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Anime News Service – August 10-21 Anime News


American Daily has an interesting article called “What Is Up With Cute?” today where a few Japanese examples are cited.
The Chicago Tribune has a piece titled Anime Replay which describes the entertainement/ art form as enjoying a huge renaissance in America.
The Straights Times Of Singapore discusses the outbreak of amateur film direction and production in the Southeast-Asian country.

8-20-04—- 10 Disc Ultimate Matrix Collection To Arrive On DVD

“…Warner Home Video will unleash…a ten-disc The Ultimate Matrix Collection on December 7th, featuring all three flicks in one…box set.

“…In additional to brand-new remastered 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen transfers and Dolby 5.1 surround tracks, supplements include (are you ready?): introduction by the Wachowski Brothers, two audio commentaries on the first film by “The Philosophers” Dr. Cornel West and Ken Wilber, and “The Critics” Todd McCarthy, John Powers and David Thomson, plus two more commentaries apiece on both Reloaded and Revolutions; no less than 71 one new featurettes (21 on the first flick, 29 on the second, and 21 on the third!), 23 additional scenes filmed for “Enter the Matrix” video game, the “Roots of the Matrix,” “Re: Action – A Brief History of Action in Cinema,” “Return To Source – Philosophy & The Matrix” and “The Hard Problem – The Science Behind the Fiction” documentaries, something called “The Burly Man Chronicles,” multiple still galleries inside the massive “The Zion Archive” (including conceptual artwork, storyboards, drawings and more), plus music videos, theatrical trailers and TV spots, plus plenty of ROM exclusives to be announced. Retail for this…will be $79.95, and there will also be a Limited Edition Set featuring a Neo mini-bust figurine and 80-page collector’s book for $129.95…”

Source: DVD File courtesy Daniel Zelter

8-20-04—- Anime Seiyuu To Be In Geisha

The Hollywood Reporter talks about Youki Kudoh being in negotiations to star in the film adaptation of the novel, Memoirs of a Geisha. Kudoh played Saya in Blood.
-Mega kudos to Daniel for this hot news

8-20-04—- ADV Films To Release Gmera: The Complete Collection On DVD

ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime in the U.S., is issuing an all points warning that a certain giant turtle, beloved by children and feared by evil monsters everywhere, will soon be stomping the streets near you once more. Gamera- The Complete Collection, a fantastic new deluxe set containing all three-feature films in the critically acclaimed modern Gamera trilogy, packed inside a special collectible metallic box, has a street date of September 28, 2004.

These three must-have classics – directed by Shusuke Kaneko (Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah – All Out Monsters Attack) from screenplays by Kazunori Ito (Ghost in the Shell) – have been acclaimed as the best giant monster films ever by fans around the world and have garnered major critical praise from such luminaries as the New York Times’ Janet Maslin, who says Gamera-Guardian of the Universe is “A zippy new adventure to delight fans….” Andrew Johnston of TIME OUT adds that, “Gamera is giddy, wall-to-wall mayhem. The special effects are first rate and the filmmakers have a grand time flattening landmark after landmark.” CINEFANTASTIQUE chimes in calling Gamera, “a continual series of knock-out ‘money shots’ that hit at just the right dramatic moments,” and “outright exhilarating.” While Roger Ebert not only gives Gamera a big “Thumbs Up,” but goes on to laud Shinji Higuchi’s (The Princess Blade) masterful special effects by commenting in his review of Steven Spielberg’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park that “The monster-stepping-on-cars sequences in the current Japanese import Gamera: Guardian of the Universe are more entertaining.”

Join Dr. Nagamine, Inspector Osako and the lovely Asagi Kusanagi as they attempt to unravel the mysterious and deadly monster attacks of both the Gyaos and the Legion. With the “help” of the military, the survival of the human race depends on them. And the fate of the world depends on a gargantuan, aeronautic and flamably breathed reptile—Gamera, the guardian of the universe!

Gamera the Complete Collection (SRP $39.98) is a DVD-only release, including three feature length films on three discs housed in a new textured, metallic shell with a zillion extras. Disc 1: Guardian of the Universe in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 language versions with English subtitles. Disc 2: Attack of Legion and Disc 3: Revenge of Iris in both English 5.1 and Japanese 5.1 language versions with English subtitles.

8-20-04—- GITS: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 2 Release

Bandai Entertainment and Manga announce the joint DVD release of the second volume of the smash anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex on September 28, 2004. The series was co-produced by both Manga and Bandai and created by the revered animators at Japan’s Production I.G (Kill Bill, Ghost in the Shell). Directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Blood: The Last Vampire, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade) with music by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop), GITS:SAC Volume 2 will feature episodes 4 through 8 of the explosive 26-episode sci-fi series.

This all-new futuristic anime series continues the story of the acclaimed anime feature film Ghost in the Shell based on the popular manga by Shirow Masamune. Female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her fellow police officers of Section 9 hunt down a host of criminals in both the real and online worlds.

In GITS: SAC Volume 2, Section 9 has their hands full with the reappearance of The Laughing Man – a cyber-terrorist who hasn’t been heard from in six years. Arimaki believes that the police’s prime suspect is a decoy and orders his team to investigate. Meanwhile, in response to the Laughing Man’s last threat, Major Makoto Kusanagi stands guard for the Police Superintendent General at a press conference. This will mark the beginning of Section 9’s ongoing encounters with the Laughing Man. In the meantime they will also have to capture a foreign revolutionary and put a stop to what looks like an organ smuggling ring. The Major and Section 9 are determined to bring all of these criminals to justice

The complete series is releasing bi-monthly beginning July 2004 and will be presented on seven DVD volumes over the next twelve months. The U.S. cable television broadcast of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex begins on Cartoon Network on November 6, 2004. Encoded directly from high-definition masters, each DVD volume will be released in both a Standard Edition and a Special Edition.

Each new DVD volume released will feature new interviews from the production team and the series’ voice actors. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex combines action, adventure, political intrigue and ethics into a masterfully told sci-fi anime series.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Volume 2 – Standard Edition (Single Disc) Street Date: September 28, 2004

Pre-Book Date: August 31, 2004 Sales & Distribution: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Running Time: 120 minutes UPC: 669198252013 SRP: $24.98 Suggested Rating: 13 & up

DVD Features: Interactive Animated Menus; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; English/Japanese languages; English Subtitles; DVD Extras: Interview with Osamu Saka (voice of Aramaki), Interview with Yoko Kanno (Composer), Tachikomatic Days Animated Shorts

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Volume 2 – Special Edition (3 Disc Set) Street Date: September 28, 2004

Pre-Book Date: August 31, 2004 Sales & Distribution: Anchor Bay Entertainment

Running Time: 120 minutes UPC: 669198252211 SRP: $49.98 Suggested Rating: 13 & up

Disc 1: Interactive Animated Menus; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; English/Japanese languages; English Subtitles; DVD Extras: Interview with Osamu Saka (voice of Aramaki), Interview with Yoko Kanno (Composer), Tachikomatic Days Animated Shorts

Disc 2: Interactive Animated Menus; DTS 5.1 Surround Sound; English/Japanese languages; English Subtitles; DVD Extras: Interview with Osamu Saka (voice of Aramaki), Interview with Yoko Kanno (Composer), Tachikomatic Days Animated Shorts

Disc 3: Original CD Soundtrack #2 — ‘Be Human’

“Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” has recently made its debut on Japanese television and will begin airing in the U.S. on Cartoon Network’s late night Adult Swim block on November 6th. Visit for previews, trailers, contests, information and more.

8-20-04—- VHD: Bloodlust UK DVD

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, is finally getting a UK release on the 18/10/2004 from Optimum Releasing, priced at £19.99.
Source: UK Anime (


The Motley Fool has an article on the financial market standing of 4Kids Entertainment which it describes as having “…potential to become the gem of your portfolio”.
The Toronto Star talks about a hot Canadian model and finds evidence that anime is making it’s way into some the world’s hottest runway collection exhibitions.
G4 TechTV talks SNK Anime and reviews the various animation exisiting based on games such as Art Of Fighting, Samurai Showdown and Fatal Furl.

8-18-04—- KosaiKon Announces 2nd Event In One Year

According to KosaiKon chair Rachel Carothers, for the first time, KosaiKon will be holding two events in one year with the announcement of KosaiKon Autumn AniFest 2004 taking place on Saturday, October 9, 2004 at Villanova University, outside of Philadelphia, PA from 9AM until 10PM. $13 to pre-register or $15 at the door. More information is available at

8-18-04—- Japanese Character Business Grows Up

Japan Today talks about the Growth of the character rights business in Japan. Japan’s character business market matured in the 1990s. According to Character Databank, Ltd, a consulting firm for the Japanese character business market, domestic retail sales between 1996 and 1999 surged from 1.65 trillion yen to 2.07 trillion yen. To some extent this was essentially a bubble era that slimmed down in 2000. Character Databank’s representative director, Kazuo Rikukawa remains optimistic, “Since the start of 2003 the market has been on the rebound.” Sanrio’s Hello Kitty ($1 billion global market) and Pokemon (3 trillion yen global market ) are mentioned by the piece.

8-18-04 brings details of a Japanese robot fighting match.
The Honolulu Advertiser covers the opening of a new local library where graphic novels and manga are big draws.
Auction Bytes mentions ebay is increasingly seeing comics as big business bringers with over 100,000 items in the e-auctioner’s comics category. Ebay’s kiosk presence at San Diego Comicon is also mentioned.
IGN has details on the first large budget PS2 and GBA releases of an Astroboy title.
The New York Arts Magazine reports on the The Future of Japanese Digital Animations. From amature creations entered into 16th CG ANIME Contest hosted by the project team DoGa ( on May 9, 2004, in Tokyo, to full feature film such as “Ghost in the Shell: Innocence” and “Appleseed”. Yutaka Kamata, who organizes the project team DoGA, said, “digital technology has freed gifted animators from the burdens of group works and the troubles caused by sharing the work with too many people. Now it is much easier for talented creators to pursue their ideas thoroughly. Many cartoonists here prefer to work only with limited crews or without collaborators altogether.”
The Starights Times Of Singapore talks about the growing state of animation production, the recent move of Lucasfilm into the country and how the nation now must decide how it will develop the industry there.

8-18-04—- ADV Films Readies My Dear Marie For DVD

ADV Films, the #1 producer-distributor of anime in the U.S., is excited to announce another first… the first American DVD release of the anime cult classic My Dear Marie. With a street date of September 28, 2004, this wild and wacky collection of original animation videos proves that with a little perseverance you don’t have to go to Stepford to get the perfect girl. Based on the popular manga by Takeuchi Sakura and directed by Tomomi Mochizuki (Princess Nine and Dirty Pair Flash), My Dear Marie has been hailed as a must-see for the romantically impaired ever since its initial release on VHS by ADV Films. Now, at long last, anime fans everywhere will finally get their heart-springs re-wound as this timeless masterpiece about a clueless guy and his clockwork girl returns for a much-anticipated deluxe DVD treatment. Prepare to meet the ultimate household appliance in a love story full of crossed circuits in My Dear Marie!

Ever met the perfect girl, but she already had a boyfriend? Well why not just build your own? An amateur mad scientist attempts to build a robotic duplicate of his dream girl, and Marie is the result. As you can probably guess, there are some unexpected complications. Stay tuned for mayhem and disaster! My Dear Marie (SRP $29.98 DVD) is a DVD-only release, including three complete episodes in both English 2.0 and Japanese 2.0 language versions, with English subtitles. Extras are ADV previews.


The Daily Yomiuri mentions translator Namie Asazuma’s desire to tell Americans about the horror of nuclear warfare led to the publication this month of a complete English-language version of “Hadashi no Gen” (Barefoot Gen), a manga depicting the horrors that befell Hiroshima. The English-language version was finished this month and published in Japan and the United States. A 1980s translation of the manga did not include the entire series.

8-16-04—- ADV Films “Dark Water” Plans

ADV Films, today announced the American theatrical premier of Hideo Nakata’s acclaimed live action feature Dark Water at New York’s Cinema Village Theatre on Friday, September 24, 2004. Director/Writer Nakata, who gained critical praise for his earlier works, the original Japanese version of Ring (Ringu) and both the U.S. and Japanese versions of Ring 2, brings his unique style of slowly unfolding terror to Dark Water. His first film as a director was Ghost Actress (1996), a horror film, which had a theme set in the studio environment. This was the foundation of his creation of Ring. He then worked on the horror films Ring 2 and The Sleeping Bride. Although he gained his initial reputation as a horror director, his directing talent is now in a broader range, and he is respected as one of Japan’s most sought after visual creators.

Nakata was recently listed by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2004. Time Magazine also stated, “In his thrillers, Nakata concentrates less on the explosion of the time bomb than on the ticking inside it; abstract images on a videotape, an aquarium tank full of dead fish, water stain spreading on a ceiling.” “Dark Water is a classic example of what a director can do effectively with skill and imagination without spending millions of dollars on special effects,” said John Ledford, president, CEO and co-founder of ADV Films. “We are proud to present the work of this outstanding director to American moviegoers.” “This film may do for baths what Psycho did for showers,” said Steve Buck, director for ADV Films Theatrical Division.

The Story Yoshimi Matsubara is fighting to gain legal custody of her five-year-ld daughter, Ikuko. Under pressure to find a place of their own, the two settle for a dark and musty apartment. But little do they expect what lies ahead. Already insecure and uncertain about her future with her daughter, Yoshimi is haunted by the life-like murky water dripping through the ceiling and walls which gets worse day by day. Even more bothersome are the random and unlikely reappearances of a small red bag, which once belonged to a little girl who mysteriously disappeared two years before. Though she desperately struggles to find the strength within herself for Ikuko’s sake, her horror intensifies as she comes closer to discovering the connection between these events. She is ultimately tested in an intensely driven climax where she faces the worst of her fears and expectations.
ADV Films will be booking Dark Water into major cities in the U.S. following its New York opening.


Newhouse News Service reports on the state of Japanese mobile phones and the increasing number of innovations and features which are working their way into them.
Yahoo News talks about Imagi, producer of the upcoming Dreamworks animated series, “Father of the Pride”, and Hollywood’s interest in using Asian studios for animated projects. Also of note is that Imagi has CG project with Bandai called Digital Monster X-Evolution.

8-16-04—- eigoMANGA Collaborates With J-Rock Groups

2004-eigoMANGA has plans to work with a couple of noted Japanese rock bands in 2005. “J-rock bands have enormous potential to be popular here with American anime fans,” says Austin Osueke, President and CEO of eigoMANGA. EigoMANGA is currently in talks with Tofu Records about sponsoring L’arc En Ciel, a popular J-rock band, to perform at a concert in California next year. The decision to promote L’arc En Ciel stemmed from a fan petition eigoMANGA circulated at Anime Expo last year and then via the Internet. Since then, EigoMANGA has collected over 1,400 signatures from fans eager to attend a L’arc En Ciel concert here in the United States. L’arc En Ciel, which means “rainbow” in French, originally started off as a Japanese “boy band” in 1991. But the band’s immense popularity remained steady throughout that decade and into the next. Their hit singl es have included “Ready, Steady, Go” and “Flower”- both were theme songs for television anime series. EigoMANGA will also provide publicity for Duel Jewel, a J-rock band currently touring in the United States. Drawings of members from this band will appear in a future eigoMANGA series, such as Rumble Pak. April 2005 is the projected date of this issue’s release. CD samples of Duel Jewel’s music would be included with each issue.


Canada’s Globe And Mail reviews Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha.
The New York Times reports on Atom, a manga cafe that opened in June in New York City. According to the owner Mr. Sasano, members of New York’s Japanese community have been streaming into his cafe and typically spend up to three hours.
– An Olympic related story courtesy the Mainichi where Ryoko Tani (Yawara-chan so named from the manga) has collected the first gold medal of the game along with teammate Tadahiro Nomura.
Library Journal talks about the mainstream impact of graphic novels and manga in libraries in America
Reuters has an article on Japanese entertainers in the USA this summer and the various anime they are attached to.


FPS Magazine reviews R.O.D Volume 1.
The Pittsburgh Tribune mentions anime related clothing is currently in-style for one prospective back to schooler in the United States reviews Grave Of The Fireflies.
– Courtesy Daniel’s scan of American entertainment rags, GITS 2: Innocence is mentioned in the August 20/27 fall previews section of Entertainment Weekly. Gozu is given coverage in the September Fangoria.
– A slew of reviews for the Yu-Gi Oh! movie: Variety , Reuters , USA Today, E-Online, The Washington Times “‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ sells the brand but not story”, The Toronto Star “Who dealt this mess?”, The Detroit Free Press “For Yugi, stardom is not in the cards”.

8-13-04—- UK DVD Dates

Cardcaptors – Vols.1 And 2 – Due for release on 06/09/2004
Ulysses 31 – Complete Box Set – Due for release on 11/10/2004
Ghost in the Shell: SAC – Due for release 13/09/2004
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi – Vol. 1 – Due for release on 15/11/2004
Mahoromatic – Automatic Maiden Vol.1 – Due for release on 18/10/2004
New Cutey Honey – Due for release on 20/09/2004
Last Exile – Vol.1- Due for release on 27/12/2004

Source: UK Anime

8-13-04—- UK Television Items

The UK’s Sci-Fi channel has begun airing 801 TTS Airbats alongside Arc the Lad at the 5am timeslot. Dragon Half will replace Arc the Lad on the 17th and 18th. The original BubbleGum Crisis will begin on the 20th, Fist of the North Star will begin upon BubbleGum Crisis’ conclusion.
Source: UK Anime


IGN covers Shugo Fujii’s film Living Hell.
The Salem Statesman Journal has the article “Kids see Japan through eyes of ninja” which looks at how children are being introduced to Japanese culture.

8-12-04—- AbbyShot Clothiers Offers Hellsing Clothing For Real Life

AbbyShot Clothiers Limited, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of screen-accurate clothing from films, anime and video games has released an update on their version of Alucard’s trench coat from the anime and manga series Hellsing.

“We have completed a second draft of our trench coat design and sewn a prototype sample coat,” said Adam Bragg, AbbyShot’s Vice President, “This is the half-way point for us when we’re developing a new design. Now we need the Hellsing fans to tell us know how it can be improved. If we’re going to make an accurate version of Alucard’s coat that is also a part of our customer’s everyday wardrobe, then we need the Hellsing fans to get involved. Email us and let us know how we can make our design even better.”

AbbyShot has opened a new section of their web site ( to facilitate this discussion with the Hellsing fans. The new section, called ‘Coming Soon’ features photos of the Alucard prototype sample coat, updates from the designers, a feedback form, and links to discussion threads on AbbyShot’s forum. The Alucard ‘Coming Soon’ page can be visited online at: AbbyShot does not have a release date or pricing available as of yet, however Hellsing fans can expect an announcement at Dragon*Con this September in Atlanta, Georgia.


– Two Japanese cinema mentions in the L.A. Weekly. Gozu is covered at this link and Yu Gi Oh gets a review at this link. News courtesy Daniel Zelter.
The Catholic News Service reviews Yu-Gi Oh! The Movie.
Australia’s The Age continues to look at the works of Hayao Miyazaki as several of his films begin a screening run at a theater in Melbourne.
The Riverfront Times in MO talks about OTAKU and a upcoming otaku screening night at a local theatre.
The Chicago Tribune reviews Yu-Gi Oh The Movie.
GamePro reviews Street Fighter: Anniversary Collection for PS2 due in the USA at the end of the month.
Zap2it has a review of the Yu-Gi Oh! movie and Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman.

8-11-04—- 1/1 Scale “Haro” PC Case

Bandai in Japan today announced the release of a 1/1 actual size scale PC case based on the cute robot “Haro” from the original Mobile Suit Gundam animation. At 40cm in diameter, reservations for the case begin being taken August 12th. According to the company this is the 1st 1/1 scale representation of Haro ever attempted, by opening Haro’s mouth one can access front case drives such as CD and DVD. The production of the units will be limited to 1,000, retail is quoted at 99,800 Yen, sale begins October 15th. The Haro case can open and close it’s robotic ears via remote control included and can playback 21 preset vocal recordings by the original halo seiyuu. In the pedestal one can find the carved signature of Kunio Ogawara. Weight is approximately 5kg, uses electric battery: Single three 2 (attachment) Material: ABS resin.

8-11-04—- China To Send 550 Billion Mobile Text Messages This Year

Yahoo reports Chinese people are expected to send 550 billion text messages this year, doubling mobile phone operators’ revenues to some 6.7 billion dollars, state press reported. By 2006 mobile phone users are likely to send 1.4 trillion short messages, equivalent to 17 billion dollars in charges, the report said. Mobile phone customers currently pay operators 0.1 yuan (0.01 US cents) to 0.15 yuan (0.018 US cents) for each message sent.

8-11-04—- Taiwan’s Comics Fair Expected To Draw 100,000

Taiwan News reports the island’s 5th annual Taipei Comics Fair is expected to draw at least a hundred thousand fans this week. “We expect it to break previous records,” said Minnie Wu, a media relations executive at Top Link International Exhibition Co. Ltd. Eight major publishing houses were fielding thousands of “manhua” items at the Taipei and Kaohsiung fairs, Wu said. The Taipei event will kick off tomorrow, August 12, and run until next Monday, August 16, at the Taipei World Trade Center main exhibition hall. From August 25 to 29, the fair will be held at the Kaohsiung Business Exhibition Center. Show hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Admission costs NT$80. Items will be available for sale, organizers said. At least 20 of Japan’s top graphic artists and cartoonists would also be flying to Taipei to grace the said events, Wu said. “Taiwanese cartoonists have come a long way. In fact, we are now on a par with Japanese manga artists,” she said. “We are catching up.” Japanese comic books, however, currently dominate the market because Japanese “manga” boasts of a longer history, said Wu.

8-10-04—- CPM Press November Graphic Novel Releases

CPM Press announced its graphic novel releases for November, which includes Mythology of the Heavens 1: God of War, a fantasy adventure by prolific manhwa creator, Hyun Se Lee. Back on Earth, Narue and Kazuto happily anticipate their first Christmas together, but will a mischievous rodent steal their holiday cheer? Find out in The World of Narue Volume 3. The hilarious body-morphing misadventures of Reiichi Swan continue to delight shoujo readers in Duck Prince Book 3. Also available in November is the newly re-formatted and re-priced Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Book 3, which sets the stage for the final battle for Lodoss.

Mythology of the Heavens 1: God of War (manhwa) Story and art by: Hyun Se Lee (Nambul: War Stories 1- Invasion!). Life is hard in the forests and mountains of ancient Korea. Tribes of primordial humans make war with each other, and violence of all kinds is how the strong survive. The Land of Chin is a prosperous, wealthy country, but with success comes corruption. When SOJEON visits the GODDESS SOWANG to beg for power, she prophesizes his death at the hands of his own son. A murderous rampage follows, as Sojeon murders his many children in a violent bloodbath. However, one son miraculously survives, and is taken under the wing of a bizarre human/wolf hybrid named BANGO, who has his own blueprint for how to raise the unfortunate child.

Size: 5” x 7.375”
Pages: 328 pages, b&w
Rating: 16UP
Genre: Action/Adventure Fantasy
Catalog #: CMX 65701G
ISBN#: 1-58664-910-8
Pre-order date: October 11, 2004
Street date: November 10, 2004
SRP: $9.99

The World of Narue Volume 3 (manga) Story and art by: Tomohiro Marukawa. Kazuto thinks this will be the best Christmas ever, because he’s found the perfect gift for Narue, his space-alien girlfriend. Unfortunately, Sir Mouse, a hyper-intelligent rodent with a penchant for kleptomania, steals Narue’s gift.

Size: 5” x 7.375”
Pages: 192 pages, b&w
Rating: 13UP
Genre: Sci-Fi Romantic Comedy
Catalog #: CMX 66003G
ISBN#: 1-58664-963-9
Pre-order date: October 11, 2004
Street date: November 3, 2004
SRP: $9.99

Duck Prince Book 3 (manga) Story and art by: Ai Morinaga. Reiichi thought that he said goodbye to the ugly life, but things don’t go away that easily. The anxiety of an ugly duckling-turned-beautiful boy just seems to never end.

Size: 5” x 7.375”
Pages: 184 pages, b&w
Rating: 13UP
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Catalog #: CMX 65203G
ISBN#: 1-58664-933-7
Pre-order date: October 11, 2004
Street date: November 3, 2004
SRP: $9.99

Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch Book 3 (manga) Story by: Ryo Mizuno; art by: Yoshihiko Ochi. In this climactic final volume, Parn and his battle-tried companions fight the final battle with Karla, the Grey Witch! Will they be able to awaken the young girl whose body Karla has stolen? Will Ghim make the supreme sacrifice to defeat the evil witch? Newly re-formatted and re-priced!

Size: 5” x 7.375”
Pages: 200 pages, b&w
Rating: 13UP
Genre: Action/Adventure Fantasy
Catalog #: CMX 61403MM
ISBN#: 1-58664-945-0
Pre-order date: October 11, 2004
Street date: November 17, 2004
SRP: $9.99

8-10-04—- Tarantino: Kill Bill Split May Hurt Oscar Chances

“Kill Bill Split May Hurt Oscar Chances” is news that is in many places today including MSNBC. Director Quentin Tarantino is mentioned as it being his one regret about splitting “Kill Bill” into two movies. “I think the only thing that might have been lost in that decision is we could have gotten considerably more awards play if the film had been one big, giant epic,” Tarantino, 41, told The Associated Press. “As one big movie, Uma would have gotten a best-actress nomination, for sure. As one movie, audiences either would have had to sit through a four-hour epic or Tarantino would have had to cut critical footage, he said. The graphic anime sequence in “Vol. 1” would have been sliced in half, and other favorite moments would have been greatly curtailed, among them Thurman’s training with a pitiless martial arts master and co-star Michael Madsen’s humiliating treatment by his strip-club boss, Tarantino said.


CVG uncovers Sakaguchi has confirmed that his star-addled team is busy investing its talents into two new RPG projects, following our recent story covering the formation of Sakaguchi-san’s new studio Mist Walker. “Mist Walker is a small studio, but we’ve got a lot of sharp employees,” Sakaguchi-san reportedly told a Japanese website. “We’ve started working on two full-scale projects, and they’re both RPGs. I’m packing in all of my 20 years of experience and knowledge to make these games the best I’ve created.” Sakaguchi-san, who is ably backed by fellow ex-Square creative Kensuke Tanaka in the vice-president role, refused to reveal any details on the new projects, but did promise misty-eyed things, adding: “I’m working to my limit in the hope that these games will bring tears to the eyes of players, in the way that only novels and movies can.”
The Onion interviews Japanese actor and comedian Takashi Kitano.
New York Press talks about the rerlease of the original Godzilla in US theaters.
Comic Book Resources References Comics Continuum ( who has screen captures from the upcoming animated film based on Brian Pulido’s Lady Death. Pulido said, “I don’t know what your perspective is, but I’ve never seen anything like Lady Death in live-action or anime. Sure, you see these girl-power films, but nothing like Lady Death. Lady Death is its own thing, and [producer] Andy [Orjuela] got that. I feel good and confident that he’s held the torch. Two things we fought for. The first thing is we wanted the movie to be longer than it originally was supposed to be, and we got that. And the other thing that we both really wanted is that we wanted it to be harsh. We wanted it to be tough. We wanted it to be brutal.”
The Hamilton Ravalli Republic talks American Comics VS imports including those from Japan.
The In-Forum talks about the Yu-Gi Oh! impact in Fargo.
Technology Review has the piece today “When Piracy Becomes Promotion”, it examines the unusual relationship that seemingly pirated media enjoy in the current anime/manga fandom environment.
Australia’s The Age has an article on the heroines of famed director Hayao Miyazaki. Producer Toshio Suzuki is interviewed whos 13 year old duaghter served as the model for the girl in Kiki’s Delivery Service. Writer Peter Carey is also interviewed, who apparantly has a new book, “Wrong About Japan” published by Random House due to arrive in the Australian market in November. “Part of Miyazaki’s magic is the way he introduces his cartoon characters – exaggerated in a way that the landscapes and architecture is not – into this keenly examined real world. This is not to suggest that the depictions of the human figures are less truthful or detailed.” A bonus for Aussie fans, The Miyazaki film season begins tomorrow at Cinema Nova, and runs until November 25. See for details.

8-10-04—- eigoMANGA Reissues Rumble Pak #1

SAN FRANCISCO – eigoMANGA will re-release issue #1 of Rumble Pak, its flagship anthology series, for sale at Barnes & Noble, Media Play, and Tower Records stores nationwide. Expanding the title’s reach to include independent bookstores throughout Canada will begin in October 2004. An anthology series comprising of manga drawn by American artists, RUMBLE PAK has received industry-wide acclaim. The San Jose Museum of Art in California is currently displaying artwork from the premiere issue of RUMBLE PAK. “Our expansion of RUMBLE PAK’s distribution into stores like Barnes & Noble, Media Play and Tower Records provides just one more example of how the mainstream American audience has discovered and embraced the world of manga,” said Austin Osueke, President and Chief Executive Officer of eigoMANGA.