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Anime News Service – August 6th-8th Anime News

8-8-06 (7:53AM EDT)—- More Theaters For Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

Following up some news out of Otakon this past weekend. Masao Murayama said at his Madhouse panel that Mamoru Hosoda’s anime film Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo is only being shown in one theater in Tokyo presently. As of Tuesday it’s been announced 33 theaters nationwide will soon host screenings. In Tokyo, where it has solely been playing at a Shinjuku theater since August 12th, there have been sell out crowds for every show and rave reviews. However, there has also been widespread dissatisfaction due to the extremely limited nature of the release, and the ability for most people to actually get into one of the showings. From August 26th 3 theaters in the city will begin playing the movie.

8-8-06 (7:35AM EDT)—- “Extra Large” Evangelion Scoop In October Newtype

According to information published in the just released September, 2006 Japanese edition of Newtype Magazine, 10 years from the original series telecast their October issue will include an “extra large” scoop on Neon Genesis Evangelion. No details are given but in a teaser preview they ask readers the question “What starts happening?”, and invites them to pick up the next issue to find out.

8-8-06 (6:13AM EDT)—- New Super Robot Taisen Anime TV Series

Banpresto is developing a new TV animation, “Super Robot Taisen OG Devine War”. Confirmed staff include Director Kakudou Hiroyuki (Digimon Adventure TV), Series Composition by Takanobu Terada (Super Robot Wars Original Generation), Original Character Concepts by Sachiko Kono, Character Design by Yuji Ikeda (Dragon Ball Z), CG Supervision by Ichiro Itano, Special Technical Direction by Ichiro Itano and Animation Production by OLM.

8-8-06 (5:39AM EDT)—- Japanese Broadcast Briefs

– Galaxy Angel II will broadcast from October.
– The second season of Jigoku Shoujo TV will start on October 7, 2006
– The official website for TBS’s 009-1 series is now live at
– Based on the Watsuki (Kenshin) manga, the Busou Renkin TV series will air at midnight in October via TV Tokyo.

8-8-06 (5:37AM EDT)—- Update- HOAX: Kara No Kyoukai To Be Animated

Several contacts have written in to confirm this news as false. The source, a supposed leaked page scan from the September issue of Tech Gian surfaced days before the actual magazine release in Japan. The alleged image of page 311 of the magazine was passed and posted around the Japanese fan web. Upon the actual magazine’s release, readers were treated to an entirely different page 311 and the “leaked” interview scan was revealed to be a fairly well-made fake. Prior to the official confirmation, much of the material in the fake interview was said to be somewhat unbelievable by many fans including making Ryuudo Issei a main character of a forthcoming game.
According to information published in the September, 2006 issue of Tech Gian magazine, TYPE MOON’s first novel Kara No Kyoukai will be adapted to a 26 episode anime TV series. The Nasu Kinoko work preceded “Tsukihime”, which gave the Dojin circle super cult status in Japan, catapulting them into a full fledged business and leading to the commercialization of their many properties.

8-8-06 (5:02AM EDT)—- Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA Anime Announced

News out of the just released September, 2006 issue of Japanese Newtype Magazine indicates the BandaiNamco Xbox360 / idol simulation arcade game, The Idol Master will be adapted to an animated TV series. Titled Idol Master XENOGLOSSIA, production staff associated with Mai-HiME will be involved. Other confirmed staff includes Director Nagai Tatsuyuki (Honey and Clover II), Series Composer Hanada Juuki (Rozen Maiden) and Character Designer Takeuchi Hiroshi (Shutsugeki! Machine Robo Rescue), Animation Production by Sunrise. The storyline is said to be completely different from that in the game. The franchise pre-animation has been an underground cult hit among hardcore otaku in Japan. In the original game the player takes on the role of a producer who’s job is to groom a future idol singer. 10 teenage girls can be slected at the begining and you can customize her appearance and train her in various mini games, which will improve five of her status features. Broadcast set for 2007. The official website is

8-8-06 (4:33AM EDT)—- Air Becomes First Title Announced For Blu-Ray

To hit Japanese store shelves on November 1st, 2006 retailing at 29,800 Yen, Pony/Canyon Ltd.’s AIR BD-BOX will mark the first domestic title (and the first anime) to be released on Sony’s new High Definition video disc format, Blu-Ray. The box will collect the 12 epsiode TV series along with 2 special / extra stories. The set will be a limited production run. Sony’s PLAYSTATION 3 will be sold on November 11th, supporting the format. An omake disc will also be included. Video format will be 16:9, Audio will be 5.1ch Dolby Digital Stereo linear PCM, 5.1ch surround linear PCM, collected by four types of Dolby NR professional logic II. Grammy Award winning digital mastering engineer Ted Jensen (for his work with Norah Jones) produced the 5.1ch soundtrack. Two kinds of openings that use new images are collected on the omake disk. A 90 second opening has been increased to three minutes for the BOX. Additionaly the cast interview “-MEMORY OF VOICE-” collected to the DVD “AIR MEMORIES” is included. It’s content will differ from the DVD version, featuring new material. the 130 minute commentary will include all 11 cast members. An illustration gallery of 50 images will also be added. This project was first shown at the CES and a confirmation that it would go into production came on the official website in February, 2006.

8-8-06 (4:05AM EDT)—- TokyoPop And Initial D At Tofu Festival

TokyoPop’s Initial D is coming to Tofu Festival ( at Little Tokyo District in (Downtown) Los Angeles, CA on 8/12-13.

8-8-06 (3:54AM EDT)—- Indie Film Slump In Japan

A new Hollywood Reporter article talks about how international co-productions like Death Note and the Korean film, April Snow, as well as international films like The Da Vinci Code and Narnia are beating domestic-made films in Japan. Thanks To Daniel Zelter for the news.

8-8-06 (3:42AM EDT)—- ROBOT Vol. 6 Flash Preview

Wanimagazine has posted a supercool flash media preview for their coming release ROBOT Volume 6. The book will feature art by Range Murata, Yoshitoshi Abe, Yusuke Kozaki, Sabe, Sho-u Tajima, Yumi Tada, Shin Nagasawa, Fuji Jun, Neon Vision, Shigeki Maeshima, Yasuto Miura, Miggy, Mitsukaz Mihara, Yamato Yamamoto, YUG, Kengo Yonekura and RCO WADA. You can also go back and see the art from volumes 1-5.

8-8-06 (3:36AM EDT)—- Pretty Cure Movie 2 Site

Toei Animation has renewed their official website for the animated theatrical feature sequel Pretty Cure Splash Star. A December 9th, 2006 release has been given.

8-8-06 (3:23AM EDT)—- New Eva PS2 Game: Meitantei Evangelion

GAINAX has comissioned a new EVA PS2 game in the works which is being developed by Broccoli. Meitantei Evangelion (Great Detective Evangelion) will go on sale in Japan in November. The game will feature an original story which occurs in Tokyo III where a series of serial murders are occuring. The player takes on the role of Ikari Shinji who investigates the crimes and staedily collects evidence leading toward a suspect in rival character Kaworu Nagisa. The original voice cast will participate. Both a regular (with game only) and premium box version (with extras such as a collector’s wristwatch) will be sold.

8-8-06 (3:10AM EDT)—- Hana Yori Dango Drama Season 2

Based on the manga by Yoko Kamio, the TBS Hana Yori Dango drama series (which ran between October-December, 2005) will revive in January, 2007. Mao Inoue and Matsumoto Jun will star. The sequel will take on a viewer participation type format and fans can go up to the official website and vote for particular storylines they would like to see. The original run mainainted an average rating of 19.7%. The web presence setup for the drama has drawn 170 million pages views, an all-time high for any TBS site. Shueisha reprinted the original manga during the drama run, selling about 4.12 million copies. They aim at selling around 7 million throughout the run of the sequel series bringing the total number of Hana Yori Dango manga in circulation to 55 million copies. The original comic was seriailized in “Marguerite” from 92-03. The first series of the drama is airing across Asia now.

8-8-06 (2:42AM EDT)—- NANA 2 Cast

Last week Toei announced the cast to the sequel of the 4 billion Yen smash hit live action movie adaptation of Ai Yazawa’s NANA. The lead role of Komatsu Nana will see actress Yui Ichikawa replacing Aoi Miyazaki.December 9. Additionally, Mika Nakashima will retain her role as Oosaki Nana but Ren will be played by Nobuo Kyou who replaces Ryuhei Matsuda. TBS producers has said the changes occured due to conflicts in the actors’ schedules. Other big changes include a location shoot in London, UK. The original film opened last September and plans are to have NANA 2 in Japanese theaters on December 9th, 2006. The Director will be Kentarou Ootani.

8-8-06 (1:42AM EDT)—- Boys Love Genre Grows In Japan

Asahi Shimbun has a Japanese language article on the growth of the Boys Love segment in both manga and novels. According to the piece, the sexually charged phenomenon expanded rapidly in the latter half of the 1990’s among female otaku. The Japanese terms “Otome Road” (an area of Ikebukuro where many manga shops featuring BL can be found) and Fujoshi (referring to female fans of boys love novels and manga) sprang into fan lexicon around the same time. Specialty comic shops dealing in the material can sell as many as 200 BL genre books a day and running out of stock is not unusual. It is said that Keiko Takemiya’s 1976 manga “Kaze to Ki not Uta”, serialized in “Weekly shoujo manga” by Shogakukan is generally accepted as being the seminal work from which the current wave of BL manga sprang forth. Readership is overwhelmingly teen women though the age group is said to have increased recently to include women in their 40’s. Boys Love writers and manga have achieved a prolific stature among fans. Another facet of the craze seems to be propagated by Japanese women’s saviness with celular phones. Online booksellers recieve a great bulk of their orders via credit card transactions placed through mobile phones. Beyond this, reading BL comics via computer and especially cellular phone is highly popular in Japan now.

8-8-06 (12:54AM EDT)—- New Maison Ikkoku Drama

Rumiko’s Takahashi popular manga love / comedy manga Maison Ikkou will be the basis for a new TV drama special to be broadcast by Asahi Television next spring. Misaki Itou will star as heroine Kyoko and a public audition call has been made through ads and various other venues to cast the other roles, a final decision will be announced in October. Prospective cast applicants are directed to an official website

8-7-06 (9:13AM EDT)—- Death Note Game Update

Konami has posted an official website listing a February 2nd, 2007 release for their Death Note video game on the Nintendo DS platform:

8-7-06 (7:04AM EDT)—- New Evangelion Anime Movie(s) Coming?

One of the biggest rumors running this summer among Japanese fans online involves Studio GAINAX, presumably under the aegis of Director Hideaki Anno, re-editing and adding new animation footage to the original 1995 26 episode Evangelion TV series (ala Gundam Zeta) and releasing them as a series of new movies to Japanese theaters. So the story goes, as many as 4 movies could be produced and the 4th one may be entirely new material or may contain an entirely new ending to the Evangelion saga. A side rumor from a few months ago indicates a staff room for Evangelion was being created or renovated at GAINAX HQ. This questionable information started circulating prior to the below mentioned GAINAX search launched, looking for production and animation staff for a forthcoming Hideaki Anno directed animated film project codenamed “Color” (Khara). Those who meet the criteria are encouraged to email to joboffer(AT) or call. What can be confirmed now as fact is Evangelion and project “Color” are connected and the proof can be found on GAINAX’s official EVA website. At the bottom of the page, the copyright statement has added “color” (in katakana) to the Project Eva copyright information. Other twists include the following: A whois search for the domain reveals it is registered to Khara Corporation. The name Todoroki Ikki is listed as registration and tech contact. It’s worth noting Anno Hideaki appeared in the movies Taste of Tea and Naisu No Mori with Todoroki Ikki. Additionally, a search on GAINAX’s company overview page shows the Director’s name is no longer present. This is leading many to speculate “Color / Khara” could be a spinoff studio perhaps similar to Hideo Kojima’s production label “Kojima Productions” or Hayao Miyazaki’s private office “Ni Bariki”.

8-7-06 (3:54AM EDT)—- Princess Maker 5 Site

GAINAX has posted a preview website for the 5th installment of it’s popular Girl Grooming / Rasing simulator for PC, Princess Maker at

8-7-06 (3:28AM EDT)—- Brave Story In Japan

A special stage greeting for TOHO and GONZO’s animated film Brave Story occured this weekend in at TOHO Cinemas of Roppongi Hills, Tokyo on August 6th. Among those who turned out was pop singer Matsu Takako who voiced the 10-year hero Wataru Mitsuya. In Japan Brave Story has drawn 1 million theater viewers and made 1.2 billion Yen in one month from the opening (July 8th). 10 Yen of each theater viewer’s ticket will go into a 10 million Yen fund that will be contributed to UNICEF to help children in Asia and Africa.

8-7-06 (2:52AM EDT)—- Vince Vaughn As Racer X In Wachowski’s Speed Racer

According to Dark Horizins:
The Wachowski siblings proposed live-action adaptation of Japanese anime classic “Speed Racer” is now on the starting line awaiting the greenlight at Warner Bros. reports Production Weekly. The production has set up shop on the Burbank lot, taking over the offices that were home to Bryan Singer’s now defunct “Logan’s Run” remake. The move comes two years after the film was first proposed by actor Vince Vaughn who confirmed last month he still remains committed to the project. The film would see Vaughn play Racer X, the long-lost but protective brother of the title character who is a young driver that travels from race to race with his family.

8-7-06 (2:52AM EDT)—- Nana Kitade At Otakon

Hochi Shimbun was at Nana Kitade’s Otakon concert in Baltimore this past weekend and has a distinctive Jpaanese view of the events. Around 1500 attendees crowded the hall for the event. Sankei Sports has another view.

8-7-06 (1:53AM EDT)—- More Trouble For North American Anime Retailers?

The Hollywood Reporter has some news on Tower Records and their rough financial times. Thanks to Daniel for the news.

8-7-06 (12:12AM EDT)—- The Haruhi Suzumiya Drama That Wasn’t?

Following the start of a radio drama entitled SOS Dan Radio Shibu Bangai Hen, released on July 5, 2006 by Lantis, July saw news spread across the Japanese web of an announced 6 episode live action Haruhi Suzumiya television drama to broadcast via BS-i this autumn. Reports were complete with cast lists, and at some points – dueling cast lists – which ultimately led to doubt being cast on the entire story. In one manifest, actress of the moment Yui Aragaki was to play the lead heroine with Death Note’s Matsuyama Kenichi taking on the role of Kyon. Mikuru Asahina would be played by Toda Erika, Yuki Nagato by Mei Kurokawa and by Itsuki Koizumi by Yuma Ishigaki. Koji Tazawa of Keitai Deka Zenigata Mai was to direct. A source link to Yahoo has even been given, but the link now does not lead to a news story. Against all this, the official Haruhi Suzumiya website now carries the message : “I’m sorry wait a little more”.

8-6-06 (10:00PM EDT)—- Brazilians Win World Cosplay Summit

Brazilian brothers Monica and Mauricio Somenzari Leite Olivas are the winners of World Cosplay Summit 2006. They had interpreted Rosiel and Alexiel characters from the Angel Sanctuary anime. Go Nagai (from the jury) said that Brazil was very well represented by the brothers: “Their presentation was good and impressed all us”, affirmed. That’s the first time Brazil participated on the event.

8-6-06 (5:52AM EDT)—- GAINAX Hiring For New Hideaki Anno Anime

Studio GAINAX is now actively seeking to fill several employment positions on a new animated film project called “Color” (Khara) to be directed by Hideaki Anno. Production Staff and Animators are sought. Those meeting their criteria can apply via email online. The respective deadlines are August and September.

8-6-06 (5:16AM EDT)—- Tokyo Tribe 2 Anime

Santa Inoue’s hiphop fashion and music laced manga Tokyo Tribe will serve as the basis for Tokyo Tribe2, scheduled TV animated cartoon by WOWOW in November, 2006. The original manga has been serialized from 1998 in the popular street fashion magazine ‘BOON’. Madhouse will produce the animation directed by Tatsuo Sato (Stellvia).

8-6-06 (4:14AM EDT)—- Japanese Cosplay Model Comments On USA Otaku

Mainichi is carrying an article by Japanese Cosplayer Yunmao Ayakawa. She was a Guest Of Honor at the Anime Mid Atlantic convention held June 16-18, 2006 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, Richmond, VA. Ayakawa, who had been in the USA twice mentions the difference in perceptions of the otaku image in Japan versus the sexy appeal of fandom seen at the American con.

8-6-06 (3:55AM EDT)—- Girls Polled On Their Manga “Blush Rate”

Excite Bit looked at the frequency that Japanese girls blushed while reading their favorite manga. Sitting a control group down to read the same comics, 1182 (56.5%) of their 2091 female sample were observed to blush at some point during a reading session. 24.6% were seen to not completely blush, 15.4% were seen to sweat or be pale, 2.3% cried, 0.9% showed anger and 0.3% drooled.

8-6-06 (3:25AM EDT)—- Miyazaki Declines Academy Offer

Famed Studio Ghibli Director Hayao Miyazaki has declined a 3rd invitation to join the MPAA, responsible for among other things selecting the annual Oscar Academy Awards and nominations. According to a press release the Director said he wanted to concentrate on creation activities. The same release drafted by Toshio Suzuki, said that Miyazaki has turned down the offer, the reason behind it being that Miyazaki feels if he does accept it, it means “his retirement is near.” He was elected to be a new member candidates at the beginning of July. Presently, only three Japanese have held such an academy position including deceased Director Akira Kurosawa. Source: Japan Design Net

8-6-06 (3:06AM EDT)—- Philippine President Plans To Train Supermaids

“We will be sending supermaids,” Arroyo said of a new training program during a round-table discussion on efforts to evacuate 30,000 Filipinos in Lebanon, most of them maids, and help them find new jobs. Augusto Syjuco, head of the government’s Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, said the supermaid program includes instruction in first aid, evacuations from high-rises in case of a fire and other skills to help maids get higher pay. “They are not just maids. They are really very well trained now,” he said. “If there is someone injured among the family they work for … how to get out of a fire in a high-rise building, all these are part of our upgrading program.”
Source: The Associated Press

8-6-06 (2:28AM EDT)—- Atomic Bomb Anime Screening In Las Vegas

Mushi Productions and Kaishagaiyou’s anime film Nagasaki 1945: Angelus No Kane was shown at the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas Nevada on Saturday, August 5th. It joined a special exhibition underway at the museum detailing the realities of atomic bomb damage and exposure incurred in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 60 items make up the exhibit which includes radiation victim’s lectures, various articles, video clips and photographs. Around 200 people attended the opening. The exhibition runs through August 27th.

8-6-06 (2:01AM EDT)—- Atagoal Site

The official website for the coming film Atagoal Ha Neko No Mori is now live at There one can find a streaming video trailer.

8-6-06 (1:57AM EDT)—- Miyazaki Wanted To Direct Gedo Senki 20 Years Ago

The Malaysia Star covers the rollout of Ghibli’s new film Gedo Senki. The Farthest Shore, published in 1972 as the third instalment in Le Guin’s Earthsea series was an ironic choice, given the fact that the writer refused Miyazaki senior’s request to animate the chronicles 20 years ago.

8-6-06 (12:45AM EDT)—- Shijou Saikyou No Deshi Kenichi Anime Details

Syun Matsuena’s manga Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi will be adapted to an animated TV series in Japan to begin airing in the fall. Shogakukan serialized the original story in Shonen Sunday from 2002. 20 collected volumes are currently on the market. TV Tokyo will begin broadcast on Saturday, Ocotber 7th at 24:55. Confirmed staff include Director Hajime Kamegaki (Air Gear), Animation Production will be done by TMS Entertainment. The lead male character Shirahama Kenichi will be voiced by Seki Tomokazu, female lead Fuurinji Miu will be voiced by Tomoko Kawaue.

8-6-06 (12:43AM EDT)—- Hayashibara On Murdock Scramble

Some cast information related to GONZO’s first all CG OVA adaptation of the Murdock Scramble Science Fiction novel have come out:
Ballot: Hayashihara Megumi
Boiled: Joji Nakata
Doctor: Goda Hozumi

8-6-06 (12:33AM EDT)—- Negima Second Season And Manga

Negima’s second series is slated to begin on TV Tokyo Wednesday, October 4th at 17:30. A new negima manga by Takuya Fujima will begin serializing in Comic Bon Bon from November.