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July 25-August 13 Anime News

8-13-99—- Galaxy Express 999 At Shinagawa Station

Since August 1 a replica steam engine based on the Galaxy Express 999 (Ginga Tetsudou 999) is being exhibited at Shinagawa station in Tokyo Prefecture. The Galaxy Express 999 appeared in the popular anime of the same name created by Reiji Matsumoto, and had the outside appearence of very old-fashioned steam engine locomotive, on the inside it was packed with advanced technology allowing it to ply the cosmos. The 1/1 scale real life replica, a Japanese made steam engine a C-62 model will be displayed as the 999 from August until September. Anime is being shown in the 11 coaches such as Sailor Moon and of course Galaxy Express 999.

8-13-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Detective Konan (24) Shogo Aoyama
2. Inu Yasha (11) Rumiko Takahashi
3. Cardcaptor Sakura (9) CLAMP
4. GS Mikami Gokuraku Daisakusen!! (37) Takashi Shina
5. Vagabond (3) Takehiko Inoue
6. Me-gumi no Daigo (19) Masato Soda
7. Tenjo Tenga (3) Oh! great
8. Tokyo Crazy Paradise (10) Yoshiki Nakamura
9. Shanimu ni Go (2) Marimo Ragawa
10.Sekai de Ichiban Daikirai (5) Mari Hidaka

8-12-99—- Breath Of Fire 4

Capcom has updated it’s site with tons of info (In Japanese) on the new RPG Breath of Fire 4. Go see:

8-12-99—- Live Anime Jazz Songs Concert

A pianist, Makoto Kuria is famous for his performance of jazz-type music that is based on anime songs. On July 28th, he held his concert at Tokyo Minamiaoyama Mandala. The concert celebrated his second album, “ANTITHESES #2” with his jazz-type anime music collected. On the stage were Makoto Kuriya, Koichi No, Masahiko Osaka, Andy Wolf, Gen Ittetsu and more, who worked on the production of this album. All the titles from “ANTITHESES #2,” including the following, and the titles from the previous album, ANTITHESES” were played at this concert.
* “Devil Man Again Somewhere Today” – The opening song from “Devil Man”
* “Lupin The III Sono 2” – The ending song from “Lupin The III”
* “Theme of the Galaxy Express 999” – The theme song from the
motion picture, “The Galaxy Express 999”
* “Tank!” – The opening song from “Cowboy Bebop”

8-12-99—- Magazine Boom

This year in Japan has been the year for the new magazines in manga, anime and game industry to start publishing. “Dengeki Animation Magazine,” the new anime magazine that was started in April, “Magazine Z,” the new multimedia manga magazine that started in June, “Character Grand Prix,” the new character goods magazine that has been around from July. One of the newest magazine among them is “Tokyo Robot News” started publishing by Keibunsha on July 27th. This magazine specializes the history of robot anime creations, illustrations, its changes and more. The other new magazine, “Megami Magazine,” a “bishojo” cute girl character magazine was started publishing by Gakken on July 28th. The first issue includes articles about “Ah! My Goddess,” which will be in theaters this coming April as a motion picture, and other cute girl characters in other anime and games. It also introduces the strategies for the bishojo girl games and their character goods.
What’s more, an anime magazine, “Hi-Ge” will be started by Eichi Shuppan on October 10th. It will be a sensational culture magazine that deals with anime in a totally new way: it is supposed to be an interactive magazine to which a CD-ROM will be attached.

8-12-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) [As of August 9th]

1. Mobile Suit Gundam No.08 Team -Last Resort
2. Cowboy Bebop 8th Session
3. You’re Under Arrest Special vol.1
4. To Heart vol.3
5. Gasaraki vol.7
6. Saber Marionette J to X vol.8
7. Herlock Saga the Ring of Niberung -Gold of the Line- vol.4
8. The Crest of the World of Stars vol.2
9. Devilman Lady vol.7
10.Master Keaton vol.2

8-12-99—- New Sakura Wars OAV Series / Live Action Play / Dreamcast Game

Bandai Visual has announced that they will release a new 6 volume OAV series of “Sakura Wars,” based on a very popular adventure game from SEGA, begining at the end of 1999. At the site this was announced, Oji Hiroi, Satoru Akahori, who has been directing the series, Hiroyuki Kawasaki, a scriptor, and the music composer, Kohei Tanaka were present. They revealed that each volume of the OVA will have different theme song and ending song, and that this OVA will have interesting plots and ideas in its episodes.

Also a play based on “Sakura Wars,” “Sakura Wars Kayou (Songs) Show” will be held in August. The voice actors who will appear in this play, Chisa Yokoyama and Ruaua Takano were also at this announcement gathering. The third episode of the OVA seems to be about this “Kayou Show.” The main character of the first volume will be Maria, whose voice is by Urara Takano.

Sakura Wars will be continued onto the Sega Dreamcast. Their have been two RPG game titles for the Sega Saturn. The new game will be Hanagumi (Flower Branch) Columns, based on puzzle column games.

8-11-99—- Manga Dream Factory Mourns Shotaro Ishinomori’s Death

“Manga is the world’s common language” was the motto of the original creator of “Cyborg 009,” Shotaro Ishinomori, who died last year. The event for this comic artist was held July 10th to August 31st. The site is Nagoya Herald Cineplaza. The entrance fee is 600 yen ($5).
The event includes
* July 10th-23rd Shotaro Ishimori and Science Fiction Comics
* July 24th-August 3rd The World of Disney, Animation and Art
* August 4th-August 10th The Magnificent World of AIC Bishojo
Girl Animation Cel Works
* August 11th-August 31st Monky Punch and Hero Comics Exhibition (Shotaro Ishimori and the Contemporary Comic Artists Exhibition
is also held at the same site from July 10th to August 31st.)
At this event, the brock prints are displayed for sale.
Visitors will receive an Shotaro Ishimori original sticker.
The participating comic artists are: from science fiction comics, Shotaro Ishinomori and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko, from hero comics, Takao Yaguchi, Takao Saito, Monky Punch and more.

8-10-99—- US Pokemon Movie Trailer

Premiering before Warner Brother’s Iron Giant is the trailer for the Pokemon movie Mewtwo Strikes Back. The movie features Ash and his Pokemon friends against a genetically enhanced super Pokemon named Mewtwo, as well as a short 22 minute, feature called Pikachu’s Vacation. The trailer is available online at

8-9-99—- Tomoko Kawakami’s First Album Out

An event was held on August 8th for Tomoko Kawakami’s first album CD, “ADOLESCENCE DOLL,” which was released on August 6th from NEC Inter Channel (sold by King Record). The site was Soft Garage Gotanda in Tokyo. At the event, Tomoko will be signing her signiture for the fans. Tomoko Kawakami has been popular as a voice actress who has done Utena in “Girl Revolution Utena,” a voice in the Sega Saturn game “DESIRE” and much more. The superviser for her first album, “ADOLESCENCE DOLL,” is the director of “Utena,” Kunihiko Ikuhara. The CD includes a post card for a limited period of time.

8-9-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of August 2nd]

1. Detective Konan (24) Shogo Aoyama
2. One Piece (9) Eiichiro Oda
3. Rurouni Kenshin (26) Nobuhiro Watsuki
4. Monster (12) Naoki Urasawa
5. Ppoi! (14) Takako Yamazaki
6. Baby * Love (9) Ayumi Kamio
7. Hana yori Dango (23) Yoko Kamio
8. Mint na Bokura (We are Minty) (4) Ayumu Yoshisumi
9. Shoot! -Hot Challenge- (8) Tsukasa Ohshima
10. Yugi-oh (14) Kazunori Takahashi

8-8-99—- Escaflowne Movie

New information on the Escaflowne Movie. Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea is set for release in the US and Japan Summer of 2000, the movie version will be a new story, seperate from the TV series.

In the new plotline the Zaibach Empire (now renamed the Tribe of the Black Dragon) attacking Prince Van’s kingdom, who then retaliates as a descendant of the white winged dragon. He finds a friend in the ruler of a neighboring country, Abaharaki, who aids in his attack on the Black Dragon when they discover an attempt to restart an ancient Dragon armor that is believed to have obliterated the world of Gaea previously. Van is still very reclusive, until Hitomi (now a nearly suicidal girl wishing to vanish) is taken to the world of Gaea.

The movie version will share most of the crew from the popular 1996 TV series, including new character designs by Nobuteru Yuki (Lodoss War, X, Battle Angel), new mecha designs by Kimitoshi Yamane, and a new soundtrack by Yoko Kanno (Allright!).

8-8-99—- Martian Successor Nadesico US Release Dates

Martian Successor Nadesico, will finally be released stateside starting November 9, 1999 (Yay!).

8-7-99—- Tokyo Character Show

The characters from game and anime world all gathered in the event, “Tokyo Character Show 1999” on July 24th and 25th. It was produced by the radio station, Nippon Hoso and Broccoli, a game character goods planning and retailing company.
This was the second time for this event to be held after the first one last year. Last year, SQUARE’s Final Fantasy 8 booth was popular. This time, the popular characters were the girls from the bishojo girl games. Character goods were sold at this event, and the stage was used for the special shows. The shows on stage were the following.

July 24th
* 12:50-13:10 Musical “Sailar Moon” Talk and Songs
– The special version of the musical that had
finished all of its schedule the other day.

* 13:30-14:10 Kira Kira Melody Gakuen Talk
– with 45 voice actress girls who will be in an
anime program next year.

July 25th
* 11:30-12:10 Dengeki Anime Festival
– A talk by the voice actors in the anime
programs from the comic magazines, such as
“Dengeki Daio.” (“To Heart” etc.)

* 15:50-16:20 Broccoli OVA Production Announcement & Live
– Production announcement for their OVA (“Welcome to Pia Carrot! 2” etc.)

8-6-99—- Top Anime Laserdisc Sales (Japan) [As of August 2nd]

1. Mobile Suit Gundam No.08 Team -Last Resort
2. Cowboy Bebop 8th Session
3. To Heart vol.3
4. You’re Under Arrest Special vol.1
5. Gasaraki vol.7
6. The Crest of the World of Stars vol.2
7. Saber Marionette J to X vol.8
8. Getterrobo Memorial
9. Shugo Getten vol.1
10. Herlock Saga the Ring of Niberung -Gold of the Line- vol.4

8-5-99—- More On New Japanese Godzilla Film

While the prospects of an American Tristar made Godzilla two are looming on the horizon, a domestic wide scale theatrical release of the Japanese film Godzilla 2000 are looking unlikely. The good news is that an agreement has been reached for Sony/Tristar to release G2k on video 6 months after the Japanese film is released. The video release will be dubbed by Columbia. If the suit is any indication, G2K will be featuring Godzilla at the his meanest and nastiest.

8-4-99—- New X TV Series

Details on this are very scarce, but CLAMP is working on a TV series of X.

8-4-99—- Yoshitaka Amano To Illustrate The New Sandman Graphic Novel

The new upcoming Sandman graphic novel project from DC Comics entitled “The Sandman: The Dream Hunters” will be written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Vampire Hunter D, Final Fantasy Character designer Yoshitaka Amano.

8-4-99—- Urban Vision Vampire Hunter D-Wicked City Release Dates

Urban Vision has announced the re-release date of Dec 7 for Wicked City and Jan 18 2000 for Vampire Hunter D, both will have subtitled and dubbed version releases.

8-3-99—-Hollywood Astroboy Movie Update

Work has continued on the Hollywood movie of Astro Boy, also known as Osamu Tezuka’s “Tetsuwan Atomu” (The Mighty Atom), by Colombia Pictures. The movie is reportedly still on a fast track from a Christmas 2000 release. The movies is to combine CGI with animatronics by Jim Henson Pictures. What might upset some fans is that the movies will not remain completely faithful to Tezuka’s Astro Boy in either story or character design. Astro Boy himself will be mostly CGI.

8-1-99—- Hoshino Ruri’s (Minami Omi) First CD

Hoshino Ruri’s (Nadesico) first CD album, “Denshi no Yousei Hoshino Ruri (An Electronic Sprite Ruri Hoshino)” will be released on Aug.27, and it contains “Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai (I want to be your best)”. Minami Omi (Akiru from Magical Stage Fancy Lala, Naozumi from Child’s Toy, Akira from CLAMP Campus Detectives) is seiyu for Ruri in Martian Succesor Nadesico.

8-1-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of July 26th]

1. Rurouni Kenshin (26) Nobuhiro Watsuki
2. One Piece (9) Eiichiro Oda
3. Monster (12) Naoki Urasawa
4. Ppoi! (14) Takako Yamazaki
5. Hana yori Dango (23) Yoko Kamio
6. Yugi-oh (14) Kazunori Takahashi
7. Rookies (6) Masanori Morita
8. Oishinbo (71) Tetsu Karika/Akira Hanasaki
9. Zero III Takako Yamazaki
10. Multiple Personality Ditective Psyco (4) Akiu Tajima/Hideshi Otsuka

8-1-99—- Kodomo No Omocha Petition

There is currently a petition online that is attempting to bring the series “Kodomo no Omocha” or “Child’s Toy” to the US. The comedy/drama series is about a child actress, and her relationships with those around her. The petition is asking for a non-binding statement of interest in purchasing the series. Check here for more info.

7-31-99—- Top Anime LD Sales (Japan) [As of July 26th]

1. Neon Genesis GPX Ciber Formula SIN vol.3
2. Shugo Getten vol.1
3. Ultra Seven: Glory and Legend
4. Trigun vol.12
5. Getterrobo Memorial
6. The Affiars of Two Lovers vol.4 (Limited Version)
7. Black Jack vol.7
8. Kamen (Mask) Rider vol.4
9. Cowboy Bebop 7th Session
10. To Heart vol.2

7-31-99—- SNK Releases Full Cast Of Characters And Teams For King Of Fighters ’99

Go see yourself! KOF ’99 Home (Japanese)

7-30-99—- Pokemon Movie 2

Kids are in the summer vacation in Japan, and “Pokemon The Movie: Rugia Bakutan (Rugia is Born in Explosion)” started playing in theaters.
This is the new episode with new Pokemon. Among them, Rugia is an invincible Pokemon.
Various outstanding Japanese are involved in this enthusiastic project. A popular comedian, Masatoshi Hamada is doing one of the voices. The theme song is composed by the music producer of a great popularity, Tetsuya Komuro, who always appears on top of the music chart. And it is sung by Namie Amuro, a famous young singer. The last Pokemon movie, “Mewtwo Strikes Back” led 400,000 people to the theaters in Japan and became No.1 of last year’s Japanese movie chart. The expectation is big for this latest Pokemon movie.

Ash, Pikachu and others continues their journey along the Orange Islands. One day, a big storm catches their ship and brings to Aashia Island. They meet a girl named Flura, who tells them a legend that has been handed down on the island for a long time. “Do not capture Fire God, Thunder God and Ice God. Or nature will roar and the world will be destroyed…” What does this legend mean…?
Meanwhile, Jiraltan, the mysterious collector who gathers rare treasures all over the world, gets Moltres. The result is a catastrophe, and Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos begin an endless battle.
Ash and others are in the middle of the battle. Just as they get driven into a corner, the legendary Pokemon, Rugia appears. Is Rugia a friend or enemie? Will Ash and others save the world from this chaos? The spectacular Pokemon adventure on the southern islands.

7-30-99—- Pioneer Announces: Animetronic

Platinum / Intersound Chairman CEO, Steve Devick, and Pioneer Entertainment President Yosuke “James” Kobayashi, announce a partnership to release ‘Animetronic’ a visual interpretation of music, that blends previously unreleased unreleased electronic music tracks with top Japanese animated feature (Anime) titles digitally edited into vignettes.

Intersound, a leading electronic music label, will handle A&R responsibilities, handing over each track to Pioneer Entertainment where animated footage will be artistically edited into visual tapestry set to the pulse of some of electronics’ best dance music with pristine image and sound quality. Grammy-nominated artist Diasuke Hinata, from Hyperdisc, who will contribute a track to this conceptual album, conceived ‘Animetronic’ and brought the two companies together. Format wise, the digitally mastered DVD will be in Dolby Digital (5.1 surround) with a special interactive menu leading to a multi angle clip (alternative clip for same songs), special artist interviews, trailer footage, and production notes.

Through this agreement, Pioneer will release and distribute the DVD and VHS product, while Intersound / Platinum, with proven track record in electronic music, will manufacture and distribute the CD soundtracks. In joint venture, both companies will supply funds towards marketing and promotional efforts with a global reach in mind featuring ample cross-promotion, including an MTV “Road Rules” Behind the scenes of Animetronic (with producer Yuji Moriya) tie in this fall.

Anime titles selected from Pioneer so far include: Armitage III, Tenchi muyo, El Hazard and Lain.

7-29-99—- Animeigo Macross TV Release Update

Straight From The AnimEigo Website:

“AnimEigo is pleased and proud to announce the licensing, from Harmony Gold, of SDF MACROSS – the original TV series.

Following in the footsteps of the popular Kimagure Orange Road Limited Edition Box Set, we will be releasing MACROSS as a limited edition VHS and DVD box set.

Please read the following very carefully before filling out the “Im Interested” form here. And please, only fill out the form if you will definitely buy the set when it comes out!.


This represents our current thinking about how we are going to be releasing MACROSS – and is subject to change.

  • All episodes will be unedited, uncut, as shown on Japanese TV, from new digital masters, with usual AnimEigo subtitling and copious liner notes. This is a subtitled-only set. There will be no english-language dubbing.
  • We are currently debating whether to format the series as 9 tapes or DVDs (4 episodes per tape) or 12 tapes or DVDs (3 episodes per tape). We are leaning towards the latter because it lets us devote more bits to each episode on the DVD.
  • Regardless of the format, the series will be released in a single chunk (not 2 segments like we did with Kimagure). We expect the release date to be late spring or early summer of 2000.
  • The retail price of the set will be $360.00 (VHS or DVD) but the pre-order price will be less, of course. How much less depends upon how many orders we get, as follows:
    # of orders $ per set
    0000 – 1999 $300.00
    2000 – 2999 $290.00
    3000 – 3999 $280.00
    4000 – 4999 $270.00
    5000+ $260.00


  • Starting around Xmas of 2000, we will release individual MACROSS VHS tapes and DVDs. But you’ll save money buying the set; we advise putting aside $30 a month starting now, and then you’ll have enough to buy it when it comes out!
    Current Signups: 586 DVD, 38 VHS

    If you are truly interested in buying the MACROSS Set, and getting it at the preorder price, please fill out the following form so we know who you are and can contact you when it’s time to “show us the money”

    7-29-99—- Japan Society for Animation Studies Holds First Meeting

    On July 10 and 11 The Japan Society for Animation Studies held it’s first meeting. Anime has now established its presence in the Japanese young culture, but at the same time still less study on anime has been carried out so far in comparison with that on live-action movies.Such being the case, the academic researchers started their actions to establish an academic society saying “Let’s create the field to neutrally evaluate anime!,” taking advantage of the accident regarding thethe program Pocket Monsters that aired in 1997 causing nearly 700 children to feel sick and to be sent to hospital. In the long run, some 80 anime-researchers from various fields of psychology, education, designing and others, has established “Japan Society for Anime Studies” (its president is Tadasu Ouyama Ph.D, the guest professor of the University of the air, or HOSO DAIGAKU) in last July. The society now holds as many as 140 members.

    At the present meeting there were reportedly not only published the results regarding, for example the industrial aspect of anime, but held the symposium by anime directors and the screening of some anime films. “‘Anime is just a Japanese culture’ can be often heard here, but as it is, we have a very poor background for its studying field.” said the society’s secretary-general, “I’m hoping our society will create much achievement and that many universities will have anime as their specialized studies in the future.”

    7-29-99—- Japanese OAV News

    Taihou Shichouzo Special, the first volume of a new You’re Under Arrest OAV series, premiers on home video in Japan on July 25. The first new Sol Bianca OAV will premier on September 24th, and the first of two Weiss Kreuz OAVs will be released on October 5th

    7-28-99—- Godzilla News

    The year 2000 is scheduled to bring us two Godzilla movies. Domestically, there will be Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin’s Godzilla 2, the sequel to the 1998, featuring the return of the computer generated lizard like monster. From Japan there will be Godzilla 2000 from Toho Studios, which will feature the return of a human being in a suit as the atomic breath breathing, spiked, prehistoric monster. Due to the fact that the Japanese incarnation of Godzilla died in his last feature, this film will take place in a parallel universe were only the original movie and Godzilla 1985 took place.

    7-27-99—- Music In Manga

    Translating music into pictures

    Kanta Ishida Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

    Over the years, various attempts have been made to express sound in comics.

    Onomatopoeia, the naming of a thing or an action by an imitation of the sound it makes, has broadened the range of expression in Japanese comics.

    But what about tone and resonance? The reason why few comics have music as their theme is perhaps the difficulty of expressing sound in words.

    The task becomes all the more difficult when it comes to classical music.

    Honored with prizes

    One comic-book story that attempts to express the tone and acoustics of sound has been attracting much attention.”Shindo” (The Prodigy) by Akira Sasou, published by Futaba-sha in four volumes, this year won the Excellence Prize in the Manga Section of the Media Arts Festival sponsored by the Cultural Affairs Agency. In addition, it came in second in the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize competition.

    The story begins when Uta Naruse, a primary school student, meets Wao, a high school graduate studying for the entrance examination of a music conservatory.

    Together, they pursue their ideal music. To their sharp and sensitive ears, the breathing of fish swimming in a pond, the chirping of birds, the clash of a baseball bat and ball and even the sound of people biting into apples are like music.

    They inhabit a world of perfect pitch.

    “No matter how skillful an artist may be, it is difficult to illustrate music in a single frame of a story,” Sasou said.

    “I tried to carefully construct the story around episodes involving music, and to transform sounds into illustrations.”

    For example, in a scene in which Uta plays Debussy’s “Poisson d’Or” from the piano suite “Images,” imaginary fish swim around the audience in the room.

    When she plays Prokofiev’s “War Sonata,” her anger and despair cause the room to grow cold.

    World without sound

    Sasou, who has enjoyed listening to classical music since he was in middle school, shows his sensitivity to sound and music in these ways.

    However, the story goes deeper that. In the end, Uta, who has become a pianist of international renown, is deprived of all sounds–the author imposes deafness upon her.

    Cruel as it may seem, Sasou had planned this plot from the very start.

    “If you pursue music to the very end, you must think of music in a world without sound,” Sasou said.

    This brings to mind the tragic life of Ludwig van Beethoven, and in fact it was Sasou’s intention to create a modern Beethoven.

    Unfinished Tezuka work

    Shortly before his death, the well-known comic-book artist Osamu Tezuka (1926-89) produced a story called “Ludwig B.,” depicting the life of Beethoven.

    In the story, Tezuka experimented with expressing sound and music in words.

    The story ends, unfinished, just as Beethoven begins to lose his hearing. We can only guess as to how Tezuka planned to develop the story.

    Sasou, who has not read that work, said he was greatly influenced by composer Keiko Sato, who has taught music to deaf children in Tokyo for the past 15 years.

    Sato thinks music is not limited to what the ear can hear. Vibration and other approaches can result in musical experiences, according to Sato, who calls this music of the senses.

    Sasou was also inspired by Evelyn Glennie, a British percussionist who is deaf.

    “I am not aware of any living professional pianist who is hard of hearing,” Sasou said. “But I think it is possible for the aurally impaired to enjoy music, if it is like Indonesian gamelan, or music based on a system different from that of Western music.”

    Sato showed me a videotape of her workshop. Children were jumping up and down and shouting for joy as they responded to stimuli such as rippling water and reflections of light, hand signs and vibrations from rhythmic beating on the floor. The children seemed to be making music themselves.

    “Humans are in themselves music,” Sato said. “The repercussions that occur among human beings are music.”

    In “Shindo,” Uta rediscovers music after losing her hearing. Sasou’s is a world of music without barriers.

    Inventive use of language

    Some say that it was comic artist Shotaro Ishinomori who first used the onomatopoeic word “shiin” in comic scenes where no sound is heard. Colorful and inventive use of language such as this has helped make Japanese comics fun and interesting.

    However, convenient as they are, such words may have suppressed a more ambitious approach to expressing sound in comics.

    “Shindo” may seem like a quiet piece of work when compared with the recent trend of filling comics with loud and aggressive characters.

    Nevertheless, it is impressive that the book has come so close to grasping the essence of music in comic format, even though it is not the best medium to that end.

    If Tezuka had been alive, he might have praised the artist for his insight and originality of expression.

    Story From Daily Yomiuri

    7-26-99—- Top Manga Sales (Japan) [As of July 19th]

    1. Hana yori Dango (23) Yoko Kamio
    2. Monster (12) Naoki Urasawa
    3. Ten wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (Heaven is beside the Red River) (17) Chie Shinohara
    4. Rurouni Kenshin (26) Nobuhiro Watsuki
    5. One Piece (9) Eiichiro Oda
    6. Multiple Personality Ditective Psyco (4)
    7. Yasha (6) Akio Yoshida
    8. The Crest of the World of Stars (41) Chieko Hosokawa
    9. Oishinbo (71) Tetsu Kariya/Akira Hanasaki
    10. Angelic Layer (1) Clamp

    7-25-99—- JIN-ROH

    Written by Mamoru Oshii (Director: Angel’s Egg, Ghost In The Shell, Patlabor, Patlabor II) directed by Hiroyuki Okiura and based on Oshii’s live action films: The Scarlet Spectacles and Stray Dogs, Jin-Roh (Wolf Brigade) is currently making it’s rounds in theaters across Southeast Asia and recently at the 49th annual Berlin International Film Festival. The film set in an alternate history 1960’s Japan occupied by Germany where riots and ominous occupying forces run rampant will finally get a release in Japan sometime between now and fall and then most likely will see acquisition state side soon thereafter. A deal is reportedly under negotiation for the US release (Although with whom negotiations are being conducted with is currently unknown my bet’s on Manga considering they acquired Oshii’s previous 3 films). Here are links to a Clip (20 kbps) (01:47) (Real Video) of the film and a Press Conference (20 kbps) (46:50) (Real Video) with the director at the Berlin International film festival.