[but] DVD is the best of both worlds. We`re offering a choice of dual languages, subtitles and piling on lots of added features.” The article continues to cite anime fans as not only a significant factor in the virgin DVD market, but also as an influence on the manufacture and release of DVD boxed sets. Lance Schwulst, sales director for Media Blasters, claims that the rush to release a boxed set of Rayearth on DVD was due to fan demand, and in return, “these new and different types of releases `will demonstrate how profitable the genre can be.`” According to the report, though, the impact and true sales figures on anime are up for debate. “According to VideoScan, anime labels are able to track the performance of their own titles, but at the moment, there is no way to identify all titles as a genre. But VideoScan hopes to start tracking the genre in the next few months by giving anime its own identifiable category.”

Source: Anime Nation

8-18-00—- Official Robotech Site Update has been updated with a second preliminary sketch from the proposed new series that can be viewed here

8-18-00—- Di Gi Charat TV Special Update

Next week’s Di Gi Charat TV Special will feature the new character Piyoko who will be voiced by the very well known seiyuu Megumi Hayashibara.

8-18-00—- Toycom YF-19 Mechanical Transformer Status Update

Excerpted from a post by Toycom:

I just wanted to get back to you all regarding the possibility of changes to the YF-19 for the U.S. release.

I got an e-mail last night that confirmed they are making changes to several of the parts to increase both durability and playability of the toy. Parts discussed so far:

1. Several joints to be tightened including hips and knees.
2. Slots in chest modified to fit the wing tabs more easily.
3. The tab on the nose cover will be strengthened.

I’ll getting back to them today with the input I’ve gotten from AFM to make sure most of the problems are fixed. So far it looks like all they are missing is the tight-fit of the second fist. Let me know if there is anything else.

I have received no word on whether or not Windjammer’s specs will be used on the box. I’ll check on that tonight as well.

I was told that Kawamori Shouji was happy with the final product.

8-17-00—- ADV Films Announces Samurai X: Trust DVD Release

Excerpted From The Official Press Release:


HOUSTON – ADV is proud to announce the DVD release of international anime hit, Samurai X: Trust.

Nineteenth century Japan: a land torn by warfare and rebellion where small bands of soldiers seek to overthrow the tyrannical Tokugawa Shogunate. Enter Kenshin, a young orphan whose fighting skills were honed by the great swordsman Hiko. But Kenshin’s soul is embattled much like the killing fields of Japan, his hopes for a new world peace at odds with his life of blood and killing. His world is thrown into further confusion by the arrival of a mysterious woman named Tomoe. Her kindness and attention show him a kind of life he didn’t know existed. Can she help the assassin become a real man? Or does she hide a secret that could destroy everything he has come to depend on? Join the battle and discover the enemy within.

Samurai X: Trust is already a hit in Japan under the title Rurouni Kenshin: Trust, and it will soon be a hit here in America. Samurai X: Trust will hit the streets in just a couple of weeks on VHS, but in October, ADV Films will release this international favorite on DVD. With its samurai action and intriguing love story, Samurai X: Trust is sure to appeal to teens and adults, men and women alike.

The Samurai X: Trust DVD will contain both the English-dubbed version and the original Japanese-spoken Rurouni Kenshin: Trust with English subtitles.

ADV Films, formed in 1992, is North America’s #1 distributor of top-quality Japanese animation (“anime”), with titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster Rancher and Martian Successor Nadesico. ADV also distributes American and Japanese live-action programming for theatrical and broadcast release. ADV Films can be found on the web at

Samurai X: Trust DVD
Approx. 60 minutes Rating: 17+years

Street Date: 10/10/00

Format: DVD SRP: $29.98
Contains English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions.

8-17-00—- New Gaogaiger Drama CD Series Release

Victor Entertainment will release Volume 1 of a new 6-part Gaogaiger Drama CD series on August 23rd. Each release will focus on specific characters from the series. Gaogaiger FINAL Saikyo Character Set Vol.1 ”Guy-hen (‘Guy’ Chapter) CD will feature a drama CD and limited edition clear green action figure. Ending theme song is performed by Hironobu Kageyama and Masaaki Endo.
Release Schedule:

Vol. 2 – Oct. 4
Vol. 3 – Fall 2000
Vol. 4-6 – Winter 2000 – 2001

8-17-00—- T.M. Reveolution Live

Japanese Song Unit T.M. Revolution played to a packed show of an estimated 30,000 people at Yokohama Stadium August 10th. Close to 20 songs were performed, the concert will be broadcast on BS CH. 5 WoWoW.

8-17-00—- Kunihiko Ikuhara In The Big Apple

Kunihiko Ikuhara, Director of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon and Shoujo Kakumei Utena will make a showing in New York City Friday, October 6 6:30 PM at the Japan Society where he will discuss cross-cultural differences and similarities in reception of anime, and the roles of anime and manga as vehicles to communicate popular Japanese culture abroad. Following will be a showing of Adolescence of Utena.

8-17-00—- i-Mode In The United States?

Japan’s poular i-mode internet / mobile phone services provider NTT DoCoMo is reportedly considering entering into a joint venture with U.S. telecommunications companies SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corp that could lead to the launch of i-mode similar services in the U.S.

8-16-00—- Urusei Yatsura DVD Sets Update

Animeigo’s Robert Woodhead offered the following update on their Urusei Yatsura DVD sets this afternoon on the company’s mailing list:

We got new sets in. They are OK but all the disc 2’s have coffee ring defects (!) again. We are awaiting more disc 2’s. In the meantime we’ve sent some of the sets out to people with finicky players for them to test. Stay tuned.