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Anime News Service-Review: Blame! Web Animation

By Matt Anderson (DVD Vision Japan)


In a strange cyber dungeon, adventure seeker Killy travels the miles and miles of tunnels, trying to get out. He also tries to avoid the flesh eating cyborgs, suspicious citizens, and trained killers. Unfortunately, as he completes each level, he finds another with nastier traps and worse monsters.

In Log 01: Megastructure, we are introduced to Killy’s world. It is full of twisted steel, holograms, and strange creatures. A computer readout full of ones and zeros flashes across the screen. Down on the lower levels, Killy waits for his next adventure. He is a battle hardened man, who says nothing.

BLAME! Log 01: Megastructure is only 5 minutes long, and about a minute of it is composed of credits. There is no dialogue, no action either. It merely sets up the world that Killy lives in. At first starting at some sort of hive, it moves first to what looks like the surface world, and then back down the bottom of the underground, where Killy is sitting. He looks up at the camera, and that is it. Oh, there is some sort of hologram fish flying around. Weird. Cool, but weird.

The animation style is just like the manga. Looking like the occasional color pages, it truly is a manga come to life.

The overall video and audio quality is pretty good. There are very little pixels or garbage. The animation is fantastic with plenty of detail. The sound is pretty awesome, for a net movie. I hope that they release it on DVD one day.

As far as the technical side, the first episode is a download, not a streaming feed. Unfortunately, you will have to download and install the GET MEDIA player. It will not play unless you have it. Also, the registration and installation is all in Japanese. If anyone wants instructions on how to download the program, the video file, and how to install it, please email me at I will send a response as soon as possible.

While the Blame! fan will salivate at this video, the new fan may be a little disappointed. Keep watching it, because as the story unfolds, you will get some awesome action.