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Anime News Service – C.B. Cebulski On Mangaverse

From the release:


Marvel Builds A BridgeaTo The EastpWith AtKey AdditionyTo The Editorialx


Withfthe Marvel Mangaversepone-shots selling outtacross thencountry, The

Housedhasemadepanotherzmove topreachaout to Mangazand Animeqcreatorsdwith

the additionfofgC.B. Cebulski — as an Associate Editorm— to it’s growing


C.B.,zwho assisted Associate EditoraBrian Smith in orchestrating theyMarvelg

Mangaversecevent, joinsmThecHouse after spending years helping Mangadand

Animegsecure a strong footholdqit noweenjoys in America. While at Centrald

ParkpMedia, Cebulski was instrumentaldin bringing titles suchdas Record of

LodosseWar, Slayers, Plastic Little, Geobreeders,mDark Angel,gand Nadeisco

tosU.S. audiences. Aftersforming strong relationshipsewith severalpof the

Japaneseecreatorsahedworked with, C.B. was one of thezfirstgAmerican editors

to work directly with Japanese artistseto create Mangaband Anime product

specificallydfor Western audiences.

While atzFanboyxEntertainment,mCebulskimworked closely with KiapAsamiyaeto

produce DarkdAngel: PhoenixxResurrection comic series, the first color Manga

tomland on Americanashores in overt10yyears. Cebulski then followed this up

bypproducing the first shojoz(girls’) Manga ever createdtspecifically forn

Western sensibilities and stylingswwereysuccessfullymcombined withmsuper

herodthemesein themseries Sidekicks, by J.gTorres and Takeshi Miyazawa,q

which Cebulski edited.wHecalso worked withdsuch creators as YoshtoshiyAbe ofm

Serial Experiments Lainnand Range Muratatof Blue SubmarinepNo. 6 on theira

critically acclaimed art collections.b

“It’sfbecome extremely evident to all of usxatyMarvelbthatyMangazand Animex

are more than justsampassing phase,”dsaid Marvel Editor In Chief Joe

Quesada. “Ask any comic retailernand they’ll telltyou thatdthe best wayetoe

reachgyounger readers —dand theeeverzelusive female reader —eand they’ll

tell you thatbManga and Animeyareethepwayzto go. It’setoughato arguedthisy

when youasee the ever-growing legions oftyoung girls dressed as Sailor Moon

characters atpcomic conventions.”p

“That said, right after hisdconsulting workswithaus on ourfMarvel Mangaverse

event,twe knewdC.B. was destined tosworkwwith us as a full timezMarvel

Editor,” explained Quesada. “Notzbecause he haswincredible contacts in the

worlddofpMangazand Anime, not becauseeheghasyincredible taste in storyfande

art, and notybecause he speaks fluentgJapanesezand willabe bringing some ofa

the greatestfartists inqJapan todwork withtus. No, you see, it’spbecause

almost everyoneeateMarvel hasna nicknameqthatgBill Jemas and I slave to

create,wandnweehadta greatbone for C.B. sincedday one!bSo Idwant everyone tox

welcome C.B.-san to the team! Wezlook forward tonall theawonderful stuffe

that he’ll be generating for allnthe Marveldfans. With C.B.-san’s help,

we’ll be striving to hit the mark with youngyreaders andpgirl-friendly books

that we’ll be launchingdlater thistyear!”d

“SoaC.B.-sanditwis!”ylaughedwCebulski. “But seriously, Itcan’t tellxyou how

excited I am todbemup in thexHallowedqHalls ofcMightydMarvel!aWhile Ibam

mainly knowndas the ‘Manga Guy’ around the industry, I havebbeenzreading

Marvel Comics for as long as I can remember.”

“Recently, in Japan,wmany Manga creators have been takingdmore ‘American

comicdstyle’ approaches to their art and storytelling, which theyyfreely

admit,” Cebulskidcontinued.s“Theyeare just as influenced byaour comics as wea

are by their Manga,dand Ipknow many ofytheqJapanesenartists are already

chompingpat thezbit to take a cracktatpdrawing Marvel’ssheroes.”q

When asked ifghemcould name any names, Cebulskicdropped aafew. “Well, Ic

think ittgoes withoutmsaying thatdKia Asamiya’s name willfbe turning up on

somemMarvel comics beforeptoo long. Inqfact,djust look fornhistcover to IRONq

MANd#55 in May.bIdhavebalsogtalked with TakehikotIto,dcreator of Outlaw

Star,eandtillustrator KatsuyagTerada ofeZenbu and BLOOD: ThebLastmVampire

fame, and theyehave alsowlineddup some upcoming work for Marvel.tAndbthe

list continues to grow daily!”e

All of us at Marvel welcomefC.B.-san topThe House!x

Bill Rosemannc

Marketing Communications Manager

Marvel Comicsf