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Anime News Service – November 1-31 Anime News

12-27-02—- Gundam Seed Music News

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for the following:

Vivian Hsu is new unit formation. The new theme music of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” is sung. Vivian Hsu of the talent of the Taiwan graduate will construct and sing a new unit “Vivian or Kazuma” with kazuma of “SIAM SHADE”, and had an interview with the theme song “moment” of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” (TBS system) in the city of Tokyo on December 19. The lyrics were performed at the house of Vivian and it became joint work. She has also first challenged the voice actor.

Source: Goo News

12-27-02—- New Guests For Akon

From the latest Project A-Kon update

ARIK RENEE AVILA – artist – founder of In addition to designing the last 2 A-Kon posters, Arik has done the popular “D7 Peacemaker: Stage One” short film (premiered at last A-Kon), done with his own style of Flash drawing and animation. Also among his list of accomplishments are 5 interactive movies in Epcot Center, and the release of 2 digital movies. We should have footage for the new fully animated film he’s working on at A-Kon 2003!

JONATHAN CLEMONS – author – has translated over 70 manga and manga titles including “Sol Bianca”, “The Cockpit”, “StreetFighter II”, “Gunsmith Cats”, “Ironfist Chinmi” and “Slow Step”, as well as ancient Chinese ballads. He is a scriptwriter for the SF adventure “Halcyon Sun” and has done audio dramas for “Judge Dredd” and “Strontium Dog”. He is the resident ‘anime expert’ on the UK’s Sci-Fi Channel, and is co-author of “The Anime Encyclopedia” and the forthcoming “Dorama Encyclopedia: A Guide to Japanese TV Drama Since 1953”.

P.N. ELROD – author – “The Vampire Files”, “Jonathan Barett: Gentleman Vampire”, and two “I, Strahd” novels. Her newest novel “Lady Crymsyn” was published in November, and she has 2 books out collaborating with actor Nigel Bennett (LaCroix of “Forever Knight”

NEWTON EWELL – artist – Gaming illustrator on “Turok II: Seeds of Evil”, “Stratosphere” and Cartoon Frolics’ “TOTEMS” comic, as well as illustrations in the “Robotech” Art books.

STEVE KYTE – artist – Award winning illustrator from England.

EDWARD LUENA – artist – “Crow of the Bear Clan”, manga styled comics

HELEN McCARTHY – author – Author of “Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation: Films, Themes, Artistry” and “The Anime Movie Guide”, Co-Author of “The Erotic Anime Movie Guide” and “Anime! A Beginners Guide to Japanese Animation”.

MONICA RIAL – voice actor – “Gasaraki”, “Princess Nine”, “Generator Gawl”, “Sorcerer on the Rock”, “Steel Angel Kurumi”, “Excel Saga”, among others.

RIKKI SIMONS – voice actor, artist – voice of GIR from “Invader Zim”, colorist & background designer for “Invader Zim”, colorist on “Jackie Chan Adventures”, and other shows. Also 3D illustrator, and Digital Painter. Projects include “Reality Check”, “Sushi Girl” comics, Visit for more info on Rikki.

TAVISHA WOLFGARTH SIMONS – artist – Character Designer, Illustrator, Photo styler, Colorist. “Reality Check” & “Sushi Girl” comics, is her website.

AMY HOWARD WILSON – voice actor – voice of “Nova” from Star Blazers, also voices in “Nadesico”

AND: (from last e-newsletter)

TRISTEN CITRINE – cosplay guest DRAGONBALL Z – Numerous actors/actresses from DB and DBZ DUEL JEWEL – J-Rock Band TIFFANY GRANT – voice actor KYLE HEBERT – voice actor AMANDA WINN LEE – voice actor JASON LEE – voice actor BRUCE LEWIS – artist, publisher SCOTT MCNEIL -voice actor LISA “HONEY-CHAN” NELSON – cosplay CHRISTOPHER PATTON – voice actor NOBOYUKI TAKAHASHI – publisher, promoter, industry specialist J SHANON WEAVER – voice actor

Also appearing will be folks from IC Productions (formerly Studio Ironcat), Radio Comix, Antarctic Press, and more, will make appearances and participate in many A-Kon activities.

12-21-02—- ANS At Five

Anime Journalism on the internet was founded on January 1, 1998, in 2 weeks we mark the 5th birthday of Anime News Service but our readers are getting all the presents! Stay tuned for our 5th anniversay special articles, coverage, party, contests and much more.

12-21-02—- 600 ML Members

As of this morning the ANS Mailing List has logged it’s 600th member. Those searching for some of the most lively interactive discussions on the realm of anime news can now talk to world fandom by signing up today.

12-20-02—- First Tokyo Mint Love Hina Statue Sells Out

ANS has gotten some details from Californian based Statue producer Tokyo Mint on their latest goings ons read them here. The company has the rights to release a series of cold-cast resin statues based on Love Hina, created by Akamatsu Ken which appeared in Shukan Shonen magazine and has been collected in fourteen volumes, which have sold over 6 million copies in Japan. In 2002, the property was launched in America, with the manga released by Tokyopop, the anime on DVD by Bandai, and posters from 1000 Editions.

12-20-02—- Anime Unleashed Homepage

Techtv’s official website for their latest Anime block has been uploaded to:

12-19-02—- Tech TV Anime Unleashed Press

From the release:

Anime Unleashed on TechTV: The exciting world of anime is landing on TechTV beginning December 30! Early 2003 we’ll be bringing TechTV viewers five full anime series throughout the week.

Although it’s easily identified by its distinctive visual style, anime knows no boundaries. It’s not merely a style of animation but a genre unto itself where you may find sophisticated science fiction, fantasy adventure, romantic comedies, and even wrenching drama.

In the TechTV spirit, Anime Unleashed focuses on the science-fiction elements of anime — titles that imagine what our near or far future will be like, investigate the the relation between humans and machines, dream of what alien civilizations could be like, and more.

Anime Unleashed exemplifies the difference between its titles and Western animation by showing the depths of characters, themes and contortions of plot explored in anime. Viewers will encounter realistic scenarios, complex relationships and flawed personalities. Despite their deficiencies, the protaganists of Anime Unleashed’s titles are beholden to their desires, their hopes and their dreams.

Our first anime series will start on December 30 with single half-hour episodes airing Monday through Thursday at 1 a.m. Eastern, followed by a two-hour block of anime on Friday from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern.

Series Titles

Series: Crest of the Stars Series: Serial Experiments Lain Series: Betterman Series: Dual! Series: Silent Mobius

Show Details Name: Anime Unleashed Schedule: New Episodes, Mon.-Fri., 1am-1:30am ET; Additional Airings, Fri., 11pm-1am ET and 1:30am-3am ET Format: Half-Hour Series Premiere Date: December 30, 2002 12-19-02—- Gutsoon Readies Fist Graphic NovelGUTSOON! ENTERTAINMENT PICKS JANUARY 2003 FOR THE LAUNCH OF FIST OF THE NORTH STAR: THE MASTER EDITION

Company’s First Graphic Novel is Third North American Branded Publishing Property


Los Angeles, CA (December 13th, 2002) – Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc., the U.S. sister company to Japan-based Coamix, has scheduled January 2003 for the launch of its third U.S. branded publishing property, their first graphic novel, Fist of the North Star: The Master Edition. The announcement was made by Nobuhiko Horie, President/CEO of Coamix, and Chairman of Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc.

Fist of the North Star: The Master Edition is the ultimate version of the internationally acclaimed manga epic to be published here in the U.S. featuring genuine right-to-left page sequencing, original Japanese sound effects, large format pages, brand new translation, and stunning full color artwork on every page. Supervised by creator Hara Tetsuo himself, this is truly the definitive presentation of the manga masterwork.

Further volumes of Fist of the North Star: The Master Edition will be released by Gutsoon! on a regular basis, bringing the complete story to America for the first time.

Anime and manga fans worldwide will recognize their favorite characters from Fist of the North Star videogames and animated series, as the legend returns in the Master Edition graphic novel. The story tells of one man named Kenshiro roaming a post-apocalyptic nightmare as he protects the innocent from evil with the ultimate assassin’s fighting style, Hokuto Shinken.

“Fist of the North Star: The Master Edition is a classic manga story that has millions of devoted fans all over the world,” said Horie. “As part of Gutsoon! Entertainment’s plans to expand our growing portfolio of successful and established graphic novel properties to the U.S., we look forward to bringing at least one new volume of this series every two months to manga fans and collectors alike.”

Created and drawn by Hara Tetsuo, and written by Buronson Fist of the North Star: The Master Edition is distributed by Diamond Comics and will retail for a special introductory price of $14.95 for the first two volumes, and $17.95 thereafter.

Developed by Horie, President and CEO of Coamix, Hara , Hojo, and accomplished editors Negishi and Yamamoto, Gutsoon! Entertainment, Inc. is a privately-held corporation, operated by its shareholders and U.S.-based management team. The company’s partners include publishing powerhouse Shinchosha, Hakuhodo and Sega Corp., who will work with the company to develop game and anime based content.

12-19-02—- Misc. Teaser Images And Trailers

A new poster/teaster image for Ang Lee’s Hulk can be seen here.

Asmik Ace has uploaded a trailer for Ping Pong. Thanks to Daniel for the news.

12-19-02—- Crayon Shin-chan Takes Grand Prix

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for the following:

It is “Crayon Shin-chan” to a grand-prix. Media Art Festival prize of the Agency for Cultural Affairs The Agency for Cultural Affairs chose as the animation section 4 section 4 works, such as a movie “Crayon Shin-chan Arasi wo yobu APPARE ! Sengoku dai gassen”(“Crayon Shin-chan.The Age of Civil Wars which calls a storm” (Director Keiichi Hara), as a grand-prix of this fiscal year of a media Art Festival prize on December 19. Prize for an excellent work is 16 works, and encouragement prizes are four works. A commendation ceremony is held in the THE garden hole in Meguro-ku, Tokyo and Ebisu Garden Place on February 27, next year, and a winner is exhibited and shown in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography which adjoins from February 28 to March 9. This prize is foundation in 1997 and promotion of new art fields, such as animation, and comics, computer graphics, is the purpose. The screening committee estimated Shin-chan as “the excellent work not only for a child’s spectator but everybody while making a child play an active part” highly.

12-19-02—- Music And Anime Mix In Costa Rica

From Jay:

According to Irene Jimenez, producer of the Tv Show MXI, the classic Anime Music Video, Engel/Evangelion created by Erick Cadwell has become one of the most popular music videos in the tv show.They broadcast this amv since July and from that time they get phone calls every day asking for it.
This AMV combines the music of the hit song ENGEL of the german band Ramstein with videos of the Evangelion TV series.
MXI is on air from Monday to Friday at 5:00 p.m on channel 15, the universitary channel. Its the most known show of the channel and its really popular among the young people of the country.

12-18-02—- Rumic World Giveaways

Rumic World is holding a contest and giving away some Rumiko Takahashi prizes along with it. Their address is

12-18-02—- Anime Reactor Updates

More Japanese Creators Join the Revolution Manga creators Tsutomu Nihei and Tetsuya Aoki join Anime Reactor’s celebrity guest list

CHICAGO (December 13, 2002)- The newest kid on the anime block continues to pull out the big guns! Anime Reactor, a premiere convention that aims to bridge Japanese anime and American comic book cultures, has added manga stars Tsutomu Nihei and Tetsuya Aoki to its guest roster.

“Those who aren’t familiar with Nihei-san’s work will be blown away by his dynamic visuals,” says Anime Reactor Executive Director James Alsup. “Aoki-san’s wealth of experience in the Japanese toy and manga industries makes him a veritable fountain of information.”

Tsutomu Nihei’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi manga BLAME! debuted in Kodansha’s “Afternoon” in January 1997 and garnered instant acclaim. BLAME! became a best-seller, running for four years, with a strong following in Asia and Europe. It has spawned an animated series, a live-action movie and an action figure line from Toycom. Nihei’s next manga work after BLAME! was the title NOISE, released in 2001. His newest series, DEADHEADS, debuted in “Afternoon” earlier this year. Nihei-san is currently working on a WOLVERINE project for Marvel Comics that is set for publication in 2003. Anime Reactor will be Nihei-san’s first North American convention appearance.

Tetsuya Aoki has been working at the Japanese design company Plex since 1990, and he currently participates in the planning and designing of TV character merchandise for Bandai. His work credits include production design for KAMEN RIDER, POWER RANGERS, and ULTRAMAN. Before joining Plex, Mr. Aoki worked for Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, designing products for the popular TRANSFORMERS line of toys. Aoki-san’s first manga, ANGEL’S WING, debuted in 2002.

12-18-02—- New IG Poll

Production IG asks importers if any of their future projects had subs on the R2 versions, would you buy them?

Thanks to Daniel for the link.

12-18-02—- Manga Bounty Dog – DANGAIOH Release Info


Chicago, IL – Manga Entertainment presents the DVD release of DANGAIOH and BOUNTY DOG on DVD this January.

Dangaioh is a sci-fi adventure featuring the mechanical designs by Shoji Kawamori (Macross Plus) and the production direction of Masami Obari (Virus/ Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture).

When four psychic warriors discover that evil invaders have destroyed their planets, they are brought together by a mysterious doctor to unite to form Dangaioh, the most powerful weapon in the universe. Using their full collective psionic powers, they alone can stop the bloody tyranny of Captain Garimoth and his wicked henchman to prevent the end of the universe.

The DVD is comprised of two episodes originally known as “The Spiral Knuckle of Tears” and “Gil Burg: Demon of Revenge.” DVD features include: English language, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo, Scene Access, Manga Previews, Web Links

Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA Running Time: 90 minutes Genre: Sci-fi adventure Street Date: January 28, 2003 Orders Due: December 31,2002 SRP: $19.95 Barcode: 6-60200-4128-2 (1) Selection #: MANGA4128-2

BOUNTY DOG INFO…. Bounty Dog is an action and adventure anime thriller featuring mechanical designs by Masamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell).

In the future, mankind has colonized the bleak expanses of the moon. Cities now stand proudly where there was once only desolation and emptiness. But there are alien forces that do not want mankind to succeed and only one man can stop them. He is a member of the Bounty Dog Investigation Unit, a high-tech cybernetic mercenary team.

DVD features include: English language Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo, Motion Menus, Manga Previews, Web Links

Studio: Manga Entertainment Sales & Distribution: WEA Running Time: 60 minutes Genre: Action/Adventure Rating: Unrated Street Date: January 28, 2003 Orders Due: December 31, 2002 SRP:$ 19.95 DVD Barcode #: 6-60200-4075-2 (0) Selection #: MANGA4075-2

12-18-02—- English Newtype Article has posted the newest installment of Brian Ruh’s column “From Here to Shinjuku.” In this article, titled “Toward a New Type of Culture” he examines the publication of the English-language version of Newtype magazine. It can be found at:

12-17-02—- Anime Network Format



HOUSTON, December 13, 2002-After an initial news release that created a veritable storm of curiosity and speculation within the fan community and the industry at large, ADV Films today announced details about the impending launch of The Anime Network(tm). The network will go on the air in a series of stepped-up phases, with Phase One a mid-December launch as part of Comcast Cable’s video-on-demand (VOD) initiative in the Philadelphia area, delivering programs directly to viewers, at their request, at any time.

Comcast’s VOD service-including The Anime Network(tm)-is available to approximately 1.2 million customers in the Philadelphia area. The Anime Networkä is the first television channel in North America dedicated to anime (Japanese animation) and anime-related content.

Leadership at The Anime Network(tm) described the decision to launch Phase One via VOD service as one of complementary strengths. “We’re very excited to have completed this deal with Comcast; their VOD functionality is a perfect fit for our first step. Plus, we believe that on-demand systems are going to be a strong and enduring element of the direct-delivered home entertainment industry,” said John Ledford, President and CEO of A.D. Vision, Inc., parent company of The Anime Network(tm) and ADV Films.

“For our audience, a video-on-demand-based launch is quite perfect,” Ledford continued. “Anime fans are really the ultimate early-adopters-they’re very tech savvy, and will be quick to appreciate the benefits of on-demand functionality.”

Content The Anime Network(tm) model is structured around four categorized content areas: Action Zone, Sci-Fi, Comedy, and Martial Arts. The mid-December launch of The Anime Network(tm) will include approximately 25 hours of available content, including both feature films and episodes from series. Titles will include “Spriggan,” “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” “Excel Saga,” “Martian Successor Nadesico,” “Gasaraki,” “Noir,” “Dai-Guard,” “Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040,” “Orphen,” Golden Boy,” “Sorcerer Hunters,” Kimera,” “Ninja Resurrection,” “Tekken,” “Those Who Hunt Elves,” “Gunsmith Cats,” “Burn Up W” and “Samurai X: The Motion Picture.” Viewers in the Philadelphia area wishing to confirm availability of The Anime Network in their specific areas can do so by visiting

12-17-02—- Asian Cinema Briefs

Thanks to Daniel for the following:

Warner Bros. Pictures is producing its first Chinese-language film, “Turn Left, Turn Right,” starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, with principal photography beginning in Taiwan on Dec. 26, before continuing on to Hong Kong and mainland China. The filmmaking team of Johnnie To (“The Mission”) and Wai Ka-fai will write and direct the project. It is based on the best-selling illustrated love story of the same name by Taiwanese author/artist Jimmy Liao and tells of a lonely man, played by Kaneshiro (“Tempting Heart”) and woman, played by Gigi Leung (“Le Brassiere”), who live in the same apartment building and meet by chance. Warner Bros. will produce “Turn” in association with Raintree Pictures of Singapore and To’s production company, Milkyway Image (H.K.). Warners will distribute the film worldwide. Richard Fox, executive vp, international, Warner Bros., announced the film. Warner Bros. acquisition and production exec Mia Hsia, who is based in Hong Kong, was involved in putting the deal together.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Japanese distributor-exhibitor Shochiku is mounting a major campaign next year to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yasujiro Ozu(,+Yasujiro ), one of Japan’s most famous film directors. “As an expression of my deep admiration and respect for the work and life of the great director, together with the gracious cooperation of the Ozu family and those who were involved in creating Ozu’s films, and also the generous support of people from all over Japan, I intend to develop various commemorative projects for this occasion,” said Shochiku’s president, Nobuyoshi Otani.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

12-17-02—- East And West Critics Coast Praise Spirited Away states the movie won the L.A. Critics Film Association for Best Animated Film, as well as Best Animated Film from the New York Film Critics Circle.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

12-16-02—- Kawamura Maria Confirmed For Fanime

From the Con ML:

Just announced: Kawamura Maria (or Maria Kawamura, if you insist on using the Western name sequence) will appear at Fanime Con 2003!

Born in Tokyo, Japan, Kawamura Maria has been delighting the anime world with her many memorable characters over the years. Some of them include Quess Paraya of Char’s Counterattack, Belotica Irma of Zeta Gundam, Jung-Freud of GunBuster Top O Narae!, Ifurita of El Hazard, Naga of Slayers, Eudial of Sailor Moon, and Fatima Lechesis of Five Star Stories. Not only one of the most popular seiyuu in anime history, Kawamura-san is also a singer who has released a solo CD entitled “Haru no Yume” and who sang the themes for El Hazard 2 and Kishin Corps. Fanime Con 2003 is very pleased to announce her appearance as a guest of honor! You can visit her official website at

For more information see

12-16-02—- New At Japan Hero

Japan Hero‘s staff have informed us they’ve just gotten the latest scoop on the next Sentai series coming to Japan in February.

12-16-02—- Spirited Away Oscar Updates

Oscarwatch has a scan of the recent Spirited Away FYC ad for the categories while the Dec. 20/27 Entertainment Weekly has Spirited Away as its fifth movie in its list of Best Movies of 2002.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

12-16-02—- Sakura Tasien News In Japan

The Japanese Sakura Taisen website has mentioned a Sakura Dinner party is coming to Tokyo on 12/23, at Hilton Tokyo Bay, there will be two shows at 15:45 and 19:00. Tickets retail at 28000 yen. Being at a hotel the dress code is listed as formal.

Broadband surfers note, at this link fans can view an eight minute video clip on next year’s Kayou Show. Seiyuu discuss the show, their roles and perform “Happy Birthday” to fellow, Fuchisaki.

12-16-02—- TV News UK

From Rory, Fox Kids of the UK are starting a new a daily block of anime starting today:

19:45 Shinzo 20:10 Sailor Moon 20:35 Dinozaurs 21:00 Transformers 21:25 Escaflowne

In other news Zoids has now finished it’s run on British TV.

12-14-02—- Chibicon 2K3 Announced

Southeastern USA based fansed anime fans have another convention offering coming up in the summer of 2003 with CHIBICON 2K3. Set to occur May 2-4 at Huntsville West I-565 Holiday Inn near the Airport in Hunstville, Alabama. The official site is up now at with more info being added periodically. Cosplay events, Music video contest, screenings, guests of honor and more are currently confirmed, those who can assist the management or add input are encouraged to.

12-13-02—- Exclusive: Musical Background For Yoko Kanno’s Latest Project

ANS has received some details from Seatbelts collaborator Steve Conte on confirmation of Yoko Kanno’s latest anime composition charge, read the details here.

12-13-02—- Kairo Remake Update

According to Corona, Wes Craven was scheduled to direct the re-make of Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Kairo(aka Pulse) with Kirsten Dunst as the lead, but he’s bailed out, and now Dimension is asking the director and writer of The One and Final Destination to consider working on the re-make.

Thanks to Daniel for the link

12-13-02—- Anime Clubs Extinct?

With anime expanding into all media venues including television, is there still a need for anime clubs? In her article for Bay Area Anime, Kanane Jones examines the benefits.

12-13-02—- Macross Anniversary Bash Online

On Saturday Dec. 14th Dec a special anniversary video program for Macross is going to via Internet. Contains live performances and conversations:

Source: Sandra –

12-13-02—- Ghost In The Shell: Innocence Movie Anounced

Can human love exist without a physical body? Mamoru Oshii depicts a man and a woman from a future world where the border between human and machine is ambiguous.

Basic Elements :: Shirow Masamune
Screenplay/Director :: Mamoru Oshii
Producer :: Mitsuhisa Ishikawa
Production :: Production I.G
Co-Produced by :: Studio GHIBLI
Investor Group :: Ghost Team
Location :: Toho International Theatres

(c) 2004 Shirow Masamune/Kodansha·IG·ITNDDTD

Source:, thanks to Daniel for the link

12-12-02—- New Asimo Version In Japan

One can check out images and read about Honda’s upgraded robot “Asimo” at Yahoo, thanks to Daniel for the link.

12-12-02—- Childrens Events In Costa Rica

Jay sends us the following:

For the next 2 weeks El Museo de los Niños (Children`s Museum) is organizing an event named “Anime de todos los tiempos” (All time Anime). This event will feature famous anime classics like Mazinger Z, 3000 miles searching for mother and Captain Harlock together with recent anime hits like Chobits, X the tv series and Vandread.
The exhibitions will take place in the library of the museum, and they are sponsored by Hobbie Shop, Fat Anime Manga Shop and Asesores Graficos.
This is the schedule of the event:
First Week
Monday 9th: Mazinger Z /2 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Wednesday 11th: 3000 miles searching for mother/ 2 p.m and 5 p.m.
Friday 13th: Mazinger, Grandizer and Getta Robo/ 2 p.m and 5 p.m.
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th: Harlock Saga/ 2 p.m.
Second Week
Monday 16th: Chobits ( 4 episodes)/ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Wednesday 18 th: Final Fantasy Unlimited (4 episodes)/ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Friday 20th: X the tv series (4 episodes)/ 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.
Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd: Vandread the movie/ 2 p.m.

12-12-02—- Raijin Kenshiro Toy Offer

Raijin’s offer for a Kenshiro toy or Blue Sky/Baki dvd expires on the 15th. (Their new offer at consists of a Blue Sky or City Hunter lithograph, with the first 50 orders signed by Hara and Hojo.) Raijin is also selling back issues at . Finally, the official Raijin Fist of the North Star site is up at . Thanks to Daniel for the link.

12-12-02—- Cradle 2 Grave Trailer

Via Daniel’s post to our ML, has linked the official trailer for the new Jet Li/DMX movie Cradle 2 The Grave at:

12-12-02—- April CPM Manga Releases

The following are CPM Manga’s releases for April 2003:

Let’s Stay Together Forever (graphic novel)

Love and Rockers!

High school cliques can get very exclusive and people will seldom cross the lines. Will Leo the metalhead and Ayami the shy girl ever realize that they were made for each other, or will social dogmas keep them apart? A tale of love, loss, hairspray!

Japanese style right to left format book!

Story and Art by Tomoko Taniguchi

4/2/03 Ages 3 and Up $15.95 192 pages Dimensions: 5.5″ X 8″ (pocket size) Black and White CPM Manga ISBN: 1-58664-881-0 UPC: 7-19987-00627-0-00111 Catalog Number: CMX 62701G

Record of Lodoss War: Welcome to Lodoss Island: Book One (graphic novel)

Droll Dragons and Funny Fighters!

Journey back to Lodoss Island for tales of dragons and dwarves, paladins and princesses, magic and…madness?! All your favorite characters from Record of Lodoss War are back and sillier than ever in this series of madcap short strips that poke fun at all the high fantasy stereotypes you have come to love.

Concepts by Ryo Mizuno Story and Art by Rei Hyakuyashiki

4/9/03 Ages 13 and Up $15.95 128 pages Dimensions: 5.5″ X 8″ (pocket size) Black and White CPM Manga ISBN: 1-58664-879-9 UPC: 7-19987-00640-9-00111 Catalog Number: CMX 64001G

and from Manga 18:

Demon Beast Invasion – The Original Manga: Book Two (graphic novel)

Story and Art by Toshio Maeda

A horrible horde of TENTACLED beasts from outer space!

Kayo thought she’d put her past behind her. She thought that she could escape to another college…but she was sadly mistaken. The lustful aliens have only begun their salacious invasion of Earth and there is no safe haven from their probes…but what’s even more horrifying is that some women are beginning to enjoy it!

4/16/03 $16.95 232 pages Dimensions: 5.5″ X 8″ (pocket size) Black and White Manga 18 ISBN: 1-58664-882-9 UPC: 7-19987-00636-2-00211 Catalog Number: CMX 63602G

12-11-02—- Asian Cinema News

From Henshin Online, Much thanks as always to Daniel for the news:

1)Toei Video has announced some Region 2 releases for the coming first quarter of 2003. These include, SECRET TASK FORCE: GORANGER Box 1, SUPER DIVINE: BIBYUUN (the sequel to AKUMAIZER 3), KIKAIDA-01, KAMEN RIDER BLACK, and the classic anime series SUPER-MAGNETIC ROBO: COMBATTLER V. Toei Video is releasing KIKAIDA-01 first, before the original KIKAIDA series. Is this to allow for JNP’s Stateside Region-1 release of KIKAIDA?

2)Coming to DVD from Ventura Distribution are a couple of AIP Gamera films, DESTROY ALL PLANETS (a.k.a. GAMERA VS.VIRAS) and ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS (a.k.a. GAMERA VS. GUIRON) on a double bill Region 1 DVD. At this time, it is unknown if this project is an officially licensed release.

3)Pictures of the new KAMEN RIDER have surfaced. Check out the photos at The name of the new Rider will be officially unveiled next month.

4)Tezuka Pictures will debut the third TETSUWAN ATOM TV series on January 1, 2003. “Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom Premium Version” will be broadcast in Japan with English dialogue and Japanese subtitles. The premier episode will air on January 1st to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the original series TV broadcast on January 1, 1963. The regular broadcast will begin on April 7th, the birthday of Astroboy. The series is also scheduled for American television broadcast next year. Read more here (Source: Anime News Network)

5)A new anime version of BAROM-1 is being produced by Japanese satellite channel AT-X as one of their so-called ‘bring back good old classics’ remake line (which includes several works created by famous manga artists like Leiji Matsumoto, Mitsuteru Yokoyama, and more). Hiroyuki Takano, the actor who played Kentaro Shiratori when he was young, will provide the voice of Barom-1 as well as narrate the show.

6)The new Matsumoto Series BIG SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO is well on it’s way. A 6 meg video promoting the series can be found here.

Yahoo states The Touch has been rejected for potential nominatioons for Best Foreign Film by the Academy, because of the majority of its dialogue being in English. It’s supposed to be released here sometime in August of next year.

Yahoo states Hero will be released in Hong Kong on Dec. 19.

12-11-02—- Char’s Counter Attack Broadcast Change

Very briefly, Bnadai’s Jerry Chu has informed us Char’s Counterattack broadcast on Cartoon Network has been postponed 1 week to 1/4/2003.

12-11-02—- Spirited Away Up For More Awards?

Thanks to Daniel for this scoop:

The Dec. 10-12 Hollywood Reporter has a “For Your Consideration” Ad for Spirited Away which, besides Best Animated Film, asks the Academy to consider the film for Best Director(Hayao Miyazaki), Best Original Score(Joe Hisaishi), and Best Screen Play(Hayao Miyazaki being on the list).

12-11-02—- FUNimation DBZ News

Following up a recent report, Jeff at FUNimation has mentioned to us that Lycos reported yesterday on “Dragonball”‘s selection as “Web’s Most Wanted” for 2002. Dragonball is the first topic to ever repeat atop the Web’s Most Wanted.

Also we managed to get some new releaase briefs:

December 10, 2002
Title Format Time Rating Order Street SRP
YU YU – The Spirit Detective – Rescue Yukina VHS 82m 13+ 11/5 12/10 19.95
YU YU – The Spirit Detective – Rescue Yukina VHS 80m all 11/5 12/10 14.95
YU YU – The Spirit Detective – Rescue Yukina DVD 82m 13+ 11/5 12/10 24.95
YU YU – The Spirit Detective – Rescue Yukina DVD 80m 13+ 11/5 12/10 19.95
YU YU – Saga 2 – Dark Tournament VHS 62m 13+ 11/5 12/10 19.95
YU YU – Saga 2 – Dark Tournament VHS 60m all 11/5 12/10 14.95
YU YU – Saga 2 – Dark Tournament DVD 62m 13+ 11/5 12/10 24.95
YU YU – Saga 2 – Dark Tournament DVD 60m 13+ 11/5 12/10 19.95

11-12-02—- Anime Hunter Search Engine Luanch

Webmaster Ian Hunter has written in on his nsearch engine creation: AnimeHunter ( which has just launched.

According to Ian:
Basically it’s a search engine that specialises in indexing Anime/Manga content from the web. This also includes anime newsgroups, and an image-search/browser.

12-11-02—- Tokyopop Moves Toward TV + Film Development With Industry Veteran’s Appointment


Newly Hired Pro to Expand the Company’s Presence in Broadcast and Film

Los Angeles, CA (December 10, 2002) – – TOKYOPOP®, the leading U.S. manga publisher and a burgeoning international entertainment force, has hired Steve Galloway to fill the newly created position of Executive Director of Development. With an impressive background that includes posts at Nelvana, Universal Music Group and Pioneer Laser Entertainment, Galloway offers TOKYOPOP a wealth of leadership and development expertise.

As Executive Director of Development, Galloway will help develop and sell TOKYOPOP’s intellectual properties into domestic film and TV media in order to generate additional revenue streams, build brand recognition and position TOKYOPOP in Hollywood as an effective partner for broadcast projects. He will report directly to the company’s Chairman, Founder & CEO Stuart Levy.

“Steve is a highly respected development executive who brings a wonderful track record of experience and success to his new role with TOKYOPOP,” said John Parker, President & COO. “As our company positions its first property on television, he will play an integral part in managing that process, as well as developing future opportunities for our continued expansion into broadcast and film.”

Galloway joins TOKYOPOP not only at a time of unprecedented growth for the company, but in a marketplace that is exploding with imported anime programming. TOKYOPOP has just announced the upcoming television debut of Reign: The Conqueror, which has been picked up by Cartoon Network for an early 2003 run on its popular “Adult Swim” programming block.

“I am very excited to be joining TOKYOPOP,” Galloway comments. “This is a very cool company with a tremendous capacity for bringing both publishing and programming opportunities to the domestic market.”

12-10-02—- Calgary International Horor Film Expo

David Bond, a representivie for the above mentioned festival has contacted ANS mentioning 55 films from all over the world will be screened, the event will host about 5 world premieres, about 15 directors coming in from Great Britain, Canada, Japan, Germany, and the US. All announcements will be made by December 16. Submissions are open till December 15. What’s on the website is what is confirmed has of December 1, 2002. The website address is ( ) click on the Calgary Festival.

12-10-02—- Japan Expo Coverage has coverage on the event from regular contributor, Daniel and Trisha Kunimoto.

12-10-02—- Red Beard

Read about a new Japanese remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Red Beard. The tv special won’t be as long as the original 3 hour mark but more like 2 hrs. 30 minutes. The T.V. special will feature a few more stories from the novel not shown in the original movie.

Source: The Daily Yomiuri via Hazuki

12-10-02—- Yugi-oh Volumes 5-6 Go Wide

New York, NY (December 9, 2002)—4Kids Entertainment Home Video, the newly-established home video unit of 4Kids Entertainment, Inc., (NYSE: KDE) in association with FUNimation, will release Volumes 5 and 6 of Yu-Gi-Oh! home videos on January 14, 2003. Evil Spirit of the Ring and The Scars Of Defeat, each with three episodes from the hit television show, will be available at retail and at the Web site in both DVD and VHS formats.

“Yu-Gi-Oh! maintained its position as one of the top children’s series on network television during November sweeps,” said Al Kahn, Chairman and CEO of 4Kids Entertainment. “And we will continue to capture the excitement the show generates in the home video releases.”

Volumes 3 and 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! home videos – Attack From The Deep and Give Up The Ghost – were released on November 5, 2002.

Based on a popular Japanese comic book series, Yu-Gi-Oh! follows the adventures of Yugi and his buddies – Joey, Tristan and Tea, who spend most of their free time playing the coolest new game ever … Duel Monsters. The game allows them to challenge their minds using logic and strategy while players pair up different mystical creatures against one another in wild, magical duels. When Yugi’s grandfather gave Yugi an old Egyptian artifact called the “Millennium Puzzle,” Yugi pieced the puzzle together and was infused with incredible mystical powers. With the help of his friends, his belief in the heart of the cards and the mysterious power of his Millennium Puzzle, Yugi sets out on the adventure of a lifetime!

VOLUME 5: EVIL SPIRIT OF THE RING Episode 13: Evil Spirit of the Ring Yugi’s classmate Bakura, possessed by his Millennium Ring’s dark powers, traps Yugi and his friends in a Shadow Game where they become the cards themselves! Not only must Yugi battle to avoid becoming a permanent part of the card game, but also free Bakura’s soul from the Millennium Ring’s control.

Episode 14: Panik Attack Pegasus’ hired duelist Panik cheats Mai of all her star chips, and Yugi vows to defeat him and win them back. But when Panik’s Castle of Dark Illusions enshrouds his monsters in a black mist, how can Yugi defeat an enemy he cannot see?

Episode 15: Winning Through Intimidation Despite his astonishing disadvantage, Yugi boldly provokes Panik – “I’ll finish you in three turns.” Is Yugi bluffing, or does he have the advantage in his battle of wits?

DVD extras: Monster stats, preview of Konami’s game “Duelists of the Roses,” audio samples of Yu-Gi-Oh! CD “Music to Duel By” and a new music video.

VOLUME 6: THE SCARS Of DEFEAT Episode 16: The Scars of Defeat Kaiba descends to the kingdom to face Pegasus. Has Kaiba changed his battle with Yugi, or is he still the same merciless duelist? A battle between Kaiba ’s Blue Eyes White Dragon and Joey’s Red Eyes Black Dragon holds the answers!

Episode 17: Arena of Lost Souls Part 1 Bandit Keith’s gang kidnaps Joey and brings him to a secret cave with a Graveyard playing field. As Yugi and friends search for him, Joey faces Bandit Keith’s zombie monsters, which become stronger as they return from the grave! Joey is all alone in battle this time!

Episode 18: Arena of Lost Souls Part 2 Joey’s last-ditch effort, his lucky Time Wizard card, fails against Bandit Keith’s zombie monsters. But as his lucky streak comes to an end, will his improvising skills as a duelist and love for his sister inspire him to victory?

DVD extras: Monster stats, preview of Konami’s game “Duelists of the Roses,” audio samples of Yu-Gi-Oh! CD “Music to Duel By” and a new music video.

TITLE: Volume 5: Evil Spirit of the Ring TITLE: Volume 6: The Scars of Defeat

RUNNING TIME: Approximately 60 minutes RATING: Not-rated SRP VHS: $14.95 (more) Yu-Gi-Oh! Volumes 5 and 6/Page 3

SRP DVD: $19.95 PRE-BOOK: December 10, 2002 STREET DATE: January 14, 2003

12-9-02—- New Senior VP Of Marketing At ADV Films

From the release:

HOUSTON, December 6, 2002-ADV Films today announced that Frank A. Wolbert has joined the firm as Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, with primary responsibility for sales and marketing of home video, music and other published material company-wide.

Mr. Wolbert brings more than two decades of experience within the entertainment and publishing industries. His senior-level management experience includes service as Vice President of Marketing, Business Development for Advanced Marketing Services, Inc. (AMS), a leading book wholesaler and publisher.

Prior to joining AMS, Mr. Wolbert held several executive level positions at Baker & Taylor, Inc. (B&T), including Senior Vice President, Sales at B&T Books and President and Chief Operating Officer at B&T Entertainment, both leaders in their respective business segments of international book wholesaling and domestic music and home video distribution.

ADV leadership is pleased with Mr. Wolbert’s decision to join the firm. “Frank brings a wealth of experience to this position,” said ADV Films President, CEO and Founder John Ledford. “I’m confident that he will strengthen and streamline our current sales and marketing operation, and he’ll be crucial to continuing success as our business grows and evolves.”

Mr. Wolbert commented that “ADV has developed a significant leadership position within the animation segment of the home entertainment marketplace and I’m certainly very excited to be a part of the team here. The creative talent here in the production company, along with a superior team of sales and marketing professionals, have done an incredible job in positioning the firm for even greater growth in the years ahead. I look forward to being a part of that success.”

With Wolbert’s assumption of the Senior Vice President position, former Senior VP Kevin Corcoran has been named Executive Vice President, and remains CFO and COO.

12-9-02—- Tech TV Mentions Their Anime

The exciting world of anime is landing on TechTV beginning December 30! Early 2003 we’ll be bringing TechTV viewers five full anime series and four feature-length movies throughout the week.

Although it’s easily identified by its distinctive visual style, anime knows no boundaries. It’s not merely a style of animation but a genre unto itself where you may find sophisticated science fiction, fantasy adventure, romantic comedies, and even wrenching drama. Anime sets itself apart from Western animation by exploring depths of character and contortions of plot. Despite their deficiencies, anime characters are beholden to their desires, their hopes, and their dreams. Happy endings can happen but are not guaranteed, and actions always have consequences.

Our first anime series will start on December 30 with single half-hour episodes.

Source: Tech TV

12-9-02—- Update On I.G. Fansub Post

From The Production I.G. Message Board via Daniel.

I have received 7 messages from people who have read my last post concerning fansubbing…I would like to thank you all very much for the interest in the topic and taking the time to write to me.

I realized once again how hot this topic is. I would like to emphathize again, that personally I am not against fansubbing. Since copying techniques are so wide spread and broadband internet connections easily enable downloading of large amounts of data, it is quite unrealistic to try to abolish fansubbings. Also, I do agree that in some cases, seeing fansubbed anime might act as a promotion to DVD sales. I also understand that the fans simply cannot wait until the US DVDs are released and want to have a “try” before risking to buy late and expensive DVDs. I would feel the same way probably, if I were abroad.

I just wanted the fans to keep in mind that anime creators make their living out of creating anime. I have seen more than 500 creators working really hard over 2 years trying to make this series. I just wished fans would buy at least some volumes of official DVDs after their trial. Creators do not get a bonus reward for extra DVD sales, but without DVD sales, the series would be considered a failure and it becomes difficult to collect enough money to make the next project. Creators and production studios are evaluated through the amount of DVD sales.

Justin was kind enough to make a new section for me. It might be easier for you to write your opinions there from next time. Thank you once again to 7 people for your enthusiastic messages.

P.S. The official Japanese DVDs of GITS SAC are sold by Bandai Visual (Released from 21st Dec 2002; 2 episodes a month from then on. You can order them online. Also, extra bonus visual would be a little different from the US versions) The official US DVDs are sold by Bandai Entertainment Inc. (The release date is not yet fixed. )

12-9-02—- DBZ Tops Online Search Topics Again

The Japanese anime property “Dragonball” was the most popular term searched on the Internet for the second straight year, while Britney Spears, for the third year in a row, was the top female searched for and Eminem was the No. 1 male, according to Lycos. The Lycos list is based on searches from Dec. 1, 2001-Nov. 25, 2002. Coming in second to “Dragonball” was file-sharer KaZaA….

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Daniel

12-9-02—- Shoujocon 2003 Information

From the press announcement:


For three years in a row, Shoujocon has provided New York- based fans of Japanese animation and comics with a “different kind of convention” experience: A unique, weekend-long event dedicated to manga (Japanese comics) and anime (Japanese animation) for girls and women, and the first of its kind held in North America.

Shoujocon continues a fourth year of specialized programming–with new dates and a new location: August 22-24, 2003 at the Ryetown Hilton in Rye Brook, NY.

Well known for its focus on women’s pop culture products from Japan, Shoujocon is also the first anime convention since 1996 to take place in the New York City region. The convention has traditionally been held in mid-July, and at New Jersey hotels (Newark in 2000; East Brunswick in 2001 and 2002). The new dates and locations reflect accommodation of the growing number of anime/manga conventions in the Northeast region, as well as plans for the future success of Shoujocon.

Shoujocon’s new location provides easier access via air, car and public transportation for convention attendees. The Ryetown Hilton is within an hour’s drive of three airports (LaGuardia, JFK and Westchester); and less than an hour’s drive away from New York City for those who wish to visit the Big Apple.

To learn more about Shoujocon, as well as the convention’s rates and hotel reservations, please visit the event’s website at More information about Shoujo Arts Society (the group organizing the convention) can be found at

12-6-02—- Domesticating Import Anime

Bay Area Anime has posted a new article by Colin Fairbairn which looks at the matriculation of the anime media and rights from one side of the pacific to another.

12-6-02—- Mega Sized Matrix Sequels Trailer Released

A new trailer of the Matrix sequels in that size is up at this link. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

12-6-02—- I.G. Scriptwriter On Fansubs

This is from the scriptwriter of Production I.G at The I.G. Message Board (Thanks to Daniel for the link):

I’ve never seen fansubs but I have heard from my friend in Taiwan that they are already selling the illegal DVD copies of the TV released GITS, although they also told me that the quality was considerably low.

I can understand that core fans cannot wait until the US version is released, but seeing the anime industry in Japan these days, it would help a great deal if fans would buy the proper DVDs, at least one or two volumes of their favourite episodes after seeing the fansubs.

Anime creators are really struggling for their living and the DVD price is kept high because of so many illegal copies. I.G is trying to keep up our good quality anime, but it is becoming more and more difficult these days, when the copying techniques are so widely spread.

12-6-02—- Reign: The Conqueror Release

From the release:

Epic Anime Series Also Slated for Broadcast on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”

Los Angeles, CA (December 5, 2002) – Get ready for battle! TOKYOPOP® has announced the impending release of its highly acclaimed series Reign: The Conqueror on DVD. Volume 1 of this unedited “Director’s Cut” series, which features the first four episodes and a host of exciting extras for fans, will be available February 25th at an MSRP of $29.99. Delivering a 21st Century sci-fi twist on the adventures of Alexander the Great, the series is also scheduled to premiere as part of Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” lineup in early 2003.

Reign: The Conqueror was developed by some of the most creative and influential forces in anime today. The anime features character and concept designs by Peter Chung, (Creator of MTV’s Aeon Flux); is produced by Rintaro (Astro Boy, Metropolis) and Masao Murayama (Trigun, Cardcaptor Sakura); and showcases animation by the famed Madhouse studio (Trigun, Vampire Hunter D). Each episode is a visual feast of cutting-edge animation that follows characters along an intricate plotline highlighted by majestic battle sequences.

“We are excited to deliver Reign: The Conqueror to fans both on DVD and as part of Cartoon Network’s impressive ‘Adult Swim’ line-up,” said Stu Levy, TOKYOPOP’s Chairman, Founder and CEO. “This multi-platform launch exemplifies our commitment to bringing audiences the best in anime.”

12-5-02—- GI Joe/Transformers – Thundercats/Battle Of The Planets Crossovers Planned

A GI Joe/Transformers crossover has already been announced for next summer, and now DC has revealed more details about a crossover Top Cow first told us about a few months back, a Thundercats/Battle of the Planets two-book meeting of G-Force and the hippest ‘Cats in the universe.

Though a standalone story, Wildstorm’s one-shot due this spring will be followed by a stand-alone one-shot created and published by Top Cow. But first things first. Wildstorm’s Thundercats/Battle of the Planets will feature a story and art from creator Kaare Andrews (Hulk covers) with a cover by J. Scott Campbell

Complete info can be had at Newsrama Thanks to Sandra for the link.

12-5-02—- Midnight Eye Updates

Midnight Eye has a feature of the TIFF via Jasper Sharp and Jason Gray who visited the festival and present their findings here.

Toshiaki Toyoda’s (9SOULS) entry hit PORNOSTAR is examined here.

Finally. The Ring’s original Japanese director, Hideo Nakata’s latest Film Dark Water is reviewed here.

12-5-02—- Zoids Makes Lion And Lamb Toys List

Zoids, “Gun Sniper,” Hasbro Recommended Age: 4+ Description: A “posable action figure” of a creature called Sniper, wielding a gun in each hand. Why we chose it: This toy takes the dinosaur concept and gratuitously adds a sniper element. The Gun Sniper includes “missile-launching side cannons!” The packaging promotes other Zoids, which children can “customize for battle!” They include the Liger Zero with a “Hel Digunner cannon” and Raynos, with “turret and launching cannons.” The Zoids line melds two traditional toy categories-construction toys and animals – and adds violent themes, which are then marketed to pre-schoolers.


12-5-02—- Shoujocon 2003 Registration

Shoujocon 2003! August 22-24 at the Rye Hilton in Rye Brook, NY

ON-LINE REGISTRATION FOR ALL! On-line Registration for Shoujocon is up and running! No stamps or messy checks. This year we are offering online registration for both individual and GROUP pre-registrations; Yes, you heard right! For the first time, Shoujocon offers togetherness bonuses. 🙂 If five or more people register in ‘group’ pre-registration, there is a $5 discount per person off the current pre-registration rate. Current individual pre-registration is $30 until February 16, 2003. For more information, please visit:

12-4-02—- Char’s Counter Attack Hits Adult Swim

Thanks to Jerry Chu fo this release:

Cartoon Network to air Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counterattack during the Adult Swim block on December 28, 2002

Cypress, CA (December 3, 2002) – Bandai Entertainment announced today the broadcast of Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counterattack theatrical feature on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block on December 28, 2002 at 11 pm (ET, PT). The feature-length Char’s Counterattack brings Yoshiyuki Tomino’s epic tale of humanity’s journey to the stars draws to an epic conclusion exploring issues like honor, revenge and the quest for peace. Spiked with thrilling space battles between massive Mobile Suit Gundam fighting machines piloted by passionate warriors.

Char’s Counterattack takes place in Universal Century 0093, 13 years after the events of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. A new Neo Zeon army led by the infamous Char Aznable once again threatens the foundations of peace. The ultimate goal of Neo Zeon is to initiate a nuclear winter upon Earth, ushering a new age of mankind in space. Armed with the state of the art Nu Gundam mobile suit, Amuro Ray and the Federation forces are all that stand against Neo Zeon. Torn between vengeance, duty, and love -the final battle between rivals Char Aznable and Amuro Ray is finally at hand.

12-4-02—- Dead Leaves

Jorge sends us the following:

The Production I.G > the Dead Leaves OVA ” Dead Leaves ” fall of 2003 as a OVA sale schedule The future earth, as for the man and woman and around appear suddenly with the nude the ground which is ruined. The town which is visible in the distance, 2 people who is not mutual name or memory. Being there are no either times when it does, it begins the burglar! In the sky the month when it collapses – – the Dead Leaves. There now had become the jail of the escaping impossibility. Work introduction staff setting data.

Source: Production I.G.

12-4-02—- Noir Site Launches

In the wake of their long-awaited announcement of a release date for NOIR: Shades of Darkness (the first volume of the series), ADV Films today announced the launch of the title’s dedicated phase-one website:
The website includes a thrilling, subtitled ADV-original NOIR trailer, and the “REPORTS” section of the site also includes a handy code name generator-visitors should remember their code names, as they’ll be crucial for upcoming site functionality…
The site also includes a form allowing visitors to enter their email contact information for notification of updates to the site.

12-4-02—- Raijin Breaks Into The E.U. – Germany First

In an interview with Raijin’s Editor-in-Chief Nobuhiko Horie at Akadot, it’s revealed that Raijin will be heading to Europe starting with France and Germany.

Thanks to Daniel for the news.

12-4-02—- Kathryn Williams Interview

Eddie sends us the following:

Eddie sends us the following:
Recently at Otaku Aniverse, we had an interview with Kathryn Williams. The Mangaka artist which is currently holding a Shoujo-ai film festival in Toronto, which CPM has given them the pre-screener of their upcoming project Alien 9. Read the full article here.

12-4-02—- Game And Cinema Briefs

Jagged Team has info on an Initial D game from Sega heading to the Playstation 2.

Jagged Team has more info on Sega ports coming to PS2 and X Box.

Yahoo Movies states the Last Samurai is headed for a Dec. 5, 2003 release. The film will have a mix of English and occasional Japanese subtitled into English.

Yahoo Movies has a new site for Avalon, complete with an interview with Oshii and other supplementary information on the making of the film. (There’s also a hint of a 2003 home video or cable release for the U.S.)

12-4-02—- Otakon 2003 Dates

Otakon 2003 will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center August 8-10, 2003. Thanks to Myk of

12-4-02—- Lupin III – Reign – Trigun Join Adult Swim

Thanks to Michael for this:

Cartoon Network today announced the acquisition of three animé series that will air during Adult Swim, its highly-rated late night block of animation for adults 18-34. The three series are Lupin the Third, Reign and Trigun. Lupin the Third follows the adventures of the greatest thief in the world. Lupin is a globetrotting crook, as well as a suave gentleman. Aided by two partners, expert marksman Jigen and samurai master Goemon, Lupin’s mad-capped adventures take him around the world stealing extraordinary treasures, helping damsels in distress, staying one step ahead of Inspector Zenigata and matching wits with rival thief, beautiful and dangerous Fujiko.

Trigun takes place in the distant future on a deserted planet. Vash the Stampede is a gunfighter with a legend so ruthless he has a $60,000,000,000 bounty on his head. Entire towns evacuate at the rumor of his arrival. But the real Vash the Stampede, the enigmatic and conflicted lead character in Trigun, is more heroic, even though he usually acts like a complete idiot.

Alexander the Great was the world’s most powerful warrior. Reign is a 21st century science-fiction retelling of the legend of this Macedonian king. A visual masterpiece, Reign tells the story of Alexander’s’s triumphs through engaging characters, intricate plots and glorious battle sequences.

Cartoon Network’s successful block of late night animation for adults, Adult Swim, will air five times per week beginning Sunday, January 12, 2003. Airing from 11 p.m.-2 a.m. (ET, PT) Sunday-Thursday, the block will offer the hit series FUTURAMA, quirky original animated series including Home Movies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and stunning action/animé series such as Cowboy Bebop and InuYasha.

Lupin the Third will air Monday-Thursday at 12 midnight (ET, PT), beginning Monday, January 13. Programming information for both Reign and Trigun will be announced at a later date.

Cartoon Network, currently seen in 82.1 million U.S. homes and 145 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s 24-hour, ad-supported cable service offering the best in animated entertainment. Drawing from the world’s largest cartoon library, Cartoon Network also showcases unique original ventures such as The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy and other Cartoon Cartoons. Since its launch in 1992, Cartoon Network has remained one of ad-supported cable’s highest-rated networks.

Source: AOL Time Warner

12-3-02—- Brief Briefs

-Jerry Chu informs us Bandai Ent. has launched their Love Hina Christmas Movie Site.
-Daniel mentions: According to, Japan has decided to send “Out,” Hideyuki Hirayama, director for Best Foreign Film at the Academy Awards. This quells rumors that Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away may be in competiton in the slot.
-The Dec. 7-13 issue of TV Guide includes Dance Dance Revolution for the PS2 on its list of “most wanted games”.

12-3-02—- TOEI Offering Anime Properties Via Broadband

FromCnet Japan via Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club):

2002 The TOEI animation uses broadband communication as “TOEI animation BB” for a popular animation work from December 1, and starts distribution. The original distribution works are popular “Hokuto no Ken”, “the Galaxy express 999”, etc. in a user popularity vote. It distributes one by one centering on the popular work from about 8000 the TOEI animation has, and the library for 4000 hours. NTT-X offers a distribution platform. A program frame is prepared five channels and replaces contents once at one week. The works distributed at the time of a start are four works of “Hokuto no Ken”, “the Galaxy express 999”, “Divil-man”, and “Mazinger-Z.” The number of popular talks is taken up and distributed to the grade in which a story does not fail instead of all talk distribution. Remaining one channel is distributed entitling a “classic” and renewing a classic work. Distribution formats are Windows Media and Real, and zone width is three kinds, 256kbps(es), 1Mbps, and 3Mbps. A use charge is the monthly amount of 1000 yen, and is settled by “gooID” which the portal site “goo” of NTT-X offers. It can view and listen from November 27 for free as opening campaign till 30 days.

12-3-02—- Ring Remake A Hit In Japan

Yahoo states the Ring re-make-which has just opened in Japan at number 1-has been doing well for its three weeks at the Japanese box office. At this time, it’s made $9 million and is getting accolades from Japanese audiences. Thanks to Daniel for the news.

12-3-02—- Broadcast Standards Shift In Italy May Affect Anime Programming

Italian broadcasters have agreed to new rules aimed at keeping sex and violence off the country’s television screens during hours when children are more likely to be watching. Under the so-called self-regulatory code all programming, including advertising, aired between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m on TV. will have to be devoid of sex and violence, unless absolutely necessary for news purposes. Furthermore, between 7 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. broadcasters will be required to issue warnings before programs that may not be suitable for children. The code, announced Monday, was established by the Italian communications ministry, was signed on Saturday (Nov. 30) by top commercial networks RAI, Mediaset, and La 7. A committee made up of broadcasting executives, members of children’s advocacy organizations, and government representatives will be in charge of making sure that it is applied. Broadcasters violating the code will be fined up to $250,000.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Daniel-san

12-3-02—- International Channel Confirmations

International Channel is updating its schedule beginning Monday, December 30. The major changes include: -Soul Hunter and Fushigi Yugi are new Japanese anime programs airing on Mondays and Tuesdays at 11 p.m. ET, respectively From: International Channel Networks – e-Connections Newsletter – December 2002 via Michael’s post to our ML.

12-2-02—- “Major Shaku” Approves Gundam Cosplay

Thanks to Yukio-san (The Dead Shot Club) for this item from Goo News:

An actress’s Yumiko Shaku announced costume play on November 28 in the hotel in November 27 and Tokyo in the event of the software for Playstation2 of sale “SD Gundam G GENERATION-NEO.” She disguised herself as “Shaku Aznable” like “Major Char Aznable” of the Zeon army which is the characters which appear in TV animation”Mobile Suit Gundam” which became the origin of a game. With the coat and hot pants which are exactly stretched and attached to the bosom, she exposed the thigh and appeared. Before photography of movie”Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla” (supervisor by Masaaki tezuka) of the December 14 public presentation which played the heroine who fights, Shaku says, “It was interesting when finding out Gundam for making [ of getting in MechaGodzilla and operating it ] a role.” She has the sexy battle suit on also by Godzilla, and “costume play gets used to itself. [ new ] I wear anything from now on! It was said that it was “.

12-2-02—- ANS – Akadot Ad In January Newtype

Check out our ad which will grace one of the pages of the January 2003 issue of Newtype English Magazine.

12-2-02—- Dragon Quest 8 Unveiled

Jagged Team has announced a new Dragon Quest game for PS2. Part 8 in the series, it will be cel-shaded and programmed by Level 5, the developers of Dark Cloud. Jagged Team also mentions that Yuji Horii(Creator of Dragon Quest and director of Chrono Trigger), Akira Toriyama (Artist for the Dragon Quest games, as well as artist and creator of Dragon Ball Z and Sandland), and Koichi Sugiyama(Composer for the series as well as composer for Ultraman) will return to the project, which is expected to be ready by 2004. In addition, new Square Enix President will use the upcoming merger of the two companies’ American subsidiaries to help promote and increase sales for Dragon Quest in North America.

Thanks to Daniel for the Skinny.

12-2-02—- Hello Kitty Vol. 3 – Excel Saga Vol. 5 Releases



HOUSTON, November 27, 2002 – ADV Films has set a street date of February 25, 2003 for Excel Saga: Secrets and Lies!, the fifth volume of the popular and outrageously bizarre anime satire.

The one-of-a-kind Excel Saga is best described as the ultimate parody of anime. From the opening credits-a hilarious spoof of Japanese pop videos-to the ending song, featuring Menchi the dog singing/barking a plaintive ballad while a human interpreter translates for viewers, nothing is sacred in the world of Excel Saga.

The Story: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any stranger, Excel Excel and her associates encounter the most horrifying of all plot devices… a sub-plot! You won’t believe who’s been plotting against whom as the writers double cross the author, the director takes a new direction, and the supporting cast comes back with a vengeance but absolutely no clue whatsoever! There’s Menchi-mania and Pedro-philia galore as everybody involved takes the fifth in Excel Saga Volume 5: Secrets and Lies!

Excel Saga: Secrets and Lies! ($29.98 SRP) collects four complete episodes of the highly popular comedy series in English, as well as the Japanese-language version with English subtitles. DVD extras include a Daitenzin promo; an interview with Koshi Rikdo, author of the original manga; a Puni Puni Poemi conversation with Director Shinichi Watanabe; an interview with the Puni Puni Poemi Staff; Puni Puni Poemi character designs; production sketches; a printed board-game insert and ADV Previews.

EXCEL SAGA VOLUME 5: SECRETS AND LIES! Running Time: 100 Minutes; Age Rating: 17+ Pre-Book Date: 1/28/2003 Street Date: 2/25/2003 Format SRP DVD $29.98


HOUSTON, November 27, 2002-ADV Films today announced a street date of February 25, 2003 for Hello Kitty’s Paradise: Share and Care, the third volume of the animated children’s series Hello Kitty’s Paradise. The title is available on child-friendly plug-and-play DVD and on VHS.

Hello Kitty’s Paradise is another successful part of the Sanrio Company’s wildly popular Hello Kitty(r) franchise, built around the adorable, instantly recognizable kitten character. The title centers around the adventures of legendary Sanrio character Hello Kitty(r), her best friend Mimmy(tm) and their friends from school. Hello Kitty’s Paradise is a joyful take on childhood adventures, with a healthy smattering of educational content about such important skills as sharing, having good table manners, writing letters and being polite.

Episodes in Volume 3: Episode 1 “Shadow Play” Kitty and Mimmy put on shadow plays by telling stories while making shadows on the wall. “Happy Birthday Papa” While writing a special birthday letter for Papa, Kitty and Mimmy discover how much a thoughtful letter is appreciated.

Episode 2 “The Great Kitty Car Race” Kitty and Mimmy compete in an imaginary car race. “Adventures in Groceryland” Kitty and Mimmy go to the grocery store by themselves for the first time.

Episode 3 “A Trip to Rainbow Park” Kitty and Mimmy show the denizens of Rainbow Park that mixing red, yellow, and blue can create many different colors. “Birthday Party Time” Kitty and Mimmy go to their friend’s birthday party and are the most courteous ones there.

Episode 4 “Making Cookies” Kitty and Mimmy get lessons from a baker on making cookies and working safely in the kitchen. “Great Shapes!” Kitty and Mimmy play with blocks and are inspired to see shapes all around their house.

Hello Kitty’s Paradise: Share and Care (DVD $14.98 SRP; VHS $9.98 SRP) contains four episodes, two segments each, of the beloved children’s series. In English. VHS and DVD versions include ADV Previews, and feature loads of Fun & Games throughout, including such diversions as “Kitty’s Caterpillar Quiz,” “Guess the Shape” and Animals! Animals! The DVD edition also includes a special extra insert.

HELLO KITTY’S PARADISE: SHARE AND CARE Running Time: 90 minutes; Age Rating: All Pre-Book Date: 1/28/03 Street Date: 2/25/03 Format SRP DVD $14.98 VHS $9.98

12-2-02—- Anime Calenders In Japan

TV Tokyo has made references to the following new 2003 calenders for related shows:

Hikaru no Go
Tennis Prince
Shaman King
Yugi-Oh Duel Masters
Tokyo Underground
Genso Maden Saiyuki
Most of the above are A2 size calendars retailing at 1600 yen.

12-2-02—- A-TX 5th Anniversary

TV Tokyo’s mailing list has made reference to the Japanese sat-anime network AT-X’s 5th aniversary, a special CDROM will be circulated called Tokyo Under for 1980 yen. Also coinciding with with anniversary festivities, the network will show 60 oavs including Macross Plus, Gundress, Dragon Slayer Eiyu Densetsu, Ai Monogatari, Bannou Bunka Neko musume DASH!, ZOE 2167 Idolo, Arcade Gamer Fubuki 1-3, Malice Doll, Shamanic Princess and many others.