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Anime News Service – August 21st-25th Anime News

8-25-06 (9:06PM EDT)—- GYAO Adds Motion Manga

One of the largest internet / broadband anime streamers in Japan, GYAO, has added new manga channel this week. Called “Motion Comics” the manga is presented in a movie style format with professional seiyuu voiceover, music, sound effects and pannel / box pans and editing. Fist of the Northstar and Brave Story are some of the initial 5 serials on tap. The concept is visually very similar to a technique pioneered by John Ott, Hikaru Sasahara and Digital Manga in the late 1990’s. A free preview can be seen when you load up the above page. Gyao requires you signup to see the full versions although only users with IP’s in Japan can access their content.

8-25-06 (11:44AM EDT)—- China To Produce 70,000 Mins. Of Animation In 2006

People’s Daily reports China’s cartoon industry is expected to produce 70,000 minutes of animation this year, a sign the industry is developing rapidly. The country has produced more than 50,000 minutes of cartoons so far this year, exceeding the total output last year of 47,200 minutes.

8-25-06 (11:34AM EDT)—- Gin-iro no Olynssis Presite

Based on the seinen light novel Gin-iro no Olynssis serialized in Dengeki Maoh, Toei has gone live with a presite for the coming anime TV series to debut in October. Hirai Hisashi (Gundam Seed) will provide character designs.

8-25-06 (10:14AM EDT)—- New Trailers

You can now view online video previews of the following titles via links off their main sites: Yoakena Yori Ruri Shokuna TV, Hidamari Sketch TV, Asatteno TV. Look for the text PV on one of the sidebars, click to view.

8-25-06 (9:48AM EDT)—- 50 Years Of Toei Animation – New Projects Hinted

Another Asahi article today talks about Toei’s 50th Aniversary celebration. It’s said the studio has 7 series (the most ever) running on TV in Japan now. Over the last half century they have produced 168 TV anime total and 185 anime movies. For 2007 they plan to release a new film adaptaion of Riyoko Ikeda’s manga Versailles No Bara (Rose of Versailles). Additionally an original full CG project based on Shigeru Mizuki’s “Gegege no Kitaro” is now progressing.

8-25-06 (9:16AM EDT)—- Ohayocon Site Shut Down?, the official website of the anime convetion by the same name has been taken down, what remains in it’s place is a notice of violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, mentioning content currently residing within it’s domain infringes on the copyrights and intellectual property of multiple individuals and corporations.

8-25-06 (9:00AM EDT)—- Ghibli Comments On Leguinn’s Gedo Senki Observations

Asahi Shimbun covers recent homepage comments by Author Ursula K LeGuinn on the anime film adaption of her work by Goro Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Toward the end of the article Producer Toshio Suzuki comments “I obediently catch the original writer’s impression. However, we will have made the best use of the psyche of the original. Though there are pros and cons in this movie, if it is possible to enjoy it, it is the best.” Attendance through August 20th is said to be 4,217,000 people according to distributor Toho.

8-25-06 (8:10AM EDT)—- Latest Hokuto no Ken Movie Hits DVD

Hokuto no Ken – Raoh Gaiden Junai-hen Arc which ran in theaters in Japan in March will be release to R2 DVD on October 27th. Distributor Amuse Soft Entertainment is planning a pretty lavish 18,690 yen Directors Cut “Kanzen Yoyaku Gentei Han” (Total Subscription Version) DVD BOX release. Therein you can find several deleted scenes not shown in theaters. A regular version (3,990 yen) and limited edition version (6,090 yen) will be produced as well. A rental version will be available on October 13th. The limited edition version includes a Tetsuo Hara illustrated jacket, postcard and omake disc featuring music video clips, Tetso / Buronson interview and more. With the Total Subscription Edition, you get a Tetso Hara premium reproduction illustration, 4 piece action figure set, and BOX. Supposedly you can arrange the Box as a kind of display to house the illustration and action figures. An exclusive preview for the new Fist OVA due in winter 2006 is included with all version.

8-25-06 (7:10AM EDT)—- Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Boxoffice

Despite it’s extremely limited run at around 16 screens since the opening on July 15th, Director Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Madhouse’s animated feature Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo has amassed a box office revenue exceeding 100 million Yen to date. The news comes courtesy distributor Kadowawa GHD as additional screens will be added as of August 26th. Tokyo, which had just one theater playing ‘Tokikake’ will get a much needed 2 further screens. Word of mouth and internet buzz have driven ticket purchases into near unrivaled territory for such a release. It’s said the momentum in larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka is still building.

8-25-06 (6:50AM EDT)—- Jackson No Longer Attached To Monkey King

Monkey Peaches says that Rob Minkoff (co-director of The Lion King and director of Stuart Little) is now possibly involved with the Jackie Chan and Jet Li film which supposedly features a boy who meets the Monkey King. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the item.

8-25-06 (6:16AM EDT)—- Kanon Preview Disc Released

Akiba Blog was on the streets of Akihabara Thursday to see the release of Kyoto Animation’s Kanon Prelude DVD. The anime is generally being recognized by fans around the web of having a very high visual quality.

8-25-06 (2:21AM EDT)—- Wiz Acquires Ashi Productions

A segway to this past weekend’s Dancougar news out of Charahobby 2006, it’s been announced that Japanese toy firm Wiz Inc. has acquired a controlling stake in anime studio Ashi Productions. Upon an allocation of new stock shares totalling 100 million Yen Wiz will own a 50.1% as of August 31st. AshiPro will retain the rights to it’s anime properties including alot of classics like the original Vampire Hunter D OAV, Machine Robo, VS Lamune And 40 Fire, Go Shogun, Macross 7 and others. Wiz plans to use it’s controlling interest to produce remakes of held properties, capitalizing on character merchandising. Shin Dancougar will most likely be the first major project between the 2. Founded in 1975, Ashi was involved in similar business with Bandai until 2002 when it withdrew from the group.

8-25-06 (2:00AM EDT)—- Soten no Ken Gets Network

The new Soten no Ken (Fist of the Blue Sky) TV series will broadcast on TV Asahi, the premiere date has yet to be announced although it’s being presumed that it could take Zaizen Jotaro’s spot after it ends. The Jotaro manga is published by the same company (Coamix).

8-25-06 (1:36AM EDT)—- Shakugan no Shana OAV And Movie Update

Yashichiro Takahashi’s 3 million copy selling Shakugan no Shana 3 Light Novel will be adapted to an OVA special to go on sale December 8th. The storyline is said to continue that told in the TV series, picking up immediately after the 13th episode. Additionally, a Shana anime film has been given a release sometime in 2007.

8-25-06 (12:12AM EDT)—- Anime Jungle To Add Online Shopping

Anime Jungle, the USA storefront for Osaka, Japan’s Jungle Special Collectors Shop, has announced it will add online shopping to it’s American website this fall. The US shop (a brick and mortar only operation until now) opened in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California in 2001 and offers a wide selection of unique and exclusive products direct from Japan.

8-24-06 (11:46PM EDT)—- Ultraman’s Tetsuya Bessho In Brazil

The Japanese actor and producer Tetsuya Bessho – of live-action Ultraman – The Next (2005) will be in Sao Paulo city in 17th International Festival de Curtas-Metragens. He created the Shorts Shorts Festival, that congregates main movies sort in Japan and U.S.A. Bessho will bring 4 new movies, with support of the Fundacao Japao de Sao Paulo. More information at Sandra Monte’s Congratulations to them on their 100th news posting!

8-24-06 (11:41PM EDT)—- Whisper At Aero Theater

A .pdf file at the American Cinematheque site indicates that Whisper will also play at the Aero theater in Santa Monica, and, in addition to Miyazaki merchandise, will feature a panel hosted by the voice talent of the dub as well as newspaper columnist and occasional anime reviewer Charles Solomon. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the heads up.

8-24-06 (2:54PM EDT)—- Gainax Fills Staff Positions On Color / Khara Project

Following up on recent news of Gainax looking to recruite staff for an upcoming Hideaki Anno directed anime film, a new page has appeared mentioning the following at the top: “Please terminate the production staff recruitment. Thanks alot for your application.” then lower down: “Project start. The animation production staff is recruited!!”

8-24-06 (2:52PM EDT)—- Pluto No Longer A Planet

A ton of sidehnaded Sailor Moon related talk today on this news: Slashdot reports the IAU has Demoted the planet Pluto to ‘Dwarf Planet’ status .

8-24-06 (12:14PM EDT)—- New VOTOMS Series Details

The official VOTOMS Blog has been updated with images and and a report of the new anime series announcement this past weekend at CharaHobby. Original series creator and Director Ryosuke Takahashi mentioned their project name for the new anime is “Scopedog21C”. The project is currently being advanced through production at Sunrise now. Takahashi said he was quite eager at directing a work after a long time away from such duties.

8-24-06 (11:18AM EDT)—- Sou Hikari No Strain Broadcast Date

The official website for the coming Sou Hikari No Strain TV anime has updated with a special page featuring images from the CharaHobby show this past weekend. There you can see pics of their setup at the Happinet booth. According to flyers being passed around the show, the broadcast start is November, 2006 on WOWOW.

8-24-06 (10:50AM EDT)—- Chibi Maruko Drama Returns

Based on the Fuji TV animation that recorded an average audience rating of 22.8% a second season for the Chibi Maruko drama that began last April has been announced. The new series starring Ei Morisako begins this fall. The previous season begins hitting DVD on October 27th.

8-24-06 (10:00AM EDT)—- Cupid No Itazura Nijidama To Be Adapted To Drama

Taku Kitazaki’s (Angel Cop, Nagisa Me Kourin) manga Cupid No Itazura Nijidama, serialized in Shogakukan’s Young Sunday will be adapted to a TV drama to begin airing in October. Actress Hiromi Kitagawa will star in the lead role of an Office Lady (OL) with a mischeivious mind who works for a computer and media manufacturer. Embroiled in a love triangle, her man suddenly, is overcome with a weird disease that involves him losing his ability to ejaculate during sex.

8-24-06 (9:05AM EDT)—- Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Novel To Be Published In China

Nikkei BP reports creator Yoshiki Tanaka’s original 1982 Ginga Eiyu Densetsu (Legend Of The Galactic Heroes) novel will be published for the 1st time in China this fall. The books have sold more than 15 million copies in Japan. Unofficial / pirate Chinese translations have circulated online in the past. Japanese author Haruki Murakami is also popular there recently. The story of Gin’eiden as it’s called for short tells the story of a grand galactic wide war in space opera format. Although hardly noticed upon debut, 10 volumes in total constituted the main book series that was released through 1987. The story won the “Nebula Prize” awarded by SF fans ’88. Anime in the form of 2 movies and around 160 OVA episodes, an 11 volume manga run spanning 10 years and computer game adaptations followed. Pirate editions flowed widely into continental China, starting in Taiwan in ’96. It’s said the book series was the “Phantasy novel that had the strongest influence in China before Harry Potter’s appearance” according to a review in the Chinese Communist Party published newspaper “People’s Daily”. The reporter mentions about 10 years ago, having turned on a satelite TV broadcast by chance at around midnight while staying at a hotel in Guangdong Province and seeing the animation. Situations such as setting of story and character individuality and other points such as the development of each war campaign seems similar to other stories like Romance of the Three Kingdoms. This may be a reason behind such a wide appeal in China. China’s booming space program has made the series more popular than ever. Recently joining the small circle of countries to have placed men into space, an initeresting similarity can be seen in the name of the real life astronaut Yang Liwei and Gin’eiden lead character Yang Wenli. The first book arrives in October and the entire series is due out in a year’s time.

8-24-06 (8:17AM EDT)—- Gundam Art Exhibition Draws 10,000

A Sapporo, Hokkaido Gundam exhibition has drawn over 10,000 people as of the morning of the 24th. Various art from the animation is on display there. The 10,000th person was Masayuki graduate student from Tokyo who stopped in via rent-a-car. The exhibtion runs through September 24th.

8-24-06 (8:04AM EDT)—- Hiroshima Animation Festival Starts

The 11th Hiroshima International Animation Festival got underway in Japan on the 24th. This year the theme is “love and peace”. The festival started in 1985. Around 53 works from around the world will be screened there ranging in length from seconds to around 30 minutes. Six judges in Japan, Canada, and Russia, etc. decide the winners of the grand prix and the Hiroshima prize, etc., those will be unveield on the 28th.

8-24-06 (7:42AM EDT)—- Comedian Keiroku Seki Dies

Japanese comedian Keiroku Seki has died of pulmonitis at a hospital in Tokyo on the 23rd, he was 78 years old. He’s best known for his role in the 1969 film Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo (It’s Tough Being A Man). Last September the comedian was diagnosed with “Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)” of the blood. His adopted home was Asakusa though he was born in Tochigi. Among anime credits, he voiced a charater in the animation Uchuu Ninja Gomuzu.

8-24-06 (6:55AM EDT)—- Aoyama Tsuyoshi Pavilion To Be Built

Tottori Prefecture revealed work is progressing on the still under development Aoyama Tsuyoshi Masakan (Pavilion), being built to honor the Detetive Conan creator in Yurashuku. Construction begins in September of this year, with a planned opening at the end of March .

8-24-06 (6:55AM EDT)—- Gunpla Expo Kicks Off

Livedoor has a report from the Gunpla Expo which just got started in Ikebukuro. The event which runs from the 23rd – the 30th looks back at 26 years of Gundam Modeling. It’s said over one million Gundam model units were sold 6 months from original release in 1979. About 376 million units have been sold as of March, 2006.

8-24-06 (6:33AM EDT)—- Japan Sinks Hits Seoul

Innolife mentions theater previews for Japan Sinks have hit screens in South Korea recently. The film opens there on August 31st. The movie is a remake of course of the smash hit 1973 sci-fi film and best-selling novel by Sakyo Komatsu. Director Masatsugu Higuchi’s work on Evangelion and Lorelei are referred to. He also worked with Hideaki Anno on Nadia. Korean born BoA sings Japan Sinks’ title song ‘Keep Holding U’.

8-24-06 (6:16AM EDT)—- Kyoto Manga Museum Starts Newsletter

Kyoto International Manga Museum recently began publishing and circulating their own newsletter in Japan. The title is “Emuemu Tsuushin” (Getting Communication). The first issue includes a message from the director general of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, a message from strategy promtions secrectary general of the intellectual property cabinet secretariat Hisamitsu Arai and a Q&A corner. The main feature though is an exclusive interview with Anpanman creator Takashi Yanase and his expectations for the museum. This interview has also been published online. Likewise, the entire first issue can be downloaded in PDF format here. The letter is being distributed free of charge at stations in Kyoto’s municipally managed subway.

8-24-06 (4:43AM EDT)—- Was Tezuka Inspired By China?

That’s the premise of the exibition “Tezuka Osamu No Atom To Son Goku Ten (Atom) No Rutsu Ha Chuugoku Anime Niatta?” to open at the Suginami Animation Museum on August 29th. The god of manga is known to have taken queues from Walt Disney’s early works (giving us the convention of hge eyes in anime and manga today), but he is also known to have seen Chinese animation such as the Wan brothers’ 1941 film Saiyuki Tetsu Ougi Koushu No Kan. A number of elements of this film (storyboards / cels) will be shown at Suginami until November 26th.

8-24-06 (3:43AM EDT)—- Get Your News From Housemaids The Moe Way

Japanese news site Watch Impress has started a new moe version video service where housemaids cover the day’s top headlines. The free service which will be updated Mon-Fri launched August 24th. Two kinds of streams (300kbps and 700kbps) will be available in Windows Media Video format. They are looking at a goal of seeing more than one million download per month in the first year. The new service is being supported on an advertising model. Check it out yourself at

8-24-06 (12:44AM EDT)—- Chan, Li, Spielberg, Dragonball and Monkey King Movie Rumors, Truths And Speculation

Yahoo News mentions that while Spielberg and Yimour are close, there are no plans for a Journey To The West Feature from them. The rumour was taken out of context. However, according to, the Aug. 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly had a quote from Jet Li stating that his next project was with Jackie Chan. It should also be noted that a few years ago on, there were two polls on choices for hypothetical actors for the live-action DBZ, and Li and Chan got picked by fans for Goku and Vegeta, respectively. Whether that monkey king project and DBZ are one in the same remains to be seen… Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news.

8-23-06 (11:18PM EDT)—- Nippon No Media Geijutsu 100 Sen

Marking their 10th anniversary, the Japan Media Arts Festival has set up Nippon No Media Geijutsu 100 Sen (Japan Media Arts Era 100), a series of web polls where visitors can vote for their favorite 10 works (out of 100 choices) in the categories Music, Entertainment, Manga and Anime. Over 27,000 votes have been cast so far. Online voting is open to anyone, it began in July will continue until August 31st. The final results will be announced on the official website around mid-September and honored at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival 10th Anniversary Event next year in Roppongi. As an aside, results submitted by a number of well known judges (mangka Tsuchida Seiki, animator Yoshiyuki Tomino, author Yumemakura Baku and artist Nobumichi Tosa) have been posted.

8-23-06 (10:13PM EDT)—- Whisper Of The Heart Screening

The Egyptian Theater will be including an English dubbed version of Yoshifumi Kondo’s movie in their line-up for “Animated Films that Got Away” on Sept.24. Of note is the following: ” Rare Miyazaki promotional merchandise will be given away at the screening!” Thanks To Daniel Zelter For The Link.

8-23-06 (10:11PM EDT)—- Ninja Scroll Comic Details And Media

DC Comics has a summary and promotional photos of a Wildstorm comic spin-off of the Yoshiaki Kawajiri movie. The first issue will be available Sept. 13 for $2.99 at 32 pages, and with art by Michael Chang Ting Yu, story by J. Torres, and variant covers from Jim Lee. Thanks To Daniel Zelter For The News Item.

8-23-06 (11:44AM EDT)—- Mamoru Oshii And Ryosuke Takahashi Joint Lecture

The offficial FLAG Website has updated mentioning a recent animation production supervision symposium that Directors Ryosuke Takahashi and Mamoru Oshii hosted at the WAO Image Laboratory on July 11th. The article says the pair have been freinds for some time now. They spoke about anime production and direction theories. Takahashi’s FLAG was screened and Oshii praised the opening sequence. Oshii mentioned Takahashi’s early 80’s robot war series Votoms and said he wanted to try his hand at something similar but such a thing couldnt happen at Tatsunoko Productions, his studio at the time. When asked about views on production Takahashi (who was executive producer for Gaogaigar) said he didn’t really trust his own production ability although it is a critcal skill needed prior to becoming a director. Oshii said his standpoint on both direction and production was always different depending on the work. You can view pictures of the 2 at the lecture at the above link.

8-23-06 (11:31AM EDT)—- Shibuya Animation Festival 2006

Shibuya’s Parco Museum will host the Shibuya Animation Festival 2006 October 13th-16th. At the event will be several screenings of new autumn anime works (Movie/OAV/TV), fans can also get their hands on limited edition goods to be on sale. An Exhibition area will house original illustrations and design materials. Autograph sessions and handshake opportunities with popular voice actors and creators will be held. Around 50 companies will participate including GAINAX, Cospa, Gonzo, Production I.G., Broccoli and Marvelous Entertainment.

8-23-06 (7:27AM EDT)—- Gundam Zeta Movie DVD Sales

According to Bandai Visual, combined Japanese DVD sales for 1st 2 Gundam Zeta Movies have exceeded 450,000 units. Movie 3 is to be released on August 25th.

8-23-06 (5:12AM EDT)—- Masami Obari On New Dancougar Anime

News continues to filter in from Charahobby 2006 held this past weekend in Tokyo. Animation studio Ashi Productions had an interesting poster at their booth (seen left). They plan to produce a sequel to their 38 episode 1985 mecha TV anime Choujuu Kishin (Super Beast Machine God) Dancougar. Tentatively being titled “Shin Dancougar”, the new work will take the form of a TV series to be directed by Masami Obari (Fatal Fury, Gowkaizer). Oddly enough, one of Obari’s first professional anime jobs was designing the mecha in the original Dancougar. According to AshiPro, the project is in the pre production phase where staff are still being gathered, they say look for the new series in about 1 years time. From the poster however, several confirmed staff details can be gathered: Story by Takeshi Shudo (Nadesico) and Mitsui Hideki (Magikano), Character Design by Kazuko Tadano (Sailor Moon), Concept Design by Katsuji Murakami (Zeta Gundam), Mecha Design by Masami Obari and Koji Nakakita (Wandaba Style), Art Director: Shigeru Katsumata (Mazinger Z), Animation Production by Ashi Productions Ltd., Production by the “New Dancougar”Production Committee.

8-23-06 (3:04AM EDT)—- Reasons For Bandai Fansub Warning?

News of Bandai Entertainment’s warning to fansubbers regarding Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex has gone worldwide since the intial press release this afternoon. The topic has promoted much discussion online. Many have questioned “why now” and “why this title” regarding the move. There are some interesting things about SSS that set apart from other anime works. Although it’s being called a full length feature film at 105 minutes with theatrical quality animation, there are no plans on the table for a traditional movie theater release in Japan or abroad. The sole avenues of release in Japan are PPV TV followed by DVD. At an unprecedented 360 million Yen (or 3.20 million dollars) the work cost almost as much to make as the 4 million dollar original Ghost In The Shell did in 1995. Without a boxoffice run for such an expensive and high quality work (most traditional movies make the bulk of their money in theaters), the dependance on revenue generated through the above mentioned channels is obviously crucial. Also, compared to traditional movies the nature of the form of distribution being used here also clearly makes it more succeptable to being copied in high quality and then distributed widely illegally.

8-23-06 (1:27AM EDT)—- Always Sanchome no Yuhi Interview

The Japan Times interviews Director Takashi Yamazaki on his manga based film Always Sanchome no Yuhi.

8-23-06 (1:25AM EDT)—- Contents Focused Prime Minister?

Criss Cross reports that with elections just around the corner, Japan Today dropped into Hibiya to ask who Japan’s next Prime Minister will be. Ogura, 53 states the following: “Although I don’t support Abe, I think he’ll be the next PM. I wish the LDP dominance would end. The privileges that they have must be destroyed. Look at the low voter turnout at past elections. There is a silent majority who don’t vote anymore because they do not believe things can be changed by their votes. I believe that Japan needs a sort of internal driven revolution. Japanese are not good at making political decisions and economic policy, but we are good at adapting ideas from many backgrounds. Culture and branding can play a big part in politics. Foreign Minister Aso, for example, is interesting because he is a big fan of manga, so I would like him to use his cultural sense more aggressively. Then maybe he’ll become Japan’s next prime minister.”

8-23-06 (1:07AM EDT)—- Strange Kind Of Woman To Be Animated

According to the latest issue of Issuisya’s erotic manga magazine Bishoujo Teki Kaikatsu Chikara, mangaka Inu’s serial “Strange Kind Of Woman” will be adapted to an 18+ OVA by Pink Pineapple. More details will be forthcoming in the following issue.

8-22-06 (11:06PM EDT)—- Solid State Society Airs In 10 Days

Bandai’s warning to fansubbers on Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex comes just 10 days before the movie is scheduled to premiere on satellite PPV channel SKY PerfecTV! Perfect Choice ch160, on September 1st, 2006. Following the lines of contemporary fansubbing practices, the broadcast will give Japanese rippers the first opportunity to record the show digitally. If uploaded to file sharing networks, these “raws” could then be viewed by fansub translators and a script to be created which would then be time encoded over the file as subtitles. The resulting file would be a fansub. A DVD release for Solid State Society in Japan is set for November 24th, 2006. A USA DVD release is scheduled for 2007.

8-22-06 (9:31PM EDT)—- Tables Turn For Fansubbers

Bandai Entertainment Inc. sent out a general notice to the fan community today stating it would be carefully monitoring the market for the creation and/or distribution of illegal fansubs or other pirated copies of all Bandai Entertainment Inc. titles, including the yet to be released title, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society.

Several fansub sites have publicly announced plans to create and distribute illegal fansubs of Solid State Society following its release in Japan. However, Bandai Entertainment Inc. and Manga Entertainment have secured the exclusive right to distribute this title in the US. The creation of translated versions of Solid State Society is considered an unauthorized derivative and constitutes infringement of the intellectual property rights in the work as well as unfair competition. Furthermore, uploading and downloading of the programs without an official license or explicit consent by the content owner(s) constitutes infringement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, and is an illegal act. Bandai must take steps to protect its investment in the property and will take all measures available to stop the illegal distribution of its titles, including instituting court proceedings. If it is forced to do so, Bandai is prepared to seek statutory damages and/or damages to cover its loss of sales.

“Fansubs, even those not sold for profit, are harmful to our properties and industry overall and we will be watching closely to make sure our rights regarding SSS are not infringed,” said Ken Iyadomi, President of Bandai Entertainment Inc. “We are prepared to take legal action against fansubbers and illegal download and other distribution sites if this notice is ignored,” he added. Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society will be released by Bandai Entertainment Inc. in 2007.

8-22-06 (9:21PM EDT)—- Naruto & Zatch Bell Anime In Latin America

VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), one of the entertainment industry’s most innovative and comprehensive publishing, animation and licensing companies has closed deals with three of the largest terrestrial elevision companies in Latin America for two animated series from Japan: NARUTO and ZATCH BELL!. America TV (Peru) has acquired 52 episodes each of ZATCH BELL! and NARUTO ; TV Globo (Brazil) has acquired 52 episodes of ZATCH BELL! and Televideo Services picked up 52 episodes each of ZATCH BELL! and NARUTO for Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Honduras.

8-22-06 (9:11PM EDT)—- DC Anime Art Show

The DC Anime Club, an organization whose purpose is to educate the Washington, DC community about East Asian culture through the art form known as Anime (Japanese animation) will showcase the art work of its members at the DC Anime Art Show, September 6-25, 2006 in Gallery A-6 of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G Street, N.W. The art show will include sketch drawings, fan made T-shirts,Cosplay Props and more. During the opening program on Saturday September 9 , from 12 to 5 pm, members of the DC Anime Club as well other show attendees will cosplay (the Japanese term for costume play), dressing up in homemade costumes as their favorite Japanese animated characters. There will also be Anime Screenings,Video Gaming with Special Guest Artist Steve Bennet. This program is free and open to the public. For more information please visit the DC Anime Club website at
For more information:

8-22-06 (6:59AM EDT)—- South Park Creators On Kaiju Spoof?

Dark Horizons says Trey Stone and Matt Parker are doing a tentatively-titled project called “Giant Monsters Attack Japan!” which ‘will combine live-action with the “rubber suit” techniques made popular in Asian imports like “Godzilla”.’ Big Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news submission.

8-22-06 (4:40AM EDT)—- NBA’s Yao Ming In Live Action Slam Dunk?

According to Kung Fu Cult Cinema:…Jay Chou is set to star in basketball film “Slam Dunk”, according to an announcement made at a recent press conference. The film is scheduled to start shooting by next May, aiming for a release date just before the Beijing 2008 Olympics, and is to be directed by Zhu Yanping. The producers are hoping to get China’s NBA all-star center Yao Ming to play a role in the film….
Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the news item

8-22-06 (2:54AM EDT)—- International Contents Carnival Planned For TIFF

Although already a major draw for foreign participants, The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry want to bolster the the Tokyo International Film Festival’s place in contents industry promotion by possibly adding a new event focused on anime, manga and games. This International Contents Carnival as it is being called could debut at the 2007 TIFF. Details are currently being examined.

8-22-06 (2:23AM EDT)—- Final Versions Of PS3 Development Decks Circulate

IGN has details and pics of the purported final versions of Sony’s development units for PS3 software. IGN says little info on the 8GB equipped dvdkits themselves exists and: Initially, we were concerned that the kits would still run extremely hot and be very loud (in fact, some people have likened the whine of the dev kit fans to that of a jet turbine), but we were pleasantly surprised to note the distinct lack of noise and heat coming from the system.

8-22-06 (2:16AM EDT)—- DiGi Charat Official Site Updates

Broccoli’s official DiGi Charat website has updated with a few screen grabs from the Winter Garden animation that prmiered this weekend at TBS Anime Festa. They say details of the project’s future will be forthcoming there.

8-22-06 (2:10AM EDT)—- Superman Returns Tops Japanese Box Office

Movie Walker reports that in it’s 4th week of release, Studio Ghibli’s Gedo Senki has come in 2nd place at the Japanese boxoffice this past weekend, being beat out by Superman Returns. Despite this, the Goro Miyazaki directed animated feature has drawn in an estimated excess of 5 billion Yen to date.

8-22-06 (2:02AM EDT)—- Corolla 40th Anniversary Exhibition

Carview talks about the 40th anniversary of Toyota’s Corolla model. A new commemoration event is looking back on transition of designs and examples of the brand over that time period. The latest restyling will be announced this autumn. Nine generations of the model have been released between 1966 and 2000 are being shown off at the MEGA WEB hall in Odaiba. Among them are special exhibits of the the popular AE86 Trueno and Levin designation that gained fame onf the drifting and WRC circuits and through anime and manga such as Initial D.

8-22-06 (12:23AM EDT)—- K-Pop Show Goes On After Dancer Faints On Stage

FNN reports Korea’s SBS TV was flooded with viewer complaints of anger and outrage Sunday following a female dancer’s sudden collapse during concert performed on a music program being shown on the network. The protests stem from the fact that the concert and broadcast continued as if nothing had happened despite the fallen backup dancer’s convulsions and apparant expressions of great pain as she lie writhing on the stage. The main members of the group continued their performaces as usual even as they can be seen to be looking directly at their fallen dancer. Other backup dancers can be seen to be more concerned for the girl’s condition and one eventually comes to her aide followed by several male staff who haul the dancer of stage. Through all of this the concert continued as if all was normal. You can view video of the event at the above link and higher res video here.

8-22-06 (1:30AM EDT)—- Gundam Otaku Will Not Go Into Space

Qatar’s Peninsula Daily reports Japan’s first would-be space tourist, Daisuke Enomoto, has failed a medical test and will not be allowed to travel to space next month as scheduled, a Russian space agency official said yesterday.

8-21-06 (6:23AM EDT)—- Dragon Quest Anime DVD BOX

The Dragon Quest animation is another one of those spread out / lengthy and interesting series that continues to remain unlicensed in America. It also has a relatively large name creator attached in Dragonball’s Akira Toriyama. The story is an adaptation of the highly popular Enix RPG video game series (also known as Dragon Warrior in the USA). In the planning stages for about 5 years now, a new R2 DVD-BOX will soon go on sale in Japan collecting the 42 episode “Abel Densetsu” TV series broadcast from December, 1989 on Fuji Television Network. Toriyama served as the original character designer for the Katsuhisa Yamada and Takeyuki Kanda directed Studio Comet production. The plot combines that of Famicom games III and IV. Extras in the box include a brilliantly illustrated 132 page book and Omake Disc. The street release is October 10, 2006, 1050 minutes / 42 collected, Product Number is SVDB-114. Retail is 39,900 Yen. As a side note, Wikipedia has a listing for this series, they mention Saban brought 13 dubbed episodes to the USA and Canada in 1990, titled Dragon Warrior. The show never achieved a prime time Saturday morning time slot in many cities (if any), it received the dubious honor of being on Entertainment Tonight’s list of most violent animated programs, and Toriyama reportedly sued Saban because his name was not included in the English version’s credits. Unlike the Japanese version which featured an original, electronic musical score, the American version “Dragon Warrior” television show featured orchestral Dragon Quest music by Sugiyama.

8-21-06 (5:49AM EDT)—- Shimakon Cosplay Picnic Article

The Brownsville Herald covers this past weekend’s Shimakon Cosplay Picnic. The meetup was held Saturday at Dean Porter Park in Brownsville, Texas.

8-21-06 (4:51AM EDT)—- Anime Genesis Podcast Teaches How To Make Anime

Studio ArtFX today announced the release of Anime Genesis: How to Turn Your Anime Dreams Into Reality, a new podcast series that will continue in the Studio ArtFX tradition of showing how it was done. As a series created using the latest digital media tools, Anime Genesis, or ANIGEN for short, can bring users up to date information on the state of independent animation and the tools that continue to allow artists to create studio quality work without the need for millions of dollars or major studio backing. The show can be found on the web at ( or in the iTunes podcast library where viewers can subscribe to the RSS feed and get regular updates when episodes are released. Focused on showing users the latest uses of some of the hottest new off-the-shelf tools on market, like Vue 5 Infinite, Sketchup Pro 5, modo 202 and Lightwave 3D, ANIGEN is set to help content creators everywhere maximize their visual art dreams. Far from only dwelling in the 3D world, though, ANIGEN will also cover the latest tools in the world of digital, paperless 2D animation, like Bauhaus Software’s Mirage Studio Pro, and delve into drawing for manga, doujinshi, visual novels and comics. “I’ve always been committed to showing users how to get their visual art projects done,” explains Terrence Walker, founder of Studio ArtFX. “Since the release of my previous works, the world of digital content creation has changed dramatically. New tools like Vue 5 Infinite or the Mirage Nomad have altered the way I create entirely. This series is going to take users far beyond anything I’ve done in the past.” The ANIGEN podcast series is available entirely free to viewers on the Studio ArtFX website or in the iTunes music library. The series will begin with weekly episode releases with plans to make the jump to biweekly releases by the close of the year.

8-21-06 (12:17AM EDT)—- Paprika At NYFF

Kaiju Shakedown mentions that Satoshi Kon’s latest psychological thriller will be at The New York Film Festival held between late September and early October. Thanks to Mary and Daniel Zelter for the link.