Inside Domo Anime: America’s Latest Soundtrack Label

By Jonah Morgan

In early May word came that anime soundtrack licensor newcomer, the Los Angeles-based Domo Records, had announced the American acquisition and release of Osamu Tezuka’s Metropolis CD Soundtrack. Visitors to the company’s site linked above would be offered a special discount deal of 15% Off via the Web Direct Special Price. Visitors type in “15%Off” in Special Instructions column in order form. (Offer expires on May 31, 2002 / Does not include S&H).

ANS caught up with Tatsuya Hayashi-san of Domo recently and inquired a bit into the company and it’s plans.

1. For our readers in the anime community who may not be familiar with Domo Records, could you give us a brief history of the company including its mission statement or audience Domo is pursuing.

Los Angeles based Domo Records is best known for its expertise in the New Age and World Music genres. Domo is home to new age icon, as well as, Grammy and Golden Globe recipient Kitaro. Named one of the most successful New Age labels by Billboard Magazine in 1993, today, Domo maintains the highest artistic standards in the music business, consistently charting numerous releases in the genres of World, Adult Contemporary and New Age music.

2. At what point did Domo come to recognize a possible market for anime CD soundtrack releases?

Demand of Japanese animation in the U.S. is growing. This also means exposure of Japanese music is getting growing as well. As a Japanese owned label, Domo found huge opportunities and advantages in this market.

3. How did the opportunity to license the Metropolis CD come about and how was the move pursued?

In Japan, the movie “Metropolis” was released prior to the U.S. launch. It became a massive hit! We had confidence that it would create the same response in the U.S. market. The composer for this movie, Toshiyuki Honda is well known for composing director Jyuzo Itami’s works. Music for “Metropolis” had a great variety, from Dixieland Jazz, Classical to Techno, and shows his great talent. We were fortunate we could license this soundtrack in the U.S.

4. What if any are Domo’s future plans for the anime soundtrack arena?

Domo Anime has kicked off with the soundtrack for Metropolis and plans to release a couple more within the year. Anime fans in the U.S. are purchasing imports at a high price from Japan. We would like to provide “good anime music with a reasonable price” as domestic releases.

5. Any closing words for the anime fans out there?

Everybody loves animation music. Its fun! Domo Anime would like everyone to enjoy it.

Below is domo’s listing for the CD: Metropolis-Original Soundtrack From the velvet smooth delivery of the torch song theme of METROPOLIS, “There’ll Never Be Good-Bye” to the rambunctious and infectious ragtime jazz rhythms of the lead track, “Metropolis,” the music from the animated original motion picture soundtrack to METROPOLIS is a magical and wildly unexpected as the film itself.

Produced by Toshiyuki Honda, with co-producers Kozue Okada and Shinji Komori, and featuring the talents of Atsuki Kimura and Minako “mooki” Obata, the music from METROPOLIS is the perfect mood setting music for this elaborate production. Inspired performances abound on the 20-track collection including the truly unexpected Joe Primrose penned “St. James Infirmary.” Lush orchestral arrangements mesh with snappy jazz tracks in this beautifully crafted musical escapade.

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