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Anime News Service – December 5 – January 2 Anime News

12-16-06 (5:41AM EST)—- Production I.G. USA Sends Season’s Greetings

We found the following warm message featuring a new pic I.G.’s forthcoming REIDEEN in our inbox Friday evening and would like to share it with all of you:

12-15-06 (3:10AM EST)—- Busou Renkin PS2 Website Live

Marvelous Interactive has launched an official presite for the forthcoming PS2 game based on the Nobuhiro Watsuki manga Busou Renkin.

12-14-06 (12:20AM EST)—- Neko Ramen To Be Animated

According to Mag Garden, Sonishi Kenji’s Neko Ramen manga will be adapted to TV animation. Look for expanded details in the Comic Blade Masamune Winter which goes on sale in Japan on December 15th.

12-11-06 (11:15PM EST)—- Tohan: Gin Tamashii Is 2006’s Top Selling Novel

Japanese publishing industry watcher Tohan has declared the best-selling new novel in Japan for the period between December, 2005 and November, 2006) as “Gin Tamashii 3 Nen Z Gumi Gin Hachi Sensei”. Transcribed by Oosaki Tomohito, the novel is an adaptation of the popular Sorachi Eiaki / Shueisha manga. In third place is the Katsura Hoshino manga based D Greyman: Reverse (2) novel written by Kizaki Kaya.

12-11-06 (10:52PM EST)—- One Piece Movie 8 Site Opens

On Sunday in Japan the official web presence for the 8th One Piece anime movie, One Piece: Episode of Alabasta (Episodo obu Arabasuta Sabaku no Oujo to Kaizoku-tachi), went live at The plot is said to take place during the Alabasta arc of the TV series and manga. According to Toei Animation, viewers may leave the theater in tears. Original story by Eiichiro Oda, Director: Takahiro Imamura. Production by the 2007 One Piece Production Committee composed of Toei Animation, Shueisha, Fuji Television, and Bandai. Theatrical release is set for March 3, 2007.

12-11-06 (9:50PM EST)—- Winter Anime TV Season Dialed In

Excluding one shot specials and movies, 27 new anime series are set to debut on Japanese television between January and March 2007. This period is unofficially known as the winter anime TV season. Oddly enough, the figure is lower than this year’s winter or summer manifests. A big push seems to be gearing up for the springtime however, with a possible 70+ (or more) new series in the works.

12-10-06 (1:52AM EST)—- Paprika Music Could Be Up For Oscar

On Friday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science announced 56 songs are eligible for consideration in the Original Song Oscar category for this year’s 79th Academy Awards. Among them was an entry from Satoshi Kon / Sony / Madhouse’s anime film Paprika. The ending theme “The girl in Byakkoya – White Tiger Field” will be screened and judged along with the 55 others on January 16th,2007. Academy members will the vote on 3-5 final nominees. Nominations will be announced on January 23rd. The awards themselves will be presented on February 25th.

12-10-06 (1:10AM EST)—- Mayumi Kurata’s Company Withholds Income

According to the Tokyo Tax Administration Bureau, it has been uncovered that Mangaka Mayumi Kurata’s production company (Yuu) Tamakura has withheld accounting for about 18 million Yen worth of income over a period of 3 years. There also seems to be some question on how many actual people have worked for the company although 60 employees are listed for the period. A heavy penalty tax of about six million Yen has been applied and will have to be payed back to the bureau. Kurata is best known for her work Damen’s Walker which features a series of stories based on women’s real and varried relationship experiences with men. The manga was recently made into a TV drama starring Norika Fujiwara.

12-8-06 (4:25PM EST)—- Masako Nozawa Quote On Modern Seiyuu

70 year old Japanese voice actress veteran Masako Nozawa recently gave an interview to the Yomiuri Shimbun. She’s known for a wide range of roles including Kitaro in Gegege no Kitaro and Tetsuro in Galaxy Express 999. Among her quotes in the piece is this one:”(Voice actors these days) Young people today are aiming at animation from the beginning unlike me who originally wanted to do dramatic performances on the stage. I think there seems to be a lack of depth expressed [by up and coming seiyuu], could it stem from either a lack of interest in reading the script or not studying it beforehand?

12-8-06 (3:39PM EST)—- North Korea Major Animation Industry Player?

Radio free Asia takes look at the region’s almost unknown quality in the article: North Korea Quietly Emerges as Major Player in Animation Industry.

12-8-06 (5:47AM EST)—- New TMS Studio Nears Completion

TMS Entertainment, the company behind the Lupin III anime, is building a new 396 square meter, 600 million Yen animation studio in Nakano, Tokyo with a planned completion date of February, 2007. Anime-wise, in 2005 TMS produced 11 television series works, 3 TV special works, and 5 theaterical works. The company headquarters is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. Although TMS stands for Tokyo Movie Shinsa, the company only this year moved its corporate headquarters from Nagoya to Japan’s largest city.

12-8-06 (5:09AM EST)—- Gundam Pocky On Store Shelves Next Week

Bandai and Glico have teamed up to offer 3 different “Pocky Gunpla Packs” combining the popular plastic model and bestselling snack brands of both companies in one box. Sale begins in Japan December 11th. Bandai has sold Gundam models for 26 years and Glico has sold Pocky for 41 years. Interestingly, men in ones 20’s-30’s are chief buyers of gunpla and women are the top buyers of the chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Bandai slips out in its release that gunpla has sold 380 million units worldwide as of September, 2006. A special box and corresponding 1/144 model will be sold with a different variety of Pocky. The thinnest type “extra fine Pocky” will be combined in a package with the traditional RX-78 Gundam, “Men’s Pocky” will be sold with the Zaku MS and “Pocky Chocolate” will be matched up with Char’s custom Zaku. Each model can grip the Pocky sticks in their hands and exclusive stickers will be included in each set.

12-8-06 (4:59AM EST)—- Battle Of Wits Opens In Hong Kong At #1

Battle Of Wits opened in Hong Kong theaters on November 23rd taking the top spot for the weekend, drawing in about 210 million Yen. Based on Hideki Mori and Kenichi Sakemi’s Chinese waring states era manga series, BOKKO, the Japanese opening is planned for February, 2007. The original manga was serialized from 1992-96 in Shogakukan’s “Big Comic” magazine. Director and screenplay writer Jacob Cheung Chi Leung was a huge fan of the manga, wanting to bring it to the big screen. Kenji Kawai scored the film. Big name HK stars compose the cast, including: Andy Lau, Ahn Sung-ki, Wang Zhi Wen, Fan Bing Bing, Choi Si-Won and Nicholas Wu. The budget is estimated at 16 million dollars. Oddly enough, the opening bumped the (reigning HK boxoffice leader for several weeks) Japanese manga based Death Note to 2nd place.

12-8-06 (3:51AM EST)—- Hagio Moto’s Barbara Ikai Wins Japan SF Award

Creator Hagio Moto’s (They were Eleven) Barbara Ikai manga has taken the 2007 Japan SF Taisho Grand Prize. This marks the first time a female mangaka has been gotten the award. The work debuted in 2003, serializing in Shogakukan’s “Flowers” magazine. Four collect volumes exist. Moto is known in Japan for her previous rich sci-fi and pschological stories. In the past she won the Osamu Tezuka cultural prize for Kage no nai Mori. The formal presentation ceremony will be held March 2nd, 2007.

12-8-06 (3:31AM EST)—- Moonlight Mile ‘1st Season’?

WOWOW launched their official website for the upcoming Moonlight Mile animation series which will begin in March. Of note is text on the top of the page (reading “1st Season -Lift Off-“) which perhaps points toward greater things to come in the future for this just announced series.

12-8-06 (3:11AM EST)—- Secondhand Manga Sales Boom Online

Manga Zenkan, a Japanese internet shop dealing in used manga which opened in August has reported sales of 20,000+ items as of October, 2006. A similar shop, opened on October 16th.

12-8-06 (12:20AM EST)—- Fruits Basket Manga In China

Natsuki Takaya’s shoujo manga Fruits Basket will be published in China. Japanese publisher Hakusensha and Chinese publisher Moulin Promotion are partnering on the introduction along with the “Shounen Jidou Shinbun Shuppan Souja Club”. Wide distribution of pirate copies of the work is said to have preceeded this official rollout. Mulan Promotion has in the past helped bring in the Prince Of Tennis and Crayon Shin-Chan manga. This is said to mark the first Japanese shoujo (girls) manga title to be published in China.

12-7-06 (11:40PM EST)—- New D.C. Da Capo Manga

Based on the Circus videogame “D.C. II -Da Capo II-” begins comic serialization with a preview in the February edition of Dengeki G’s magazine. Proper serialization follows in March. Story by Ameno Chihare, illustration by Unohana Tsukasa.

12-7-06 (11:14PM EST)—- Saint October Details

Major update on the forthcoming Saint October TV series. Described as a neo-gothic action story it features three detective girls who confront various unexplained mysteries and and strange fates. Fashion style is an important feature of the characters and each has a unique gothic or neo-victorian dress. The main character is 14 year old Hayama Kotono, she gives the outside appearance of a bright girl with a good daily life adept at solving mysteries. However, Hayama harbors a dark past and feels she was thrown away by her parents. She deals with a trauma that was never able to be erased. Many unusual things happen in her life and she’s enlisted to investigate paranormal phenomena. Confirmed staff are: Original Idea: Original Idea: Konami digital Entertainment, Director: Masafumi Sato, Screenplay: Yuki Enatsu, Original Character Design:Kiira, Okama, Character Design: Shoji Hara, Planning: Shougo Kumasaka, Animation Production: Studio Comet, Production: Saint October Production Committee. Confirmed cast: Azusa Kataoka: Kotono Hayama, Yu Kobayashi: Misaki Hijiri, Yukari Fukui: Natsuki Shirafuji, Kenjiro Tsuda: Kurtz, Masami Suzuki: Euan, Naru Kawamoto: Koushirou Kuroki, Rumi Shishido: Sophia, Takehito Koyasu: Ash, Yuuki Ono: Joshua. Animation Production: Studio Comet.

12-7-06 (10:41PM EST)—- Kaze No Stigma To Be Animated

Based on the shonen fantasy light novel series by author Yamato Takahiro and illustrator: Nanto Hanamaru, Kaze No Stigma (Kaze No Seikon / Stigma Of The Wind) will be adapted to animation. The original story is serialized Dragon Magazine, published under the shounen light novel label Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. 6 collected volumes and 2 short story volumes are now on the market. Confirmed staff include: Director: Junichi Sakata, Series Composition: Mayori Sekijima, Character Designs: Yasunari Nitta, Music: Frontier Works, Animation Production: GONZO, Production: Stigma Production Committee. Cast include: Ono Daisuke, Fujimura Ayumi and Morinaga Rika. Because the original author is currently under medical treatment, the next issue of Dragon Magazine will not carry the serial.

12-7-06 (9:59PM EST)—- Nanatsuiro Drops To Be Animated

Based on the bishoujo hentai videogame title by UNiSONSHIFT BLOSSOM, Nanatsuiro Drops will be adapted to anime TV series form for broadcast sometime in 2007. The game was released in Japan on April 21st, 2006. Noiji Ito, illustrator of the Suzumiya Haruhi and Shakugan no SHANA novels created characters for the game. Confirmed staff include: Original Idea: @Peace, Original Character Concepts: Noiji Ito, Director: Yamamoto Takashi (Final Approach), Series Composition: Shimada Mitsuru (Koi suru Tenshi Angelique), Character Design: Ibe Yukiko (Final Approach), Animation Studio: Studio Barcelona (Dai Mahou Touge), Production: Nanatsuiro Drops Production Committee. Official Website: Additionally, a new PS2 game has also been announced based on the series. Titled, Nanatsuiro Drops Pure!!, Noiji Ito will provide art and designs to accompany the entirely new story.

12-7-06 (9:03PM EST)—- Idolmaster To Be Adapted To Manga

Based on the fan favorite Bandai Namco videogame and Sunrise animation series, Yumehito Ueda will author the official Idolmaster manga. Tentatively titled “PROJECT IM@S” look for it to debut as a preview in the February issue of “Monthly Comic REX”. The full serial begins in the March edition.

12-7-06 (8:45PM EST)—- Latest Hello Kitty Animation Announced

Off the radar scope for many, Hello Kitty continues being animated in Japan with the newest series, “Hello Kitty No Ringo No Mori No Misuterii” (Hello Kitty’s Mystery Of The Apple Forest). Broadcast sign-on is set for TV Tokyo on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007 at 7:30. Confirmed staff include: Total Production Command: Tsuji Shintarou, Supervision and Screenplay: Hideaki Oba, Total Art Supervision: Katsumi Shimazaki, Animation Production: Asahi Production.

12-7-06 (8:20PM EST)—- CLAYMORE Staff

Update on the CLAYMORE anime TV series scheduled to begin in 2007 via Nippon Television Network. Confirmed staff now include Director: Hiroshi Tanaka, Series Composition: Yasuko Kobayashi, Character Design: Takahiro Umehara, Art Director: Manabu Otsuzki, Animation Production: Madhouse. Confirmed cast include Houko Kuwashima as Clare and Romi Paku as Teresa. Official Website:

12-7-06 (7:38PM EST)—- Moonlight Mile TV Series To Be Animated

Headed for TV series broadcast on WOWOW in March, 2007 is an anime adaptation of Yasuo Otagaki’s Moonlight Mile manga. The original comic is serialized in Big Comic Superior magazine and 13 tankubon manga volumes are currently on the market. Similar to Planettes, the plot itself is grounded in reality and modern day space technology. It centers on a Japanese and American astronaut. The discovery and subsequent cultivation of a reserve of the energy source Helium 3 on the moon in 2005. The amount found can supply the Earth’s energy needs for a thousand years. Confirmed staff include: Director: Ko Suzuki, Screenplay: Akinori Endo, Character Design: Sugimoto Takumi, Music: Sawada Kan, Sound Supervision: Fujino Sadayoshi, Animation Production: Studio Hibari, Production: MOONLIGHT MILE Film Partners. Official Website: |

12-7-06 (6:20PM EST)—- Yoyogi Animation School Files Bankruptcy

On December 6th, Yoyogi Live Animation, the parent company of Yoyogi Animation Gakuin (Yoyogi School of Animation, also known as “Yoani”) filed for bankruptcy protection in Tokyo District Court. Yoyogi is Japan’s largest anime specialty school, training animators, directors, voice actors, game creators, manga illustrators, figurine and makeup artists. Debts are estimated at 2.2 billion Yen. The Shibuya based company has a capital stock of 40 million yen and currently has 40 employees. The company was first established in May, 1978 going on to manage 13 facilities (in Osaka, Nagoya, Akihabara etc..), with a total of 6000 students across Japan. The annual income for Yoyogi peaked at 7.7 billion Yen as of 1998. Increased competition from other educational institutions and the falling birthrate are cited as reasons for the downturn in business. Yoyogi has been trying to intice an influx of new students by cutting tuition prices in recent years. In spring of 2006, controversy surrounding the school struck when it was ordered to fulfill an offer printed in a magazine advertisement which mentioned that new signups who later decided to drop out, could get their entire tuition refunded. The school was accused of not honoring the offer, was sent a formal cease and desist letter, and eventually agreed to comply.

12-6-06 (5:29PM EST)—- Death Note 2 Heads Toward $40MM BO

Boxoffice Mojo reports Warner Brothers’ Japanese theatrical release of Death Note 2: The Last Name has lost its #1 boxcoffice position after 5 weeks running. Garnering $1,836,652 for the December 1-2 weekend, earnings dropped 33.4% percent. The film is playing on 318 screens and has earned a total of $37,417,823 US Dollars to date.

12-6-06 (5:19PM EST)—- Kissdom -ENGAGE Planet- TV Series Coming

Another new TV series leaked in this month’s round of anime rags is Kissdom -ENGAGE Planet- set for a 2007 broadcast. Confirmed staff include: Original Story: Nagaoka Yasuchika, Satelight, Director/Series Composition: Nagaoka Yasuchika (Idol Project, Seikai no Monshou, Seikai no Senki, Cutie Honey OVA), Character Design: Sushio (ONE PIECE: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island), Mecha Design: Kawamori Shouji (Eureka 7, Ghost in the Shell, Garasu no Kantai, Macross, MS Gundam 0083, Patalabor, Sousei no Aquarion), Design Coordination: Moriki Yasuhiro, Animation Studio: Satelight.

12-6-06 (5:10PM EST)—- BONES On Darker Than Black TV

To be broadcast in spring 2007, BONES has signed on to animate the new TV series Darker Than Black. Confirmed staff include: Original Story: BONES, Okamura Tensai, Director/Series Composition: Okamura Tensai (Medabots, Kikaider, Wolf’s Rain, Project Blue Chikyuu SOS), Character Creation: Iwahara Yuuji (Ibara no Oh, Chikyuu Misaki), Character Design/General Animation Director: Komori Takahiro (Angelic Layer, Scrapped Princess), Background Design: Okada Tomoaki, Satou Seiiji, Taguchi Eiji, Background Director: Aoi Takashi, Color Coordination: Mizuta Nobuko. Official Website (not yet open):

12-6-06 (5:10PM EST)—- Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula TV Adaptation

Based on the original story by Kimura Hidefumi (Kiddy Grade), Kishin Taisen Gigantic Formula’s animation series project is progressing. Broadcast is set for sometime in 2007. Confirmed staff include: Director: Gotou Keiji (Kiddy Grade), Character Creation: Kadonosono Megumi (Kiddy Grade), Character Design: Yabuno Kouji, Animation Studio: Brains Base. Official Website (not yet open):

12-6-06 (4:52PM EST)—- Touka Gettan Animation Announced

Based on the ORBIT hentai videogame and “Kao no Nai Tsuki II” manga currently serialized in Comptiq, Touka Gettan will be animated in some unspecified format. Confirmed staff include: Director: Yamaguchi Yuuji (Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabi, Fate/stay night), Series Composition: Mochizuki Tomomi (Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabi, Futatsu no Spica), Character Designs: Nishida Asako (Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabi, Simoun, Seven of Seven), Music: Tada Akifumi (Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Hare+Guu, The Law of Ueki, Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club, Yoshimune), Sound Director: Tsujitani Kouji (Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabi, Fate/stay night, Simoun) Animation Studio: Studio DEEN. Official Website (not yet open):

12-6-06 (4:52PM EST)—- Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni Second Series

It’s that time of the month in Japan when advance copies of the big anime magazines start going out. A tidbit found in one unspecified mag confirms rumors on a portended second animation series for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. No other details are available.

12-6-06 (4:37PM EST)—- “Unpackaged Media” Unencoded

The English blog Anime On My Mind delivers a brilliant analysis on the subject.

12-6-06 (4:09PM EST)—- 2005 – Year Of Reversals In Japan Manga Market

Accoridng to an October report by the Japanese trade promotion organization JETRO, tankubon manga (collected “book” volumes) sales in Japan achieved an all time historical high in 2005 when they reached a point of 260.2 billion Yen, a 4.2% increase on the previous year’s number. Box office manga adaptaions such as NANA are cited as catalysts for the growth trend. Sales of the manga magazine anthologies, on the other hand, decreased in 2005 by 5.0% to 242.1 billion Yen. This marks the first year manga books outsold magazines in the Japanese marketplace. Additionally, the market scale of manga magazines is now about 70% of that seen in 1995.

12-6-06 (3:47PM EST)—- Haruhi Suzumiya Surprise Announcement Brewing

News out of the Japanese Language SOS email magazine indicates an unspecified announcement regarding the franchise will be made at year’s end.

12-6-06 (1:47PM EST)—- Two Million Fruits Basket Books In Print

Tokypop’s manga series, Fruits Basket, created by Natsuki Takaya, has reached two million books in print with the release of Fruits Basket Volume 15, in stores now. The funny and touching story of Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school freshman girl who is rescued from homelessness by an enigmatic family with a big secret, Fruits Basket is one of the best selling and most popular manga series throughout North America, regularly rising to the top of both Graphic Novel and Overall General Fiction categories on noted literary sales rosters, including BookScan and the USA Today Top 150.

Fruits Basket (by Natsuki Takaya – winner of the ultra-prestigious Kodansha Manga Award) began its life in the pages of Hana to Yume magazine, the manga anthology from Japanese publisher Hakusensha. In 2001, the series became a huge fan-favorite in Japan, jumping to the top of the manga charts. Hakusensha and TV Tokyo then teamed up to turn Fruits Basket into a 26-episode anime series, and TOKYOPOP released the first volume of Fruits Basket in North America in 2004. The rest is history … or her story.

When TIME Magazine asked Ms. Takaya her feelings on having the top-selling manga in the U.S., she responded, “That definitely flatters and pleases me. Thank you very much. As for a reason, I can’t clearly distinguish one, but if people read Fruits Basket and think ‘I like this,’ then that alone is enough to bring me joy.”

12-5-06 (8:48PM EST)—- Seto No Hanayome TV Bound

Gonzo, AIC and Avex will partner to create a new TV animation based on Kimura Tahiko’s Seto No Hanayome manga. Broadcast debut is set for Spring, 2007. The original shonen romantic comedy comic serialized in Gangan Wing. 11 collected manga volumes are now on the market. Look for big details on the project in the next issue. A drama CD has been made based on the manga and a number of the cast may or may not transition into the animation voice roles. Of note they include: Seto San: Tanaka Rie, Michishio Nagasumi: Suzumura Ken’ichi, Seto Gouzaburou: Utsumi Kenji, Seto Ren: Mitsuishi Kotono, Nagasumi chichi: Shimada Bin, Nagasumi Haha: Amano Yuri, Nagasumi Sobo: Sadaoka Sayuri, Masa: Takemoto Eiji, Maki: Saitou Chiwa, Shark Fujishiro: Nakai Kazuya, Octopus Nakajima: Matsumoto Yoshiaki, Sarutobi Hideyoshi: Matsumoto Yoshiaki and Zenigata Mawari: Hirohashi Ryou.

12-5-06 (8:17PM EST)—- Murder Princess To Become OVA Series

Mangka Sekihiko Inui’s (Comic Party) seinen fantasy comic Murder Princess will be animated in the form of a 6 part OAV series. DVD 1 makets in Japan on March 26th, 2007, with an additional volume following monthly. Some bonus footage will be included on the DVD’s. A special box to collect the entire series in will be offered. The original story serialized in Dengeki Teioh magazine which was suspended, and will pick back up from the April issue of Dengeki Daioh. 1 collected volume now resides on the market. Confirmed staff include Director Tomoyuki Kurokawa, Series Composition and Screenplay by Tatsuhiko Urahata, Character Designs by Kiko Yamashita, Animation Production by Bee Train, Production by Marvelous Entertainment / Avex Entertainment, Sales Agency: Marvelous Entertainment, Distributor: Avex Marketing Communications. Confirmed cast include: Romi Paku – Alita Forland, Akimitsu Takase – Pete, Ami Koshimizu – Mirano Entolasia, Chiwa Saito -Ana Yuna, Daisuke Namikawa – Kaito Forland, Hiroshi Tsuchida – Akamashi, Kazuki Yao – Dominikov, Megumi Toyoguchi – Cecilia, Takkou Ishimori – Jodu Entolasia. Official Website:

12-5-06 (1:01PM EST)—- Kyoto International Manga Museum Opens

On November 25th the Kyoto International Manga Museum opened. Within its walls the museum now houses 200,000 items, making it the #1 repository for manga material in Japan. A full English language website has gone live with details on the facility. Kyoto Seika University and the city of Kyoto funded and helmed the project over a 2 year construction plan. The Museum will collect, preserve and exhibit manga and animation materials with cooperation of the City and University. Collected materials will be used for systematic research and studies. Through research and other manga-related activities, the Museum is expected to contribute to various areas, including lifelong learning, tourism promotion, human development and the creation of a new industry. The inagural “World Manga Exhibition” runs through January 14th, showcasing 1000 comics from around the world.

12-5-06 (1:01PM EST)—- New Sega Anime Games

Photos of a recently released pachinko game based on Salaryman Kintaro are up at Retail is 5,040 yen. A discounted version of a PSP Initial D game will be released on 1/18. Retail is 2,940 yen. Photos are up at Photos of a PSP Kanon game can be viewed at It’s expected to retail for 5,040 yen, and be available on 2/1. Photos of a port of a Hokuto No Ken arcade fighting game for the PS2 are up at The release for the title is sometime in March, but no price has been established. Photos of a Doraemon game for DS are up at It’s expected to be out sometime in March, but also lacks a price. Another Bleach DS game is expected sometime next year, but no details are currently available. Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the roundup.